Chapter 947 - Being Handsome is a Pain Sometimes

Tianming opened his eyes; the lady in damp clothes was standing a meter away from him. Her messy silver-white hair was clinging to her skin, making her look even more lustrous under the sunset. There was definitely a spectacular sight under that skirt of hers.

Huiye Shi didn’t seem to realize it as she excitedly grabbed Tianming’s hand, saying, “Look, the sunset is so beautiful. Let’s head north!”

Tianming hurriedly extricated his hand. “No thanks. I need to go and practice my sword.”

“Don’t! What is there to train? It wasn’t easy for me to come. It's really too beautiful here. I actually thought it would be all dirty here.” Huiye Shi blinked her large eyes at him and looked hopeful.

“No.” Tianming rejected her and stepped back. He sensed this woman was too erratic. She was dangerous.

“You’re so boring! I’ll find my elder brother and return to the Divine Moon Realm.” She pouted unhappily.

Tianming was speechless.

“Come on, come on.”

“I’ll find a few hundred people to play with you, how about that?” Tianming asked.

“No, the only one I want is you!”

Tianming really didn’t get it. What charm did a ‘three-hundred-year-old man’ like him have? Frankly, he had met many beautiful women. For example, there were Weisheng Ruosu and Xuanyuan Muxue. However, they all had reserved personalities. They had kept their distance and didn’t bring him any troubles.

However, someone with a forceful personality like Huiye Shi was unique.

Tianming was dragged into wandering around with her for a while.

Night finally fell.

“Time’s up, let’s go.” Tianming had a headache. These few days had been a torment.

“Why such a rush? Sit down, I have some things to ask you.” Huiye Shi wasn’t polite, and kept leaning toward Tianming.

They returned to shore. Tianming stood at one side, while Huiye Shi crossed her legs and sat on a rock.

She stared at Tianming, then cracked a smile. “Aren’t you a guy? Why don’t you have any reaction?”

“What do you mean, Milady?” Tianming asked.

“Am I not pretty enough?” Huiye Shi tilted her head and asked ‘naively’.

“Milady has a beauty that can topple nations.”

“Nonsense, you must believe that it’s not as pretty as your wife,” Huiye Shi said with some displeasure.

“Milady, don’t make such jokes with me. I’m much older than you.”

“Still lying! I heard about your story yesterday. You’re really just twenty-three. You’re even younger than me, Little Brother.” Huiye Shi jumped off the rock. She extended her hands and wrapped them around Tianming’s neck. “Aren’t you someone out of a legend? You conquered this whole world at twenty-three! I was thinking the whole of last night how you could accomplish it. The only explanation is that you’re an unearthly talent, and the Flameyellow Continent is even burying it. If you were to come to our Divine Moon Realm and get access to its stellunar source, what would happen? Hypothetically, you may even become the number one of our realm!”

Tianming had already known his age couldn’t be hidden forever, as it was common knowledge. Anyway, it wasn’t like he had been trying to hide it anyway. They just hadn’t believed him.

Tianming gently pushed her arms away. He wasn’t comfortable with her close proximity.

“You overestimate me. I’m not that impressive, especially compared to you all,” Tianming said.

“Gosh, how are you such a blockhead!” Huiye Shi said anxiously.

“Huh?” Li Tianming blinked.

“I want to bring you to the Divine Moon Realm! If you agree, we can go tomorrow. I guarantee that you’ll instantly reach greatness and become a phoenix! You don’t need to be a frog in the well here. Staying here with your talent is a waste,” Huiye Shi said seriously.


“Stop calling me that. It sounds horrible. Shishi will do!”

Tianming couldn’t respond.

“Follow me. Tianming, can’t you tell I like you? I, Huiye Shi, have the ability and qualifications to pull you up. You’ll have glory and everyone will respect you!” She grabbed Tianming’s hands and looked at him hopefully.

“You like me?” Tianming was a little dazed. Honestly, this was the first time he had experienced such a frank confession

“Don’t joke with me like this, Huiye Shi.” Tianming shook his head.

“It isn’t a joke. Us ladies from the Divine Moon Race really are just this passionate. Is that a problem?” Huiye Shi said.

“You don’t know me.” Tianming found it ridiculous. They had only known each other for a few days. She had only found out his age yesterday, and she was already discussing romance?

“There’ll be chances in the future to get to know each other. I think you’re handsome and talented. Your style of conversation and that light in your eyes are my type too. This is love at first sight! You can’t run away, you’re destined to be my man!” Huiye Shi seemed very confident in herself as she overbearingly spoke.

“Come with me, Tianming. Once you go to the Divine Moon Realm, you’ll know what a right decision it was to abandon this continent.” Under the night sky, she waited for an answer,

In the end, Tianming’s response was frank. He created a distance between them.

“Milady, I think I need to explain two things. First, I can’t leave. My race is about to meet a disaster. Second, I have someone I like. If there’s something I did to make you misunderstand, I apologize,” he said seriously.

“That race thing is an excuse. You just can’t abandon that girl, can you? How is she worthy of you apart from looking not bad? She’s ruining your future! If you can’t say it, I’ll help you tell her. If she cares, she’ll give up on you,” Huiye Shi said.

“Don’t overthink things.” Tianming turned serious. “I think this matter is over. I should go back. Goodbye!”

“If you dare go, I’ll kill her!”

As soon as Tianming turned around, her cold words reached him. As expected, her passion wasn’t without thorns.

This immediately infuriated Tianming. Threatening Feiling was his bottom line. But this matter was troublesome as it was related to the issue with the specter race.

He turned around and coldly looked at Huiye Shi, saying, “Actually, you don’t need to make such trouble for me. We’re just strangers that happened to cross paths. I respect you as someone who came to help the Flameyellow Continent, but you don’t need to waste energy and effort on me.”

“Make trouble? I genuinely like you. What I want, I get.”

“Love goes both ways.”

“That’s okay, familiarity breeds fondness.”

Tianming was flabbergasted. What was going through this woman’s head? Xuanyuan Dao and the rest all wanted him to keep these two here. However, he really couldn’t continue with this situation! Playing tour guide was already annoying enough for him. This time, Tianming decisively walked away.

“So unlucky.” In the lifebound space, Ying Huo and Meow Meow were shoulder to shoulder as they watched.

“Boss is too bashful. Me? I’d have done her and tossed her into the harem!” Meow Meow said mightily.

“What if one day she gets too jealous and kills your whole harem off before crushing your balls?” Ying Huo sniggered.

Meow Meow’s body shook, and it laughed awkwardly. “Well, maybe I’ll let her off then.”

Despite how important the Divine Moon Realm’s people were, Tianming left very quickly.

“Stop right there! Or else my brother and I will leave!” a tearful voice followed him this time.

When Tianming looked back, he saw that she was gritting her teeth and tearing up. He was very frustrated; saying ‘get lost’ was easy. But how would he account to Xuanyuan Dao? It would be his responsibility if there were millions of casualties after they lost the war.

“Whatever, I don’t want to make things difficult for you.” Huiye Shi softened when she saw his cold look. “Let’s do this. You don’t seem to understand the power of the stellunar source yet. Once you see it, you’ll understand.”

“Are you going to make me experience it?” Tianming asked.

“Was that a challenge in your tone?”

“It was,” Tianming said.

“I’m twelfth-level death phase. I’ll become an ascendant even before my brother. We of the divine moonrace are fundamentally different from you all. Do you think just because you can defeat one that’s from here, it makes you capable of beating me?”

“How about this. Let’s have a bet. If you lose, don’t bother me and stay here for three months,” Tianming said. Although Huiye Shi had a favorable impression of him, she still had a strong sense of superiority that Tianming could take advantage of.

This was the best way to solve his trouble.

“You want to use strength to bet?” Huiye Shi was shocked.


“It seems that you really need to see the world!” Huiye Shi shook her head.

“Do you agree?”

“Ok. But promise a condition of mine.” Huiye Shi gave a crafty grin.

“Say it.”

“If I win, you come with me. Forget about this place and become my man,” Huiye Shi said.

“Fine, deal. Also, a word of advice. I never hold back because my opponent is a woman. When I fight, I go for the kill. Are you afraid?” Tianming said.

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