Chapter 502 - Teaching the Dao on Heaven’s Behalf

The six vortices around Dongyang Fengchen seemed to be six channels of rebirth, gloomy and deadly as they swept through. 

"A mere rat like you thinks you can deal with the Theocrats? We've existed for tens of thousands of years—we’re indestructible! We’re the gods of all beings. How dare the weak provoke us!" Dongyang Fengchen laughed grimly, confidence bursting with his move.

"Once I kill you, won’t your lifebound beasts die as well?”

He controlled Tianming's life and death! Smiling maliciously, Dongyang Fengchen was every bit the villain.

"You want my life? We’ll talk about it after at least half of the Nineshades Clan is dead!”

Tianming gathered his Invincible Sword Ki on the Grand-Orient Sword once more. This time, he added the Sword Imperealm Formation.

There were thousands of Imperial Sword Ki in the formation, more than the Invincible Sword Ki he could personally control. The dark gold sword ki merged together, forming an attack type heavenly pattern formation. 

Even if Tianming's saint ki was inferior to his opponent, his explosive power and lethality was no worse than Dongyang Fengchen’s. The two instantly collided.

More explosions filled the underground palace. During their confrontation, Tianming was entangled by the saint ki within the Six Dao Cyclic Sword. Blood splattered everywhere as wounds appeared all over his body.

The Grand-Orient Sword containing Invincible Sword Ki sliced through the Nineshades Imperial Sword, stabbing into Dongyang Fengchen. At the same time, Ying Huo’s Sixpath Infernal Lotus crashed into him, burning his flesh.

In that instant, Meow Meow bit off three of Dongyang Fengchen’s fingers with its Myriadfiend Venomfang. Finally, Lan Huang attacked with its Annihilation Godsword. Dongyang Fengchen could only use his sword to block; however, he soon collapsed to the ground covered in blood.

Right then, a blood-stained Tianming suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Open your eyes and see clearly!”

Dizzy from the fall, Dongyang Fengchen opened his eyes, only to see the Grand-Orient Sword pierce his saint palace. The tip of the Grand-Orient Sword burrowed through his flesh and into the ground.

"What?" Dumbfounded, Dongyang Fengchen stared at the sword in his abdomen.

His saint palace was shattered. As soon as the saint spring of this sky saint was penetrated, the majestic spiritual energy of heaven and earth burst forth, throwing Tianming up in the air. Dongyang Fengchen resembled a punctured balloon as his spiritual energy erupted like a fountain.

"What a spectacular sight." Tianming smiled.

Splitting the Grand-Orient Sword into two, he stood beside Dongyang Fengchen.

"Ahh!!” Bleeding from his eyes, Dongyang Fengchen held out his hand and clutched at his abdomen. However, he couldn’t stop the loss of saint ki at all.

His eyes were so wide his eyeballs could fall out. He bled from all seven orifices, a truly spectacular sight. He could only watch as thirty years of hard work vanished in an instant and an endless nightmare overwhelmed his being.

Dongyang Fengchen lay on the ground in shock, panting, chest undulating.

"Li Tianming!!” With all his strength, he growled and stared at Tianming. His eyes were fierce, but his shaking hands and feet deceived no one. The destruction of his Saint Palace had shattered his will. Everything had happened so fast; one moment he was confident, and the next he had descended into hell. His brain froze and the fear of death gradually spread through his heart. Perhaps even now, he couldn't accept the fact that he was defeated by Tianming in the tomb.

"How is it possible?!” He was in agony, at a loss and struggling.

"You’re dead meat! The Theocrats will surely dismember you into ten thousand pieces!!” he yelled, but sadly found that his threat sounded so weak.

The smile on Tianming’s face seemed reminiscent of a devil.

"You don’t have to scare me. You won’t be able to see me dismembered, because I’ll dismember you first." Tianming roared with laughter.

Grabbing Dongyang Fengchen by his lapel, Tianming placed him against the coffin and smacked him in the face.

"Take a good look. I'll kill your lifebound beast first. It's not guilty and doesn't have to suffer with you, but Your Highness, I’m upset that you think I’m a good person. I can be a devil too—I'll prove it to you right away. Don't die yet!"

As Tianming looked up at Bai Xiaozhu and Situ Yiyi, the two turned pale, staring blankly back at him. Bai Xiaozhu pinched himself hard.

"Oh my God, I’m not dreaming!" He was dizzy.

Although he was still standing, he was already on his knees in his heart.

"Watch him. Don't let him commit suicide, alright?" said Tianming.

"Of course! No problem at all. I must give him a few slaps!" replied Bai Xiaozhu.


Tianming turned to join his lifebound beasts in support of the Soulfiend. Behind him, Dongyang Fengchen’s eyes widened as he bled from his orifices. He repeatedly hit his head, fear crawling up from under his feet, gradually filling his entire being.

"Dongyang Fengchen, you’re a fool. If you sin, you’ll have to pay eventually. You’ve harmed so many lives, killed so many girls. How many have you tortured to death just because they disobeyed you? Karma is a part of life. What you owe, you must pay. This is a fact you should recognize. I’ve told you to do less evil. Now that you’ve met a ruthless man, you’ll get a taste of your own medicine,” said Bai Xiaozhu.

"My husband is right. This really is retribution. The innumerable souls you’ve wronged have come to claim your life. If you don't die miserably, I dare say that heaven is unfair. Tianming is doing good for this world. The Theocrats have committed too many evils and now you’ve exhausted your fortune. You’re just the first—the debts owed by the Nineshades Clan must be paid!" Situ Yiyi spat in anger.

Affected by Meow Meow’s Myriadfiend Venomfang, Dongyang Fengchen vomited black blood.

"Don't play the fool! Aren’t you usually arrogant? Why are you frightened now? It turns out that you fear death as well, just like everyone else. Crown prince? After tearing off your skin, aren't you just a mouse?" Bai Xiaozhu quipped, slapping Dongyang Fengchen in the face.

"What are you going to do about it, huh?" Bai Xiaozhu asked.

Yet another slap.

"What are you going to do about it, little mouse?"

Staring blankly at him, Dongyang Fengchen trembled violently, his expression turning vicious.

"You’re courting death—"

Bai Xiaozhu landed a heavy slap on his face and told him to take the words back.

"I didn't catch what you said. Speak up! Don't be a coward, Your Highness. Aren’t you very strong? Don’t you like collecting beauties? Come then, and show it to me."

He trampled Dongyang Fengchen’s crotch, crushing his genitals. Cold sweat straight dripping from his face, Dongyang Fengchen grit his teeth, and finally wailed miserably.

"I heard that you’re very talented in this respect. But it doesn’t look like it. That’s just a rotten sausage," mocked Bai Xiaozhu.

Although Dongyang Fengchen wanted to commit suicide, his hands and feet were bound by Bai Xiaozhu. He was now a weak mortal.

"Your Highness, to be honest, I'm a coward. I’m merely taking advantage of Tianming's strength to torture you. Although it makes me seem like a villain, I can't help it. It feels damn good! Hahaha! Honey, don't just stare. Come here. This opportunity comes once in a blue moon," said Bai Xiaozhu.

"Well get out of the way!" Situ Yiyi replied.


When Bai Xiaozhu stepped aside, Situ Yiyi’s foot came crashing down.

"Go to hell, you beast! How many girls have you ruined?! Dying ten thousand times isn’t enough punishment for a bastard like you!" Situ Yiyi spat on Dongyang Fengchen’s face.

Dongyang convulsed in pain.

"Does it feel good, honey?"

"Of course. I can’t bear to let him die."

"Your Highness, we don’t know how to play, but when Tianming returns, you’ll have a good time," said Situ Yiyi.

Dongyang Fengchen hit the altar with the back of his head. Terrified, he whooped wretchedly, unable to speak a word.

"Honey, are we too cruel to scare the prince like this?"

"Cruel? Compared to his sins, what we’re doing is child’s play. It’s too bad he only has one life."

"You’re right. Shall we slap him a bit more while waiting for Tianming to return?"

"Yes, one person at a time."

"You go right, I go left."

"Let’s go!"

"One two one, one two one."

"Damn it, don't hog him. It’s my turn!"

"Bai Xiaozhu, are you a man? You’re so petty!"


After a fierce battle, the Nethersea Regalfiend Hydra finally fell to the ground with a miserable cry. It had only perished after all nine heads were chopped off, a testament to its tenacity.

After the battle, Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang were injured and affected by the Nineshades Poison. They returned to the lifebound space and relied on the Prime Tower to detoxify.

Although the Soulfiend was immune to the poison, it was covered in bloody wounds. Right now, it lay on the ground, screaming miserably from the pain. Unfortunately, Tianming had no way to help it, so it could only heal in its own time. Tianming watched as the wounds on the Soulfiend healed at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

He turned around; Feiling might need some time to fuse with the godchild.

On the other side, Chen Jinghong had defeated Meng Qingqing, but she was still alive.

Tianming walked up to them. 

Having witnessed the crown prince’s defeat and the death of his lifebound beast, her eyes were dull and grey like a dead woman’s.

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