Chapter 727 - My Sacred Blood Makes Me Unparalleled

Lan Huang and Xian Xian, both humongous beasts, expertly controlled the crowd—one charging in to intercept and the other controlling the battlefield from the sidelines. They weren't much of a threat to Jiang Wuxin in his combined form, so Tianming had them support the rest of his comrades instead. Now, only a little bird and cat remained by his side as they glared at Jiang Wuxin.

"Hmph." Jiang Wuxin smirked. "Struggling to survive, are you?!"

His werewolf form was much more terrifying than before. In but an instant, Skywolfsbane was right in front of Tianming’s face. Heartslayer, Wisp of the Night! Jiang Wuxin flicked his sword, causing sword ki to surge and darken the world around him. A fiery green wisp appeared then instantly multiplied to thousands, blocking off Tianming's sight. Each wisp looked to be fatal. Jiang Wuxin closed his eyes once more and moved the way his heart told him to. All he wanted was to kill; he spoke not a single word more. His expression contorted as his mind honed its savagery.

Despite facing such killing intent, Tianming seemed much calmer than before; however, it didn't mean he lacked burning passion. His power was now coming from the Omnisentient Will generated by the three hundred thousand plus disciples of the Archaion Sect. Their burning wills had been assimilated into his. 


That word alone contained the echoes of the killing intent of all those disciples.

Moments before, Meow Meow had deployed an enhanced Myriad Thundernet on Jiang Wuxin, followed by Chaos Disaster, Misty Hellthunder, Soulchasing Hellthunder, and its other abilities, swallowing him in lightning. The fire vortices around Jiang Wuxin were still absorbing the impact of the lightning, but were easily overwhelmed!

"This chicken here is sick of your persistence! I'll mess you up!" Ying Huo's countless Infernal Haze clones unleashed Infernal Blaze containing Skypiercer Ki on Jiang Wuxin, followed by another bombardment of other abilities from behind. Then came the Mortal Dao Sword! Even though it was a sword art performed by a lifebound beast, it had surpassed many seniors' techniques. Only Jiang Wuxin alone knew how much of a threat the little chicken posed.

With Ying Huo behind him, Meow Meow to his left, and the Prime Tower crashing down from above, Tianming's swords came striking from the front with the combined power of the Imperealm Sword Formation and countless strands of tribulation sword ki. Now, his Mortal Dao Sword was even more horrifying than before.

The first strike of the Hexapath Samsara Sword art wasn't at all weaker than the second; they just contained different kinds of intent. While Animacorpus Eradication was far more damaging, the Mortal Dao Sword now possessed an unprecedented amount of power.

Sword ki surged as the black and gold swords pierced through the wisps and appeared in front of Jiang Wuxin, causing him to start in fear. He could feel that Tianming was completely different from the time he had fought him a few days ago. Even though he himself had grown quite a lot, Tianming had outpaced him.

Before the Mortal Dao Sword, the wisps were nothing. Meow Meow's lightning finally overwhelmed the fiendwolf's ability and crashed directly against Jiang Wuxin's body, though his enhanced defense, thanks to the fur, helped him survive. But the fur didn't stop Ying Huo's Skypiercer Ki at all! When Ying Huo's strike pierced his waist, the flames blew apart a chunk of his flesh, dealing significant damage to him for the first time. If it weren’t for Fiendgodmorhpize, the blow would have taken his life.

"Li Tianming!" Jiang Wuxin's primal drive to survive bubbled to a froth. He ignored Meow Meow and Ying Huo, focusing only on Tianming as he charged in with a howl. His sword was for Tianming alone! "I want you to die! Your death is my desire!"

His voice was growing hoarser and wilder. Heartslayer, Ninesword Heartslay! It was the ultimate killing move of his second-origin samsara art. Skywolfsbane split into nine heavy swords with ultimate penetrative power, each of them stronger than the last.

Tianming welcomed his foe with his own strike. "Jiang Wuxin, you weren’t wrong to do what you did from your point of view! But if you can kill the disciples of my sect, I can avenge them! Between the two of us, there is no good or evil! The loser simply submits to the winner! It's a shame that I'm stronger than you!"

Since good and evil played no part, only their strength would decide their fates. Tianming's Mortal Dao Sword came rushing in, his gold sword breaking Jiang Wuxin's stance and reducing the nine swords to nothing.

The same instant Jiang Wuxin had charged in without a care, Meow Meow's lightning attacks charred him to no end while Ying Huo made countless bloody holes in his back. He was utterly crushed. Even though Tianming had only broken through once, his life tribulation force was far too oppressive.

"Fellow comrades, help me kill our enemies!"

The sword of life broke through the Ninesword Heartslay, while the sword of death pierced through everything like a poisonous dragon. The black Grand-Orient Sword contained the rage of a monarch as it exploded with power.

Jiang Wuxin bled all over as Meow Meow’s Myriad Thundernet froze him in place, allowing the black sword to find its way into his heart right before his hell barrier formation sprang up. Even with his current strength, Tianming's strike was completely neutralized by the barrier formation. Even so, that was enough. Jiang Wuxin had been eliminated.

"Impossible! My sacred blood makes me unparalleled! How could I lose?!" He could never have imagined that the sacred blood he’d refined wasn't the only thing that could overturn fate. The mental blow Jiang Wuxin took from his defeat was far too heavy, but that wasn't the last of it.

Tianming wanted to kill him. He would never pity his enemies. No matter how good a person his foe was, as long as they weren’t on his side, they were to die without exception! Tianming raised his sword and slashed the hell barrier formation and shattered it, the force of which shook Jiang Wuxin and caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood. Now he felt the threat of death.

"I have sacred blood! I won't die, I won't lose!" His mind crumbled from the mounting pressure as his body grew numb, but the only thing that answered his cries were Tianming's cold gaze and surging sword.

"I'll reunite you with your wives in the next life. No need to thank me!"

Jiang Wuxin wasn't afraid of death; he was afraid he wouldn't get his revenge. "I don't yield!"

"I don't care!"

Now undefended by the hell barrier formation, Jiang Wuxin barely escaped the strike. Tianming, Ying Huo, and Meow Meow came charging in to take his life.

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