Chapter 917 - The Hundred-Thousand-Year-Old Girl

Li Caiwei marveled as the caeli continued rising. Eventually, a thousand red moons hung around the ring of suns.

"According to the founding ancestor, only caeli that reach the Ascension stage can be retained and preserved. These blood moon caeli are all so much larger than Astral Wills, so they're obviously past the Samsara stage. Those thousand blood moons must be the souls of the specter gods!" Tianming said.

"What? The specters were that powerful?" Xuanyuan Dao said.

"It's not really that surprising. These gods were probably born over two hundred millennia, and history states that the specters were much more powerful than humans. It wouldn't be surprising for them to have up to a thousand gods among their ranks throughout all this time. I wouldn't even be surprised if there were more. The crown prince probably only retained a small portion of all the god caeli they have, possibly to aid in his cultivation. They should have thousands of such caeli. After all, not even gods are immortal, and they still die of old age. Even if they're specters, I wouldn't expect them to live longer than two millennia, let alone two hundred," Li Caiwei said. It seemed that she was rather well informed about such matters.

"The main point now is that their gods might come to benefit us! Even though they use a different method of cultivation, I discovered that the way they grow their heavenly will is similar to ours! Perhaps not all of them cultivate using evil methods, either. Instead, there should be all kinds. They probably have a more complete cultivation system that's even more powerful than those developed by us humans," Tianming said. Those were his conclusions after observing all those caeli. "The fact that they can give the crown prince so many of them means that they actually have tons of resources. It appears that the legacy of the specters is far more complete than our own. We basically don't have any god caelum to pass down, after all."

"Tianming, I want to give this a try. How do I attract these caeli?" Li Caiwei impatiently asked.

"They're already a part of the Old Deepstar Path. Just feel them out and try communicating with them."


Li Caiwei's talent wasn’t just for show. Some time after, one of the blood moons descended and enveloped her and the other sect masters also gave it a try and succeeded. Xuanyuan Dao even managed to attract the sun caelum of one of the emperor's dragons. Tianming, on the other hand, made no moves yet.

Some time later, Li Caiwei left the blood moon, causing it to return to the sky above. Filled with joy, she said, "Amazing! The specters really are capable. For them to be able to come up with such ingenious methods.... It's no wonder they're so powerful!" Her expression was one of utter bliss.

"So you're saying that the caeli of specters are useful to us?" Tianming asked.

"Of course. You were right. They have a complete cultivation system that's far beyond ours. They aren’t evil by definition. In fact, their cultivation path seems really profound! There's something we can learn from them!"

Specters and humans used to be masters and slaves. It wasn't a simple division of good and evil; both sides had cultivators belonging to both ends of the spectrum. Naturally, that didn't mean that they would be good people after they're released. The animus they had for humanity spanned two hundred millennia, and wasn't something that could simply be reconciled.

"Wonderful!" Tianming finally felt relieved.

"So what's your decision?" Li Caiwei asked, her gaze affixed to his.

"From now on, anyone from the five sects should be allowed to enter the Old Deepstar Path. Naturally, we should take all necessary precautions. After this, I’ll distribute the treasures of the founding ancestor. Everyone will grow stronger!"

Li Caiwei puckered her lips and gave him a few more charming glances.

"Have you fallen for me?" Tianming said.

"I'm starting to notice you're a rather charming one. But I do wonder why there aren't packs of rabid fangirls orbiting you. Don't tell me that you're already taken?" she said with an odd look.

"Haha...." Tianming looked up at the sky. It was now his turn to absorb some caeli. No matter what, he was bound to be the one who gained the most from the legacies of the Xuanyuans and specters. Only he could possibly make rapid advances within this place.

"Ah, I must’ve hit the mark. Who's the lucky girl?" Li Caiwei asked.

"I know the Octagram Heart Sect is really huge on gossip and romance, but are you from there?" Tianming asked, clearing his throat.

"No, I'm not."

"Then stop prying."

"Oh, so you don't like a hundred-year-old 'girl' like me, but you'll go for a hundred-thousand-year-old girl?" she said, winking suggestively.

Tianming immediately glared at her. How was she so sharp?

"Ah, looks like I hit the mark again. You have pretty refined tastes, young man." She nodded flirtatiously, as if she had figured everything out.

"Stop messing around."

"Take me to see your goddess, then. I heard she's breathtakingly beautiful, so it's making me rather curious."


"Hmph, stingy!"

"Ma'am, you're not a young lass anymore. Act your age and stop pouting like that."


Ten days later, a bloody light shone brightly from the center of an island to the south of the Nonahall Divine Realm. A black-clad girl was trapped within a formation of blood. Black chains stretched out from the electrical formation and completely tied her down, not allowing for the slightest movement.

Currently, the girl was out cold. Outside the formation lay a gigantic black beast that stared at her coldly. The wounds it had sustained in its abdomen had just healed, so the slightest movement still caused it much pain. It clearly needed some more time to recover from that devastating blast.

"Can't you just kill her off? Why go through all this trouble?" said a man with a deep voice as he came out of the shadows. It was none other than Di Zang.

"You make it sound so easy. I'm now bound by symbiotic cultivation. Her death would see me crippled, and that would be the end of me," the Archaionfiend bemoaned.

"Whatever. Now that she's bound, let's go. It shouldn't be too long until the appointed time. The ten days of travel should be enough for you to recover in full."

"Has the monster you brought recovered?"

"Almost. If anything, our bodies are tough. The ones with royal bloodlines even have two hearts. There's no way our bodies are similar to human ones. Speaking of which, that imbecile Feng Qingyu really let his emotions overwhelm him. What was all that about, dying with Jian Wuyi? He killed his own disciple and atoned for his sins, only to kill himself right after? Laughable. I wonder if his soul will scatter at the Yellow Springs once he finds out that his disciple isn't dead after all, haha!"

At that moment, a youth in black suddenly appeared and punched Di Zang in the face, breaking it completely. His teeth were completely shattered as he shrieked in pain.

When he fell to the ground, the youth clutched his neck and lifted him up. He used so much force that the ghoul king’s neck was completely crushed.

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