Chapter 482 - Don’t Look Back

Li Tianming abruptly turned his head around. The Grand-Orient Sword flickered, forcing the figure back. Tianming took a look, only to narrow his eyes. “Dongyang Fengxiao?”

It was indeed Dongyang Fengxiao, along with his lifebound beast.

“Your lifebound beast recovers quite fast. It’s only been half a month.” It must have cost quite a bit. After all, his Azurebat Winged Hydra had had its intestines nearly ripped out.

There was a clear scar on its abdomen, showing that it wasn’t fully recovered yet.

“Li Tianming, I’m going to kill you! Your life will be payment for violating the Ancient Theocrats’ dignity!” When he finished speaking, he began playing the Nine Soul Funeral.

“Your lifebound beast isn’t healed yet, and I don’t like kicking people when they’re down,” Tianming said. To Tianming, this opponent wasn’t a challenge.

Tianming had just turned around to leave when, unexpectedly, he discovered that his opponent really lacked all regard for his life. He increased the power of the Nine Soul Funeral, and the hydra flapped its wings and launched itself at Tianming. It unleashed a spiritsource ability, Azure Windblades, that tore through the air.

“You actually think I don’t dare to kill you?” Tianming turned his head back. What greeted him was a barrage of attacks. “Don’t blame me for this then!”

A mountain-like two-headed dragon suddenly popped up in front of Tianming and unleashed Mountainsea World, blocking the blades of wind.

Tianming and Lan Huang charged forward together. Lan Huang’s huge body allowed it to block many dangerous attacks for Tianming, allowing him to get close to Dongyang Fengxiao.

Fourth strike of the Shenxiao Sword Art! 

Tianming slashed down with a two-handed strike, backed by two hundred strands of Invincible Sword Ki of four different types.

There was no way Dongyang Fengxiao could stand up to this. The soundwaves from his Nine Souls Funeral turned into a solid giant hand, but it broke in a moment.

As the Invincible Sword Ki swept past, Dongyang Fengxiao’s head flew up and hundreds of holes appeared on his body. HIs corpse crumpled to the floor.

“Seriously? You actually attacked me after I let you off?” Tianming frowned. By then, Lan Huang, Ying Huo, and Meow Meow had already slain the hydra.

“Let’s go,” Tianming called out. Lan Huang unwillingly returned to his lifebound space. It was just too huge and unsuitable for normal travel. As for Meow Meow, it very willingly returned to where it could nap.

Only Ying Huo remained perched on Tianming’s shoulder.

Tianming was just leaving when he suddenly halted. “Ying Huo, look behind.”

“Eh?” Ying Huo’s feather stood on end, as it turned around and let out a shriek. “What the hell?”

The two watched as Dongyang Fengxiao and his hydra were roughly put back together by an unseen force. However, Dongyang Fengxiao’s head joined the hydra’s body and his arms attached themselves to the beast’s abdomen....

Flesh and blood mingled as bones put themselves back together and a new monster was created. Like a wildbeast, its bloodshot eyes glared at Tianming.

“I’m going to kill you!” The head that was once Dongyang Fengxiao grinned.

Ying Huo nearly pissed itself.

“My… why look, it’s raining! I need to go home and take in the laundry. Meow Meow’s underwear is still hanging outside. If we don’t bring it in, Brother Turtle will eat it—”

“Could you be anymore incoherent?”

“No good, I’m pregnant! The water broke and the kid’s coming out!” It was like Ying Huo had met its natural enemy.

“That’s... just your piss, isn’t it?”

Ying Huo could no longer be counted on. Tianming could only resummon Meow Meow, who had just fallen asleep, rousing its grouchy ire. Meow Meow furiously launched itself at the monster, attacking with its claws and lightning.

“Fun! How does this head go here?” Lan Huang rammed the monster into the wall, causing blood to fly.

Seeing its courageous younger brothers, Ying Huo shed tears of shame. “Right, I was the big brother! I need to set a good example as a leader! Tianming, go get it!”

Ying Huo instantly felt much better as it found an excuse to comfort itself.

Invincible Sword Ki swept out again, causing blood to splash.

Is it dead this time? Tianming wondered.

“I’m going to kill you!” Dongyang Fengxiao’s head rolled over. It continued furiously screaming the same words over and over again. More disturbingly, his and the hydra’s flesh began to put itself back together again.

“Ying Huo, burn it!” Tianming felt his scalp tingle. He refused to believe it could still revive once it was turned to ashes.

“Yes, that’s my expertise, cleaning up after you all!” Ying Huo felt its confidence swelling again. Its Infernal Blaze quickly swallowed up the flesh, and finally, only ashes remained.

However, Tianming noticed a puddle of blood still remained. The puddle of blood reshaped itself into a ‘9’. Then, it shrank down and turned solid, becoming a ruby.

“You think we can make duck blood and vermicelli soup with this?” Ying Huo wondered.

“That’s human blood, meow!”

Tianming picked up the ruby. It was translucent, and he couldn’t tell it used to be blood. And upon closer inspection, he could see a face inside, which belonged to Dongyang Fengxiao.

“I’m going to kill you!”

Tianming hurriedly tossed it away. “Lan Huang, for you!”

Like a dog, Lan Huang leapt up. Just as it was about to fetch, its two heads hit each other and it crashed onto the ground. However, it excitedly jumped up, exclaiming, “How fun!”

It picked up the ruby and began playing with it.

“You’re going to crush me here!”

As the three of them clowned around, Tianming sunk into deeper confusion. “What just happened to Dongyang Fengxiao? What does the ‘9’ mean? And what use is the ruby?”

The tomb had become a strange place....


Tianming then coincidentally bumped into Jiang Fengyue. She turned pale and asked, “Did you kill my Fourteenth Brother?”

“How did you know?” Tianming was annoyed.

“He’s right above you.”

Tianming looked up, and a face was right in his face, its eyes wide and saliva leaking from its mouth.”

“I’m going to kill you!”

“What the fuck!”

Tianming hurriedly dodged to the side. He now noticed that the face was formed from the ruby, which Ying Huo had been playing with on his shoulder.

“Running?” Ying Huo’s confidence had grown. It kneaded the face, which turned back into a ruby. Sighing, it said, “Young people these days really have no guts. Aiiii, how are you gonna find a wife next time?”

“You killed a Theocrat, you’re dead meat!” Jiang Fengyue was furious.


“I’m going to kill you!” It was that exact same line.

“Can I just run?” Tianming asked. However, the answer was no, because Jiang Fengyue immediately charged at him!

Her three Dark Nethervenom Sydras quickly surrounded Tianming and went in for the kill.

Tianming hadn’t originally planned to tangle with her. However, the murderous actions she took set him off, so he counterattacked.

After a battle, he heavily injured her and killed one of her sydras.

“Goodbye!” Tianming turned to leave.

However, before he took three steps, he saw that the still not dead Jiang Fengyue began to fuse with her three sydras, becoming a twenty-five-headed monstrosity.

“Ahhhh!!” Ying Huo shuddered again, dropping the ruby on the floor.

Tianming helplessly cut the monster up into several pieces, then had Ying Huo incinerate it.

As expected, a puddle of blood was left on the ground that reformed into an ‘8’. It then became Tianming’s second ruby. Just like before, it had Jiang Fengyue’s face inside, looking at him maliciously and repeating, “I’m going to kill you!”

Tianming kept it.

“Nine and eight. Is it a countdown?” Feiling asked.

“Right, it’ll become three, two, and one in the end.” Tianming frowned. “Does it want me to kill nine people?”

Tianming’s response to all of this was a tingling scalp.

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