Chapter 750 - The Fundamental Principles

In fact, there was no need for Tianming to actually pick it up. The formation heart drifted toward him and hovered in front of his chest. The Number One Formation was jointly created by the Nine Divine Realms for the Number One Summit and had been used for many years. The structure of the formation was completely fair and just. After the final check, it was activated and operated autonomously.

As the ultimate victor, Tianming would be rewarded the formation heart that was previously placed within the Number One Battlefield. A luminescence made of heavenly patterns hovered above Tianming.

As soon as he stretched out his hand, the formation heart melted in his palm, merging with his flesh and blood. Finally, a star was formed on his palm.

"According to the rules of the Number One Summit, once you obtain the formation heart, no one can take it from you, even if they kill you. If you die, it’ll disintegrate on its own. Only when you use it to open the Kilostar Formation will it automatically disappear.” Yi Xingyin, Palace Lord of the Deepstar Hall stood beside Tianming, looking excited. Even the way he looked at him was different. In the past, Tianming was just a junior to him. But now, he was a half-god.

"What’s the Kilostar Formation?” Tianming asked.

"It’s a formation jointly created by the Nine Divine Realms. I, too, participated at the time. The whole purpose was to add a lock to the ultimate tribulation manna in the Kilostar Domain, so that only those who have the key can unlock it. You have the key now,” said Yi Xingyin.

"I see!” Tianming nodded.

"The decision to set the ultimate tribulation manna as reward for the victor of the Number One Summit was driven by the Nonahall Ghost Sect. They were also the ones who proposed setting up the Kilostar Formation to lock away the ultimate tribulation manna. They were certain of winning the five ultimate tribulation manna and never expected you’d show up, kill them all, and take away the treasures. Tianming, you’re the only one who can open the Kilostar Formation. If someone else destroys it using external forces, it’ll automatically destroy the five ultimate tribulation manna. The entire Nonahall Divine Realm must be furious!” Yi Xingyin smiled happily.

Obviously, the Nonahall Ghost Sect considered the ultimate tribulation manna in the bag, believing their disciples were strong enough. On top of that, they had numerous arrangements in order to obtain these treasures. They had even given their disciples the liferot toxin and Sanguine Ferocity. Yet, their plans had been ruined by Tianming.

"What if they deliberately tamper with the Kilostar Formation and destroy the ultimate tribulation manna out of rage?” Tianming asked.

"They won't,” Ouyang Jianwang sneered.

"Why not?” 

"First of all, the Number One Summit has been held for tens of thousands of years. Fairness and impartiality are its hallmarks. Despicable behavior like sabotaging the prize would only make them a laughingstock once people learn about it.” Ouyang Jianwang said.

"So is there a second point?” Tianming asked.

"Yes, the second point is: the ultimate tribulation manna exists at the entrance of the Kilostar Domain. At present, we have intelligence that suggests that the Kilostar Domain contains many treasures from the cosmic aether. There were also rumors that the Kilostar Domain is actually the cosmic aether’s battlefield. Anyway, there are all sorts of rumors and many records in ancient books. They say that these five ultimate tribulation manna are perhaps the key to opening the Kilostar Domain. The Nonahall Divine Realm has had their eye on the Kilostar Domain for many years. They were the ones who spread the news. Thus, they must be most reluctant to destroy the ultimate tribulation manna,” Ouyang Jianwang said.

"So, that’s the important point,” said Tianming.

"That’s right.” 

"Then when are we going to take the ultimate tribulation manna?” Tianming asked.

"This depends on what the three sect masters and the Tribulation Peak elders decide. This is a major decision that requires some thought. After all, I don’t think anyone aside from Sect Master Xuanyuan expected you to win the prize. This is a heavy blow for the Nonahall Ghost Sect. You’ve made a great contribution, Imperial Son.” Yi Xingyin praised.

"Alright, I’ll abide by the sect’s arrangements.” Tianming nodded.

Anyway, he had the formation heart and no one could steal it; there was no need for him to worry. Even after Tianming had received the formation heart, the tribulation elders remained by his side, protecting him.

His name resounded throughout the Archaion Divine Realm. Many disciples on the Human Branch Dimensional Battlefield had lost their voices shouting. This was a time for passions to run high.

"The imperial son!” Tianming knew that in terms of status, he was already standing atop the Flameyellow Continent. Raising his head, he looked in the direction where the Nonahall Ghost Sect powerhouses were seated.

Gloomy, angry gazes fell upon him. A chill crept from the soles of the feet all the way to his skull. Killing intention shot toward him, sending a tingle of goosebumps across his skin.

At this moment, the Nonahall Ghost Sect was mad with rage, and so was the entire Nonahall Divine Realm. Their territory was two or three times larger than the Archaion Divine Realm. Because the region was fertile, their population had reached four times that of the Archaion Divine Realm as well.

At this moment, the hundreds of millions of citizens in their countless cities all had the same look of disbelief on their faces. They cursed and screamed. Some reviled Tianming, while others condemned Yama. A storm of depression, irritability, and powerlessness swept through the entire realm over the next few days.

Fortunately or unfortunately, those who had watched the duel in the Skyeye Formation would remember Tianming for their entire lives. 


On the Dimensional Battlefield, the Nonahall Ghost Sect powerhouses remained in their seats, aloof and indifferent. They had watched in silence as Yama was killed, without the slightest movement. The silence was evidence of what a blow the young man had caused.

"It’s already come to this. They even brought out the Human Emperor's Dragonhide. Our defeat seems only fair. With the Great Emperor Xuanyuan’s grace, the Monorigin Divine Sect will be even more difficult to deal with. I know you’re all very upset, but there’s no way around this. Anger and irritability are useless. The most important thing now is to solve two things: first of all, will the appearance of the imperial son and the grace of the Great Emperor Xuanyuan have an impact on the future battle? And secondly, how do we deal with the treasures in the Kilostar Domain?” The pale-faced ghoul king had a low, gritty voice that sounded very uncomfortable.

"The first one may affect the decision of the three sects. They were originally uncertain, and now they’re probably racking their brains trying to find ways to stay out of this. However, in the face of absolute power, no one can escape. They’ll probably submit if we give them a little attitude. The fight between disciples is of little importance. Since that’s already been resolved, let’s move on to the real thing,” said Ying Zi.

"We must speak to the Council of Ghoul Kings about this, then come up with a specific plan with Feng Qingyu and Li Caiwei. We may have to make an example out of one of their divine realms to force the three sects. There isn’t much to gain from them. Don't forget, our main goal is the Heaven Cauldron. The three divine realms are nothing. As long as we frighten them, they won’t be of much consequence,” said the ghoul king.

"As for the second matter, what’s most important is that no one else knows about the existence of the star atlas aside from us, Feng Qingyu, and Li Caiwei. Without the star atlas, navigating the Kilostar Domain is almost impossible. Even if they get their hands on the ultimate tribulation manna, they’ll be no different from chickens when they enter,” Ying Zi replied.

"No, even if they don’t have the star atlas, we can’t allow them to enter. That’s something that belongs to us. The Kilostar Domain has too great an influence on the future. If they’re lucky and find treasures, we’ll be at a disadvantage,” said the ghoul king.

"Do you mean to take them by storm?” 

"Yes, we must immediately station our troops so we have control over the entrance of the Kilostar Domain. Once their people enter, we can capture them all and force Li Tianming to open the Kilostar Formation so we can open the Kilostar Domain ourselves. At the same time, we’ll kill the so-called imperial son. If he dies, the Archaion Divine Realm’s spiritual support brought about by the Great Emperor Xuanyuan will disappear. Just like their goddess, this man must die. They both fall under the same category,” said the ghoul king.

"That violates the principles of the Number One Summit. I wonder what Feng Qingyu and the others think.” 

"Feng Qingyu wants the star atlas. He wants to enter the Kilostar Domain more than we do! The Flameyellow Continent is in chaos at the moment. Is there any significance in the Number One Summit, which originated in more peaceful times? Because the Monorigin Divine Sect isn’t aware of the existence of the star atlas, they’re still stuck at the ideation stage. They might not realize the importance of the Kilostar Domain. Once they send people there, they’ll be completely wiped out,” the ghoul king replied.

"Should we open the Kilostar Domain or follow the original plan? The plan was to explore the Kilostar Domain after the Number One Summit as well as launch a full-scale attack. What now?” 

"We’ll see what their thoughts are when we get back. I don’t think there’s any conflict between the two. But let's see what the three sects say. It’s about time they pick a side,” the ghoul king replied.

"I thought they’d be on their knees. Who knew there would be such a surprise?” 

As they stared at Tianming, their eyes filled with killing intent. The surrender of the Triflair Celestial Sect, Pentaphase Earth Sect, and Octagram Heart Sect was originally in the bag. Yet now, Tianming had taken that away.


In the corner, a young man in black leaned against the wall, listening to the elders of the Nonahall Ghost Sect talk about Tianming. He folded his arms, his eyes gray and vacant. Everything about him resembled a corpse. 

Those dead eyes stared at the bloody, white-haired man on the battlefield. His nails were embedded in his own flesh, drawing blood. He had once dreamed about climbing to the top, yet the one who’d shocked the entire world wasn’t him. It was as if he had taken a knife to the heart, like his whole body was covered in wounds. His breathing grew heavier and heavier.

At that moment, a man in red robes stood up in the distance, turning to him, "Jiang Wuxin, come back with us.” 

"Yes, Ghoul King.” The young man nodded.

"Don't be like this. His glory ends here. From here on, yours is the name that’ll resound throughout the heavens and the earth,” the red-robed man laughed.

Jiang Wuxin forced a smile.

They were all laughing. Was this mockery?

He secretly vowed, Yes, it's me, Jiang Wuxin, not a puppet. 

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