Chapter 915 - The Reincarnation Of The Tyrant

Fang Taiqing darted up into the sky, avoiding the impact of the third-origin tribulation pattern tome. However, there were at least a hundred thousand warriors behind him that were enveloped by the majestic power of the chaosblitz tome. 

The heavenly patterns on the tome instantly exploded, turning into a purple lightning pool tens of thousands of meters wide. Thunder rumbled and lightning crackled, sweeping forward like Lan Huang’s Primordial Wheel. Lightning shot across the area, shaking the earth.

The raging lightning exploded over a hundred thousand beastmasters and lifebound beasts. With the eruption of the chaosblitz tome, at least thirty thousand of them were instantly electrocuted to death, turned into fragmented corpses and ash. Only a fifth of the powerhouses escaped. The rest were severely injured and had temporarily lost their combat effectiveness. 

What did that mean? The chaosblitz tome had toppled a group of warriors equivalent to the Draconis House of Jian, some killed and others incapacitated. Of course, to achieve this kind of frightening effect, there was indeed a prerequisite—they had to be crowded together. 

Xuanyuan Lake wasn’t very large. Because they had rushed in to attack without any preparation, the warriors had swarmed together, allowing for such lethality from the chaosblitz tome. Tianming's move shocked the entire Xuanyuan Lake. 

In that instant, the advancing army stopped in horror, including Dugu Jin who was about to attack Xuanyuan Dao.

“Chaosblitz tome? It originates from the tyrant!" Dugu Jin frowned. "Fang Taiqing, kill him immediately!" he ordered. 

Up in the sky, Fang Taiqing, who had just escaped the attack, looked down. Because the Sterling House of Fang was accustomed to following him, at least half of the fatalities belonged to his clan. He felt as if his heart was bleeding. 

“Li Tianming!” Fang Taiqing stared at the young man with red eyes.

At that moment, there was yet another major turn of events. Ghoul King Di Zang fled with his lifebound beast!

The reason was simple—his presence neutralized the power of the Nine Dragon Formation, which was tantamount to assisting Dugu Jin. If Dugu Jin received the keys, it would be more difficult for him to seize them. Since Po Suo and Jiang Wuxin had perished in battle, it made no sense for him to keep fighting. 

With the Dreamheart World and Nine Dragon Formation, as well as the mayhem caused by the chaosblitz tome, Di Zang and the hell soulbeast drilled into the ground and fled in a panic. Thus, the situation had taken another turn. 

As soon as the Nine Dragon Formation and Dreamheart World were freed, Xuanyuan Dao and Li Caiwei exchanged a meaningful look and eyed Dugu Jin. The Flameyellow Imperial Sect had lost their decisive opportunity. 

Under such circumstances, Tianming stood in front of the army, pulled out two more third-origin tribulation pattern tomes, and roared, "Come on! You’re all going to die! Let’s see if I have more treasures than you have lives. Come on then! Are you afraid of death? I'll give you two more third-origin tribulation pattern tomes! Let’s see who’s lucky enough to be sent down to hell this time!" 

Tianming was surging with majesty, his voice fierce and the two tomes in his hand truly intimidating.

Fang Taiqing's spear flew toward him. One hand holding the tomes and the other wrapped around the Grand-Orient Sword, Tianming went head to head with Fang Taiqing. 

Although he was forced back several meters, Tianming was unscathed. After the expansion of his samsara rings, he was brimming with explosive tribulation force and managed to resist the twelfth-level life phase samsaran. 

“Li Tianming is incredibly strong!” 

“The second sect master is a twelfth-level life phase samsaran, yet still failed to injure him!" 

“How terrifying! Rumor has it that this young man is the reincarnation of the tyrant!" 

Their astonishment was nothing compared to Fang Taiqing’s; he could hardly believe his eyes. Before his breakthrough, perhaps even Fang Taiqing wouldn’t be able to easily block that move. Tianming was obviously stronger than an eleventh-level death phase samsaran. The threat of such an imperial son enraged him, and within that hot-blooded emotion was a trace of fear. 

While the man was still immersed in shock, Tianming burst toward the Imperial Sect army with the two tomes.


The charging army was so terrified they quickly turned around and the scene descended into chaos.

On the other side, Dugu Jin was trapped in the Nine Dragon Formation. Their greatest advantage had been completely reversed because of Di Zang’s escape and Tianming’s powerful outbreak. Despite their numerical advantage, they had fallen into an impasse. 

“Sect Masters, I don’t think we should go on like this. We don't know how many treasures Li Tianming possesses!" 

“He’s here! Run!” 

“Second Sect Master, stop him!” 

The scene was out of control. Everything was playing out contrary to Dugu Jin’s expectations. 

"I thought Di Zang was completely mad. I didn't expect him to just escape." 

Now that things had come to this, there was little Dugu Jin could do. Pressing on with meaningless sacrifice would bring him no benefit. When both the Imperial and Archaion Sects were consumed, Di Zang would be the ultimate winner, which would be yet another turn of events. 

Under these circumstances, Fang Taiqing couldn't take on Tianming. Even if Dugu Jin knew how powerful the young man was, the Fang clan leader was helpless.

“Hear my order, Imperial Sect! Withdraw from Xuanyuan Lake!” 

Upon Dugu Jin’s command, the army under Tianming’s pursuit breathed a sigh of relief and withdrew from Xuanyuan Lake. Dugu Jin escaped from the Dreamheart World as well. 

As soon as they left, they gathered outside the lake. In fact, the newly-established Imperial Sect had received a rude wakeup call, a stark contrast to their prior high spirits. The sect was unstable and their members’ eyes were filled with doubt. 

"Please listen to me!" Dugu Jin's bearing remained unchanged. Facing the crowd, he shouted, "Understand that we will be the ultimate victors of this war. As long as I achieve godhood, Xuanyuan Lake will fall. In truth, there’s no need to be impatient. With the Nine Dragon Formation, our opponents have a certain advantage and we’ll have to sacrifice a great deal to defeat them. I stopped our losses in time because I don't want to see us wounded. But is the Archaion Sect really that strong? No! They rely on the other sects to stop us! However, the base of Biritual, Pentaphase, Triflair, and Octagram aren’t located here. Since their powerhouses are gathered here, we can attack them one by one! Eighty percent of Biritual’s powerhouses are here, and those remaining in their sect can’t stop us at all. If we attack the Biritual Divine Realm first, do you think they’ll all be transferred back to the sect to fight us? Of course not! It’s easy for us, now that they’ve chosen to stay here. Let’s take this opportunity to take down all four divine realms and seize their territories. What can they do when all they have left is this tiny Xuanyuan Lake? And most importantly—” 

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