Chapter 911 - Honor is More Important Than Conscience

Nonahall, Quadform, and Heptastar had become the Flameyellow Imperial Sect, with more than 700,000 samsarans. It was three times as powerful as the Archaion Sect.

Finally, Dugu Jin's gaze fell upon the Hexapath Sword Sect who still had more than a hundred thousand powerhouses. All forty thousand of the Draconis House of Jian had returned to Xuanyuan Lake, seemingly tricked out of the battlefield and still in a state of confusion. The situation had taken a drastic turn. Without Jian Wuyi and Feng Qingyu’s flight of fancy, they weren’t willing to merge with the Tai'e House of Jian. At the moment, the Hexapath Sword Sect was being led by Feng Qingyu’s swordbeasts. 


Just as Dugu Jin spoke, one of Feng Qingyu’s swordbeasts interrupted, "Sect Master Dugu, wait until you’ve taken Xuanyuan Lake before you even think of swallowing Hexapath." 

The Jian clan were still arrogant. After picking up Feng Qingyu’s corpse, the three swordbeasts left with more than a hundred thousand powerhouses. 

“Are you joining the four sects?" Dugu Jin asked coldly. 

“You’re mistaken. We just want to go back to the Swordsoul Mountains and bury our sect master." 

While they weren’t willing to surrender, like Changsun Shenqiong, they wouldn’t help the Archaion Sect either. The Draconis House of Jian’s indifference had chilled their hearts. With that, Hexapath departed. 

“Aren’t they stubborn! Now that Feng Qingyu is gone, Hexapath is merely a second-rate sect, yet they’re still building castles in the air. It’ll be their turn once we’ve taken Xuanyuan Lake!" Changsun Shenqiong pursed his lips. 

"When Xuanyuan Xi is dead, the Archaion Sect will be destroyed. We won't have to set foot on the Swordsoul Mountains, they’ll come out on their own. How long can the three swordbeasts who’re in the death phase protect them? No one can stand alone in this new world." Dugu Jin smiled coldly. 

Changsun Shenqiong truly understood the extent of his cruelty from his smile. Fortunately, he had made the correct decision. 

So the next step was to attack Xuanyuan Lake? Dugu Jin stared at the lake, lips curled in a sinister smile. 

"Do you understand now why I tried to assassinate Xuanyuan Xi during the Number One Summit? It’s because I knew Di Zang would attack Archaion whether Xuanyuan Xi exists or not. It doesn’t matter if she’s dead or alive. I was headed to the Kilostar Domain, so that was my only shot at killing their so-called goddess. It’s a pity she’s a resilient one. But that’s alright. There’s only two people in this world who’re on their way to achieving godhood. As long as I kill Xuanyuan Xi, there’ll be no one else to threaten me! Of course, I have to kill Li Tianming as well!” 


Ten miles outside Xuanyuan Lake, a group of eighty thousand Samsara powerhouses had returned. They paused temporarily, watching from the sidelines, witnessing the earth-shattering changes in Xuanyuan Lake—from the battle between the five allied sects and the four great sects, the defection of Biritual, Tianming’s shocking revelation, to Dugu’s Jin’s murder of the specter race, the establishment of the Flameyellow Imperial Sect, unification of the three divine realms, and the apparent domination of this land. 

Fang Taiqing frowned at the sight of all this. Narrowing his eyes, he stared at Dugu Jin for a long time, his gaze thick with indifference. The look in his eyes fluctuated. 

“Who would’ve thought that your subordinate is a descendent of the Blooddragon Clan! Even more unexpected was the fact he had the specters fooled. It’s amazing he’s achieved all this.” Fang Yuqing sighed, shaking her head. 

“His progress has made us all sit up and take notice. Not bad,” said Fang Taiqing. 

“So Great Emperor Xuanyuan cruelly punished the Blooddragon Clan because their power threatened him? What a tragedy,” said Fang Yuqing. 

“You believe in words meant to confuse?" Fang Taiqing sneered. 

“Is that so? What a complicated man! His lies sound like the truth." Fang Yuqing was speechless. 

“The dead cannot testify, and the truth is no longer important. Everyone’s looking for a way out, and Dugu Jin’s appearance has given them hope," said Fang Taiqing. 

“It’s a pity the opportunity didn’t fall into your lap." Fang Yuqing lamented. 

“I can’t do it, because I can't kill Ghoul King Po Suo. That’s the key to controlling the masses. What’s more, the Nonahall Ghost Sect looks down on me." Fang Taiqing was pleased that the two ghoul kings who once humiliated him had died miserably. 

"Big Brother Qing, what should we do now? Archaion Sect is facing a crisis, but you’ve become stronger. If we return to the sect, we might be able to turn the tide," Fang Yuqing suggested. 

“Are you stupid? Do you think we can go back? The Archaion Sect must hate me to the bone. Now that Biritual is on their side, Xuanyuan Lake no longer has a place for the Sterling House of Fang. If we go over now, they’ll only resent us." Fang Taiqing glared at her. 

“In this case, there’s obviously no way for us to intervene. Even if we decide to take them by surprise, who should we attack? Judging by the current situation, it’s best to withdraw from the fight like the Hexapath Sword Sect. We still have the advantage of an entire clan’s fighting power. Let them fight while we hide and take our time to develop," said Fang Yuqing. 

“No.” Staring at the other side, Fang Taiqing shook his head.

“Why not? If nothing works, then what should we do? Join the Flameyellow Imperial Sect?” Fang Yuqing sighed. 

“That’s right.” There was madness in his eyes.

“What?” Still in shock, Fang Yuqing grabbed Fang Taiqing. “Stop joking, Big Brother Qing. Don’t scare me.” 

“I’m not. I mean it. I'm going to meet Dugu Jin and join the Flameyellow Imperial Sect,” Fang Taiqing replied. 


“It's simple. First of all, the Flameyellow Imperial Sect has an absolute advantage. Secondly, although Dugu Jin is powerful, the Blooddragon Clan no longer exists. He doesn’t have a clan to support him. Most importantly, he’s now in the death phase and only has thirty years to achieve godhood. He’s not a specter. I’m betting he’ll die!” said Fang Taiqing. 

“What do you mean? Didn’t he say he’ll achieve godhood in three years?” 

“If he doesn’t reassure them with something, will Nonahall be willing to support him? Yuqing, now that I have reached the twelfth-level life phase, I understand how difficult it is to become a god. Before me is an immeasurable chasm. I don't believe he’ll make that breakthrough. No one has been able to ascend to godhood for a hundred thousand years. If he fails, he doesn't even have a clan behind him and the world will be in my hands. I won’t enter the death phase. By relying on the strength of the Imperial Sect, the Sterling House of Fang will flourish for at least three hundred years!” Fang Taiqing said passionately. 

“But what if he does become a god?” asked Fang Yuqing. 

"Then he’ll dominate the world. When that happens, the Imperial Sect will be the only one standing. I’ll be second in command, and the Sterling House of Fang will be able to grow. Why not? There’s no losing on this path. Do you understand?" Fang Taiqing smiled. 

“I don't understand, and I don't want you to do this.” Fang Yuqing was in tears. 

“Why can’t you understand such simple logic? We must strive for the best, let alone the weak who must seize every opportunity to climb up." Fang Taiqing sounded angry. 

“But how many years has our clan been in Taiji Peak Lake? Our ancestors worked so hard to grow here and share Archaion’s fortune. We’ve contributed so much to the growth of the Archaion Sect. Many people in Xuanyuan Lake are acquaintances, and even friends. Forget the fact that we fled when the sect was in danger. How can we help the people who’re trying to kill them? What about our conscience?” 

Pulling his arm, Fang Yuqing pleaded with her eyes. "Big Brother Qing, shall we stop struggling to survive in the cracks? The dignity of our clan and the respect of others must be obtained through our own strength. I know you’re confident after your breakthrough, but they’ll only look down on us if we play up to those in power!" 

“You’re wrong, Yuqing. Only irresistible power can win the respect of others. They won’t care what means you use, they’ll be frightened for their lives! Conscience won’t help the Sterling House of Fang develop. Only by relying on strength can we dominate this world. History is filled with examples of this,” said Fang Taiqing. 

“Why can’t we behave righteously—”

“I join the Imperial Sect and destroy the Archaion Sect with my strength to fight for control of this world. Doesn’t that make me righteous?" Fang Taiqing asked. 

“Have you forgotten about the three-faced house pets? They’ll call us the four-faced house pets behind our backs! Isn’t it humiliating enough?” Fang Yuqing said with tears streaming down her face. 

“Humiliating? When we stand at the pinnacle of this world, anyone who dares speak those words will die! Don’t you understand that only strength will shut their mouths?" 

"I don't understand! I know that you’ve been insulted and spurned for deserting the sect. You’re unwilling to leave like this, unwilling to hide and develop. You want to prove yourself so they stop mocking you! So you’ve not only endangered the clan once, but you’re about to do it again!" Fang Yuqing said frantically. 


Fang Taiqing roared, raising his hand to slap her. However, he still held back.

“Is honor important?” she asked.

“Yes.” Fang Taiqing breathed hoarsely.

“More important than your conscience?" 


“You’re not weak, so you’re unwilling to give up. You think that you can make them respect you, respect us." 


“Only with strength can you accomplish this.” 

“Yes, that’s the reality of the matter!” said Fang Taiqing. 

Fang Yuqing stumbled backward.

“I’ve misjudged you, Big Brother Qing.” She trembled.

“Don't make your final conclusion. You should ask everyone else for their opinion." Fang Taiqing pointed behind them. 

All eighty thousand powerhouses were listening to them quarrel.

“What do you choose? To put away your conscience, rise to higher peaks and bask in the glory, or retreat, suffer the ridicule of others, and live like cowards?" Fang Taiqing asked, his eyes red. 

Their hearts shook.

"I support the house king!" 

A slender figure emerged from the crowd.

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