Chapter 493 - Are Eight Souls Enough For You?

“To be honest, you’re not bad looking. But right now, you look a little hideous. You wanted to gouge out my eyes for looking at you? May I ask where you got your confidence from?” Tianming asked. He knew that for someone like Huang Ziting, he just needed to teach her a lesson to make her convinced.

Huang Ziting was crying, shivering from the pain. The setback she was suffering was unprecedented. With a fierce expression, she roared, “So what? Do you dare to kill me?!”

“I’ve already left you in this state. Is it any different from killing you? Since there’s no difference, then why wouldn’t I dare to kill you?” Tianming asked.

But as soon as he finished speaking, a man suddenly knelt before Tianming. It was Jiang Yanwu, who had rushed over immediately when he saw Huang Ziting’s defeat. But it was a pity that he was too late. Ying Huo turned to help Meow Meow gang up on the Vajra Winged Kunwu.

Jiang Yanwu looked heartbroken. When he looked at Huang Ziting’s current state, he started trembling from the heartache he felt. Restraining all his anger and resentment, he begged, “We were wrong. Please, don’t kill her. We were blind to offend you. We didn’t know that you were so strong. I’ll apologize to you, so please forgive Tingting!”

“Kowtow,” Tianming requested.

Jiang Yanwu immediately did as he was told, smashing his head on the ground. Although he was bleeding from his forehead, he didn’t dare to stop. Huang Ziting’s life was at Tianming’s mercy. The Grand-Orient Sword was on her neck, and Tianming could kill her anytime.

“Tianming, please don’t kill Tingting. She’s my life!” Jiang Yanwu began tearing up.

“What a faithful lover. You’re a rare species among the Theocrats. Those I’ve seen are either someone like Jiang Yu or Dongyang Fengchen. Jiang Yanwu, you’re a rare species, with the characteristics of a bootlicker,” Tianming sneered.

“What bootlicker. I love her, and I’m willing to treat her well. This is love! What do you know?!” Jiang Yanwu replied with tears streaming down his cheeks.

His reply left Tianming speechless. He wanted to put an end to Huang Ziting, but Jiang Yanwu’s love for her reminded him of himself. Despite his status, Jiang Yanwu hadn’t hesitated to throw his dignity away and kowtow. That alone made him unique in the Theocracy.

Just as Tianming was hesitating, Huang Ziting blew her top. She roared, “Jiang Yanwu, get on your feet! Who asked you to kowtow? You’re a member of the Ancient Theocrats. The Theocracy of the Ancients is your territory. Why are you kowtowing to an outsider in your own territory? This is an act of cowardice, and you’re not worthy of being in the Ancient Theocrats!”

Looking at the fanatical expression on her face, anyone could tell that she had been brainwashed since she was young.

“Tingting, I’m trying to save you!” Jiang Yanwu replied.

“I don’t need your saving! You disappoint me. Not only are you inferior to His Highness in bed, but you’re also a coward!” Huang Ziting replied with disdain.

“What?!” Jiang Yanwu was dumbstruck, looking at Huang Ziting in disbelief.

Huang Ziting was stunned. She was too emotional, and had accidentally revealed the truth. Dongyang Fengchen hadn’t even let Jiang Yutong and Jiang Yufei off, so how could he let Huang Ziting off? It was just that Jiang Yanwu had been kept in the dark.

This time, Jiang Yanwu despaired. He had been faithful to his love, but it turned out that he was just a fool. Collapsing on the ground, Jiang Yanwu’s eyes turned red.

Huang Ziting pretended as if she hadn’t said anything and continued, “I don’t believe that you, Li Tianming, have the guts to kill me! If you dare to touch me, the Saint Martial Manor will destroy your Decimo Dao Palace!”

But what happened next was unexpected. Tianming plunged the Grand-Orient Sword into her chest and asked, “Do you believe it now?”

Huang Ziting spat out a mouthful of black blood. Taking her last breath, her head dropped. When Tianming withdrew his sword, her corpse fell to the ground.

“Two madmen. Merge quickly. I’m still waiting to collect more blood spheres,” said Tianming. Under Ying Huo and Meow Meow’s besiegement, the Vajra Winged Kunwu could no longer get up from the ground. On the other hand, the Eightocean Desolate Hydra returned to Jiang Yanwu after forcing Lan Huang back. With that, the battle was ended. But Tianming had already made preparations to fight again.

“You…” Jiang Yanwu looked at him blankly with despair.

“You guys are real?” Tianming asked, but there wasn’t any response to his question. There weren’t any changes to Huang Ziting’s corpse on the ground. “Betrayers deserve to die. All I did was clean it up for you. There’s no need to thank me. Goodbye.”

Tianming called back his three lifebound beasts. He wasn’t going to waste his time anymore since there wasn’t any blood sphere to be had here. Walking past Jiang Yanwu, he continued into the darkness, Jiang Yanwu crying behind him.

In this world, not everyone was the same. Some were worthy, some weren’t. After meeting someone unworthy, Tianming knew Jiang Feiling’s worth. It wasn’t easy to find that one worthy person among trillions.


Back in the spherical palace, there were eight people gathered. Among them, there was only one person from the Ancient Theocrats. The rest of them were younger generations of the Saint Martial Manor with the Jiang Surname.

The one from the Dongyang lineage was Dongyang Lie, eldest son of Dongyang Fen and brother to Dongyang Zhuo. He was one generation younger than Dongyang Fengchen and Jiang Fengyue. They might be the same age, but he had to address Dongyang Fengchen as uncle.

“It seems there’s nothing here.” Dongyang Lie said. “Keep walking and see if we can meet any others. There’s really nothing here. The treasures have already been taken. It’s already been two months, so we’ll be leaving soon.”


“Let’s go.”

Everyone nodded and followed him, walking into a passage. Suddenly, Dongyang Lie raised his head and exclaimed, “There’s someone up ahead!”

“Chase them!”

The group rushed toward the dark palace up ahead, and they soon got close to that figure. However, it didn’t move. It was leaning against the wall, looking as if they were waiting for someone or something.

“Who are you?”

“Who the hell are you? Report your name!” The eight of them stood thirty meters away, looking at the person in the darkness.

“Me?” That figure stepped forth, coming out from the darkness. When everyone took a closer look, it was a youth with his hair reaching his waist. His skin was pale, and he looked somewhat skinny with an innocent expression. The only thing that ruined his innocent appearance were his crimson eyes.

“Ye Lingfeng?!” Dongyang Lie laughed, drawing peals of laughter in his group as well. “Looks like we’re pretty lucky, meeting you here. You might not be Tianming, but killing you is the same as taking revenge for my younger brother, Dongyang Zhuo.” Dongyang Lie smiled.

He knew that Tianming was the crown prince’s prey, so encountering Ye Lingfeng was the best outcome. Without saying anything, the group surrounded him. All of them were wearing eerie smiles.

“This fellow looks pretty tender.”

“Dongyang Lie, don’t you have a fetish for this? A tender looking boy, not to mention his hair even reaches his waist,” someone laughed.

“Don’t spout nonsense. This is a leopard. He bites,” said Dongyang Lie.

“What’re you afraid of? We’re all first-level Sky Saints. This person is only in the eighth level of the Earth Saint stage, at best. Why don’t we pin him down and let you enjoy him?”

Ye Lingfeng frowned. He couldn’t understand what they meant, but the crimson in his eyes became deeper. Just by looking at them, he could feel his soul and blood boiling. He asked, “Ancient Theocrats?”

“Let’s go!” Dongyang Lie smiled.

Their encirclement started shrinking, like a pack of wolves surrounding a lamb. But right at this moment, Ye Lingfeng raised his head and looked at the shadow beside him, “Soulfiend, are eight souls enough for you to feast on?”

In the shadow, a monster grinned, revealing three mouths. Dongyang Lie and his group had seen it clearly. It was a humanoid monster, covered in heavy scales with bone spikes growing out from its limbs. Furthermore, it actually had three heads and six arms! The three heads were grown on the neck, looking in three different directions. The heads looked very similar to human heads, but their faces were blue and they had fangs. It was hideous, especially the eyes that looked like copper bells.

But there was something strange about it. All three of its heads had different expressions: joy, anger, and sadness. When Dongyang Lie and his group saw the monster, all of them gasped.


Five days later, Tianming met Meng Qingqing. She was wandering alone in the secluded world. Coming before Tianming, she started undressing, but Tianming directly attacked. When she summoned her lifebound beast, her fighting prowess rose to a whole new level. It took Tianming great effort to kill her, leaving behind a puddle of blood that gradually formed into the number ‘four.’

“Now, only one, two, and three are remaining. That existence has urged me several times during this period. But whenever I said that there’s nothing I can do about it, since I can’t find my opponents, they didn’t refute my words. This shows that she doesn’t control the blood spheres. So what will happen if I gather three more blood spheres?” Tianming wasn’t just pondering about it on his own, he even conversed with his lifebound beasts about it.

He had many speculations, but they were unfounded. The Divine Tomb was simply too big for him. When he was blindly wandering around in the Divine Tomb, the existence didn’t try stopping him. She only forbade him from returning to the sealed palace to cultivate.

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