Chapter 568 - Your Life Ends Here!

Tianming turned around. The Soulfiend was supporting the Evil Suppression Pillar while Ye Lingfeng sat on the top of it. Ye Lingfeng was currently a sixth-level sky saint, slightly stronger than Tianming.

The Evil Suppression Formation was the Evil Suppression Pillar’s first ability. With the power of Soulfiend, he completely expanded the formation, reaching a kilometer in range, which was several times larger than Tianming’s Imperealm Sword Formation.

"Amazing! A mere sky saint is actually able to resist my abilities. Looks like it’s a tribulation artifact.” The Infernal Viledragon roared with laughter that sounded like thunder.

Before it, Tianming and the other two were as small as ants. It was in no hurry at all. Circling in the air, it headed straight for the formation. All at once, it was tangled in Primitive Demon Ki. Unfortunately, it caused the dragon little damage.

"There’s another Prime Tower. Where is it? Pull it out. I’m taking them,” said the Infernal Viledragon. "Not going to listen?” 

The dragon was a little angry. As soon as it spoke, the white-haired young man at its feet pointed his finger and colorful sword ki shot out.

"Is this a joke?” Laughing, the dragon stretched a claw and gently flicked.

The seemingly insignificant Myriad-Demise Sword instantly pierced its claws, causing an explosion of blood in the sky. The dragon cried out in pain.

"Do you feel good?” Tianming asked with bloody eyes and gritted teeth.

"Courageous indeed. How interesting. I do, and the reason for that is over there.” 

The Infernal Viledragon pointed in a direction. On the other side was Li Wudi's battlefield.

In the fight between the three empyrean saints, the lesser half of Richwater City had been completely destroyed. Countless buildings collapsed, and the people in the quagmire screamed in despair. The confrontation between the top powerhouses frightened them.

In their eyes, Li Wudi resembled a demon as he battled two men all alone.

The three figures constantly changed.


"Your ability isn’t bad, especially since your Li Saint Clan’s Bloodfiend Transformation has greatly strengthened your physical body. It’s a pity you’re only a first-level empyrean saint. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to defeat you,” sneered Xuanyuan Xu.

"Dongyang Qian, hold him down!” 

"Sure thing.” 

With both hands, Autarch Qian threw out the Cyclic Mirror and rammed it onto Li Wudi's head. Li Wudi was forced to his knees by the terrifying suppressing force.

"Is this a salutation? You don’t have to be so polite!” Autarch Qian laughed.

Teeth clenched, Li Wudi forcibly rose to his feet and slashed at Autarch Qian.

"Don't struggle. Have you forgotten? Weisheng Yunxi knelt before me like this and hasn't woken since.” Autarch Qian laughed madly.

"Shut up. What are you proud of? Once he gets what he wants, you'll lose the Cyclic Mirror as well. You won’t live either,” said Li Wudi.

"Trying to sow discord? What inferior means.” Although Xuanyuan Xu sounded cold, this was, in fact, a sensitive issue. As a person in control of everything, he was unwilling to discuss it. He became even more vicious, his attacks growing increasingly brutal.

"Dongyang Qian, I told you to hold him down!” 


Autarch Qian exploded in strength, the Cyclic Mirror in his hand continued to expand and cover the sky. Li Wudi was once again subjected to terrifying suppression. In that instant, blood continuously spilled from his lips.

"Go to hell!” Xuanyuan Xu's ever-changing Antediluvian Spear shot towards Li Wudi.

With a flick of the arm, he swept the Firstbane Saber backward. Then, taking advantage of the Cyclic Mirror’s suppression, Xuanyuan Xu attacked once more. His spear pierced through Li Wudi’s chest. 

If Li Wudi hadn’t resisted the spear, the weapon would have pierced his heart! Even so, this was a heavy blow.

Drawing out the spear, Xuanyuan Xu smiled contemptuously.

"You’re too weak. Pathetic! Can you change anything?” 

Blood poured from Li Wudi's chest. Autarch Qian continued to suppress him with the Cyclic Mirror, all the while laughing hysterically. Li Wudi was forced to his knees once more.

"Xuanyuan Xu, aren’t you going to kill him?!" asked Autarch Qian.

"He’s been severely injured. I’ll leave him to you. You can slowly have your way with him. I'm going to get the treasures.” Xuanyuan Xu smiled coldly.

He didn’t seem keen on helping Autarch Qian solve the problem so quickly. What if Autarch Qian ran off first?

Autarch Qian was startled.

Li Wudi swept the Cyclic Mirror aside. He was already covered in blood which made him appear even more ferocious. The Firstbane Saber in his hand was pointed at Autarch Qian once more.

"A filthy villain like you isn’t worthy enough to kill me! Even if I die, I’ll take you with me!”

Like a madman, he let out a bloody roar. Despite the heavy injury, he hurtled towards Autarch Qian once more, all the while bleeding out his chest!

"Are these your last words, Li Wudi?” Autarch Qian snickered.

What the hell was this man thinking? He was already wounded in the chest!

"Do you really think the Li Saint Clan are immortals?" He laughed.

"You’ll find out.” Li Wudi's voice was so cold it sounded as if it came from the depths of hell. 

Now that he was heavily injured, he no longer cared about Tianming. Making Autarch Qian pay was the fuel for his indomitable fighting spirit.


Xuanyuan Xu slammed into the Evil Suppression Formation. With a glance, he locked onto Tianming.

"It’s your turn.” He sounded very excited as his gaze focused on the Grand-Orient Sword in Tianming's hand, his expression greedy. "Who would’ve thought that I, Xuanyuan Xu, would have such luck! Oh, how the wheels of fate turn!” 

He was completely drawn to the Grand-Orient Sword. There was no Tianming in his eyes. He grinned as soon as he entered the formation, darting towards Tianming. The spear in his hand was pointed at Tianming, his movements fast as lightning.

Even with Temporal Field, Tianming couldn't zoom in on his position.

"Your life ends here.” 

As soon as the words left his lips, Xuanyuan Xu’s spear suddenly appeared before Tianming, aimed straight for his eyes.

This was irresistible power!

The spear sliced through the air. It wouldn't be surprising if Tianming were killed with a single blow.

In this desperate moment, Tianming couldn’t raise his sword to fight Xuanyuan Xu; that would undoubtedly result in death. Instead, he summoned the Prime Tower, placed it in front of his eyes, and stimulated its greatest transformation, using it as a shield.

A harsh clangor sounded. His eardrums were about to burst! Tianming felt a majestic force rushing into his body and was sent flying.

However, he noticed Prime Tower stood still. Xuanyuan Xu’s spear was tossed aside by the tower.

This was Tianming’s last resort. His control over the Prime Tower was weak at best. However, it offered the protection of the Soul Tower and Purple Tower once Tianming had opened the first floor. The towers could even appear outside.


Relying on the connection between him and the Prime Tower, it returned to his hands with a mere thought. Escaping from death was hair-raising.

"Is this the Prime Tower? Not bad indeed. Unfortunately, it can only block my attack this time.” Laughing sinisterly, Xuanyuan Xu struck with his spear once more.

Although the Prime Tower could block an enemy's attack, killing Tianming was easy as long as Xuanyuan Xu moved quickly enough to bypass the tower. Yet another deadly crisis was headed toward Tianming in this hopeless battle. The Prime Tower couldn’t block the enemy’s complicated moves.

Based on his connection to the tower alone, it was difficult to apply the tower to the extent of the Grand-Orient Sword.

"Bring it here!” Xuanyuan Xu bypassed the tower and aimed with his spear.

A harsh sound rang once more.

Tianming was taken aback because he discovered that the Prime Tower, which Xuanyuan Xu had just shaken off, appeared in front of him on its own. And at this critical moment, it blocked Xuanyuan Xu's attack yet again.

"What just happened?” 

Both Xuanyuan Xu and Tianming were puzzled. Did the Prime Tower move on its own?

Instantly, Tianming learned the truth. It was the soul servant!

Tianming finally noticed an invisible figure hidden in the Prime Tower. In other words, it had merged with the tower.

"Is this the soul servant’s ability?” 

Before he could recover from the shock, the Prime Tower automatically transformed. Not only had it moved, but it had also changed in size, blocking Xuanyuan Xu's attack several times!

"The soul servant is from the Primordial God Race, originating from the Primordial God-Emperor. It should have nothing to do with the Prime Tower. But it can control the tower. Could controlling divine artifacts be the soul servant’s ability?” 

This was just Tianming's speculation. The connection and control between him and the Prime Tower remained unbroken, yet the soul servant could move the tower on its own. This was an incredible ability. In the midst of blocking an attack, the soul servant actually moved into the spear, causing a deviation in its path of attack.

"What the hell?” Xuanyuan Xu was stunned.

It took him a great amount of strength to force the soul servant out of his spear. However, he couldn’t see the soul servant at all. In the blink of an eye, the soul servant had returned to the Prime Tower.

"The Prime Tower automatically protects its master?” Xuanyuan Xu's eyes gleamed.

Right then, the Infernal Viledragon easily tore the Primitive Demon Ki apart. Waving at it, Xuanyuan Xu said, "Come here at once! Hold the Prime Tower down. It’s stopping me from killing him and seizing the treasures!” 

"Alright!” The dragon chased after the tower.

After a round of destruction, it finally managed to trap the Prime Tower between its teeth.

"It's over." Xuanyuan Xu attacked once more.

This time, Tianming was really finished. At Xuanyuan Xu’s speed, he would soon reach Tianming. The latter didn’t even have time to catch his breath. The spear shot towards him like a hot knife through butter. Even Li Wudi had been pierced in the chest, so what more was there to say about Tianming? 

Eyes blood-shot, Tianming condensed all his strength in the Grand-Orient Sword, hoping to fight against his fate. Xuanyuan Xu twirled his spear, avoiding Tianming’s Myriad-Demise Sword and Imperealm Sword Formation. Tianming had no way of resisting this attack.

"Goodbye.” With the spear in hand, Xuanyuan Xu laughed coldly.

At this moment, Tianming was sure of death.

He had many regrets, but that was how life was. No one could win indefinitely, and fate was sometimes cruel. No one could stop unexpected events outside of their plans. Even if Tianming gave it his all, he still couldn't change the ending.

At this moment between life and death, Tianming suddenly heard the whistle of sword ki.

All of a sudden, the glint of a sword flashed past his ear, instantly hitting Xuanyuan Xu's hand. Xuanyuan Xu cried out in pain from losing a finger.

"Who the hell is it!"

They both wondered.

Xuanyuan Xu quickly retreated a distance, his eyes widening as he stared behind Tianming.

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