Chapter 892 - Death of the Specter Crown Prince

Within the five-colored star in the realm called the Ninefold Hell, a white-haired youth flew among the misty clouds. Beside him was a blazing phoenix and an onyx cat. He wielded a pair of longswords, one gold and the other black, and both of them were covered in blood, albeit green, blue, and white instead of red.

"There's more there! Let's go!" Ying Huo cried. Tianming immediately flapped his wings and changed direction.

From the direction he was headed before, a wave of black humanoid creatures about three or four meters in height came swarming over. They were all specters. Tianming didn't even dare to let Xian Xian and Lan Huang out to ensure he had the highest possible mobility.

Even though the specters were large, ugly, and fierce, they were incredibly calculating and intelligent, and all too happy to vent their combined hatred of all humanity on Tianming. Ever since he had been discovered, they started coming at him in a suicidal fashion.

"How many have we killed?"

"Around ten thousand, Big Brother," Feiling said in a tired voice.

"If it weren’t for the Greenspark Tower, I would've died a hundred times over!" He gasped coldly at the prank fate was playing on him. Fate was a cruel and callous mistress indeed.

"We're blocked off from above! Head down! Let's pray that none of their elites are on my tail!"

There were definitely even more terrifying beings within the Ninefold Hell. Tianming was forced into low altitude. There were at least a hundred thousand specters behind him, most of them samsarans. Although they didn't have lifebound beasts, they could still cultivate. Even more terrifying was that they had stars within their eyes, a sure sign that they could evolve using manna.

All sorts of abilities began to rain down on him nonstop.

"What's that?" He suddenly noticed a lot of gigantic cocoons scattered all over the ground. A good number of them gave off signs of life, while most others seemed incredibly weak. "Let's give it a try!"

He unleashed the Imperealm Sword Formation and blasted the cocoons apart, causing fresh blood to spill.

"Are they dormant?!" Tianming was shocked. They were indeed non-human and had all sorts of interesting appearances he hadn't seen before. "So it must be some sort of hibernation..."

He stopped thinking too much and went down to slaughter them. The cocooned specters had no way of resisting at all. Wherever his sword ki went, death followed, causing the specters chasing him to go even wilder with rage.

"Kill him!"

"It's a human! A human managed to get in!"

"He might have the secret to leaving this place!"

Tianming was like a fire that set everything ablaze wherever he went. All of a sudden, he felt a fatal premonition. Furrowing his brow, he managed to avoid a white beam. He turned back and saw a specter that made him feel a really bad omen. The specter didn't look too old, and was about Tianming's size. Oddly, he looked far more human than specter. He was entirely pale white, including his hair and eyes, and looked almost sickly. Though, despite his human-like appearance, the aura he gave off was demonic, to say the least. He was definitely an elite specter.

"Crown Prince!" All the specters immediately knelt.

"He's a human!"

"Surround him," said the pale-white man.

"Crown prince, eh?" Tianming narrowed his eyes as he observed him. No matter how the specter society was organized, anyone that could bear that title was definitely of a supreme bloodline. Despite his youthful appearance, his aura was a sure sign of the threat he posed.

Tianming narrowed his eyes. "It'll take some time for me to unravel the formation and leave. I'll only stand a chance if I take him hostage first!"

The moment he had that thought, he charged straight in for the kill.

"Move aside. I'll take him down!" the prince said. He grasped in the air and a white, bony warblade appeared in his hand. It had fifteen tribulation patterns. Without another word, his blade clashed with Tianming's Animacorpus Eradication. An ear-piercing clang rang out as sparks flew.

"How powerful! It isn't just tribulation force, but his physical body too!" Even though Tianming's Ancient Deepstar Godbody was powerful, it couldn't compare to the prince's.

"Hmm, you don't look that old, yet you're so powerful...." The crown prince seemed just as impressed. "Gang up on him!"

The fellow was quite smart and immediately decided not to fight alone. "This human's trying to take me hostage."

He was immediately able to figure out Tianming's intentions. However, that didn't mean he could do anything about it. There was only one chance!

"Go!" Tianming, Meow Meow, and Ying Huo locked their gazes locked on the prince. "Make way!"

Ying Huo's flames and Meow Meow's lightning spread out immediately as Tianming donned the Dragonhide and flapped his Celestial Wings. Then, he used the Soulshaker Eye! Now that he had absorbed the Archaionfiend Eye, the ability had improved at least ten times in power.

The next instant, the crown prince bled from both eyes. Tianming used the Ninesky Beastsoul Formation. The transcendent sword formation came striking with full force. The specter prince coldly watched it unfold. Knowing that he couldn't escape, he immediately counterattacked.

Thousands of specters launched their abilities at Tianming. Tianming relied on Dragonhide to weather the damage and break out of the encirclement, then finally reached the crown prince, battered, bleeding, and charred all over.

"He's still alive despite all that?!" The prince was genuinely shocked.

Their blades crossed, once more sending an ear-piercing clash reverberating throughout. The bone warblade shattered, but that was just Tianming's first strike. He followed up with a second strike, the power of the sword formation instantly boring nine holes in the prince's body and dying his pale figure red.

"Ughhh..." groaned the prince. Before he could react, Tianming held one of his swords to the crown prince’s neck and pointed the other at the rest. Ying Huo and Meow Meow were badly injured, having taken most of the abilities the other specters launched, and returned to the lifebound space.

"Stop now or your crown prince's head will roll!" Tianming spat out a mouthful of blood and glared at all the rest, who immediately stopped.

"Let the crown prince go!"

"Get out of my way!" Tianming charged upward with his sword pointing up. Initially, nobody wanted to give way, so he cut off the prince's left arm, causing him to cry out in agony and order the rest to leave.

Being in the Ninefold Hell was no joke. If Tianming didn't play his cards carefully, he would be dead for sure. Covered in blood of varying colors, he looked like a god of war as he dragged the crown prince along.

"Human, are you going to take me out of here?" The prince smiled coldly.

"Oh, you bet." Tianming returned the smile in kind and immediately began using his left arm to unravel the formation when he reached the borderline. Hundreds of thousands of specters were all gathered behind him, cursing and threatening him nonstop. However, the moment they dared to approach, Tianming would cut off the prince's head. He wasn't messing around, and his enemies weren't either. Finally, he tore an opening large enough for him to squeeze into.

The specters must think that just because I can leave from here, they'll be able to as well. Little do they know that openings made by my Plundering Arm close back up automatically! Tianming wasn't breaking the door and leaving, he was using a key to unlock it instead. Since the door was left intact, it could be shut again!

As he squeezed through the formation, the specter prince looked at the opening with a fervent gaze. This was the dream they had held for more than two hundred millennia, and it was happening right before his eyes!

"Do you want to leave?" Tianming asked.

"I do! I do!" the prince answered zealously.

"Alright, I'll take you out of here!"

Tianming swung his sword and took the prince’s head, then threw the headless corpse back to the crowd. The crown prince died right there with his eyes wide open.

"Wonderful. Keep your eyes open just like that as you witness the outside world!" Tianming turned and left, leaving an explosive commotion behind him.

"The crown prince is dead!"

"Why is the overlord not here yet?!"

"He's awakening the others...."

"Oh no, the soulpearl is in the crown prince's eyes! That human took it away!"


That instant, their expressions changed completely.


An army of five million troops from Nonahall stepped into Pentaphase's territory at the border between their divine realms.

"Brothers, the tribulation elders are attacking Taiji Peak Lake! It's our turn to make it big!"

"Apart from Monorigin, Pentaphase, Triflair, and Octagram have no imperial sons to fight us back, right?"

"Hahaha, the elites of their sects have all gone to help Taiji Peak Lake!"

"Our other brothers have gone to the other two divine realms!"

"Everyone, remember: the ghoul king ordered us to kill only beastmasters! Leave the lifebound beasts alive!"



In front of the Nine Dragon Formation at Taiji Peak Lake stood a man dressed in gold. He glared at the battle in front of him with his three golden eyes, and there was a glowing trident stabbed into the ground beside him. He watched as Jian Wuyi, Jian Wufeng, and Jian Qingyuan charged toward him with swords raised.

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