Chapter 899 - Slaying One Man Every Ten Steps!

Half an hour ago, the Heaven Cauldron had rumbled and shook on Heaven Sacred Mountain. Countless strands of tribulation sword ki burst from within, whizzing around the cauldron and wreaking havoc. 

“Dog Bro, hold on!” 

Ouyang Jianwang's roar shook the heavens.

On the Heaven Cauldron, a big yellow dog with disheveled fur was resisting more than thirty opponents. Among them were third-origin tribulation elders and their lifebound beasts. An outstanding hero in this bloody battle, the yellow dog was mighty with more than eight hundred stars in its eyes. Despite being weaker than some of its opponents, it was extremely brave, roaring and biting, unleashing its abilities as its claws and teeth ripped through its opponents’ flesh. 

Upon closer inspection, one might notice the Heaven Cauldron pattern in the center of its eyebrows. This pattern appeared to be the center from which black ripples originated, enveloping the dog’s body like armor. The vibrating Heaven Cauldron behind it was visible through the layer of armor. With each quake, huge power poured into the yellow dog. This was the reason for its courage. 

The nether cloudsky dog was Ouyang Jianwang’s lifebound beast. The power that the Heaven Cauldron had bestowed upon it was known as the Heaven Embodiment, which fully enhanced its abilities in all aspects. As long as the dog remained in the vicinity of Heaven Cauldron, its strength would be eye-popping. 

Although the Heaven Cauldron could originally move, it couldn’t be placed into a spatial ring due to its size. But now, after the emergence of the five-colored light column, the Heaven Cauldron was completely immovable. Otherwise, Xuanyuan Dao would definitely have dragged it into Xuanyuan Lake, much like what they had done with the Old Deepstar Path. 

The Heaven Cauldron was a special existence among all the divine artifacts on the continent. No one could control it; it had chosen its own guardian, Ouyang Jianwang. Although he was known as its guardian, he usually served it instead. But at this moment of crisis, the Heaven Cauldron didn’t disappoint. In fact, this was Ouyang Jianwang’s first time using the Heaven Embodiment. 

Ouyang Jianwang didn't need to look up to know that the Ninefold Formation had completely collapsed. The Archaion Sect had reached a dead end, and everyone was fleeing for Xuanyuan Lake.

“Who would’ve thought we’d lose so miserably! Never mind, I’ll kill as many as I can to help Xuanyuan Dao shoulder the pressure!” 

Like the nether cloudsky dog, he, too, had a cauldron pattern in the center of his eyebrows that extended throughout his body and stretched into his weapon. When the patterns vibrated, his entire body seemed to have turned into the cauldron itself. 

The sword in his hand was already covered in blood. In the presence of blood, the cauldron pattern fluctuated and seemed to have increased the tribulation patterns on the Intoxicant Godsword. It had originally had fourteen tribulation patterns, but seemed to have more than twenty now. Of course, the cauldron pattern wasn’t the same as tribulation patterns. 

Roaring with laughter, Ouyang Jianwang soared into the sky. When he looked around, he realized that the Archaion Sect was doomed. This white wonderland was stained with too much blood. 

His eyes turned red. Their home was destroyed, dyed red by the wanton spilling of blood. 

“You shouldn't have stretched those hands of sin to defile this paradise!” 

Anger boiled in him like a volcano on the verge of eruption. His hand that wielded the sword was already shaking and several corpses had fallen under his feet. With the enduring blessing of the Heaven Cauldron, the Intoxicant Godsword was almost unstoppable. His lifebound beast beside him had also slaughtered numerous third-origin tribulation elders. 

“Ghoul King, he has the help of the Heaven Cauldron. He’s too strong!" 

“Let’s retreat first!” 

With Ouyang Jianwang hunting them, the enemy tribulation elders began panicking. They watched many of their companions being split in half by Ouyang Jianwang, their blood dyeing the cauldron red. 

“Fuck off!” 

Ghoul King Zi Xiao stared wide-eyed, unable to believe that Ouyang Jianwang alone was able to force him into such a disadvantage. 

“I didn’t expect the endowment from the Heaven Cauldron to be this powerful. But the key!” 

Although it was a blow to his pride and self-esteem, Zi Xiao still held his Purplemoon Ascension firmly in his hand and besieged Ouyang Jianwang together with the other third-origin tribulation elders.

Infinite Cloud Ascent! With a wave of his spear, countless purple rays burst forth and enveloped Ouyang Jianwang’s head.

Ghoul King Zi Xiao was just as powerful as Xue Yi. He had three lifebound beasts, each with more than nine hundred and fifty stars in their eyes—gigantic purple eagles with nine heads, known as nine-headed purplesky eagles. 

The eagles were ferocious and cruel, and formed a triangle around Ouyang Jianwang. Lightning intertwined on their nine heads, the purple snakes of electricity flickering. Their identical abilities—the Purplesky Seal—combined to form a net that covered the sky, blasting down on Ouyang Jianwang.

“A nameless nobody like you who relies on the Heaven Cauldron isn't worthy of dominating us!" Zi Xiao sneered. 

Amidst the Purplesky Seal, the spear formed a purple crescent moon that rotated at lightning speed as it fell from the sky. The lifebound beasts of the dead third-origin tribulation elders swarmed around Ouyang Jianwang. 

With his life on the line, Ouyang Jianwang laughed coldly and shot toward Zi Xiao. 

“A nameless nobody?” 

Because of his humble background, because he wasn’t born in one of the three great clans, he had never been respected by these people his entire life.

“Who cares about that? If I kill Ghoul King Zi Xiao, my name will be known far and wide, won’t it?” 

Ouyang Jianwang raised his sword, the black cauldron patterns rippling and resonating with the patterns on his body and condensing within his flesh. 

“My sword is peerless, and the heavens and earth boundless!” 

He completely transformed into black sword ki, countless strands of tribulation sword ki bursting out of his body and gathering in his sword. With the endowment of the black cauldron patterns, the tribulation sword ki became more powerful and fierce. At the final juncture, Ouyang Jianwang drained his jar of wine in one gulp and spewed it onto his sword. 

“Die, you bastards!!” 

Drunken Sword Art! The man wasn’t intoxicated, but the sword was.

Under the bombardment of lightning strikes, both Ouyang Jianwang and his sword danced erratically. Faced with one deadly attack after another, he wandered and swayed, seemingly drunk, but in fact, every step and move of his perfectly evaded those attacks. 

The image of the wobbling sword sank into the heart.


Blood splattered everywhere. There were afterimages of a drunken man staggering through the crowd. Wherever his sword went, a dead body followed. With the cauldron pattern, the tribulation sword ki easily pierced their armor and killed them in one blow. 

“Slaying one man every ten steps gives your mum ecstasy, eh!” The sword danced and the man laughed. Ouyang Jianwang was on cloud nine; he had never experienced anything this thrilling. Corpses were strewn all around him. 

“Who else is there?!” The sword swept across, shattering the purple moon. The malicious third-origin tribulation elders in front of him exploded, their corpses fragmenting; only Zi Xiao was left. Face pale and stubborn, body covered in blood, he stood before Ouyang Jianwang. His nine-headed purplesky eagles, behemoths comparable to the heartscourge fiend and skyscorch bloodfiend, had been bitten to death by the big yellow dog. 

“Zi Xiao, when you reach the gates of hell, make sure to tell your departed brothers and sisters that it was I, Ouyang Jianwang, who slaughtered you!” 

When the sect fell, millions of deaths occurred. Only Xuanyuan Lake remained of the huge sect, but was in its death throes. They were struggling to survive. As the only person guarding Heaven Sacred Mountain, there was only one thing on his mind—kill! 

The sword in his hand illustrated the Drunken Sword Art. With every mouthful of wine he spewed, the wine and blood melted into each other. 

“Archaion Sect, I live and die with you!” 

Even if he was just a lonely hero, he would shine with a brilliance that penetrated the clouds on this battlefield that belonged to him alone. Thousands of strands of tribulation sword ki condensed into one. 


Ouyang Jianwang shot toward Zi Xiao, his sword ki swaying and bending in a disconnected manner. But in an instant, ten thousand swords reintegrated and erupted.

“The Heaven Cauldron is too powerful....”

Ouyang Jianwang’s current state made Zi Xiao’s scalp tingle. He finally admitted he had lost!

“What’re you excited about? I didn’t lose to you!” 

Zi Xiao turned around and fled. As long as he left the range of the Heaven Cauldron, he would be able to pinch Ouyang Jianwang to death, much like crushing an ant. 

“You’re scared!” Ouyang Jianwang laughed. 

One man bolted, while the other pursued. Sweating profusely, Zi Xiao exhausted all his strength in trying to escape, chills crawling up his spine. 

“Too bad!” Ouyang Jianwang’s roar sounded from behind. “You’re too slow!” 

Sword ki tore through the air. The violent tribulation sword ki pierced Zi Xiao’s flesh right before he descended down the mountain and a gaping hole a dozen centimeters wide appeared in his chest. 

Bowing his head, Zi Xiao reached out to cover his wound. How could this be possible?


The Nonahall Ghost Sect was on the verge of victory, yet he himself was killed just one step short of witnessing the reemergence of the specter race. He would have soon become one of the specter race; he had already considered himself one of them and was working for the other side at the expense of his own race. But now, his death was most miserable! Only a step away, yet he had fallen into the abyss. At that moment, tears streamed down his cheeks. 

“I want to be a specter....”

With such yearning, he crashed down Heaven Sacred Mountain, becoming a mass of mangled flesh at the bottom. The man who had thought himself a specter was forever dead. When he fell to his death, all the Nonahall powerhouses and their lifebound beasts on Heaven Sacred Mountain had perished in battle. 

Ouyang Jianwang returned to the top of the cauldron with his sword in hand. Killing Zi Xiao gave him no excitement, only anger and sadness. 

“Dog Brother....”

Stroking the big yellow dog on the head, he looked out at Xuanyuan Lake with fiery eyes. The sect was destroyed. Tears soaked his lapel. 

“Are we going to just wait here?” The dog seemed restless.

“There’s more people on their way here,” said Ouyang Jianwang.


“I heard they want the key.” 

“Who do you think is coming?” 


Ouyang Jianwang felt his eyelids twitch.

He pointed to the sea of clouds ahead, where a gigantic beast was flying toward the Heaven Cauldron. 

“That’s the whirling beast!” 

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