Chapter 573 - Irreconcilable Feud

“What about this hand?” Tianming raised his black arm. He suddenly recalled that he could use it to break through all the heavenly pattern formations that he had encountered so far.

“This is the root of our clan, the source of those miracles!” Li Muyang grinned. “Tianming, I live an ordinary life in this lifetime, but I’ve created the greatest and noblest miracle in our clan’s history. One day, you will feel proud of me, and you will know how incredible it was for me to shatter the world’s conspiracy with an ordinary physique!”

“What do you mean?”

“I have stolen a terrifying thing from the world at a critical time. I was killed eight times for this reason, and I would die a terrible death every time. But I’ve relied on ten reincarnations to change my fate till today. Until today, you are my greatest accomplishment!” Li Muyang laughed. He was proud, and Tianming roughly knew what he was saying.

His pursuers plotted against him eight times and killed him. But he escaped on his tenth reincarnation. Just what sort of courage was that? Although Tianming didn’t say it aloud, he was proud to have such a father. He didn’t know many details, but judging from Li Muyang’s words, he took pride in the bravery shown by his father.

“Tianming, I can only apologize that I dared not approach you. I had already lost when I was detected in my tenth reincarnation. In the end, I could only transfer everything to you. If you could deal with Autarch Qian, I wouldn’t have met you because it involves karmic collision. The pursuers might be nearby, and they can calculate your existence. If that’s the case, then we will lose everything, and you will die!” Li Muyang’s eyes were emotionless, but Tianming could see the helplessness and concern in his eyes.

Tianming now knew why Li Muyang didn’t help earlier despite being close to the Divine Capital, and only made his move when Xuanyuan Xu nearly killed him. He also knew why Li Muyang wanted him to go down a path that involved running for his life.

“It’s fine as long as I head to the Canal of the Dead?” Tianming asked.

“It’s not that simple. I’ve already calculated a path of escape for you, and you have to reach the Canal of the Dead within half a month. There’s a special forcefield that can hide your karmic threads. The pursuers are too far away, and they can only rely on your karmic threads to deduce your existence. So by going to the Canal of the Dead, your karmic threads will be reset,” said Li Muyang.

“What? I don’t exactly understand what you’re saying. There’s a thread of some sort on me?” Tianming looked down and examined himself.

“It’s a concept for gods. This involves fate and karma, so how can you possibly see it with your naked eyes?” Li Muyang glared at Tianming.

“Anyhow. I’ll just have to follow your instructions. What else after that?” Tianming asked.

“You can’t always cut off the karmic threads to block off your connection with me, so you have to become a god! Your soul will undergo a transformation upon becoming a god, and at that time, you will be completely cut off from all mortal affairs, cutting off your connection with my tenth reincarnation. At that time, our family of three will have escaped death for real!” Li Muyang anxiously said.

“Become a god?” Tianming was dumbfounded. There were only ten gods born in the entire history of the Flameyellow continent. Could it be that Li Muyang’s experience occurred beyond this continent?

“That’s right.” Li Muyang nodded.

“So, is there a time limit?” Tianming asked.

“The sooner, the better. I’m not exactly sure about the time. But it’ll be more dangerous the longer you take.” said Li Muyang.

“Holy shit. The pressure is a little too intense. Let me calm down a bit.” Tianming calmed himself and sorted out all the information he got from Li Muyang. “You’re saying that I will lose the Primordial Chaos Beasts if I don’t do everything according to your instructions or get myself captured? At that time, our family of three will die?”

“Your lifebound beasts will leave you for good, and we won’t simply die. They hate us, and our outcome will be a whole lot worse compared to Autarch Qian if we’re captured.” Li Muyang said in a sorrowful voice.

“Understood. Well, everyone would beat thieves to death…” Tianming stuck his tongue out.

“You brat. Joking even in such a serious atmosphere.” Wei Jing rolled her eyes.

“Haha, let’s adjust the atmosphere a little.” Tianming smiled. “Anyways, we’re still alive, and no one can stop our family of three coming together. It’s fine as long as we’re happy.”

Li Muyang and Wei Jing exchanged a glance, and they both smiled.

“Tianming, you’re wrong about that. It should be our family of four,” Wei Jing smiled.

“Ah?! I-I-I…” Feiling was stunned. She immediately lowered her head and blushed. Honestly speaking, she was already treated as part of the family, and Li Muyang didn’t keep his secret from her.

When the atmosphere calmed down, Tianming took a deep breath and nodded, “Father, mother, I know what to do now. I will definitely do my best to get our family of four out of this ordeal alive. I will try my best to become a god. That will be my upcoming goal, and I won’t rest until I become a god! So what if there are pursuers? As for the karmic threads, I guess that you guys won’t be able to make it clearer for me. But that doesn’t matter. I’m not someone who will lead a peaceful life. On the contrary, I want an exciting life! I will do my best to soar, and one day, I will change the fate of our entire family. I’ll kill whoever stands in my way just like the Nineshades Clan; I’ll exterminate their entire lineage!”

“That’s right. I never expected that I would have such a huge origin. Tianming might be ugly, but he’s still family. I’ll fight with whoever dares to touch our mount, even if it’s a god. If I stab his butt with my sword, he’ll bleed no matter what.” Ying Huo made a passionate declaration while lying on Lan Huang’s head.

“BORRRRRING! I just want to sleep.” Li Muyang’s words shocked everyone, but Meow Meow was only in the mood to sleep.

As for Lan Huang, it would just enjoy the thrill of charging through the wind and waves. Seeing that Tianming and his lifebound beasts weren’t intimidated by the pursuers, Li Muyang and Wei Jing were shocked.

“You guys aren’t afraid?” Wei Jing asked.

“Mother, this isn’t a question of whether we’re afraid. I have no choice since someone wants to kill my family and me. I’ve experienced many things during this period and understand this simple logic—we can’t show any fear to our enemies. Otherwise, we might disappoint those we love and those who love us. I not only believe in myself, but I also believe in Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang. They’re all my brothers, and we’re not afraid of death. Perhaps having an outcome a lot worse than Autarch Qian might terrify me, but losing them and losing you is ten thousand times more painful,” said Tianming.

“Doesn’t sound bad. Tianming, your life is different from mine. I have some fixed mindsets due to the Sky Plunderer Clan, but I hope you will develop your own mindset and style. Live a different life from mine,” said Li Muyang.

“Does the Sky Plunderer Clan still exist in the world?”

“There aren’t any more of them.” Li Muyang took a deep breath with tears welling up in his eyes. “Your grandparents and all our clansmen sacrificed themselves to protect me…”

He didn’t want to say it, but in the end, Tianming had asked. When the pain and despair returned to his heart, it made him feel terrible.

“I got it.” Tianming took a deep breath. Total destruction of the clan? That was simply an irreconcilable feud. Tianming now knew that his experience back in the Grand-Orient Realm was nothing in comparison to this.

He would only change his fate for real if he did it together with his parents. Li Muyang said that they were only an ordinary clan, but they relied on their unique talents to accomplish the glorious thing in history. Wasn’t that the same as a small fish changing the flow of the river’s current?

Tianming couldn’t help looking at Li Muyang with reverence. He was proud to have such a father in his life, the Sky Plunderer Clan’s remnant who resisted the pursuers, Li Muyang who went against Autarch Qian, and Mu Yang who killed the fifth son of the Lin Clan.

His father had many identities, but he never changed. Li Muyang wasn’t like Li Wudi, but he bore too much on his shoulders. He might once be a puny figure, but he was courageous, and Tianming would never forget Mu Yang fought with the Lighting Manor back in the Flameyellow Stadium. On the other hand, Li Wudi was a grassroots chivalrous hero.

Tianming turned to Wei Jing and asked, “Mother, how are you related to Jiang Lingjing, Autarch’s Princess Skyfate?”

It now appeared that Autarch Qian was the one who killed Jiang Lingjing and framed Li Muyang for it. In reality, the two were killed by Autarch Qian after Li Muyang failed to seize the Cyclic Mirror.

“She’s my ninth reincarnation,” Wei Jing replied.

“You also have ten reincarnations?” Tianming was dumbfounded.

“That’s right.”

“That means you’re also from the Sky Plunderer Clan?” Tianming asked.

“No.” Wei Jing shook her head.


“I’m the Cyclic Reflector,” replied Wei Jing.

“What the hell?!” Tianming widened his eyes and exclaimed out, “Mother, you’re not a human being?”

“Watch how you’re talking with your mother!” Wei Jing grabbed onto Tianming’s ears, and she said angrily, “How can I give birth to you if I’m not a human being?”

“Then what’s going on?”

“I’m the Cyclic Reflector’s spirit. I fell in love with him and took him through ten reincarnations. I wasn’t a human before, but I am now,” said Wei Jing.

“Holy shit, that’s touching as fuck. Is this what we call a perfect romance?” Tianming was dumbfounded.

They reincarnated for ten lifetimes, undergoing ten lifetimes of love. The hero tried to change history, while the mirror brought him through ten reincarnations to escape.

“That’s touching.” Feiling sobbed.

“That’s melodramatic,” Tianming praised.

“Why don’t you try and say that again?” Wei Jing glared.

“Oh, my great mother, please spare me,” Tianming yielded.

Everyone laughed as they looked at Tianming. This was no longer a family of four but a family of seven. If Tianming were to include the seven remaining Primordial Chaos Beasts that were yet to hatch, it would be a family of fourteen. But what would become of their fate? Tianming had no idea about that.

The so-called fate was now crashing onto him like a colossal mountain, but he wanted to continue going forward on his path. He swore to himself that he had to be like a lunatic. For this family and for those he loved, he was willing to bear everything, even at the expense of death.

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