Chapter 844 - Everyone Is A Sovereign

In truth, many had already fled north of Tianming City when Nonahall had begun their invasion. Those who remained had a deep love for their land and were willing to live and die with the city.

In this battle, the enemy would come with overwhelming firepower, so as to gain momentum. The citizens could only hope to hold on and, failing that, give the enemy nasty casualties. Under those expectations, the defenders had ended up nearly unhurt, while the invaders hadn’t even touched the city before losing half their troops.

“All the corpse puppets are gone!”

“We cost them at least four hundred thousand troops!”

When the reports spread through the city, everyone was delighted and nearly went crazy.

“Maybe the losses are considered minor for the alliance, but we barely lost any in the process!”

When this news spread throughout Archaion, they would definitely be filled with hope and confidence.

“How did we do it?”

“It seems the imperial son took control of the corpse puppets from the ghoul king. Then, we lured the enemy deep in. We all worked together to use the formation to counterattack.”

“It’s the imperial son again! I think he’s the reincarnation of the Progenitor. We can’t lose!”

“Yes, he’s a real god!”

Many people looked at the white-haired youth on the wall with passionate gazes. Tianming jumped with fright. When he looked at them with his Sovereign’s Eyes, he could see that practically everyone was emanating a white mist only he could see.

“Is karmic merit and the will of the masses really so great?” Tianming had to admit that it was a terrifying concept to be able to bear all this and make himself stronger using it. “Doing the right thing is the duty of everyone. With this, I can become much stronger before the battle!”

That was the rule of the heavenly dao. From now on, who would dare disregard the masses? Eighty percent of the formation’s power came from them!

“They used the formation to attack the enemy, and their will to make me stronger. I cannot lose while they think of me as a god!”

Tianming didn’t feel arrogant at all. While these people were all thankful to him, he was also thankful to all of them, because who he was today was all thanks to them.

“Maybe everyone is a sovereign, and I’m just the incarnation of their will.” Tianming didn’t overestimate himself and think of himself as a real god.

Every person in the city was a living, breathing person. They were all together with their families, hugging each other tightly. Whether they were an old person, an adult, married woman, child or even a baby, they were all currently providing power to the formation.

Tianming examined their Omnisentient Will. The Omnisentient Will of the children was especially pure and strong.

The children asked their parents, “Dad, mom, is that big brother really a god?”

“I want to be that kind of god when I grow up, too!”

Tianming heard all of it and gave a smile.

“Why is it said that god is always watching you? That’s because everyone is a part of god. A true god is a people, and the culmination of their traditions and will.” Tianming wasn’t aware that many of his thoughts had already exceeded the scope of the continent.

“Thanks all of you.…” Tianming spread his arms and absorbed all of that will, while promising himself to protect them.

“If the city falls, it will only do so after I’m dead!”


In the center of Nonahall’s army, a woman in grey clothes was standing on top of the necrofiend flaredragon’s head. She had a seductive figure, and her face was covered by a black veil. Her grey eyes looked at Tianming City, and the formation above it that was sparkling with numerous stars.

Her eyes were filled with confusion.

Everyone knew how violent her personality was, so no one dared to speak up. Her mission had been to cleanse the city with blood. It definitely wasn’t to leave them almost unharmed, along with losing her corpse puppets and much of the army.

“How?” Ghoul King Si Ling wracked her brain, but she just couldn’t understand.

“I lost control of my children,” came a voice from her lifebound space.

“How? What happened?”

“I don’t know….”

The corpse puppets were her trump card, and her biggest value to Nonahall. Now, they were gone.

“Ghoul King, do we continue to attack?” her vice general asked.

“Get lost!”

Even though those she had brought were elites, they would only be sent to their death if they attacked.

“Sect Master Feng, why not show yourself since you’ve arrived?” Ghoul King Si Ling said to the empty space behind her.

“I was just a bit late, and you sent two hundred thousand of my men to their death?”

“It wasn’t me. In the original plan, you all wouldn’t even be needed to bring the city down.” She grit her teeth. “Do you know what happened to my puppets?”

“Maybe it was karma for using such a technique? True powerhouses shouldn’t need the dead,” Feng Qingyu said mockingly.

“Sect Master Feng really is good at cracking jokes.”

“It wasn’t a joke, I really do dislike your methods. It’s good that this happened. Now, the enemy is united and we need reinforcements,” Feng Qingyu said.

“We’ll pay a price to take the city without puppets. Will Hexapath step forward?” Ghoul King Si Ling sneered.

“No need. Just get the reinforcements.”

Feng Qingyu headed in the direction of the city.

“You’re planning to?”

“Just go for the leaders. I’ll kill Xuanyuan Xie and Su Wanfeng. I heard Yi Xingyin is here too. Once those three die, the city will quickly follow. When I bring out their heads, I hope your reinforcements will be there.”

“Smart. I’ll wait for your good news. As for reinforcements, we’re currently attacking five cities. The other four will soon fall, and we can redeploy at least three million soldiers here!”

“Good!” With a cold smile, Feng Qingyu’s body flickered as he entered the formation!


Xuanyuan Xie was making preparations for the next battle.

When the people in the city saw that the enemy had retreated a distance away, they relaxed.

Suddenly, a streak of green light entered the formation.

“The Hexapath Swordfiend!” Xuanyuan Xie’s expression changed. It was very obvious what Feng Qingyu’s goal was, coming in as he had when everyone was relaxed.

“Me, Wanfeng, maybe Old Yi are his targets.” However, Xuanyuan Xie quickly recovered. “Adjust the formation to target him only!”

The citizens had only rested for a short while. However, when they heard that a powerhouse had charged into the battlefield, they immediately threw themselves back into the war effort.

Outside the formation, Ghoul King Si Ling saw the changes within the city.

“Ghoul King, should we take this chance to invade?” her vice general asked.

“No, we have too few people. It’s too risky. Even if we do win, we won’t be able to stop them from escaping. Anyway…” her mouth twisted into a sneer, “he looks down on my methods? Fine, let’s see what he’s made of.”

“True. If he did this when the corpse puppets were around, that’d be fine. But now? That’s just too arrogant. Ghoul King, will we act against Hexapath and Biritual next time?” the vice general sneered.

“You’re a smart person. Don’t ask too many questions,” Ghoul King Si Ling said.

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