Chapter 713 - I’ve Finally Found You

On the Dimensional Battlefield.

As soon as Tianming began his bloodbath, the entire battlefield fell into dead silence once more.

"Is the Nether Battlefield a stage for Li Tianming’s one man show?” 

The question was rhetorical; the answer was definitely yes, from the Hexapath Sword Sect to the Quadform Oceanic Sect. At least there were two Hexapath Sword Sect disciples remaining. However, the Quadform Oceanic Sect disciples were all gone, including Long Cangyuan’s son.

“Throughout history, there haven't been so many deaths in all the Nether Battles put together, and this is only the third day.” 

"What's more terrifying is that most of the deaths were the work of one man!” 

"What on earth is he doing?” 


Revenge for the Archaion Sect disciples who were killed on the Skyorigin battlefield. It was payback, many times over.

In the Triflair Celestial Sect area, the coral fairy, Beigong Linlan, had been watching the entire battle. She was neither happy nor angry, and the same was true for the three talented Triflair Celestial Sect powerhouses beside her. They were all shocked by the goddess’ disciple, but from their perspective, it was obvious that he had killed so many in order to force the Triflair Celestial Sect to the Archaion Sect’s side. He was very domineering, though with different methods.

Others killed and intimidated, he saved his people while slaughtering his enemy!

"Long Cangyuan must hate us. Sect Master, what should we do?” someone asked.

"Let’s see what the other two sect masters think. I haven’t changed my mind,” said Beigong Linlan.

In fact, with their power and influence, it wasn’t a good thing to stand on either side. It was best to stay out of the fighting, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible.

"Keep an open mind. In this world, everyone’s forced to take a stand.” 

Beigong Linlan turned to look at the Quadform Oceanic Sect’s powerhouses.

There was dead silence in their corner. The top twenty disciples of the Quadform Ranking were dead, even Long Cangyuan's son. This was tantamount to breaking an inheritance.

What a heavy blow it was to the Quadform Sect. Ashen was too light a description for their expressions. Perhaps the best word would be heartbroken. 


The Quadform Seadragon Hall was the capital of the Quadform Realm and the headquarters of the Quadform Sect. The hall itself was built in the sea.

At this moment, there was chaos in the hall. Loud outcries and expletives filled the air.

"Why are we still watching?” 


"No one’s allowed to make a move without the sect master’s command.” 

“We’re not allowed to attack?! Then why are we still watching? Our disciples are all dead!” Earth-shattering cries resounded throughout the Quadform Realm.

This exact situation had just been experienced by the Sixpath Divine Realm not too long ago. It was fun to bully and kill. But in case of retaliation, one would just have to endure.


The view through the Skyeye Formation had been concentrated on Tianming this whole time.

"He’s searching for Jiang Wuxin's whereabouts,” said Xuanyuan Dao.

The others nodded.

"Jian Wuyi, looks like your protection wasn’t fruitless. He’s helped you this time. The Triflair Celestial Sect can only stand on our side. Both you and your wife will be in agreement,” said Xuanyuan Dao.

"Yes, he’s done well.” Lowering his head, Jian Wuyi stared at Tianming on the battlefield.

"As long as the Triflair Celestial Sect stands firm, the Octagram Heart Sect and Pentaphase Earth Sect will follow. This situation is in our favor. This kid is creating miracles with every step he takes,” said Xuanyuan Dao.

"Yes, he’s amazing,” Jian Wuyi replied.

"It's ridiculous how the other sects want to kill our disciples and put pressure on us to force us to surrender Her Eminence. But now, they’ve failed to kill our disciples. Instead, two sects have lost their people to Tianming.” Ouyang Jianwang laughed.

His words were unbridled, his laughter somewhat abrupt.

"Tianming hasn’t let Her Eminence down,” Xuanyuan Dao sighed.

At the end of their conversation, complete silence resumed.

"Fang Taiqing, don’t you feel good watching Tianming defeat the Quadform Sect, especially after they humiliated the Sterling House of Fang?” asked Xuanyuan Dao.

"Yes.” Leaning into his seat, Fang Taiqing gave a one word answer.

"Sect Master Xuanyuan.” They all looked over to the source of the words and found it was Dugu Jin.

"The current situation has deviated from their plan. To be honest, though, the Number One Summit is an ultimatum directed at us. If we miss this, there won’t be any possibility for peace talks later.” 

"What’re you trying to say?” asked Xuanyuan Dao.

"What I’m saying is, you should fully prepare for battle now. The Quadform and Sixpath Divine Realms will soon make their move,” said Dugu Jin.

"Are you afraid?” asked Xuanyuan Dao.

"I fight for Her Eminence. What’s there to be afraid of?” Dugu Jin retorted.

"Don't worry, we deployed our forces to the borders long ago. All we have to do is survive this catastrophe. The Archaion Sect will dominate the world in the future,” said Xuanyuan Dao.

Tianming had already performed a magnificent feat. At this point, no one would speak unfortunate words or suggest that they surrender Her Eminence.

However, everyone knew in their hearts that the Number One Summit wasn’t over yet. Whether or not the Archaion Sect disciples in the ninth layer would survive in the end was still uncertain.

But one thing was clear—even if Xuanyuan Yucheng and the others all perished, Feiling wouldn’t be killed in such a humiliating manner. Tianming was growing closer and closer to his goal.


Tianming had searched the bloodpool layer, the sixth layer of the Nether Battlefield.

This was where the Quadform Sect was sent. Since their hell tree was completely unguarded, Tianming took the opportunity to destroy it. All it took him was thirty minutes; his score was outrageous.

"The more people I kill, the more death feuds I forge. The five divine realms won’t be willing to just execute Ling'er, so that means she’s safe during the Number One Summit. If this goes on, there will definitely be war! War is war, and suffering numerous casualties is a given. But at least we’ll still have opportunities. It’s probably unrealistic to hope for help from the remaining three divine realms, but perhaps this will prevent them from attacking us when we’re down.”

Tianming looked up as he hovered in the bloody sky.

"Next up is the Biritual Demon Sect, Heptastar Aerial Sect, and Nonahall Ghost Sect!” 

Above him was the fifth layer.

Tianming soon arrived at the thunder layer. This was the thunder abyss, with lightning hazards everywhere. Jiang Wuxin and Feng Xiaoli weren’t on this layer either.

"If we all travel through the channel at the same time—I go up while they go down—then I might miss them. But the probability of that happening is very low.” 

The hell tree on the fifth layer seemed to be far away. Tianming wanted to find Jiang Wuxin and Feng Xiaoli as soon as possible, so he continued moving up.

There was still no one on the fourth layer, the windblade layer. That suggested they had gone to one of the top three levels. 

Tianming continued on. In the third layer, the darknight layer, it was so dark he couldn’t even see his fingers. A glowing hell barrier formation would certainly be even more obvious. Once a hell tree was destroyed, even if the hell barrier formation was broken, it would still glow on the body.

"I’ve finally found you!” 

Tianming found an icy-blue light that shot into the sky on the horizon.

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