Chapter 448 - Bad News

When Tianming and Ye Lingfeng came out from the Spiritual Convergence, they saw Bai Zijin standing under a maple tree. When the maple leaves fell, it created a dream-like scenery with her white dress gently fluttering.

“Come here.” Bai Zijin beckoned.

“Big Sister Bai, did something happen?” Tianming suddenly had a bad feeling.

“It’s already been resolved, so there’s no need to worry about it. So, was your breakthrough successful?” Bai Zijin looked at Tianming with shock, then pursed her lips. “You’re finally in the Saint stage. The spiritual energy fountain was useful to your breakthrough, wasn’t it?”

“This breakthrough wasn’t easy, but it’s fine now. Big Sister Bai, what happened while I was gone?” Tianming looked at her.

“Let’s talk while we walk.” Bai Zijin signaled for Tianming to follow her.

“Do you remember that Supernal Mentor from the Ancient Greedwolf Clan, Su Hongyin?”

“Yeah.” Tianming nodded.

“She tried to kill Ling’er, but my big brother was around and ruined her assassination attempt. She’s currently being held in captivity,” Bai Zijin explained.

Tianming stopped walking. His eyes turned cold, and he asked, “Where is she right now?”

“At your home. I also just learned about it and came looking for you. But you don’t have to worry, Ling’er is fine. I already told you that there’s masters in the Decimo Dao Palace who’ve been assigned to protect the two of you. So you don’t have to worry about assassinations, at least. My big brother will be staying right beside you guys for the time being. Su Hongyin thought that Ling’er wasn’t someone important.…” Bai Zijin was still walking, but she felt a breeze beside her and turned around to see that Tianming had already disappeared.

“That brat.…” Bai Zijin still wanted to explain it slowly because she was afraid that he would lose control. But in the end, she had still underestimated Tianming’s reaction to this incident. The assassin failed, but this guy looked crazy. If Feiling was hurt somehow, wouldn’t he go mad? Palming her forehead, Bai Zijin could only chase after Tianming and call out, “Wait for me!”

This speed.… It looks like he’s gotten a lot stronger by breaking through. Bai Zijin was inwardly shocked.


Back in the First Pavilion, Tianming immediately barged in with a darkened face. When he looked around, he saw that there were four Hall Kings there. Standing before the Future Hall King, Bai Mo, was a man with white brows. He was Bai Zijin’s big brother, Bai Zifeng. He was also a Hall Lord of the Future Hall.

Tianming instantly recognized him as the person who had protected Feiling. On the other side was a woman in red, tied to a pole. But what tied her to the pillar wasn’t rope, but a small heavenly pattern formation. Heavenly patterns were wandering around her limbs, binding her mobility. Not far away, there was a wolf lifebound beast trapped in a heavenly pattern formation. It was also bound, and looked like it was dying.

“Ling’er!” Tianming yelled. The next moment, the door suddenly opened and a young girl ran out. Before she could stabilize herself, Tianming rushed up to her and took her into his embrace. His hug was so tight that Feiling felt breathless.

“Big brother, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me. I even had no idea what happened, and the culprit was already captured. I’m really fine, look!” she said.

“Yeah.” Tianming checked her from head to toe, making sure she hadn’t been hurt. However, he knew that if anyone in the Divine Capital tried to make a move against Ling’er, she only had two outcomes. She would either die or survive; it was impossible for her to just be injured. That also meant that Su Hongyin had nearly killed her!

“Ling’er, go in.” Tianming gently pushed her and smiled at her, signaling for her to relax before closing the door.

“Thank you, Hall Kings and Hall Lord.” Tianming came forth and gave a deep bow to Bai Zifeng and the others.

“Don’t worry about it. Nothing will go wrong with me around.” Bai Zifeng smiled, patting Tianming’s shoulder. He was just next door these days, listening to the laughter of these youngsters. He was pretty fond of Tianming, he just didn’t make an appearance.

“Yeah.” Tianming nodded, then turned and looked at Su Hongyin coldly. “Was she the mastermind? Or is the mastermind someone else?”

“She refuses to say anything, but the truth isn’t difficult to guess. I can tell you about it, but I hope you’ll keep it to yourself,” said the Future Hall King.


“She’s from the Ancient Greedwolf Clan, and she was probably under the orders of the Ancient Greedwolf Clan’s Patriarch, Wei Ji. They all belong to the other halls, so they naturally don’t wish for you, a pentabane of the Li Saint Clan, to grow up. After all, they’ll lose their foothold if you reach the height of your ancestor, Li Shenxiao. So they must be trying to suppress you and destroy your will. If they killed Ling’er, it would surely be a great blow to you,” said the Future Hall King, Bai Mo.

“I got it. I’ll take a look at Su Hongyin. She won’t be able to hurt me, right?” Tianming asked.

“She won’t, don’t worry,” said Bai Zifeng.

While the Hall Kings talked among themselves about the Theocrats, Tianming came over to Su Hongyin by himself. Bai Zijin and Ye Lingfeng had both returned, but they stood far away.

“Long time no see, Tianming. It seems like you’ve become more handsome and charming.” Su Hongyin might not be able to move, but she could still speak. With a frivolous smile on her face, she fearlessly looked at Tianming.

“You wanted to kill her?” Tianming asked.

“That’s right. She’s blessed with looks, but it’s a pity that she’s a cripple. She’ll grow old, and, sooner or later, she’ll become a pile of bones. She’s not comparable to me, who’ll always be young,” Su Hongyin chuckled.

“You’ll be young forever?” Tianming asked, staring at Su Hongyin’s neck.

“That’s right. I’m over forty years old, but I still look young. In another ten years, your little girlfriend will look older than me,” Su Hongyin laughed.

“That won’t happen,” Tianming said.

“Why?” Su Hongyin asked curiously.

“Because you’re going to die now!” Tianming went from silence to violence in a matter of seconds. He took out the Grand-Orient Sword and swung it at Su Hongyin’s neck.

Su Hongyin was briefly stunned, then let out a yelp, drawing everyone’s attention. Tianming’s eyes were red; he didn’t expect that a Sky Saint’s physique would be so powerful, and failed to behead her. But his sword had gone a third of the way through her neck.

“You!” Before Su Hongyin could finish, Tianming swung his sword again like a madman. It was like he was chopping a tree with an ax as he slashed at Su Hongyin’s neck two more times.

Even though Su Hongyin was a sky saint, she was still beheaded after taking three slashes from Tianming’s sword while she couldn’t move. Her eyes were wide open—even in death, she had no idea how she died.

She saw the Grand-Orient Sword stab into the ground, and in despair, she took a last glance at the white-haired youth before completely losing her consciousness. Although the four Hall Kings had enough time to stop Tianming’s sword, they were dumbfounded when they saw this scene. And while they hesitated, Su Hongyin was beheaded.

“Ah!” Bai Zijin screamed out and looked at Tianming blankly. She understood this youth the best, and when she saw him slash out three times at Su Hongyin, she knew what he was doing. Feiling was too important to him, and no one had thought that Tianming would be so furious dealing with an assassin who failed to do her job.

To Tianming, both Wei Jing and Ling’er were his soft spots, and he would lose his rationality if anyone tried touching them. But right at that moment, the gates were opened. Many people walked in, and when Tianming looked up, he saw the West Hall King, Wei Ji, who had immediately rushed in when he heard a familiar scream.

When they came in, they saw Su Hongyin’s head falling. Tianming had even plunged the Grand-Orient Sword onto the ground before their eyes and tossed Su Hongyin’s head over to the West Hall King, saying, “Hold it well and take it away.”

Just like that, a vulnerable youth with crimson eyes looked at the dumbfounded West Hall King. In that instant, the entire courtyard was enveloped in dead silence. The West Hall King grabbed onto the head that was still bleeding. After a brief silence, he exploded.

Four Hall Kings, along with Bai Zifeng, stood before Tianming. They had never expected that Tianming would be so impulsive, but they could only deal with it since things had already happened.

“Haha.…” Wei Ji smiled and threw the head onto the ground. Staring at Tianming, he asked, “May I ask why you killed the Supernal Mentor of my clan? If you don’t give me an explanation, I won’t let this matter rest so easily!”

“Explanation? Then let me ask you: why did you send her to assassinate a disciple of my Future Hall?” Bai Mo sneered.

“Future Hall disciple?” Wei Ji narrowed his eyes.

“That’s right. The descendant of the Li Saint Clan, foster son of Li Wudi, and the bearer of a pentabane.” As Bai Mo spoke, he placed his hand on Tianming’s shoulder. They had silently changed Su Hongyin’s assassination target, and Tianming understood what they were trying to do.

Assassinating him was more serious than trying to assassinate Ling’er. After all, she wasn’t one of the Decimo Dao Palace’s disciples. It looked like they had no thoughts of letting Su Hongyin go to begin with, just that they had never expected Tianming would be so ruthless.

“What rubbish! What evidence do you have?” Wei Ji raged.

“My son is here to protect them, and when Su Hongyin came to assassinate Tianming, she was caught red-handed. What more evidence do you need? If it wasn’t for my son, Li Shenxiao’s descendant would’ve been killed by her. Wei Ji, Su Hongyin is just a Supernal Mentor, so why are you getting so emotional? Or was she acting under your orders?” Bai Mo questioned.

Everyone outside could clearly see what had happened in the courtyard. Wei Ji fell into a long silence. He naturally couldn’t admit that Su Hongyin was here to kill Feiling, and not Tianming. If he did, then wouldn’t it be the same as confessing that he was the mastermind?

Bai Mo’s change in the story made Wei Ji deeply furrow his brows. Honestly speaking, a supernal mentor’s worth was naturally incomparable to a pentabane, but that was his woman! Even until now, he had no idea that Tianming had just returned from the Spiritual Convergence. In the end, he could only suck it up and rebuke, “Bai Mo, don’t spout nonsense. The pentabane of the Li Saint Clan will only benefit the Decimo Dao Palace. I have no idea why Su Hongyin tried to assassinate him, but it had nothing to do with me.”

He came in furiously to question, but could only leave in depression. Although he had already been prepared for the worst when he came, he’d never expected that Su Hongyin would be directly killed.

“Then we won’t send you off. Have a safe trip.” Bai Mo waved his hand. “Furthermore, let everyone know that if anyone tries to assassinate either of the pentabanes from the Li Saint Clan again, Su Hongyin will be their example!”

Wei Ji’s blood was tumbling in his body, but he could only suck it up. After all, Su Hongyin had failed in her assassination attempt. He couldn’t even figure out why she would try assassinating Tianming. He failed to find out about Tianming’s tracks immediately, and no longer had any more chances.

“Don’t be so happy, the four of you. The Decimo Dao Palace is still not a place where the four of you make the decisions.” Wei Ji smiled as he left. He was clearly trying to say that he had other Hall Kings standing by his side, and even the Ancient Theocrats.

“You’re right. The palace lord is the one who makes the decisions here,” replied Bai Mo.

“Haha!” Wei Ji turned around and left.

“West Hall King!” Tianming suddenly shouted out. When Wei Ji turned around, he met with Tianming’s ferocious gaze. Tianming said, “Tomorrow is your grandson’s birthday, and I want to give him an unforgettable present. Please tell him to wait for me in the Evil Suppression Plaza tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Wei Ji sneered and left. With that, the storm left quicker than it had arrived.


After the West Hall’s party left, the courtyard became quiet. As Tianming gradually calmed down, the scarlet flare in his eyes slowly dissipated and he said, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t control myself earlier.”

“It’s okay. It was mainly up to you, anyway. Su Hongyin is nothing, and if you can vent your anger by killing her, it doesn’t matter to us. The reason we didn’t kill her is that she’s only the executor, not the mastermind,” said Bao Mo. Wei Ji was indeed the mastermind, and Tianming wouldn’t forget about him.

“You and your sister will have to fight with these people if you guys want to grow, and they’ll definitely use underhanded methods to deal with you, and those methods will only become crueler over time. So it doesn’t matter if you kill Su Hongyin; the key conflict is between them and us. Su Hongyin’s death only placed our conflict on the table, and it doesn’t matter much,” said Bai Mo.

“Thank you, Hall King.” Tianming was sincerely grateful to them. Their thoughts were similar to his.

“Actually, you and your sister’s matters are trivial. It’s mainly on Li Wudi. He’s the person these people are afraid of. The day your foster father comes, they’ll definitely take it even further. After all, your foster father is an octabane monster.” Bai Mo and the others laughed. But what would they think if they knew that Tianming was a decabane.

“Tianming, you’re different from your sister. Qingyu is a gentle lady, while you're someone with passion and drive. That’s another reason we supported you in killing today. Your will is strong, and you’re someone worth forging. We’re all optimistic about you. Are you confident in suppressing all of the geniuses in the Divine Capital for our Decimo Dao Palace?” asked the South Hall King, Qin Jiufu.

That meant that Tianming only had to beat people up, while these Hall Masters would clean up the mess for him. So what did he have to be afraid of?

“I’ll thrash them!” Tianming gnashed his teeth. When he saw Feiling standing by the door looking touched, he vented out all his emotions. 

“Wei Wushang, it’s your turn tomorrow!”

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