Chapter 58 - This Is A Beatdown!

“Don’t tell me you want to fight one against two!” Chen Yao frowned. He gathered his beast ki and used it to press down on Li Tianming.

He had seen Li Tianming soloing a second level Spiritsource beastmaster and his beast. It did look quite impressive.

Xue Lan had originally thought he was useless, but this performance made her gloomy. Now, Chen Yao wanted to sweep that all away!

Li Shufan and Lin Xiaoxiao’s battle was very spectacular, but some people divided their attention towards Chen Yao and Li Tianming. Many were speculating why there seemed to be so much conflict between the two.

However, they would never arrive at any conclusion if they didn’t recognise Wei Jing.

“Nope, that’ll be too easy for you.” Li Tianming hadn’t summoned the little chick yet because there hadn’t been any worthy opponents so far.

However, this Hex-Starred Clinquant Lion, with its aura as the king of beasts, didn’t look any easy to deal with. It was time for it to make an appearance.

A tender little chick appeared on Li Tianming’s shoulder. His mysterious lifebound beast finally appeared in the ranking battles.

Many had already heard descriptions of it, but a personal look made them realise the rumours hadn’t done its tenderness and diminutiveness any justice!

It looked weak enough that even a baby could crush it. How could it fight the Hex-Starred Clinquant Lion? One was like heaven, one was like earth!

Even the Hex-Starred Clinquant Lion felt amused when it saw it. Its killing intent reduced by half, and its eyes filled with disdain.

Perhaps, only Chen Yao knew looks were deceiving for this lifebound beast.

“Protect it well. Otherwise, you’ll end up crying for another three years if I cut off its head.” Chen Yao realised all of his upbringing seemed to fade away when he came before this person. He felt there was no need to care when it came to this kind of person.

Beating up the dog was the only enjoyable way to do things.

He drew his grade four beastial weapon, the Starriver Blade, from its sheath. It was a dark blue longsword upon which starlight sparkled, making it seem like a river of stars. Green heavenly patterns could also be faintly seen on it. The blinding starlight it radiated made it difficult to look at directly.

“Protect your little brother well. Otherwise, you’ll have to become an eunuch if I peck off its head.” With its temper, the little chick definitely wasn't happy to be mocked by Chen Yao as soon as it was summoned.

A tender little chick looking at Chen Yao’s groin with ill intentions and saying such words definitely made some people chuckle.

However, Chen Yao felt his humiliation turn into rage. He realised trying to embarrass Li Tianming before the battle only served to work against him.

He had already drawn his sword and his lion was snarling by his side. If he didn’t fight now, then when!

“Bro, let’s kill this pretty boy for our mother!” The little chick was furious.

Li Tianming didn’t need it to say anything to decide an opponent. Burning hot beast ki was circulating through his left arm, the Thunderfire Chain was wrapped around his right arm and mirages were starting to shimmer around his legs.

When Mu Wan announced the start, he instantly sped towards Chen Yao!

Today, he wanted to let Xue Lan know what was a beatdown!

He had the infernalsource, which was equal to eight or nine spiritsources in power. He also had the Aeternal Infernal Beast Ki that was several times better in quality than normal people.

Although he was only first level Spiritsource, not even a third level Spiritsource could withstand the suppression of his beast ki when he let it explode out. In other words, he hadn’t shown his true power when he fought against the second level Spiritsource just now.

“Hmph. Just a bluff,” Chen Yao mocked.

Bathed in starlight, he looked very elegant with the Starriver Sword in hand and the Hex-starred Clinquant Lion by his side.

However, his intermediate source-ranked battle art was anything but elegant as it struck out with startling destructive power!

Shooting Star Flying Sword Art!

When he flourished the Starriver Sword, it transformed into a rain of falling stars that filled the sky! Drawing eye-piercing trajectories, stars descended from the sky, their target Li Tianming.

The beautiful sword stance drew much commotion. It seemed that as soon as they started, Chen Yao was going to suppress Li Tianming.

However, was that the truth?

In the next moment, the Thunderfire Chain seemed to become a venomous dragon. Sparks of fire and lightning scattered, snaking into Chen Yao’s sword attacks continuously.

Chen Yao’s movement art, the Seven Star Steps, was as good as Li Tianming’s. However, he had neglected one thing. Before absolute power, no matter how pretty the sword stance or how sharp the weapon, they wouldn’t be able to block Li Tianming’s frenzied attacks!

Nine Flying Bolts! For the first time ever, Li Tianming used all nine whip strikes from the first to ninth. They fell like nine lightning bolts from the heavens, producing heavy clangs every time their weapons clashed.

Under the berserk chain attacks, Chen Yao’s offensive collapsed. It was an utter crushing!

Chen Yao’s beast ki simply coudn’t stand up to Li Tianming. In fact, the final whip strike wrenched Chen Yao’s Starriver Sword out of his grasp.

“Impossible!” They had only just begun and Chen Yao had already felt that feeling of being absolutely overpowered!

He hadn’t even registered losing his sword yet, only the pain from the torn skin on his hand.

“Nothing is impossible. You’re just too weak.” The next moment, the Thunderfire Chain coiled three times around Chen Yao.

A horrifying force abruptly transmitted from the chain, leaving horrible flesh wounds on Chen Yao. It didn’t end there, as Li Tianming’s right hand suddenly yanked him off the ground with the chain!

Everyone watched dumbfounded as Chen Yao was totally routed. He was then unceremoniously tossed into the sky with the chain, before Li Tianming abruptly swung the chain and smashed him into the ground, his bones creaking ominously.

“So, Chen Yao, who’s the dog here?” Li Tianming stood in front of Chen Yao, his eyes shining.

Chen Yao was trembling on the ground, deathly pale. Everything had happened so fast, he hadn’t even understood what just took place, until Li Tianming’s foot ground into his face and he felt the acute pain from his body and face.

He had actually suffered a complete and total beatdown by Li Tianming!

He hadn’t even had the slightest chance to resist!

At such an abrupt, total defeat, Chen Yao felt like the world was collapsing around him!

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