Chapter 85 - Thirty-Six Heavenly Spirits Strikes

Differences in level or talent meant nothing to Li Tianming when compared to Ling’er’s request. Li Tianming burned with a fighting spirit as his eyes instantly locked onto Wei Qingyi. “I accept your challenge, so you better get ready for a bad time.”

Of course, that only elicited more jeers from the crowd.

“Big brother, I’ll help you.” Jiang Feiling stood firmly beside Li Tianming, and she too, was looking fiercely at Wei Qingyi.

With Jiang Feiling helping, Li Tianming was confident about winning. That being said, he too wanted to see what they could pull off when they fought as one. Jiang Feiling had ten different abilities sealed in her ten fingernails, and Spiritual Attachment was just one of them.

“Bold, aren't you?” Wei Qingyi had expected Li Tianming to run in shame, and if he did, he would have been unable to show off in front of Princess Ling. But since Li Tianming had accepted his challenge... he could barely hide his laughter. With that, their fight was now a legal duel and he wouldn’t have to be responsible for whatever happened next.

“Your chance's here. I'll help you deal with Princess Ling, she’s just fooled by that hooligan. You just make sure you make that guy beg for mercy at your feet.”

“Sis Xuan, just watch. I'll defeat him in three moves!” Wei Qingyi declared, raising cheers and applause from the crowd.

Without another word, Wei Qingyi jumped off the stairs and dashed towards Li Tianming. He was holding his grade four beastial weapon, a golden spear. The spear wasn’t straight like most spears,  twisting and curving like a wyvern instead. That didn’t undermine the weapon’s power at all, however — it was still one of the best grade four weapons available.

Its name was the Golden Wyvern Spear!

Given Wei Qingyi’s family background, he could probably get hold of a grade five weapon. But beastial weapons required mastery from their users, and without enough skill the weapon wouldn’t perform to its fullest potential.

For now, the Golden Wyvern Spear suited Wei Qingyi more than any other weapon, given that he had been using it for three years. It could even be stronger than some grade five weapons that other people held.

Wei Qingyi did not plan to summon his lifebound beast. Usually, for challenges like this, the disciples would not involve their beasts. Many a time, one-on-one fights between sanctum disciples would be much more straightforward. That being said, a fight together with their lifebound beasts would be a more all-rounded display of their true potential.

“Die!” Sparks flew out of Wei Qingyi’s eyes as he charged towards Li Tianming like a snake. The Golden Wyvern Spear was like his fang, aiming for Li Tianming’s body with a golden flash.

It was his signature Thirty-Six Heavenly Spirits Strikes, an intermediate source-ranked battle art. The move involved a continuous assault of jabs against opponents, suppressing them with powerful strikes that could easily poke holes in their bodies.

Li Tianming drew the Blazing Dragon Chainblade from his sleeves. Against the young master of Wei Manor and the son of Wei Zikun, he would not hold back. Normally speaking, he wouldn’t stand a chance against Wei Qingyi, even with a grade five weapon. But now that he had Jiang Feiling by his side, things were a lot different. He was used to battling alongside lifebound beasts, but this was the first time he fought together with Jiang Feiling. It was a very novel feeling. For example, even with Wei Qingyi charging towards them, Jiang Feiling was still relaxed. Her fingers snapped a moment later, and Li Tianming felt an indescribable storm form around them, which widened instantly to envelop both combatants.

“What’s going on?” Li Tianming didn’t think it was just an illusion. Wei Qingyi’s speed had fallen drastically, making each jab unnaturally slow.

“Big brother, this is the power of the Temporal Field,” Jiang Feiling explained.

After a moment, Li Tianming recalled that she had mentioned this ability to him before. This ability seemed even more incredible compared to her Spiritual Attachment and Celestial Wings. It was capable of controlling the flow of time, even though the region was quite limited and the extent of change wasn’t all that much. Nonetheless, it was something that constrained only his opponents, and that tiny difference was capable of changing the flow of battle.

Wei Qingyi was frowning. Li Tianming had already dodged three consecutive strikes, and it was as if the golden spear he held could not touch Li Tianming. His speed had slowed, and he couldn’t understand why.

He had no time to figure out the reason, because Jiang Feiling had already turned into sparkles a moment later, attaching herself onto Li Tianming. Immediately, a crystalline glow had enveloped Li Tianming’s body, as if he was a god that had just descended from the heavens!

The attachment this time was even more perfect than the previous time. Strength flowed through his body, and both his physical power and his beast ki surged out endlessly. This was what having unlimited might surely felt like! It felt so good, Li Tianming involuntarily let out a soft moan as the power coursed through his body.

The little chick chortled. “Pfffft, did you know what that sounded like? That sounded like Ling’er just molested you.”

“Oh, shut up.” Li Tianming flushed, annoyed that he had accidentally made such a mistake. He could even hear Jiang Feiling laughing inside his body at Ying Huo’s joke.

“Oh Ling’er, you might want to check Li Tianming’s body and his size. If it’s not good enough, you can still ditch him.”

If Li Tianming had a choice, the first thing he would do would be to slaughter that damned chicken. Because of it, both him and Ling’er couldn’t even focus on Wei Qingyi, what with their hearts pumping nervously and all that.

Although truth be told, she too felt weird whenever she attached to Li Tianming, only to flow through every corner of his body. That was only possible with a perfect attachment, meaning that Li Tianming was the only one who had received this kind of treatment. For other people she attached to, she would only focus on areas such as their arms or legs.

But this wasn’t the time for the two to be embarrassed, as Wei Qingyi had charged up again, with yet another explosive set of his Thirty-Six Heavenly Spirits Strikes.


Each jab was swift and violent, accompanied by a golden flash. The Temporal Field field only served to slow his movement speed and attack speed slightly, which meant that he wasn’t any less dangerous.

That said, Li Tianming had already identified Wei Qingyi as a good way to vent out his frustration and embarrassment. He was getting too conscious about the girl attached to his body, and he desperately needed a good fight to distract him from that. Without hesitation, Li Tianming flung out his Blazing Dragon Chainblade!

“That’s the Blazing Dragon Chainblade! Where did he get that from!”

Many people recognised the well-known weapon, but none of them could figure out how it landed in Li Tianming’s possession.

A blazing dragon soared outwards as Li Tianming whipped his chainblade at his opponent. Enveloped in Draconic Blaze, the chainblade lashed at the Golden Wyvern Spear. As the chainblade and the spear clashed with each other, Li Tianming unleashed the full power of his Nine Flying Bolts, and it was also the best that he had pulled off so far. The sharp screeching sounds of metal clashing made many viewers frown. They realised that this was not the one-sided bullying they had expected to see, and Li Tianming being crushed by Wei Qingyi was not necessarily the result they would be seeing!

Through this battle, Li Tianming had a better idea on the effects that the Temporal Field might cause. Wei Qingyi was forced to fight at a pace he was unfamiliar with, resulting in flaws in his movements. While these loopholes might not be an issue if he had as much an advantage over Li Tianming as he had thought, they would decide the course of battle if they were at the same level.

Metallic shrieks rang in rapid succession as they continued to strike at each other.

“Try running from this!” The Blazing Dragon Chainblade tangled itself onto the Golden Wyvern Spear, obstructing its movements. Under Li Tianming's manipulations, the Blazing Dragon Fang slid towards Wei Qingyi’s throat!

The Blazing Dragon Fang was mounted at the tip of the chainblade, making it impossible to dodge at such close proximity. Faced with incoming danger, Wei Qingyi released his spear to save his life. Since the battle had begun, Wei Qingyi’s mind had been hazy when he realised that Li Tianming’s strength was on par with his. It was an embarrassment to let go of his weapon in the middle of a battle, but he had no time to be ashamed by that. His mind was already a mess; letting go of his spear was just a natural instinct for him to stay alive.

But how would he expect that with a swing, Li Tianming had flung his Golden Wyvern Spear into the air!

“Wei Qingyi, where are you looking?” The next moment, Li Tianming’s black arm slammed loudly into Wei Qingyi’s belly!

“AHHH!” Wei Qingyi screamed as he flew backwards, smashing into Wei Lingxuan, who was right behind him. The two landed onto the ground a moment later in a messy pile.

With a deafening shriek, the Golden Wyvern Spear landed from the sky and planted itself into the ground between Wei Qingyi’s legs, just a centimetre away from his crotch!

“FUCK!” Wei Qingyi couldn’t hold himself back, and a dark stain appeared in the crotch area of his clothes.

Silence fell as the audience witnessed this amazing, stunning spectacle.

On the other side, Li Tianming had kept his weapon, and the fairy-like girl reappeared beside him. Her face was slightly red as she stood beside Li Tianming. Her head lowered, she played with the corner of her skirt. Li Tianming looked at her and grinned. That was honestly the best feeling he could ever imagine, and he loved the way their hearts beat together. With her attached to him, they had no secrets between them, and everything felt wonderful and pure.

“Damn, you wet yourself?” Li Tianming broke into chuckles when he glanced at Wei Qingyi. As for the little chick, it was already rolling on the floor, laughing madly. Their laughter was piercing to the ears.

Even Jiang Feiling let slip a brief giggle. She did eventually stifle her laughter, feigning a set of coughs to suppress her urge to laugh.

Other than the three of them, no one else was laughing. They were all supporting Wei Qingyi, and now that he had been defeated and even wet his own pants, they had no idea how to react. Wei Lingxuan was the first to climb up. She probably did not realise that her dress was soaked in a certain liquid.

“LI TIANMING!!” She was fuming with rage. Unlike Wei Qingyi, she was from the direct line of descent in the Wei family tree, the little princess of the entire clan. She was no different from a princess from the royal family, with the only difference being that the royal family had multiple princesses while the Wei family only had one.

Her reddened eyes were locked onto Li Tianming, who was still laughing. Noticing that, Li Tianming stopped his laughter and glared back at her with equal intensity.

“Tell me, Wei Lingxuan. Are you stunned now?” Li Tianming curved his lips.

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