Chapter 909 - Rising From The Ashes

The Nonahall, Quadform, Heptastar and Hexapath legions, as well as their third-origin tribulation elders, withdrew from Xuanyuan Lake and gathered outside the Nine Dragon Formation. In Xuanyuan Lake, the four sects were still engaged in a fierce battle with Ghoul King Di Zang. 

Dugu Jin, who had gained the reputation of killing Ghoul King Po Suo, quelled the masses with just a wave of his hand. More than eight hundred thousand Samsara warriors raised their heads to look up at him and the two domineering blooddragons beside him. The enormous blooddragons possessed unparalleled power and brutality. They were a mix between good and evil—not as malevolent as the ghoul kings’ lifebound beasts, but more menacing than the dragons of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan. They shared the same temperament as Dugu Jin. Such a man was destined to become emperor. 

"First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. You can all see my third eye. Yes, I belong to the Archaic House of Xuanyuan! My ancestors had the surname. two hundred thousand years ago, the Blooddragon Clan used to be the strongest branch of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan! There is no record of the clan throughout history because after Great Emperor Xuanyuan defeated the specter race, he slaughtered all a hundred thousand of my ancestors and created the Blooddragon Sealing Formation with their souls. It’s been two hundred thousand years since the specter race was defeated, and they were only liberated after the formation was destroyed. They who made me who I am today. They want me to tell the world about the Blooddragon Clan’s great contributions in the war against the demon race and how a tyrant slaughtered them, resulting in their miserable deaths. Their glorious achievements should never have been erased. I stand here today to give my ancestors their rightful name. More importantly, I want the tyrant’s descendants to pay for his evil deeds!” 

Dugu Jin’s eyes had turned red. His words caused a huge reaction. 

“So this is the truth?” 

“Two hundred thousand years! How tragic! I never imagined Great Emperor Xuanyuan, the Progenitor of Humanity, would have such a barbaric side. He let his brothers down!" 

"It’s not surprising. History is written by the victor. These sordid events are immeasurable. God knows how badly the losers are demonized." 

"Pity the Blooddragon Clan...."

Compassion was a human instinct. Dugu Jin knew that the moment he had their sympathy, he had everything. 

He was smiling inside, but continued speaking with sorrow. "You must have guessed that I infiltrated the remnants of the specter race in the name of betraying the human race. I’ve long known about their plans. But because they had three top powerhouses on their side, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to expose them. Li Tianming has indeed helped me with this. Don’t doubt my hatred for the specter race! Ghoul King Po Suo’s demise is the best proof of that!" 

"Don’t worry, Dugu Jin. You’ve chosen a difficult path, but the outcome is wonderful. You've done a great job!" 

"That's right. The fact that you had them fooled means you did well." 

Many Nonahall powerhouses praised him.

"Although that may be the case, I must come clean. With regards to this, I have good news to share with all of you," said Dugu Jin. 

"Please speak." They all pricked their ears. 

"With the help of a hundred thousand blooddragon souls, I’ve made great progress. In about two or three years, I’ll become a god!" Dugu Jin declared. 

As he spoke, Dugu Jin unleashed the power of a hundred thousand dragons from within his third eye. Their majesty and supremacy shocked the masses. Two blooddragons roared into the sky, their mighty voices reverberating in the air. 

Dugu Jin and Feng Qingyu were both powerful and vigorous, unlike Di Zang and Po Suo, who had clearly reached the end of the road, or Jiang Wuxin, who merely possessed power of the flesh. With their strength, they had real hope in reaching Ascension. They possessed a stronger momentum. 

It was a pity that Feng Qingyu had chosen to leave. Dugu Jin seemed to be the only one left. His words caused great shock. 

"Become a god in two or three years?" 

"The Flameyellow Continent’s eleventh god?" 

"Oh my goodness! If someone told me a few years ago that the eleventh god of Flameyellow Continent would be Dugu Jin, I wouldn’t have believed them." 

"Just a year ago, Dugu Jin was still the top tribulation elder of Tribulation Peak and Fang Taiqing’s subordinate.” 

"Fang Taiqing is a joke." 

"Life is full of change. Who rises and who will surrender remains to be seen. How exciting!" 

"A god... Dugu Jin is so powerful!" 

Whether true or false, his words had caused incredible changes in their hearts. Dugu Jin was pleased with this effect. 

Opening his arms, he continued, "As you all know, I don't have to work for the specter race. After all, isn’t it better to become the god of the Flameyellow Continent instead of turning into a monster and having to bow to others?" Dugu Jin asked with a smile. 

"Yes! You don't have to explain anymore. We believe you." 

"Dugu Jin, get to the point!" 

In fact, many of them knew in their hearts that he had laid all of this out in preparation for his real purpose 


Sweeping his gaze across the gathered powerhouses, he said solemnly, "Brothers of Nonahall, don't forget what our purpose is today. We’re here to destroy the Archaion Sect, defeat the four sects and divide up the world! Now that the threat of the specter race is gone, the keys that control the destiny of the human race are still in the hands of two weaklings, Xuanyuan Dao and Ouyang Jianwang. Doesn’t that worry you? Most importantly, why’d we choose to attack the Archaion Sect? For the remnants of the specter race, their goal is the return of their race. But for us, it’s because of Xuanyuan Xi’s rebirth. She’s bound to become a god in the future! And what’s her relationship to us? Our Nonahall Sect is the number one sect in the world. We’ve destroyed the Ninefold Formation. But how many of our Nonahall brothers did Archaion kill in Tianming City?” 

The words “our Nonahall Sect” were rather thought-provoking. 

"Even if the specter race wasn’t mixed up in our alliance, our enmity with Xuanyuan Xi and the four sects is undeniable! If we leave like this today, Xuanyuan Xi will become a god in the future and the Archaion Sect will grow stronger. They’ll definitely settle their grievances with us. The Archaic House of Xuanyuan will make a comeback and kill everyone. None of us will escape. You’re all aware of how terrifying the power of a god is. The feud between Nonahall and Archaion isn’t just a matter of the remnants of the specter race. Between the two sects, only one will emerge on top. Aside from Ghoul King Di Zang, Nonahall has lost all its ghoul kings. You’re without a leader. Even if you return to the Specter Mountains, even if Nonahall flourishes, you’ll be the first to be destroyed in the absence of a top powerhouse. I, Dugu Jin, have an irreconcilable enmity with the Archaic House of Xuanyuan and Xuanyuan Xi. All this time, my only wish has been to annihilate the Archaic House of Xuanyuan. We’re on the same side. Furthermore, the Nonahall Ghost Sect was created by the Nonahall Specter, a remnant of the specter race. It’s very likely the top ghoul kings were all specters. I believe you don’t want to serve the specter race any longer. The Nonahall Ghost Sect has never been a glorious one. You must be very depressed at the moment. But it’s alright, it’s just a name! Perhaps—” 

Raising the volume of his voice, he swept his gaze across the crowd once more.

"Perhaps I, Dugu Jin, will have the fortune of creating a glorious and prosperous world with my Nonahall brothers and sisters. We’ll forget all about this embarrassing history involving the specter race, and together, we’ll create a new divine realm! Everyone knows that I’ve been alone, my only support from Quadform. If I’m able to realize my dream, I swear I’ll never forsake any brother who stands with me today! Nonahall is the most prosperous of all the divine realms. We shouldn’t leave in embarrassment, living in the shadow of Xuanyuan Xi. Instead, we should revamp ourselves, rise from the ashes, and create a new era that belongs to us! If you’re willing, Quadform will merge with Nonahall at once. We’ll still remain the best. Together, we’ll slaughter Xuanyuan Xi and the supposed imperial son. We will hold the keys and be in control of our own destiny! Let’s wash away the humiliation of the specter race and create a golden age. If you’re willing, I’ll lead you in conquering this world! Time waits for no man. Please, give me your answer! Whoever stands by my side first will receive half of this land!” 

Although half the land was an exaggeration, Dugu Jin's sincerity was obvious to all. His words seemed to have stolen every one of their hearts. 

First of all, the nine ghoul kings were dead and they had no leader. A tenth-level death phase samsaran couldn’t control the overall situation. There would be chaos if this went on. Secondly, many of them had worked for the remnants of the specter race for generations, which was an embarrassment. Dugu Jin’s promise to revamp the sect, rise from the ashes, and completely abandon the past was extremely tempting. Thirdly, a powerhouse who could become a god in two or three years, had courage and strength, and came with Quadform was certainly worthy. Fourthly, he showed enough respect for the Nonahall powerhouses. And lastly, the phrase "half of this land" was so attractive that they fought to outdo one another.

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