Chapter 539 - Take Her Home

"Yunxi, don't mess with this old man's steamed whale. Young lady, you should learn when I’m displaying my cooking skills. Don't be impetuous. Speaking of which, you’re two hundred years old now, not young anymore. The years haven’t been forgiving. Do you understand the indifference of the Heavenly Dao? If you don't understand it now, you will when you turn three hundred. But it's a pity, you have to die today." Autarch Qian laughed heartily.

Weisheng Yunxi's struggle formed a sharp contrast to his ease. On the other side, Li Wudi was still fighting the autarch beast. After all, the autarch beast was a second-level empyrean saint, two levels higher than Li Wudi. Autach Qian still controlled the overall situation.

At this moment, the Nebula Emperor Whale's voice gradually weakened. When the white mist dissipated, the bright stars on its body suddenly dimmed and the starry sky turned into a dark night. Its soul was torn apart by the Cyclic Mirror.

"It’s out of the pot! Smells great!” laughed Autarch Qian.

Weisheng Yunxi stood there blankly with bloodshot eyes and a pain-filled expression. She had lost. Once again, she was defeated by Autarch Qian's calculations and means. Her Nebula Emperor Whale was dead.


She suddenly found it difficult to breathe. The blow hit her like a bat to the head, making her unsteady on her feet.

"How pathetic! Can't you go mad?! Bullying a weakling like you makes me upset,” Autarch Qian said regretfully.

The huge corpse of the Nebula Emperor Whale hit the ground, provoking a cheer from the Theocrats.

"The Nebula Emperor Whale died in battle. It’s over for the Decimo Dao Palace!”


"Today, the Decimo Dao Palace is completely annihilated. The malignant tumor of the Theocracy will no longer exist!”

They were all mad, their ferocious natures revealed, each a bloody-eyed murderer.

Autarch Qian sighed, shaking his head. "How depressing.... Victory was too easy.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the autarch beast screamed. Following the scream, they all turned and witnessed Li Wudi slice off one of the beast’s heads in the midst of battle. He threw the head at Autrach Qian.

"It seems the Li Saint Clan is quite capable. Apparently, Li Shenxiao almost wiped us out back then!” Autarch Qian roared with laughter.

Taking advantage of the commotion, Weisheng Yunxi placed the corpse of the Nebula Emperor Whale into her lifebound space.

"It's useless. When you die in a while, it’ll have to come out again,” said Autarch Qian.

Although the autarch beast had lost a head, it was only even more fierce. Li Wudi was once again entangled in battle and unable to support Weisheng Yunxi. In the face of absolute strength, Li Wudi was anxious. Until he got rid of the autarch beast, he would be continuously engaged in battle. He could only hope that Weisheng Yunxi was able to sustain herself a while longer.

"It's time to end this. What a farce. I wonder how stupid our ancestors were. It merely takes this to exterminate the Decimo Dao Palace, yet they remained standing until now.” Feeling bored, Autarch Qian pulled out the Cyclic Mirror and walked toward Weisheng Yunxi.

"Come, avenge your lifebound beast!” Bursting with grandeur, Autarch Qian made his move.

Weisheng Yunxi remained silent. Despite the bitterness she’d experienced in the past, she had always gritted her teeth and endured. The only thing she could do was give it her all. Everyone could see that she was already at her limit, and had given up on living past this one last battle. What she wanted was a chance for vengeance, to buy even a tiny bit of time for the Decimo Dao Palace. 

Unfortunately, the disparity in strength was insurmountable.

Every time she attacked, Autarch Qian managed to suppress her, beating her bloody. She got up again and again, fighting with her life, but the reality was that she was only knocked down again and again. Many of the Dao Palace’s warriors were in tears, but what could they do? In the end, not even Autarch Qian could stand it anymore.

His Cyclic Mirror descended from the sky like a piece of dry land. The Evil Suppression Pillar in Weisheng Yunxi's hand sank bit by bit, unable to withstand the opponent’s majestic force. In the end, the Cyclic Mirror covered Weisheng Yunxi's forehead. Dazed and bleeding from her seven orifices, Weisheing Yunxi fell softly to the ground.

"Palace Lord!" Countless desperate voices spread throughout the battlefield.

Autarch Qian’s laughter assaulted their ears.

"Weisheng Yunxi is dead!” 

The Theocrats laughed with delight as they attacked the Decimo Dao Palace with vigor.

"She’s not dead yet. I placed a Cyclic Stigma on her to keep her alive so she can witness the destruction of the Dao Palace with her own eyes. Then I’ll find an auspicious day and summon the world's heroes to the Divine Capital, so they can watch me behead the palace lord!" Autarch Qian smiled.

This was the sense of ritual he desired, to punish one as an example to the others. Let this pass on through the ages and the entire country stand witness! Let his name last forever! This would undoubtedly strike desperation into their hearts.

At the thought of this, Autarch Qian smiled and reached for the Evil Suppression Pillar in Weisheng Yunxi's hand.

At that moment, the autarch beast roared once more as another of its heads was removed. When the masses looked over, they saw Li Wudi, covered in blood, holding another head in his hand. Then he threw it at Autarch Qian.

“You old ghost, you’re dead!”

As soon as the Primordial Bloodbane Kunpeng took advantage of the situation to suppress the wounded autatch beast, Li Wudi came sweeping over. Having just defeated Weisheng Yunxi, Autarch Qian had consumed a lot of power. Catching the autarch beast’s head sent him stumbling a dozen meters backward.

Li Wudi pulled Weisheng Yunxi up and examined her. There was a mark of the Cyclic Mirror on her head, which was the cause of her current coma. But even in her state of unconsciousness, she held on tightly to the Evil Suppression Pillar.

"Ye Yi, take her away!”

Li Wudi tossed her to Ye Yi. Having been injured by the Evil Suppression Pillar, Ye Yi’s opponent, Dongyang Yun, was weakened. Piercing Dongyang Yun in the chest, Ye Yi caught the palace lord and the Evil Suppression Pillar.

"What are you planning to do?!” As soon as Ye Yi turned to look, Autarch Qian had his eye on Li Wudi.

"Take her away!!” shouted Li Wudi.

Ye Yi glanced at the unconscious woman. This was an extremely rare opportunity. If he didn’t leave now, Weisheng Yunxi would definitely die here and the Evil Suppression Pillar would be seized by Autarch Qian. The opportunity was fleeting. After all, Dongyang Yun’s flesh was hardy, and Ye Yi’s attacks hadn’t injured his heart. Stopping the blood flow, Dongyang Yun immediately rose to his feet. Additionally, Ye Yi’s Evernight Eagle couldn't stop his opponent’s three lifebound beasts.

"Li Wudi, make sure you don’t die!”

Ye Yi admired Li Wudi's courage; however, he had to go. Otherwise, the Decimo Dao Palace would lose all hope. Taking advantage of Dongyang Yun’s injuries, Ye Yi made the decision to escape.

Autarch Qian didn't bother stopping him. Amused, he said, "Why bother? She suffers from Cyclic Stigma. Without the Cyclic Mirror to lift the mark, she’ll live forever in a coma. There’s no way she’ll be able to support the Evil Suppression Formation. The Evil Suppression Pillar will be mine, sooner or later. You have nowhere to escape.”

"Shut up!” Afraid that he would intercept Ye Yi, Li Wudi desperately obstructed him.

"Li Wudi, don't you understand? Weisheng Yunxi is considered a small fish next to you. What I need is for her to no longer be able to support the Evil Suppression Formation. Anyway, her lifebound beast is dead. That’s all there is to her ability. You are the real threat to the Theocrats!” Autarch Qian looked at him, his gaze fiery.

"So, the most important thing for me today is to kill you!”

Now that the Evil Suppression Formation was gone, as long as he killed Li Wudi and accomplished his greatest goal, the Theocrats would have a complete victory. Annihilating the legions of the Decimo Dao Palace was only a matter of time.

"You’re full of shit, you old devil!” Li Wudi sneered.

"But that’s how it is. When you grow old, it’s easy to feel lonely. Just bear with it for a while. Old people love droning on and on. Once you’re dead, you won’t be able to hear a thing,” Autarch Qian said with a smile.

"Have you gone mad? I don't have other skills, but I’m best at escaping. Why don’t we give it a go?" Li Wudi said as he retreated.

The autarch beast’s injuries weren’t considered mild. After all, it didn’t possess the Cyclic Mirror and was a bit weaker than Autarch Qian. The Primordial Bloodbane Kunpeng flew over to Li Wudi and entered his lifebound space. It seemed Li Wudi didn't want to continue fighting.

"Is the big fish that I caught trying to escape?” Autarch Qian was amused.

"Yes, are you going to chase after me in the water? Be careful not to drown,” Li Wudi said with his eyes narrowed. 

"You’re far more interesting than Weisheng Yunxi. That little girl just takes it, but you dare talk back to me. Alright then, I’ll give you a head start.” Autarch Qian smiled, squinting his eyes.

"You can sure talk your mouth off. You’ll die of that, sooner or later!” Li Wudi turned and fled.

He escaped in the opposite direction of the Decimo Dao Palace. His purpose was obvious—to at least prevent Autarch Qian from personally dealing with the Decimo Dao Palace. If he could really delay Autarch Qian for a while, he would have done his best, regardless of his life or death.

"Haha, another brightly colored fish who wants to play tricks. Unfortunately, I’m going to eat you!”

As soon as Li Wudi transformed into a bloody gleam and fled, Autarch Qian leisurely chased after him atop the Cyclic Mirror.

"Ninth prince, thirteenth prince,” Autarch Qian’s voice echoed in the Imperial City.


"The two of you lead the imperial clan in trampling the Decimo Dao Palace. No one is allowed to leave the Divine Capital,” said Autarch Qian.

"Yes, father!”

Jiang Ling and Dongyang Yun looked at each other, their eyes bloody.

"Come with me to destroy the Decimo Dao Palace! We’ll follow them wherever they go!”

"Whoever kills Li Tianming will be rewarded with thirty million saint crystals!" added Dongyang Yun.

"Without the Evil Suppression Formation, the Dao Palace has nowhere to escape to. When father returns from killing Li Wudi, they’ll be completely finished! Both Li Wudi and Li Tianming have angered Father, so they must die today. They’re more important than Weisheng Yunxi, do you all understand?"

"Yes! Kill Li Tianming!”

It was obvious that their growth frightened even the Theocrats.


Outside the Grand Sky Gate.

"Palace Lord.”

Looking at the pale, unconscious woman before him, Tianming felt a volcano erupt in his chest. He clenched his fists, his expression filled with killing intent. On the way there, Situ Qinghe was behind Weisheng Yunxi, all the while gradually transforming the Nebula Emperor Whale into a lifebound spirit in her lifebound space. The process was very complicated and required protection. That was Tianming's current task.

"Tianming, take her home.”

With tears in his eyes, Ye Yi rushed back to the battlefield to engage in another bloodsoaked battle.

"Theocrats! Autarch Qian!”

Tianming turned and looked in the direction of the Imperial City, his eyes boiling with rage. He thought of everything Weisheng Yunxi had said to him, of this woman, of her gentleness and elegance, her dreams, and her dedication. He didn’t dare to look at her face, because of the pain it would bring him. The pain seemed to burn throughout his entire being.

Everything that happened today had trampled on their dreams and dignity. Was death the only thing awaiting them? Whether Li Wudi could survive was another question. If he died, the Decimo Dao Palace would have no way out.

Tianming wondered what he could do for these important people. Killing Wei Xiaotao, Dongyang Fen, Exalted Jing Yue, and Exalted Ling Xing? He felt that was far from enough!

"If I had a little more time, I’d personally kill the autarch and avenge the palace lord!”

The death of the Nebula Emperor Whale had overwhelmed Tianming with hatred.

To him, Autarch Qian was no different from Lin Xiaoting. Even death couldn’t stop him.

At that moment, Ye Lingfeng suddenly placed his hand on the Evil Suppression Pillar.

“Brother Tianming, I’d like to give it a go!"

"Give what a go?"

"Supporting the Evil Suppression Formation!”

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