Chapter 518 - Divine Capital’s Stallion

Jiang Liuting took several steps forth. Standing between the two armies, she said to Ye Yi, “Senior Ye Yi, I heard that your Decimo Dao Palace’s Li Tianming killed the rebel, Dongyang Fengchen, at the age of twenty? Not to mention that he’s even been conferred as a Skycore Astral General? I wonder if he’s willing to join the battle?”

“Yeah. You’re looking for him?” Ye Yi asked.

“Not really. I’m just curious. Many of us would like to meet him,” said Jiang Liuting.

“Is that so? That fellow has a weird temper. He’ll want to beat someone up if he shows himself, and I’m afraid the situation will spiral out of control. Please return,” Ye Yi smiled.

“Senior Ye Yi, you really know how to joke. I’m no longer a junior. No matter how ordinary I am, I can still hold my footing before a junior. I heard he made rude remarks against the Theocrats in the Decimo Dao Formation? I’d like him to admit his mistake today,” said Jiang Liuting.

“Are you sure about that?”


As they spoke, Deputy General Liu Yuyi introduced Jiang Liuting to Tianming, saying, “This is the strongest descendant under the ninth prince. She’s only in her thirties, but she’s already a fifth-level Sky Saint. As you can see, she’s the female version of the crown prince. She even has a harem with hundreds of men. People call her the Divine Capital’s Stallion.”

“So exciting? Doesn’t Jiang Ling teach his children?” Tianming asked.

“That’s their style. It’s normal for them to be influenced at a young age, but compared to Dongyang Yun, the ninth prince’s descendants are a lot better. Jiang Liuting is just the worst of them,” said Liu Yuyi.

“Big Sister Liu, why are you so clear about that?” Tianming smiled.

“Everyone in the city knows her story. You don’t need to be a gossip to know about it. But I hear that she’s got a conflict with Lady Bai,” said Liu Yuyi. That was women’s nature. Despite saying that they weren’t gossips, they still brought out a whole chunk of gossip.

“Conflict with Big Sister Bai?” Now that was it. That was something Tianming couldn’t accept. He asked, “What conflict?”

“They’re the same age, and Jiang Liuting loves to show off. So she naturally doesn’t find my younger sister pleasing to the eye. Whenever someone tried pursuing my younger sister, she’d snatch that person over. She’s the reason my younger sister is still single.

“One time, she beat up my younger sister and scratched her face. She came home crying after that, and still hasn’t gotten her revenge. After all, she’s indeed more outstanding than Zijin.” Bai Zijun came over and explained.

Bai Zijin had just reached third-level Sky Saint, while Jiang Liuting was fifth-level. That was a gap built over a decade. As Jiang Ling’s daughter with the strongest talent, her sydra having eight heads, she even had a chance at the ninth level of the Sky Saint stage!

“She scratched Big Sister Bai’s face? Is she jealous that Big Sister Bai is better looking?” Tianming raged.

“She’s disfigured hundreds of women,” said Bai Zijun. Even now, he still couldn’t forget about how Bai Zijin was bullied.

Tianming and Jiang Liuting exchanged glances. He could tell that she was a strong woman who wanted everything in her control.

“Tianming, she’s trying to suppress you because of your position in the dao palace. She wants to suppress the dao palace indirectly by dealing with you. I heard that you made a breakthrough recently? Why don’t you teach her a lesson?” Bai Zijun asked.

“To what extent?”

“Just don’t take it too far. We’ll be fighting with Dongyang Yun soon,” said Bai Zijin. He then whispered in Tianming’s ear, “As for my younger sister’s revenge, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.”


Bai Zijin hadn’t come today. If she had, she would definitely let Tianming beat Jiang Liuting to death. Right at that moment, Ye Yi called out to Tianming. Riding on Lan Huang, Tianming came forth. Today, he was wearing the Dark Astral Armor, looking gallant with his black and gold eyes glittering in the night.

“Skycore Astral General, Tianming. Hall Master, do you have any orders for me?”

“Jiang Liuting here wants to spar with you. I bet many people have never personally witnessed your strength, so they don’t know you well. Go ahead and show your strength. Then again, don’t overdo it and ruin the harmony.” Ye Yi smiled.

“Roger!” Tianming turned and faced Jiang Liuting. Her arms were crossed and her eyes were narrowed into slits, looking down at Tianming.

Jumping off Lan Huang, Tianming looked towards Jiang Liuting amid the heavy rain and thunder. When he looked up, his face was illuminated by a flash of lightning. He spoke out, “I have three lifebound beasts, and I don’t take advantage of that factor. We’re going to fight Dongyang Yun right away, and since we’re not going to overdo it, what do you think of a battle between beastmasters?”

“Sure.” Jiang Liuting smiled coldly. She examined Tianming and added, “I heard you were brought to the Infernal Soul Formation when you came to the Divine Capital? It was Bai Zijin who personally protected you for a few months, right? You guys spent your days together day and night? She seems pure on the surface, but she has such weird tastes. Li Tianming, did you have fun with your Big Sister Bai’s body?”

Tianming was slightly taken aback, then sneered, “I can’t believe there’s someone with a foul mouth like you in the dignified Ancient Theocrats. Did you think you were beautiful? Please, take a look at yourself in the mirror. With how disgusting you look, you don’t even qualify to carry Big Sister Bai’s shoes. Jiang Liuting, do you know it’s part of human nature to try and prove what you’re lacking? You’re trying to slander her here. Are you doing that because you’re dirty and envious of others?”

Tianming smiled and waved his hand. He had even called the name of the Nineshades Clan aloud, so there was no need for him to be polite, even with Jiang Ling.

Jiang Liuting had never imagined that a youth would be so rude to her. Most importantly, his words had struck her weakness. This ignited her wrath. Her face turned black, and her eyes were cold. She mocked, “What an arrogant bastard. Do you really think you’re invincible?”

“Well, the last person who asked me that was the former crown prince, Dongyang Fengchen. And now he’s dead.” Immediately after Tianming finished speaking, he retrieved the Three-Thousand Starfield. The chain shone brightly amidst the rain, dazzling with ninety-nine saintly heavenly patterns.

Jiang Liuting was still furious, and she wanted to get back at Tianming for insulting her. But she never expected that Tianming would take the initiative and attack her first. She was still hundreds of meters away from Tianming when a brilliant starlight flew over.

She reached out to grab the whip, but was knocked tens of meters back with her hand bloodied. She had managed to block Tianming’s Three-Thousand Starfield with her saint ki, but had still been injured.

She immediately took out her saintly beastial weapons, a saber and shield with eighty saintly heavenly patterns each. It was almost at the level of Dongyang Fengchen’s Nineshades Imperial Sword. The saber, the Eightshades Nether Saber, looked similar to the Nineshades Imperial Sword. It had one fewer eye, but it was sharper and more slender. 

The shield was known as the Darknorth Beast Shield. It was a black shield with a vivid hydra engraved on it. When Tianming swung the Three-Thousand Starfield over from afar, Jiang Liuting blocked it with her shield.

“Ling’er, why is Spiritual Attachment so powerful today?” Tianming was already a ninth-level Earth Saint. With Jiang Feiling’s Spiritual Attachment, his strength alone was already approaching the fifth-level of Sky Saint stage.

“Because I’m furious!” Jiang Feiling replied. Well, that made sense. How could she not be furious when Jiang Liuting was trying to smear Tianming and Bai Zijin’s reputations? Now that she was furious, Tianming could feel his strength boosted.

After a few whip strikes, Jiang Liuting could only passively defend against Tianming’s attacks, but couldn’t touch him at all. That made her lose her temper and she shouted, “Die!”

She turned into a black phantom and charged toward Tianming, braving through the Three-Thousand Starfield’s attacks.

“That’s it?” Tianming could clearly sense that both sides had focused their aura on the two of them. From a battle between individuals, it turned into a battle between auras. No one wanted to lose, especially when the two of them held high positions in their respective factions.

Tianming was carrying the Decimo Dao Palace’s will. He could hear millions of people calling out his name.

“Li Tianming! The mandate of heaven! Beat her up!” They were direct with their cheers. Tianming’s fighting spirit was on a whole new level as he executed the Ninesilver Astral Art—Brilliant Stars.

The Three-Thousand Starfield transformed into a brightly-shining galaxy and came crashing down. Before Jiang Liuting could even get near Tianming, she faced his attack from fifty meters away. She immediately lifted the shield in her hand to block, but the Three-Thousand Starfield had ninety-nine saintly heavenly patterns, with three thousand strands of Invincible Sword Ki.

The power behind that blow knocked the Darknorth Beast Shield into her, which sent her flying five hundred meters out while spewing blood from her mouth.

When she came in contact with the ground, she created a trench dozens of meters in length, shattering the blue bricks used to pave the ground.

“How is he so powerful when he’s not even in the Sky Saint stage?!” Jiang Liuting was dumbfounded, but she wasn’t seriously injured. She immediately got up to her feet and rage filled her mind, driving her insane.

Right at that moment, Tianming used the Ninesilver Astral Art—Chaotic Galaxy. The stars in the sky gathered and descended like wild meteors.

Jiang Liuting swung her Eightshades Nether Saber to block the incoming chain. But the Three-Thousand Starfield suddenly wrapped around the saber, dissolving the force behind it. At the same time, the tail of the chain continued on and smacked into Jiang Liuting’s face.

As she let out a scream, her head hit the ground. The spectators watching this scene felt their scalps tingling when they saw Jiang Liuting spitting out white foam.

There was a huge gash on her cheek, and even her cheekbone was shattered. It seemed so painful that everyone took a cold breath. At that moment, the army of six hundred thousand behind Jiang Ling was dumbfounded.

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