Chapter 686 - Come and Die

The number of teams outside the Skyorigin Battlefield started increasing. The second smallest team had about two hundred people, the same as the Archaion Sect. They were disciples of the Biritual Demon Sect, also known as the Yinyang Demon Sect.

It was said that the Biritual Demon Sect had enmity with the Archaion Sect with regards to the Taiji Peak Lake. After the Nonahall Ghost Sect was destroyed eighty thousand years ago, the Archaion Sect had seized control of Taiji Peak Lake. Now that the Sterling House of Fang was the strongest house in the Archaion Sect, the Biritual Demon Sect’s grudge with the Archaion Sect was written in their sect rules.

The two oldest divine realms fought countless times, and their grudges spanned history. Their hatred of the Archaion Sect and Sterling House of Fang ran deep in their bones. So the Biritual Demon Sect’s disciples didn’t bother concealing it. They laughed without restraint as they entered the Skyorigin Battlefield. Their intentions were clear based on the look in their eyes.

“Brothers of the Monorigin Divine Sect, pray that you don’t encounter us. Otherwise we’ll let you have a taste of despair.”

“Stop scaring them. Just look at them tremble. Where will we find playthings if they run away?”

“Will they? Do you think they’ll run like cowards after coming here?”

“Speaking of which, that’s always been the Monorigin Divine Sect’s tradition. Hahaha!” the Biritual Demon Sect’s disciples laughed.

“Don’t put it that way. Their god is in the sect. Be careful of attracting her rage and drenching us in urine.”

“Then I’ll strip the pants off their God!”

“A god in the Heavenly Will stage?”

“Shut it!” The Archaic House of Xuanyuan’s disciples raged. “They deserve to die for profaning Her Eminence!”

Disciples of the Archaion Sect would be sentenced to death if they said those words. But there was nothing they could do about the disciples from the other divine realms. Feiling was the Archaion Sect’s god, not the Biritual Demon Sect’s god.

“Cut it out,” said Yi Xingyin. His words restrained everyone from charging forth and starting the battle ahead of the Skyorigin Battlefield. But their hatred was rooted deep in their hearts. Even Tianming was going insane from the rage in his chest.

“You can only defend your honor with strength,” said Yi Xingyin. Using strength to prove themselves was more straightforward than anything else.

“Got it!” Everyone nodded. Right at that time, the Biritual Demon Sect entered the Skyorigin Battlefield.

“Disciples of the Monorigin Divine Sect, come face your death!” The Biritual Demon Sect’s disciples jeered. It was common for disciples of the two sects to kill each other, due to their grudges.

“You guys can go in now. Good luck,” Yi Xingyin said with his hands behind his back. The Archaion Sect’s disciples stepped into the battlefield under the witness of the Skyeye Formation. When everyone was on the battlefield, it signified the beginning of the Number One Summit.


The Heaven Branch’s Dimensional Battlefield was separated into nine districts, with one being the main and the other eight the subsidiaries. The main district held the three Sect Masters, eight Palace Lords, and the tribulation elders. Fang Taiqing sat in the center, Xuanyuan Dao on the left, and Jian Wuyi to his right.

The eight districts before them held the authorities of the eight divine realms. It was said that six divine realms had even dispatched their Sect Masters.

The divine sects were the Monorigin Divine Sect, Biritual Demon Sect, Triflair Celestial Sect, Quadform Oceanic Sect, Pentaphase Earth Sect, Hexapath Sword Sect, Heptastar Aerial Sect, Octagram Heart Sect, and the Nonahall Ghost Sect.

They only came together during the Number One Summit. There weren’t many of them, but they were intimidating. If all eight of them were added together, it was more than enough for them to suppress everyone from the Archaion Sect.

Right at that moment, all of the strongest masters in the Flameyellow continent had their eyes on the Skyeye Formation.

“In reality, this is the beginning of war,” someone muttered.


Tianming stepped into the Skyorigin Battlefield following the party. It felt as though he had walked into cotton. Wherever he walked, the surrounding people would vanish. Very quickly, Tianming was all by himself.

His vision was filled with fog, and he couldn’t see the other people in the Skyorigin Battlefield. It felt like he was all alone in the world. When he stepped forth, the fog started dimming down. But even so, he still couldn’t see anyone.

Right at that moment, the clouds beneath his feet floated up and formed a round stage three hundred meters wide. Tianming knew that every disciple had a similar stage. They were all made of white clouds, and the toughness wasn’t any different from the ground. 

These cloud stages were their battlefields.

Now, he just had to wait for the cloud stage to bring him to his opponent. When two stages collided, they would merge into one and only one person could remain on it.

“Leaving the stage meant defeat. With the stage at this size, it won’t be difficult to kill someone.” The Number One Summit had been held for tens of thousands of years. It was a tradition set by their ancestors. 

The nine divine realms’ disciples didn’t come here to spar. They came to seize treasures and territories for their sect. If there was no danger, then there would be no meaning to the Number One Summit. But it was rare for a sect to be targeted by everyone.

Tianming would encounter two opponents in the Skyorigin Battlefield, and he would receive the qualification to enter the Nether Battlefield by defeating them. He stood with his hands behind his back, waiting for the arrival of his opponents.

He could vaguely hear the sounds of battle coming from his surroundings. There were hundreds of battles taking place simultaneously, so the first round was progressing with excellent efficiency.

“I wonder how many divine realms will kill our disciples.” Tianming closed his eyes. There was nothing he could do to help anyone in the Skyorigin Battlefield.

“There are rumors outside that I’m Feiling’s disciple. So I bet there must be many eyes on me now, right? I wonder how many people in the Flameyellow continent are looking at me?”

As the battle would soon take place, Tianming released his four lifebound beasts. Xian Xian couldn’t take root in the clouds, but its roots covered the entire cloud stage and used it to conceal itself to a certain degree.

Even so, the appearance of such a massive wood-type lifebound beast attracted many people’s attention. Compared to it, no one paid any attention to Lan Huang’s size, not to mention Ying Huo and Meow Meow, who were hiding in the clouds.

The five of them stood and waited for their opponent. It didn’t take long before they saw a cloud stage in the fog up ahead. As the other stage slowly approached and the two merged, Tianming finally saw his opponent.

“The Yinyang Demon Sect?” Tianming instantly recognized his opponent. “It looks like I’m pretty lucky.”

A woman had shown up before him. She had an oval face, stunning features, and her hair was tied back with a pink ribbon.

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