Chapter 796 - Ask The Continent Who Shall Rule

“I tire of this. You’re merely an annoying brat in the end. Let me send you to the afterlife.”

Ye Bodhi unleashed his second strike, Heart’s Mirror. This strike was even more miraculous than the first. While it wasn’t equal to the Hexapath Samsara Sword Art, the fierceness of his Saintking Bodhi Body was still enough to oppress Tianming once again.

It was simply too difficult for Ying Huo to do any substantial damage in this situation. Ye Bodhi’s body also had the Sanguine Ferocity that negated much of Ying Huo’s flames.

At this moment, a constant stream of thoughts were running through Tianming’s mind. Murder, living things, souls, nightmares, punishment….

Tianming had used numerous sinners to train his Ninesky Beastsoul Formation, but he hadn’t yet found success.

It was simply too complicated! He knew all the ins and outs of it by now. However, he couldn’t create the humongous formation; it always collapsed before it fully formed.

However, in this crucial moment of being stimulated by killing intent, Tianming had many new ideas. “If I can’t form the swords, perhaps it’s because the heart is lacking. What is the heart? It’s a person’s desire. Desire to live, desire to protect, desire to love! And now, my desire is to kill him!”

This kind of desire was even stronger than hunger. It allowed Tianming to forget he was even being suppressed. The setback caused by Ye Bodhi’s Saintking Bodhi Body instead allowed Tianming to ignite all of his fury into towering killing intent.

“I will succeed this time around!” If Tianming closed his eyes, he would see nothing. But if he opened them, he would see Ye Bodhi’s grin, as well as all the wailing souls around him.

“Kill him! Kill him!”

“Li Tianming, we want you to kill him!”

“Vengeance! Vengeance!”

They may have been dead, but their hatred remained very much alive. These voices weren’t just the cries of the dead, but also the desire of the world itself.

“The death penalty for heartless experts!” There was no need to overthink things. The world itself was ordering it, and the victims that had lost their hearts were demanding it.

This wasn’t murder, but helping the dead move on.

In this moment, Tianming ascended to a path toward the heavenly dao surrounded by the cries of millions of aggrieved ghosts.

The long-held wishes of these millions were enough to push him up! Tianming knew it wasn’t him who wanted to kill Ye Bodhi, but that the world itself didn’t approve of his behavior.

Tianming felt a force bring him back to his feet. He had realized something. If there really was some omnipotent existence up there, it wouldn’t be an invisible god, but rather the highest laws of the world.

And today, he had become a living incarnation of those laws.

Tianming was like a true god right now, with the support of millions. He wasn’t sure whether this might was the Primordial God-Emperor’s or the heavenly dao’s. All that he knew was that this state was rarely seen. He was a god chosen by heaven itself!

Tianming felt his mind undergo earth-shattering changes, and all of the profundities of the Ninesky Beastsoul Formation immediately became as clear as day.

“Beast of the nine skies, heed my summons! Channel your heavenly might where my sword beckons!”

Tianming’s Dragonhide wrapped around his body. Despite the lack of wind, his hair began fluttering, and the various tribulation artifacts lifted into the air. Among them, over ten thousand swords appeared behind Tianming’s back.

Emanating an executioner’s aura, he used the Grand-Orient Sword to manipulate them; it wasn’t his current strength controlling all these swords.

With a swing of the sword, the taotie, qiongqi, skyhound, torch dragon, flying serpent, guiche, taowu, suanni, and zheng—nine fierce beasts in total—manifested.

They were all formed from sword ki. They came, snarling and roaring. Taking up nine separate positions, they formed the core of a formation. Even Long Yichen and the rest outside could see the formation’s energy filling up the whole area.

The six-eared divine ape and myriad-sword fiend eagle were quickly suppressed by beastsouls formed of sword ki.

Then, the formation exploded with raw power.

Tianming’s first slash unleashed four beastsouls, sending them rushing toward Ye Bodhi. His second attack was a sword of death, containing five beastsouls within.

Ye Bodhi froze. How could some defeated lowlife suddenly erupt with such power?

In this life, he was fated never to understand.

In the entire continent, none would be found who could understand that karma and the heavenly dao truly existed.

“Li Tianming, I’ll let you enjoy a certain attack of mine and end this farce!” Perhaps Ye Bodhi believed this attack of Tianming’s was fated to be routed by him like all the rest before.

His third fist, Blissful World!

Ye Bodhi struck out with a heavy blow, his entire body emanating a majestic and unshakable aura. Backed by the power of his Saintking Bodhi Body, it was almost like his fist had the ability to create a new world.

“Begone!” Ye Bodhi’s voice boomed.

White hair fluttering, Tianming’s fiery gaze met his.

“Die!” The formation’s power gathered, backing a sword thrust.

The shocking boom created by their collision was like millions of rampaging beasts as the golden Grand-Orient Sword met Ye Bodhi’s fist.

Then, the sword ripped apart his glove. It proceeded to dig into his hand, then continued through his arm, entirely disintegrating it.

Ye Bodhi looked at his missing arm in disbelief.

Then Tianming’s second strike arrived. It was even fiercer than the one before it, and was aimed at Ye Bodhi’s mouth.

Sanguine Ferocity shifted to protect its owner. However, it couldn’t stand up to the attack and the top-grade tribulation artifact with over ten thousand years of history shattered apart.

Ye Bodhi was sent flying away, a bloody mess. “Sanguine Ferocity?” Ye Bodhi frowned. How could someone’s strength have changed so much?

The current Tianming was truly like a god, and finally made Ye Bodhi feel fear.

However, it was to be his last emotion.

The formation was still running, and this time it gathered the ten thousand swords and launched them at Ye Bodhi.

The first sword to strike Ye Bodhi’s heart shattered on impact. However, he had no time to be smug as a second followed, then a third, fourth, fifth....

It wasn’t Tianming’s doing, but all the ghosts on Ye Bodhi that were attracting the swords. This was their personal vengeance.

Finally, the Saintking Bodhi Body failed and Ye Bodhi cried out miserably. He attempted to use his hand to defend, only for that to be pierced through as well.

Finally, the thousandth sword buried itself in its heart. Ye Bodhi screamed as his body continued to be pierced full of holes.

“Li Tian….” In his final moments, he looked at Tianming, fear finally in his eyes. However, he would never have the chance to finish his last words.

Ye Bodhi had perished.

The tribulation artifact swords ripped Ye Bodhi’s body apart, removing him from existence.

At this moment, Tianming felt an endless amount of merit bestowed on him, allowing his heavenly will to grow.

Tianming pointed his sword skyward, and declared, “Kill them all!”

Ying Huo and the rest, who had been stifled all this time, immediately made a comeback with the support of Tianming’s formation and Ye Bodhi’s beasts were immediately ripped to shreds.

Tianming was aware that his power this time defied common sense and wouldn’t happen again in the near future. Regardless, he had still gained the experience of being a god.

With the matter done, Tianming silently began storing all of the tribulation artifacts.

This scene was impossible to forget.

When he exited the vortex, all the surviving elders outside immediately fled in terror.

Only Long Yichen knelt before him, his body quaking.

Tianming used his sword to force Long Yichen’s chin up.

“So, who were you saying was the future ruler of the continent?”

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