Chapter 940 - The Greater Races Under the Sun

Tianming ignored the Archaionfiend’s taunting. He remembered everything it had said. The words had improved his understanding of the world.

“Li Tianming, you won’t understand the importance of nova sources if you don’t go to Orderia! Orderia is a massive starworld. Its nova source doesn’t only provide for the cultivation of everything inside, but also drives the movement of Orderia. Otherwise, your continent wouldn’t even have light.”

“What does it have to do with our light?” Tianming asked.

“Do you still not get it?”


“The so-called Orderia is the sun above your head!” the Archaionfiend said.

Tianming was flabbergasted. For so many years, people had looked up at the moon and sun. However, no one had thought they were the Divine Moon Realm or Orderia.

“The light you all see comes from a nova source. It's always burning and illuminating everything. As for the fusion formation and those higher races cultivating on the star, your puny eyes can’t catch them. Of course, when you see the Divine Moon Realm’s silvery light, that’s stellunar source.”

“Incredible!” Tianming was sure the fiend wasn’t tricking him, because its imagination wouldn’t be so great.

The Divine Moon Realm was at the top of the lower levels of the cosmic aether. The sun was Orderia in the astralscape of order. And the war for nova sources meant there were other suns out there?

“My gods! The suns that Ying Huo was eating in my dreams… were those nova sources?”

It wasn’t something that could be merely described as a monster.

“Don’t be discouraged yet, let me tell you more!” the Archaionfiend said.

“I’m all ears.”

“Every place will have geniuses and trash. The Divine Moon Realm and Orderia have stellunar source and nova source and countless caeli of ascendants guiding their descendants. So the overall level there is quite high. After all, races that can avoid being wiped out in the astralscape of order will all have shocking inheritances. However, even then, those places will still have many people that aren’t ascendants. Throw them here, and they can’t return either.”

The fiend squinted at Tianming. “With your current cultivation at twenty, I think your talent will probably be unparalleled in the Divine Moon Realm. Even in Orderia, those who can be ascendants at this age are only apex geniuses. You enjoy the best resources of the Flameyellow Continent, but that’s nothing compared to them. It’s further proof of how terrifying you are.”

“You have to keep an open mind. They have good conditions, but that’s thanks to the glory of their ancestors. Once you ascend, your own heirs will have a better starting point than others. This continent’s history probably isn’t too long, especially compared to the ancient clans in the astralscape of order with over ten million years under their belt.”

“They can use a million-year-old caelum to cultivate as soon as they’re born.”

“But I believe that you’ll shine as soon as you enter the territory of order, since you’re a descendant of the sky plunderers.”

When it came to cultivation, the difference in inheritances really did cause despair sometimes. Some were born to parents that were rulers of everything, and everything was provided for them. Even if they were a pig, they would become powerful.

However, this was the right way!

After cultivating so hard, why shouldn’t people give blessings to their descendants? Hence, a cycle was formed.

The children of the strong would get even stronger and stronger.

Of course, sometimes there were incompetent failures that ruined everything. The world may have been very different if caelum didn’t exist. It seemed the Archaionfiend was speaking sense.

Still, why was the fiend being so kind and trying to guide him to Orderia? It was definitely up to no good. However, Tianming already roughly knew everything he wanted to.

Orderia was still too far off for now. He would probably have to become an ascendant to pursue the secrets of his race and chase after his parents.

Tianming shifted his attention back to the Divine Moon Realm and the Ninefold Hell.

“You said that my talent should make me unrivaled in my age group at the Divine Moon Realm?” Tianming asked.

“Roughly. The truly strong clans wouldn’t be playing guard duty.” The Archaionfiend didn’t seem the least concerned about the Divine Moon Realm.

“You wouldn’t be trying to make me arrogant so that I offend the people from the Divine Moon Realm and they execute me, right?” Tianming smiled coldly.

“Wow, aren’t you petty. You’re questioning my gentleman’s heart. All I said was that you were talented. I didn’t say anything negative about the Divine Moon Realm people. Running such an outpost would require at least a peak ascendant or even higher.”


The Divine Moon Realm was at least much stronger than the Ninefold Hell. But the critical question was how much support they would deploy.


It was nearly daytime.

As the Archaionfiend said, there was no movement from the Ninefold Hell, and there wasn’t anyone from the Divine Moon Realm appearing. It was strange for there to be such silence, despite their two hundred thousand year grudge.

The specter race had completely dispersed to eat wildbeasts. Their feast would probably last for several days. While violent, the wildbeasts weren’t even a match for humanity. Hunting them would be easy for the more powerful specters.

Although Tianming could now imagine the starry sky much better, he wouldn’t forget to stay humble.

“I don’t have anyone other than my parents to rely on. My path will have to rely on myself. If I want to go to the Divine Moon Realm and experience the world of the stellunar source, I need to at least become an ascendant, unless someone is willing to bring me up.”

Orderia was too far away, no matter how much he wanted the answers to the sky plunderers and the Primordial Chaos Beasts.

“My first target is becoming a god.”

He would only have the right to talk to the specter race if he was strong enough, not to mention leaving the continent.

In truth, the ignorance Tianming would have had if he hadn’t questioned the Archaionfiend would have been detrimental to his growth. He had already seen the continent’s ceiling and been stuck there, unaware of how to progress or what was outside.

An invisible chasm separated him from his parents and the Primordial Chaos Beasts. But now he could at least see it!

The astralscape of order was perhaps where he would find his answers.

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