Chapter 90 - Challenging the Peak!

All those present were the geniuses of the nation, behind whom stood mighty factions. They were even of their clan’s direct line of descent, and had great reputations.

For them to step out to resolve this situation could be considered as giving Li Tianming enough face.

So, what did that disdainful smile mean?

Was he actually mocking them for protecting Wei Lingxuan? How could there be someone so tactless? Could he perhaps not know that Wei Lingxuan was the chancellor’s daughter, as well as the identity of all those present?

“What are you laughing at?!” Wei Qingyi wasn’t able to control himself any longer.

“I’m laughing, because the so-called direct line of descent of Wei Manor, the so-called Flameyellow Scions Institute Chancellor’s daughter, actually just publicly broke her promise in front of so many people, only to hide behind other people afterwards! Wei Lingxuan, would you agree if I say you’re not worthy of a member of Wei Manor?” Li Tianming’s words rang loud and clear.

His burning gaze landed on Wei Lingxuan. His words, overflowing with strength and conviction, was enough to tell everyone present one thing — he wasn’t scared of anyone here.

“Li Tianming!” Wei Lingxuan gritted her teeth, her eyes reddening.

“Who are you trying to scare? Am I wrong to say someone cowardly like you who dares to bet but doesn’t dare uphold it is unworthy of your identity? Am I?! In my opinion, you’re the disgrace of Heaven’s Sanctum and Wei Manor!”

Every word of Li Tianming landed on Wei Lingxuan like a slap to her face.

“Li Tianming!” Wei Lingxuan snarled. Under the pressure, she cracked and tears started to fall. She had never been humiliated like this until today, having always been treated as a princess.

“Oh please, don’t act pitiful. You definitely didn’t have this expression just now when you wanted to use Flameyellow Rock to maim me. Who are you trying to elicit sympathy from? Wei Manor is always known for their strength of character, but it seems those rumours were blown out of proportion if they’re filled with people like you.” Li Tianming snorted dismissively, his words stabbing at her ears again.

Li Tianming wasn’t bullying a girl. In the battlefield, gender distinctions didn’t exist.

Since she had attempted to humiliate and injure him, Li Tianming would disregard any supposed cousin relationship they had.

Li Tianming had believed since young that all things had their cause and effect. If you were willing to do something, you had to be prepared to pay for it.

Li Tianming had swapped his target of disdain from Wei Lingxuan to Wei Manor. For her, the bloodline of Wei Manor had always been her source of pride, and now Li Tianming was trampling all over it. Her bloodshot eyes and tears were insufficient to express the depth of her current feelings.

“Shut up, SHUT UP! Mongrels like you have no right to comment on Wei Manor! You and your mother are the true failures and disgraces of our clan!” Wei Lingxuan’s hysterical shrieks only sowed confusion among the spectators. What relationship did Li Tianming have with Wei Manor? However, the matter was quickly put aside as the conflict continued to escalate.

“Funny. Those disgraces you mention at least know how to uphold their promises. Instead, it seems to be the ones with good breeding that hide behind others after losing a bet! Since we’re all trash, then don’t bother playing dress up and acting all noble!”

“SHUT UP! I’m not afraid of you!” Wei Lingxuan shrieked.

“Impressive! Then, you may start cleaning.” Li Tianming extended his foot towards her and pointed. Li Tianming didn’t find his actions trashy. Who cared about her dignity? She didn’t care when attempting to lead him into cultivation deviation, so it was a bit too late now.

“I swear that I will make you pay a price for this!” Wei Lingxuan pushed Wei Qingyi aside. Surrounded by baleful intent, she strode towards Li Tianming.

“Remember, clean it nicely and be quick about it!” Li Tianming inclined his head.

Honestly, if it was just a grudge, Li Tianming wouldn’t care. However, if there was malice, it was a different matter. Li Tianming refused to back down, no matter how much criticism the onlookers levied on him.

“Come!” Li Tianming stared at Wei Lingxuan.

“You won’t meet a good end!” Wei Lingxuan clenched her teeth.

“Stop wasting my time with your nonsense.”

“We’ll see who can protect you once you leave the pagoda. Don’t give me the chance!” Wei Lingxuan was aware her personal strength was enough to crush Li Tianming.

“Didn’t I say cut the nonsense!” Li Tianming directly pressed down her head onto his foot. The unprepared Wei Lingxuan’s slammed onto the ground as she entered a crawling position at Li Tianming’s feet.

Her pretty lips landed on Li Tianming’s dirty shoe. However, Li Tianming didn’t stop there as he brushed it across her face, smearing it with filth!

His brazen actions immediately caused an uproar. Today’s events would surely change Heaven's Sanctum disciples’ view of Li Tianming. There was no way someone with this much guts could be a coward or joke!

No one here was unaware of Wei Lingxuan’s status. Even those with the strongest of backgrounds would choose to give Wei Lingxuan some face in this situation, but Li Tianming hadn’t.

“You… YOU!” Wei Lingxuan trembled as she experienced another first in her life. For three whole breaths of time, her mind was a complete blank as Li Tianming continued to use her face to wipe her shoe.

She only finally reacted when her entire face was dirty. She burst into tears and struggled away. By now, Li Tianming had already released her, watching as she went crazy.

She wanted to kill someone. In the next moment, her fingernails scraped across Li Tianming’s chest, drawing five bloody gashes on them.

Li Tianming ducked out of the way, lest she did even more damage. Although fights were prohibited in Flameyellow Pagoda, she had obviously gone crazy and couldn’t control herself.

Although Li Tianming could feel stinging pain and blood was flowing, he didn’t mind. It was just a flesh wound, and in the world, a loss of dignity and face was even more painful.

“I swear, I won’t let you die with a complete corpse!” Wei Lingxuan hadn’t lost all her rationality yet. After all, Li Tianming hadn’t gone as far as he could have, as there was still filth left on his shoes. Still, that didn’t stop killing intent and rage from filling her.

“I recommend you spend more time reading books and cultivating your inner qualities instead,” Li Tianming said placidly, wiping away the blood.

“Don’t you dare leave Flameyellow Pagoda, let me see you, or go back to Wei Manor to visit your mother! Otherwise, that’ll be the day you die!”

“Alright, alright. Take a look in the mirror before you continue. Sheesh, the direct descendant of Wei Manor looks like some crazy shrew now.”

“Li Tianming, don’t get too pleased with yourself. You’re finished. Sis Xuan, let’s go.” Helpless, Wei Qingyi knew they couldn’t do anything but to leave now. There was no chance of retaliating in Flameyellow Pagoda, and if Wei Lingxuan did lose control, she would land in even more trouble.

“Get lost!” Wei Lingxuan pushed him away and rose to her feet herself, leveling Li Tianming with an icy look. “I’ll be waiting for you at Wei Manor.”

“Sure thing, prepare some fruits for me too. I’m especially fond of grapes. Oh, and they have to be seedless!” Li Tianming said.

“Sure, I’ll prepare so many that your stomach goes bad!” Wei Ling walked out of the pagoda, intermittently throwing Li Tianming murderous glares.

The conflict was finally over.

Everyone was speechless, except for Li Tianming who acted like nothing of significance had happened.

Li Tianming turned back to the Flameyellow Rock. “Ying Huo, interested to challenge level five synchronisation?”

That was the supposed peak.

“Game on! Don’t chicken out on me!”

“Oh, bold words for a chicken!”

“Haha, you dare to shame me? I’ll make you lick clean my claws one day,” the little chick roared.

Li Tianming realised everyone was looking at him coldly. None believed he could last long in Heaven’s Sanctum after provoking Wei Lingxuan. She was so much stronger than him, and would trample him as soon as he left the pagoda. What would she care about some punishment after what happened?

However, among them remained one warm and gentle gaze that belonged to someone who had been waiting for Li Tianming to find her — Jiang Feiling.

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