Chapter 505 - Perpetia Divine Realm

The Evernight Eagle was flying swiftly, shuttling through the Abyssal Battlefield. Feiling would have had trouble enduring the pressure in the past, but things seemed different now. Tianming’s back was against the wind, and he was embracing her. Their hair was fluttering, intertwining together.

“Big brother, it’s somewhat complicated. I have no idea where to start.” Feiling leaned against Tianming’s chest.

“Then let’s start from Xuanyuan Xi,” said Tianming.

“Okay. That’ll have to start from the Flameyellow continent. When we were back in Vermillion Bird, we knew it was within the Flameyellow continent’s territory. But do you know how big the Flameyellow continent is?” Feiling asked.

“I roughly know about it from some ancient books. The Theocracy of the Ancients could be regarded as the eastern part of Flameyellow continent, and it’s relatively powerful. After all, the Theocracy has thirty realms and tens of thousands of kingdoms under them. There were many dynasties and sects inferior to them, but they’re still lacking when compared to the Nine Divine Realms,” said Tianming.

“Not only are they inferior, there’s a considerable gap between them. After all, the Theocracy of the Ancients was developed by relying on the Tomb of the Ancients. Before the Tomb of the Ancients existed, this place was a barren land. To the Nine Divine Realms, every territory other than theirs is considered a barren land.

“Since ancient times, the Flameyellow continent’s history and glory have been gathered in the Nine Divine Realms. The Theocracy’s territory might be comparable to a small part of a divine realm, but their legacy and foundations aren’t even close to them. The divine realms are the core of the Flameyellow continent,” said Feiling.

“So you’re saying that Xuanyuan Xi came from the divine realms?” Tianming asked.

“That’s right. Big brother, do you know how the Nine Divine Realms came to exist in the Flameyellow continent?” Feiling asked.

Tianming shook his head; he had no idea. The books he had read only indicated the Theocracy of the Ancients’ size, which was comparable to half a divine realm. He even suspected that the book was boasting, and not particularly accurate. But there wasn’t any information about the Nine Divine Realms recorded in them.

He was still under the impression that the Nine Divine Realms were equivalent to nine Theocracies.

“The rumor that a god was once born in the Theocracy of the Ancients is complete bull. But it was true that there’ve been gods in the history of the Flameyellow continent. Since ancient times, the continent gave birth to a total of nine gods. Every one of them represented an era in the Flameyellow continent, and they and their descendants founded the Nine Divine Realms.

Even now, the Nine Divine Realms are still using their ancestors as faiths. The nine gods were known as the Nine Supreme gods by the continent. The Nine Divine Realms were mostly named by them,” Feiling said respectfully.

“So, is Xuanyuan Xi one of them?” Tianming asked. He felt that he’d guessed correctly, but he never expected Feiling would shake her head.

“Xuanyuan Xi doesn’t belong to any of them. She’s the tenth god in the Flameyellow Continent, born in the first god’s Archaion Divine Realm. The first god was born in ancient times and bore the surname Xuanyuan. So Xuanyuan Xi was considered his descendant,” she introduced.

“Xuanyuan Xi didn’t establish a tenth divine realm after becoming a god?” Tianming asked.

“No. She died as soon as she became a god. I’m not entirely sure of her cause of death, but something seems to have happened. Part of her memories were sealed, but I can be certain that it has something to do with the Demon City,” said Feiling.

“Gods can die?” Tianming was shocked.

“Of course,” Feiling paused briefly, then continued, “Big brother, you’ll never be able to guess the relationship between Xuanyuan Xi and the Demon City.”

“Carry on.”

“She’s the Archaion Divine Realm’s miracle. When she was born, she didn’t have a lifebound beast, but what accompanied her was a Demon City that descended on the Flameyellow continent. Not even she was aware of all the Demon City’s secrets,” Feiling shared.

“In other words, she doesn’t know the origin of the Demon City, and how someone like the Primordial Demonlord and Primordial God-Emperor died in the city? Do the Grand-Orient Sword, Prime Tower, Cyclic Mirror, and Evil Suppression Pillar have anything to do with her?” Tianming was shocked by Feiling’s revelation.

“That’s right. She might be connected to the Demon City, but it seems that her control over it was limited. There’s many places in Demon City forbidden to me. We can’t get rid of places protected by the Divine Tomb Formation. She doesn’t know the Soulfiend’s origin, nor what’s in the brick houses,” said Feiling.


“That’s right. If not for the crystal coffin, she would’ve died entirely. There’s no way her soul could stay around for a hundred thousand years. Her rebirth method also came from the Demon City.” 

“You’re saying that the Demon City’s origin is much higher than her status as a god? Is this the reason she was curious about what opportunity it would bestow upon me when the soul servants appeared?” Tianming asked.

“That’s right. She only knew that the Demon City would return to her body immediately upon her rebirth, and all of you would be thrown out. At that time, the soul servant’s process will also be disrupted. That’s the reason she was so patient in allowing you to uncover the Demon City’s secrets. Otherwise, she would’ve long found a way to fuse the two godchildren,” Feiling explained.

“I see…” Tianming was still confused as to why Xuanyuan Xi didn’t go to the altar right from the start and had only become nervous when she saw the Soulfiend. So it turned out she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to uncover more secrets of the Demon City after her rebirth.

“Ling’er, does that mean that the innate and acquired godchild rebirth method comes from the Demon City?” Tianming asked.

“That’s right. It’s called the Perpetia Rebirth. When she died and returned to the Perpetia Coffin, her body was separated in two by Perpetia Rebirth. The deceased part of her body was the innate godchild, and the part of her that was still alive was the acquired godchild. I’m the acquired godchild. I was bestowed with life, and as long as I grow up to adulthood, the two godchildren will fuse together, perfecting the Perpetia Rebirth. At that time, she’d undergo rebirth and rise from the dead. 

“During the acquired godchild’s growth, a mortal soul would surely be born, and that’s me. But I’m no threat to her. She was hiding within my immortal soul. So if she awakens, she’ll be able to control the acquired godchild and erase my existence during the fusion. The reason I’m alive is thanks to Feng tearing her soul apart when she was most vulnerable,” said Feiling.

“She’s gone for good, right?” Tianming asked.

“Yeah. That’s right.” .

“Do you pity her?”

“A little. After all, she was preparing for so many years. But there’s nothing I can do about it.” Feiling lowered her head.

“Yeah. There’s nothing we could do about it.”

“But I have an idea. I just don’t know if you’ll be scared by it,” said Feiling.

“Carry on.”

“We’re both one person in a sense. She’s dead, but at the same time, she’s not completely dead. That’s because I inherited her memories. Judging from those, I can tell she’s not a bad person,” said Feiling.

“Don’t let your thoughts wander around. You are yourself. It’s just memories, consider them a story that you heard.”

“Okay.” Feiling nodded.

“It looks like this god’s ability comes from the Demon City, and the city must also be the reason why she could become a god. Just what was her origin, and why was she born together with the Demon City? Where did the Demon City come from? Are there any other gods slumbering in there?” Tianming asked.

“I don’t know.” Feiling smiled bitterly, shaking her head.

“By the way, why’d she send you somewhere as far away as Vermillion Bird?” Tianming asked.

“That’s because the acquired godchild is mortal, and there’s no way I’d be able to grow up in the Theocracy. The Theocrats are tyrants, and the acquired godchild is a beauty. Without any ability to survive, the acquired godchild would suffer a miserable fate. It’d be an almost sure thing that I wouldn’t be able to live to adulthood.

“So she used the last of her remaining strength to send me to Vermillion Bird. It might seem to be a coincidence that I was picked up by my father, but he was someone she picked. In the end, everything went as she’d planned. Her appearance in the dao palace was her first awakening, and she was honestly happy because your presence made it easy for me to return to the Demon City,” said Feiling.

“What about your abilities?”

“She was born with them, and she transferred them to me—the acquired godchild—to ensure that I’d survive to adulthood.”

“What? She was born with the Demon City and ten seals? She’s not the reincarnation of some almighty existence, is she?” Tianming asked.

“Reincarnation? Probably not. Reincarnation is just folklore. It doesn’t seem to exist in the world. It involves the heavenly law. Honestly speaking, reincarnation seems to go against that heavenly law, but I have no idea what’ll happen,” Feiling said worriedly.

“Aren’t you fine now? Don’t believe her. She was probably just trying to scare us before her death. Besides, you have the Demon City. You’re also her, so what has it got to do with heavenly law?” Tianming replied.

“Yeah.” Feiling nodded.

As something suddenly flashed in his mind, Tianming asked, “Ling’er, you previously said that you couldn’t use Spiritual Attachment anymore. What’d you mean by that?”

“That’s because my body has fused with the innate godchild. The innate godchild is a god physique, and god physiques can’t be transformed into the spiritual form. But I don’t need to possess you,” said Feiling.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Watch.” Feiling’s body glowed abruptly. A spiritual body suddenly floated out of her and went into Tianming. Spiritual Attachment’s effect came immediately, but Feiling was still in his embrace, but she collapsed and wasn’t breathing.

“Holy shit!” Tianming thought that she had died. She was attached to him, so why was there a ‘corpse’ here in his embrace?

“Is this the innate godchild? Can you separate after fusing with it?” Tianming asked.

“I can. Now that I’ve fused with the innate godchild, it’s the same as possessing two bodies. Look!” Feiling reappeared beside Tianming, taking the form of another Feiling.

This version was the one Tianming was familiar with before entering the Tomb of the Ancients, a mortal physique. The innate godchild was still lifeless in Tianming’s embrace, like a corpse.

“Isn’t it magical?” Feiling asked, merging her two bodies together.

“Yes, it is. Ling’er, I have something that I’d like to ask you.”


“Does Xuanyuan Xi have any offspring? Does she have a boyfriend?”

“She doesn’t. With the Demon City, her cultivation was a miracle in the history of Flameyellow continent. She became a god at age twenty. How can there be someone worthy of her?”

This meant the Demon City wasn’t simple, and Xuanyuan Xi seemed to have more secrets than he had imagined.

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