Chapter 900 - The Whirling Beast And The Amnestic River Voidbanner

Before the whirling beast arrived, it began snowing. But upon a closer look, it wasn’t snow, but some kind of white powder. All of Heaven Sacred Mountain was covered in this powder in a short period of time; except for the Heaven Cauldron, everything had turned white. 

Upon looking up, Ouyang Jianwang saw a pale beast descending from the sky. It was an enormous white moth that resembled a cloud. In its cold, apathetic eyes were nine hundred and ninety-seven stars. The moth was flapping its wings, spreading the powder everywhere. 

“If it weren't for the Heaven Cauldron’s protection, I would’ve been poisoned by this powder!” 

When Ouyang Jianwang stretched out his hand, he saw the white powder devouring the cauldron pattern as if it were alive.

“Who would’ve thought that the second ghoul king would personally come to kill me?" 

Taking another sip of wine, he laughed in a self-deprecating manner.

Above the pale moth stood a fair-skinned woman with perfect curves, wearing very little, her white ribbons fluttering in the wind. Her jade-like eyes stared condescendingly at Ouyang Jianwang. 

“Where’s Zi Xiao?” 

“I killed him,” said Ouyang Jianwang.

“How useless. But all the better. There’ll be one less person to share the benefits with.” 

As Ghoul King Po Suo spoke, the moth descended from the sky like a sea of clouds. When it flapped its wings, white powder fell like pouring rain. Not only did the air fill up with the powder, the entire Heaven Sacred Mountain turned white from it. 

“Give me the key.” 

Po Suo stretched out her slender hand.

“I’ll trade your head for it.” 

Raising his sword, Ouyang Jianwang expelled a mouthful of wine onto his sword, thoroughly cleaning the blood off. The nether cloudsky dog fiercely glared at the moth, barking continuously. 

Po Suo snorted in contempt, then plunged from the sky, flickering like a white light. A white flag appeared in her hand. In that instant, the chilly wind howled.

“Are you surrendering? Raising the white flag?" Ouyang Jianwang grinned.

Despite the smile on his face, there was a stormy sea in his heart. This white flag was known as the Amnestic River Voidbanner. It was one of the two divine artifacts of the Nonahall Specter, and dated back to a hundred thousand years ago. 

Aside from Xuanyuan Xi, only five of the nine gods of the Flameyellow Continent had left behind divine artifacts. They were the gods of Monorigin, Biritual, Quadform, Hexapath, and Nonahall. Among them, the Amnestic River Voidbanner was one of the most powerful. Pulling out this divine artifact to deal with Ouyang Jianwang meant Po Suo had set out to kill. 

“The key is so important to them!” 

The white flag fluttered amidst the chaotic world. When the flag was raised, resentful faces suddenly appeared on one side. 

Po Suo was completely different from Zi Xiao; she didn't want to speak a word. However, the deadly threat from this woman, as well as the fear she caused, was enough to send chills up Ouyang Jianwang’s spine. 

Her ghostly white figure drifted before him. At the same time, the moth in the sky sprayed out pale mist that turned into rings and wrapped around the yellow dog. 

As Ouyang Jianwang waved his sword once more, countless strands of tribulation sword ki condensed into one. 

Po Suo’s figure seemed to morph and her cold killing intent violently surged. With the suppression of the Amnestic River Voidbanner, the tribulation sword ki resembled a stone sinking into the sea. 

A harsh noise seemed to pierce Ouyang Jianwang’s soul. As soon as the white flag was unfurled, it was as vast as an entire world. And in that world were hundreds of millions of hidden people, demonstrating the brutality of this weapon. Who knew how many dead souls had been sacrificed a hundred thousand years ago to forge such a weapon? From what he could see, there were at least hundreds of millions! 

The era when the Nonahall Specter ruled the Flameyellow Continent was the most brutal period in history. The descendants of the first eight gods, including the Archaic House of Xuanyuan, were almost completely annihilated and had to flee elsewhere. It wasn’t until the Nonahall Specter reached the end of his life that they returned one by one. It took a full hundred thousand years for the Archaion Sect to regain its vitality. 

The eight gods before the Nonahall Specter had also ruled the Flameyellow Continent, but none of them had ever slaughtered to such an extent. The white flag gave Ouyang Jianwang a glimpse into the past. 

“It seems human life is really worth nothing to them....”

The suppression from the flag sent him crashing into the Heaven Cauldron. Ouyang Jianwang vomited blood, feeling as if his flesh and bones were crushed. 

“It seems I can’t defeat her.” 

Eyes red, he slid down the Heaven Cauldron and climbed to his feet.

“Where’s the key?” a faint voice sounded in his ear.

With such a pale complexion, Po Suo resembled an evil spirit crawling from the depths of hell.

Ouyang Jianwang laughed.

“If you don’t answer, I’ll look for it, even if it’s hidden in your skull.” 

Pursing her lips, Po Suo crossed a hundred meters in a flash. The shadow of death had already enveloped Ouyang Jianwang. 

War, bloodshed, defeat, calamity—just the thought of those words made it hard for Ouyang Jianwang to breathe. His eyes turned red. Behind him was the Heaven Cauldron; there was no retreat! The nether cloudsky dog beside him was overpowered by the white moth’s abilities. The big yellow dog was now dyed white, its flesh putrid and decayed. 

“Dog Bro, are you alright?” asked Ouyang Jianwang.

“Are you blind?! I’m about to go bald from all the rubbing!” shouted the dog.


Ouyang Jianwang stared intently at the woman and moth in front of him. His back to the Heaven Cauldron, he frantically absorbed its power. 

“Dog Bro, lend me a hand!” 


A thunderous boom resounded as the Heaven Cauldron vibrated. 

“The fit is even better now!” 

Majestic power rushed into Ouyang Jianwang. 

“Brother, if we can't kill Po Suo, we’ll slaughter her lifebound beast and cripple her!" 

The two switched targets. Just as the Amnestic River Voidbanner turned into a spear and shot toward Ouyang Jianwang, he activated the power of the Heaven Cauldron and burst forth.


With his sword in both hands, he zipped through the air, followed by the nether cloudsky dog that had transformed into a black and yellow flash. Like a Heaven Cauldron, it slammed into the white moth. 

More than a hundred thousand strands of tribulation sword ki exploded and Po Suo’s expression turned ugly. The Amnestic River Voidbanner blocked more than half of the sword ki, while Po Suo was forced to dodge the other half. 

However, Ouyang Jianwang's goal was the moth behind her. His sword ki condensed into a beam of light that soared into the sky. Entangled in battle with the dog, the moth was completely defenseless against the sudden onslaught of the sword ki. 

This time, Ouyang Jianwang had infused the explosive power of Heaven Cauldron into his attack, aiming to kill with one blow. Although the moth had many stars in its eyes, it was weaker than he had expected. 

It was no surprise when his sword pierced the beast. The moth exploded into white powder that sprayed all over the sky. If the previous scene had been a downpour, then what was now falling was a mountain of white powder that swallowed the entire Heaven Sacred Mountain. 

Having killed Po Suo’s lifebound beast, Ouyang Jianwang was content with his life. 

Unfortunately, there was no time for excitement because the Amnestic River Voidbanner was about to reach him. 

As the flag floated across, Ouyang Jianwang was covered in blood. The cauldron pattern covering him was completely destroyed. Had it not been for the cauldron’s final protection, he would have been slaughtered like the whirling beast. 

He suffered severe pain and bleeding. White powder poured into his body, corroding his flesh and blood. There was no doubt he was about to die. 

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