Chapter 714 - The Yinyang Demon Sect’s Hell Tree

The light was from either Jiang Wuxin or Feng Xiaoli's hell barrier formation. Without another word, Tianming climbed on Meow Meow’s back and swiftly headed toward the light. Just as he was about to approach it, Tianming discovered a crowd of people next to Jiang Wuxin. It appeared he had found himself numerous helpers.

Tianming told Meow Meow to backtrack, then quietly moved through the darknight layer. The natural environment of this level allowed him to use his third eye to see more clearly, but it would still be difficult for others to find him. He hid behind a rock and looked up at the top of the mountain ahead.

At the peak of the mountain, fifty or sixty people had gathered. Among the crowd was a man glowing in blue. there was no way he could hide.

It was Jiang Wuxin! He had his back to Tianming.

"It might be difficult to kill him with so many people around.” 

Although Tianming hadn’t wasted any time, it seemed Jiang Wuxin was still a step ahead. Such a large group of people meant that at least two sects had gathered together.

"Most of the disciples of the Hexapath Sword Sect and the Yinyang Demon Sect are by his side.” Tianming frowned and carefully stopped.

Jiang Wuxin wasn’t speaking, but the others were. It sounded as if Jiang Wuxin had first located the Yinyang Demon Sect, then ventured into the third layer and found the Heptastar Aerial Sect. They were still waiting for the return of those who had invaded the other levels.

The Nonahall Ghost Sect, which had the most disciples present, was located in the second layer. There were already a few of their disciples here. It seemed they had already sent someone up to inform the rest. These sects had quite a few disciples scattered all over the various layers; it would take them some time to gather them all.

"When they’re all together, they’ll certainly head down to the ninth layer, destroy the hell tree, and kill our disciples. They already know the tree’s location, so even if we abandon it and escape up here, they’ll still be able to sweep layer by layer. There’s nowhere for us to escape. The only thing we can do is fight to the death!” Tianming furrowed his brows.

"The disciples of these three sects add up to a total of more than a hundred and forty people. There’s countless powerhouses among them, far more than the Archaion Sect has. There’s no way we’ll survive if we’re hunted and killed by these people...."

Tianming wouldn’t die. But what about Xuanyuan Yucheng, Beigong Qianyu, and the others?

"I must defeat them one by one. But now that they’re gathered together, how can I do that?” 

There would be more and more disciples coming together.

Tianming continued listening to their discussion. Many of their disciples were spread out. They were going to wait until everyone had assembled before acting together. That way, their plan would be foolproof. It would only require some time to assemble over a hundred people.

Tianming also overheard some information. The Yinyang Demon Sect’s hell tree was located on the fifth layer, the thunder layer; the Heptastar Aerial Sect’s hell tree was situated in the third layer, the darknight layer; and the Nonahall Ghost Sect’s hell tree stood on the second layer, the incandescence layer.  

They were now in the third layer.

"There isn’t much difference in the glow of the hell barrier formations. If I take this opportunity to destroy their hell tree, then everyone will be glowing. Wouldn’t that be misleading?” 

Being able to find the hell trees was Tianming's advantage. For anyone else, finding the trees was based entirely on luck. What he wanted was to rely on his advantage to strive for more opportunities.

"The disciples of the Hexapath Sword Sect and Quadform Oceanic Sect have lost over sixty disciples, so there’s about three hundred disciples remaining. If I use this opportunity to destroy the hell tree on the third layer, more than half of the participants will be glowing. If that’s the case, I’ll have more space to operate.” 

At the thought of that, Tianming got to work at once. While they were still gathered, Tianming quickly traveled down to the fifth layer.

"Xian Xian, find the hell tree as soon as possible,” said Tianming.

"I want a reward,” Xian Xian demanded.

"Hurry up! You can eat all you want, until you throw up!” said Tianming.

"Throw up? That’s impossible!” 

With the promise of delicious food, Xian Xian began accelerating. The thunder had a certain effect on taking root in the soil.

"Over here! Here! That's right!” 

The search took half an hour. The hell tree appeared before Tianming. Without a doubt, the Yinyang Demon Sect would station people here to protect the tree. Tianming took a closer look.

"Only one man?” 

It was evident this man was no weakling.

How daring! In all likelihood, he had already seen Jiang Wuxin. Thus, he remained all alone by the tree. When those above returned, they would certainly take him away.

After confirming that he was indeed alone, Tianming wasted no time appearing in front of him. 

"Li Tianming?”

The man sat under the hell tree, bored in every way. Upon noticing the visitor, he was stunned.

"It's you. You’re the one who killed Jiang Wuxin's wives and more than forty Hexapath Sword Sect disciples?” 

The man was dressed in fiery-red robes. His appearance was rather strange, somewhat androgynous, and his voice was effeminate.

"Qin Chaotian?” Tianming recognized him at once.

The Yinyang Demon Sect had two sect masters, namely the solar master and the lunar master. Qin Chaotian was the son of the solar master, Qin Fengyang. His cultivation realm was equal to Long Xiaofan, a fourth-level death phase samsaran. This was a top genius of the Flameyellow continent. Qin Chaotian's name resounded throughout the Yinyang Demon Sect.

So why was he guarding the hell tree alone? That's because he wasn’t their bellwether!

Today, the yin branch far surpassed the yang branch. There were even rumors claiming that the solar master, Qin Fengyang, had no authority. The entire Biritual Demon Sect was under the control of the lunar master. Thus, even the yang disciples had no rights. Qin Chaotian wasn’t the Yinyang Demon Sect’s strongest disciple anymore.

Their strongest disciple, the current lunar master’s direct disciple, was working with Jiang Wuxin. Apparently, the lunar master was a legendary woman in the Flameyellow continent. She was supposedly hundreds of years younger than Fang Taiqing and the others, and unrivalled among her peers.

For this woman, having her disciple become first in the Number One Summit was but an insignificant matter in her career. With the lunar master’s brilliance, even Qin Chaotian's father, the solar master, seemed bleak in comparison, much less Qin Chaotian himself. It was as if he had been forgotten and left behind. Even so, the moment he laid eyes on Tianming, his gaze burned with fervor.

"Li Tianming, do you know how important the word ‘contribution’ is to me?” 

When Qin Chaotian spoke, his three lifebound beasts sped toward the hell tree.

"That’s none of my business.” 

Tianming was racing against time, and this battle was inevitable. As soon as the words left his lips, all four of his lifebound beasts appeared beside him.

"I can prove myself by killing you. Your reputation is glorious. All I have to do for the entire Flameyellow continent to know my name is step on your head,” Qin Chaotian sneered.

Tianming had no interest in the internal disputes of the Yinyang Demon Sect. This was an opponent who was not to be underestimated. Tianming's gaze fell upon Qin Chaotian's three lifebound beasts.

What was interesting was the fact that his beasts were different, but possessed the same attributes. Much like Tianming, triple beastmasters were rather rare. The three lifebound beasts were four-footed, avian, and insect-type beasts.

The first was a huge lion with golden flames and sharp claws. On its forehead were nine ferocious eyes—an evil eye in the center and four pairs below. A fierce, domineering aura radiated from it. It was a nine-eyed gold suanni, with a total of four hundred and twenty stars.

His second lifebound beast was a golden-red bird whose wings extended more than a hundred and fifty meters across and resembled clouds of fire. Flames exploded when it flapped them, forming a raging wave of fire. It was a yangfire goldencrow.

His third lifebound beast was a dark red scorpion that resembled a red-hot iron sheet when it crawled on the ground. It had two huge pincers and nine sharp tails, which were obviously dripping with fire poison. It was a ninetail blaze scorpion.

These lifebound beasts were all fire-type. Qin Chaotian stood in front of them with a red spear pointed at Tianming. The crimson flames that engulfed his body made him appear even more demonic; this was a person who desperately needed to prove himself.

"Li Tianming, I heard that you killed many disciples of the Hexapath Sword Sect. Your performance is very eye-catching, worthy of your status as the goddess’ disciple. Dying at the hands of Qin Chaotian will be considered an honorable way to go.” 

In his eyes, Tianming only had one beast beside him, and that was Lan Huang. Ying Huo and Meow Meow sat on his shoulders. Xian Xian had lost too much in the last battle, so Tianming decided to let it rest.

Thunder rumbled and lightning streaks danced across the sky. As the lightning crashed, Tianming held the Grand-Orient Sword in his hand, one man alongside three beasts like the god of death.

The Yinyang Demon Sect were the biggest suspects behind Feiling’s assassination attempt. That incident had altered Tianming's mood. Finally, he had come face-to-face with one of their disciples. Most of them were twin beastmasters, and as a triplet beastmaster, Qin Chaotian would certainly be stronger.

"You’re the first of the Yinyang Demon Sect!” 


In the Dimensional battlefield.

"It's Li Tianming again!” 

"That’s Qin Fengyang's son. Can he stop Li Tianming?” 

“Keep watching.”

Many stared in the direction of the Yinyang Demon Sect. They were all aware of the deep enmity between the Yinyang Demon Sect and the Archaion Sect.

"Is Li Tianming going to cut down their hell tree?” 

"Most likely.” 

"If the situation becomes chaotic, perhaps the Archaion Sect disciples will still have a chance.”

"We’ll see!” 

Many were curious.

"Most of the Hexapath Sword Sect disciples have been wiped out. What’ll happen to the Yinyang Demon Sect?” 

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