Chapter 759 - Dreamheart World

Tianming gave Xuanyuan Dao information on Lin Xiaoxiao's appearance, cultivation realm, and anything of importance, hoping to use the sect’s intelligence organization to search the realm for her whereabouts. Tianming didn't say who she was, and Xuanyuan Dao didn't ask either.

He had also spoken to Feiling about the situation. In the beginning, there was no way he could approach Feiling, so he had kept it to himself.

"Xiaoxiao?” Feiling seemed to recall the young woman.

Tianming then explained about the Archaionfiend. Feiling agreed with him that the Archaionfiend must be found as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would eventually cause catastrophic consequences.

"Why do you still believe her? After all, she’s a member of the Lighting Manor and deeply hates you,” said Feiling.

"I'm just a little shocked. I always believed I was good at reading hearts, but I learned my lesson this time. I guess it’s impossible to read a person’s mind. She really wants to kill me...." Tianming shook his head.

"Don't blame yourself. Perhaps she’s just good at hiding her thoughts,” said Feiling.

"Tianming isn’t the only one. None of us saw it coming. She’s usually very decent, but likes to hurt herself during critical moments. She certainly deceived us all,” added Ying Huo.

Upon further contemplation, Feiling said, "Is it possible she’s being controlled by the Archaionfiend because of all the time they spend together, and that’s how she deceived us? Perhaps she’s long lost herself and become a puppet.” 

"It’s possible.” Tianming nodded. "Anyway, we must find her. I asked Sect Master Xuanyuan for help. The Archaionfiend has its own method of escape. Even if I managed to see through it, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. I only hope this method has its drawbacks.”

"That's all we can do.” Feiling nodded.

The five divine realms were already a huge cause of anxiety, but now they had yet another matter to worry about. 

"It isn’t easy here. There’s all kinds of people,” said Tianming.

Who would have thought they had another crisis lurking nearby?

"We must get the Archaionfiend Eye as soon as possible. There may be a way to restrain the Archaionfiend,” said Feiling.

"Yes. Without the Archaionfiend by my side, I should feel more at ease allowing Archfiend to assimilate the eye. Has there been any movement from the five divine realms?” Tianming asked.


“And Palace Lord Yi Xingyin has yet to return from the Kilostar Domain?”

"Yes, he’s been away for a while. He’ll probably be back soon,” said Feiling.

Now that the four major sects were united and Feiling had personally stepped in, Xuanyuan Dao and the others would inform her about everything, perhaps even allowing her to make decisions.

To avoid disastrous consequences, she had recently been looking into information regarding the Nine Divine Realms so she could play her part well.

"Thanks for all the hard work, Ling'er.” Tianming caressed her long hair.

"It's not difficult at all. I’d like to do what I can for our future. I don't want you to shoulder everything alone.” She smiled.

"Alright. I’ll head to the Fiend Palace.” 


The Flameyellow Continent is a vast expanse of land, seemingly endless. The front was the human world, while the back was the Abyssal Battlefield.

Above the continent, one could fly into the clouds toward the starry sky. The higher one’s cultivation, the higher one could go. Only those in the second half of the Samsara stage could access the real cosmic aether. However, that was only the bottom layer.

Apparently, the supreme cosmic aether was what they often called the "sky.” Rumor had it that only gods could tread across the sky, fly above the clouds, and reach the cosmic aether.

Cultivators occasionally appeared at the bottom layer. Standing at the bottom layer of the cosmic aether and looking out at the distant firmament, one could behold a sea of stars, a far more spectacular sight than the view from the Flameyellow Continent. Look up and one could see a dazzling sea of stars that shimmered like the brightest lights. All kinds of stars twinkled above the continent—a never-ending brilliance. It almost seemed like the Flameyellow Continent was the center of the world.

Yi Xingyin had witnessed the majesty of the stars countless times. He was born in the noble Xing clan of the Archaion Divine Realm, a clan that had long since fallen. Despite that, the clan’s study of astral heavenly patterns and pursuit of the starry sky had been passed on to him. He had many achievements, including the Deepstar Formation and part of the Kilostar Formation.

Behind the Kilostar Formation was the Flameyellow Continent’s most acclaimed Kilostar Domain. The Kilostar Domain had existed for a long time, and there were countless legends recorded about it in ancient books. It could even be traced back to the era when the Netherworld Clan ruled the Flameyellow Continent two hundred thousand years ago. However, no one had actually opened it for so many years.

Over the last ten years, five ultimate tribulation manna suddenly appeared at the entrance of the Kilostar Domain, attracting the attention of the Nine Divine Realms. For a time, there was a seething undercurrent.

Within the Flameyellow Continent, numerous legions began to stir. A war was on the verge of breaking; the entire continent was already steeped in tension. However, on the inside of the Kilostar Domain, everything seemed peaceful and there wasn’t a single person in sight. This was completely beyond Yi Xingyin's expectations.

To be on the safe side, he instructed several Deepstar Hall disciples to set up numerous alarms along the route leading to the Kilostar Domain. Meanwhile, he approached the Kilostar Formation alone.

"I originally assumed there would be all sorts of ambushes, so escaping alone would be most convenient. I never imagined it would be so deserted.” 

In locations like the bottom cosmic aether, one could actually tell at a glance whether or not there were people around, unless someone hid within a concealed heavenly pattern formation. Therefore, Yi Xingyin was very cautious.

He was perhaps the best tribulation patternscribe of the Archaion Divine Realm, a celebrated expert in this area. He could find any heavenly pattern formation after investigating.

As soon as he arrived, he acted carefully, immediately investigating the scene. Before that, he glanced at the vast Kilostar Domain in front of him. The Kilostar Formation was a dense fog that blocked his vision. But even so, he still saw a thousand shining stars beyond the fog.

The stars were enormous, scattered throughout the starry sky. Every star was sealed within a dazzling layer. There was only one entrance with a door. 

This was the Kilostar Domain.

Every star resembled a small world waiting to be explored. But no one knew whether the small worlds were mortal worlds or nightmarish hells.

"The Kilostar Domain is the dream of our entire clan.” 

Yi Xingyin's eyes were filled with stars. He began sweeping the area, with the Kilostar Formation as his center.

"Is there really no one?” 

Yi Xingyin was surprised. The situation was completely different from what he had thought it would be.

"That’s impossible. This place is so important to the Nonahall Ghost Sect. Would they just give it up?” 

There was no ambush waiting for him and the Deepstar Hall disciples were already stationed outside. That meant there was no one near the Kilostar Domain. If someone approached, they would immediately know.

"Strange. If I’d brought Tianming along, I would’ve been able to take away the ultimate tribulation manna, as well as open the Kilostar Domain.” 

Yi Xingyin hovered in the starry sky, his gaze flickering. His expression suddenly altered drastically.

"Dreamheart World!”

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