Chapter 73 - Wei Guohao

It was obvious from their mocking laughter that no one intended to accept him. Even if someone had been willing to give Li Tianming a chance, in such an atmosphere, they would drop such a thought.

The Guardian of Ancestry looked around, before turning to Li Tianming. He could only shake his head and say, “How about this, Li Tianming, show us some of your skills. You know full well that your age is almost past the optimal age to train, and it’ll be difficult for the supernal mentors to help you.”

Li Tianming was used to this kind of behaviour. Mockery occurring here didn’t betray his expectations, and hence, he remained calm throughout.

At the start, he had held on to some hope, but now, he was aware that no matter how he performed, none would give him a chance.

It was quite depressing that he had done his best to become the prime disciple, but he hadn’t been able to impress even one supernal mentor.

“Bunch of assholes,” the little chick cursed by Li Tianming’s ear.

“It’s not a big deal. They have the authority to do this,” Li Tianming said emotionlessly.

The Guardian of Ancestry wanted him to show his skills now, but he had already done so in the ranking battles. Now, what could he show when there wasn’t even an opponent?

“One of you go down,” said the Guardian of Ancestry, who had noticed the issue.

“I’ll do it.” A tall and sturdy young man stepped out from behind Supernal Mentor Zhao Tianchen. He was dressed in golden robes, his eyes burning like torches. He was imposing without being angry, and truly had the presence of a person of noble birth. At one glance, he was obviously an elite genius.

He walked forward to Li Tianming, but instead of looking at him, he looked at Wei Zikun instead. “Second Uncle, let me lend this brother from the Hall of Phoenix a hand.”

“If you wish.” Wei Zikun could already tell Li Tianming had no chance today. Not wanting to waste time, he took a seat at the side. He was just waiting for the supernal mentor to directly reject Li Tianming so he could bring Li Tianming and leave.

In the end, it didn’t matter to him whether or not Li Tianming joined Heaven’s Sanctum.

This young man called Wei Zikun Second Uncle and Wei Zikun’s elder brother was the Flameyellow Scions Institute chancellor. Did that mean this young man was the chancellor’s son?

“You’re Li Tianming, right? I’m Wei Guohao, Supernal Mentor Zhao Tianchen’s disciple.” The young man stood in front of Li Tianming, his gaze seeming to contain blades.

He was definitely the chancellor’s son. However, in the institute, they didn’t have the custom of using familial relations or who their father was to introduce themselves. Instead, they introduced themselves as their master’s disciple.

Li Tianming had heard of Wei Guohao before. Most likely, he had grown up in Heaven’s Sanctum. He definitely didn’t need to participate in the admission test and ranking battles. However, his aptitude was likely still definitely near the top of Heaven’s Sanctum, near to that of Lin Xiaoting’s.

“Senior apprentice-brother Wei, how do we do this?”

Li Tianming wasn’t sure what Wei Guohao’s motive was.

“I’m here to help you. Just attack me however you want, I won’t retaliate.” Wei Guohao sounded very heroic, as if he did want to help Li Tianming. However, the natural superiority in his tone was uncomfortable.

“Li Tianming, use this chance well,” the Guardian of Ancestry added.

Li Tianming examined Wei Guohao closely. “Yes, Guardian.”

Wei Guohao had trained from young in Heaven’s Sanctum and was roughly Li Tianming’s age. With his talent, ten years of training definitely meant he was far beyond Lin Xiaoxiao; someone on the level of Chen Hao and Xing Que.

He was likely at the peak of Spiritsource. Li Tianming was only first level Spiritsource, and it wasn’t likely Li Tianming could catch up to someone his age in just a few months even if he had the infernalsource. He could only try his best.

Li Tianming held the Thunderfire Chain in his hand, and a moment later, Ying Huo and him exploded into motion, attacking Wei Guohao. Li Tianming used the Confounding Mirage Walk and Nine Flying Bolts, while the little chick used the Netherfire Ghostclaw.

Their speed was incredible as they charged at Wei Guohao, but their opponent merely maintained a gentle smile.

“Not bad. When his beast ki bursts out, it’s nearly the match of fourth level Spiritsource. It’s no wonder he could beat Lin Xiaoxiao.”

“Our worst disciple in Heaven’s Sanctum at his age is almost at sixth level Spiritsource. And he’s not even actually at fourth level.”

Even if Li Tianming showed his best, it would be difficult to make the supernal mentors even raise an eyebrow with his age.

Wei Guohao didn’t act polite. He maintained that smile, acting like a senior watching with amusement as a junior threw an unreasonable tantrum.

To him, Li Tianming was no different from a snail.

His smile turned cold when the attacks reached. With lightning-fast speed, he casually flicked his finger, causing a burst of golden light. It crashed into the little chick’s claw, sending it tumbling away.

Li Tianming could only laugh at that. If that wasn’t retaliating, what was?

Li Tianming had actually expected him to just stand there and receive the attacks.

“Too weak. You can’t do it.” Wei Guohao shook his head while chuckling sorrowfully as he casually extended a hand to seize Li Tianming’s chain.

The next moment, a terrifying force emanated from the other end of the chain as if a massive beast had captured it with its jaws. Before Li Tianming could pull it back, the Thunderfire Chain shattered into fragments!

And thus, Li Tianming lost his preferred weapon.

“My apologies. I wasn’t expecting your weapon to be so fragile to break at a casual touch,” Wei Guohao said regretfully.

Without the chain, Li Tianming had lost a large portion of his combat prowess.

Li Tianming’s opponent had worn a smile throughout it all. How was this giving him a chance to show his skills and obtain the acknowledgement of the supernal mentor? This was just reinforcing their decision to reject him.

If he held back slightly, Li Tianming would have the chance to put his abilities on full display. However, he had casually used his superior cultivation stage to trounce Li Tianming.

However, Li Tianming couldn’t say much because his strength was real. The strong had the ability to trample his reputation into the mud and destroy his chances of entering Heaven’s Sanctum!

However, this didn’t mean Li Tianming was going to roll over and accept this! In the same moment the chain broke apart, the little chick belched out a fiery phoenix behind Wei Guohao, the Infernal Blaze lighting up the area.

Wei Guohao turned around to see the little chick’s spiritsource ability bearing down on him.

He shook his head dismissively, casually punching out and tearing apart the phoenix. “Disperse.”

Usually, this meant the spiritsource ability had been vanquished.

However, Wei Guohao never expected the phoenix to dissipate into countless sparks that continued at him. He was forced to dodge awkwardly, but a dozen odd sparks still landed on him. But to his shock, his beast ki wasn’t able to extinguish them!

“Li Tianming! You!” Embarrassment quickly turned into anger, and he could only quickly tear out the burning sections of his clothing, finally escaping the Infernal Blaze after a dozen holes were added to his clothing.

Although it hadn’t actually hurt him, his current appearance was definitely humiliating. It was a far cry from his earlier act of being a senior watching a junior.

He had been casually trouncing Li Tianming, but now his hair was in a mess and his clothes were filled with holes.

Those unaware might assume he was the one beaten.

“Big oops, senior apprentice-brother Wei.” Li Tianming chuckled coldly before he stopped moving. That was his one chance to gain an advantage, but otherwise, he admitted the disparity in strength.

He had only been cultivating for a month after all.

This accomplishment he had made was not half bad already.

Li Tianming’s smile immediately ruined Wei Guohao’s feelings.

Being embarrassed in front of so many supernal mentors would make anyone gloomy.

“No need to be. Continue.” Wei Guohao’s tone was much colder now. He even advanced, obviously intent on taking revenge.

“There’s no need. You broke my weapon and I already showed my strongest ability. I’m out of tricks.” Li Tianming smiled. However, his feelings inside were much different.

As the chancellor’s son, sure, suppress him. But was there a need to go as far as breaking his weapon? Li Tianming didn’t have much money left.

Li Tianming would definitely collect this debt from Wei Guohao.

“Enough. Stand down, Wei Guohao.” Just as Wei Guohao was planning to give him a beating, the Guardian of Ancestry spoke out.

Wei Guohao could only glare at Li Tianming and return to Zhao Tianchen.

However, Li Tianming was still confused about how he had offended him.

“Not a bad spiritsource ability.” A female supernal mentor, Qin Shi, gave a slight nod of her head. However, she had only ever accepted female disciples.

None of the supernal mentors refuted her.

It was undeniable that Wei Guohao had made a bad showing, something none had expected.

“Li Tianming, your lifebound beast’s spiritsource ability is good. Everything else is not worth mentioning,” said the Guardian of Ancestry.

“Yes.” Li Tianming admitted it was true. It was nothing in Heaven’s Sanctum. If he was fifteen, they would definitely fight over him. Alas, he was twenty.

“What do the supernal mentors think?” The Guardian of Ancestry gave the final note.

The supernal mentors all exchanged looks. It did surprise them somewhat that Li Tianming could have such mental fortitude and deal such a blow to Wei Guohao.

However, no supernal mentor made a decision. It seemed they valued their reputations too much. Li Tianming just had too many black marks against him.

“Pass,” Liu Xueyao went first. “I have some awareness of what happened to Qingqing that time. What does it show about someone who would accept such an indecent person as a disciple?” She didn’t stop at just reject him, but also made it impossible for anyone to accept him.

“Alright them. Let’s not waste any more time. Li Tianming, return with me to the Hall of Phoenix.” Wei Zikun stood up, annoyed. There was no point to this farce.

The conclusion was already set in stone.

Li Tianming didn’t push it. Fate sometimes played a hand in finding a master. What else could he do? Kneel and beg?

However, it was unfortunate. He was the prime disciple after all. Once this spread, it would be another topic to laugh at him for.

Li Tianming followed Wei Zikun away without reluctance.

However, a voice suddenly drifted over from the door. “Seriously? You all are chasing away the prime disciple? Breaking our word like this, what's this supposed to imply about Heaven’s Sanctum?”

None of the supernal mentors dared to retort against this voice.

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