Chapter 434 - Courtyard 99

“Let’s go,” said Dongyang Yu. There was no point for them to feel anxious. He just wanted to use the safest way to make this beauty, who made his heart tremble, belong to him for eternity. But just when they were about to leave, a plump man with a height of over two meters walked over with two teenagers, laughing. It was mainly the white-haired youth chatting with the plump man, while the other youth watched from the side.

“There’s all sorts of weird delicacies in the Divine Capital. Take wine, for example. There was one made with the feces of a saint beast, and many nobles in the Divine Capital liked eating it.…” The plump man was laughing so hard that the fat on his body shook.

“Well, I can’t seem to understand the upper society,” said the white-haired youth.

“Brother Tianming, delicacies are just one of the attractions in the Divine Capital. What we’re famous for here are beauties. People gather here from all around the Theocracy of the Ancients, and that goes the same for beauties. We have many Romance Pavilions in the streets and alleys. To the north of the Divine Capital, there’s also the Romance River. There’s lots of choices there, and you can take a walk there. I guarantee that you’ll lose weight after your visit,” the plump man smiled lecherously.

“Have you been there?” The white-haired youth smiled.

“…” The plump man was ashamed.

“Then why are you advertising it?”

“It doesn’t matter. I have lots of theoretical knowledge, and I can bring you there next time and pretend to be a frequent visitor. Just make sure that you don’t back out.” The plump man slapped his thigh with confidence. Moving his head over to the white-haired youth’s ear, the plump man whispered, “Besides, not only can we relax in those places, but our lifebound beasts can as well. You know what I mean? Those beauties have their lifebound beasts....”

“What the hell?” Tianming was amazed upon hearing that. He was surprised by the extravagance of the Divine Capital. Right at that moment, the two of them passed by two youths. When Tianming saw Dongyang Yu and Wei Wushang, he was shocked.

“Just two passersby from the Decimo Dao Palace are so strong?” Tianming asked.

“They’re not random passersby. Brother Tianming, those two are top existences in the Earth Ranking, especially Dongyang Yu. He’s someone from the Ancient Theocrats, and he’s one of the strongest around. Even if he grew up in the Theocracy, he’d still be ranked at the forefront,” the plump man said with excitement. Earlier, he was trembling when he saw them and even shrunk his neck.

“The Ancient Theocrats?” Ye Lingfeng trembled when he heard that. Turning around abruptly, he had already drawn out his weapons, the Infernal Bloodsoul Daggers. The Infernal Bloodsoul Daggers were an ancient inheritance from the Infernal Soul Race, and they had more saintly heavenly patterns than Li Wudi’s Crimsonblood Saber. They were godly weapons meant for assassination!

When Ye Lingfeng was about to make his move, Tianming reached out and grabbed the daggers. He said, “Don’t move!”

“I can’t hold back!” Ye Lingfeng gnashed his teeth.

“Hold it in no matter what!”

Letting out a long breath, Ye Lingfeng calmed down. Tianming knew that Ye Lingfeng’s mind was relatively empty, and he would only get worked up over vengeance. He asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine now. Thank you, Big Brother Tianming.”

“Don’t worry about it. Since I brought you out, I naturally have to be responsible for you. The Decimo Dao Place is a place of rules, and everything you do has to be within those rules. If you’re not able to judge the timing, then leave it to me,” said Tianming.

“Alright.” Ye Lingfeng nodded.

“Brother Tianming, this is Courtyard 99,” Zhou Yuanyuan turned around and said with excitement. When Ye Lingfeng flared up earlier, he had taken a few steps forth and didn’t notice the number plate. They had finally reached their destination. But just when Tianming was about to enter, someone suddenly called out to them, “Stop!”

When Tianming turned around, he saw that a grey-clothed youth, Wei Wushang, had called them out. Looking at how domineering the other party’s gaze was, Tianming naturally became unhappy and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Are you looking for Li Qingyu? Get lost then!” Wei Wushang looked at Tianming ferociously, his tone filled with oppression.

“Just where did this idiot come from? Who the hell are you to tell me to get lost? You can get lost, idiot,” Tianming sneered. Tianming didn’t want to let Ye Lingfeng kill without reason, but he wouldn’t be afraid of some verbal fight if they were being provoked.

“Wei Wushang, don’t! He’s Li Qingyu’s brother!” Just as Wei Wushang’s gaze turned cold and his murderous aura surged, the plump man, Zhou Yuanyuan, immediately stood in front of him, sweating profusely.

Listening to what Zhou Yuanyuan said, Wei Wushang was briefly shocked before he asked, “You’re Qingyu’s big brother?” His murderous aura dissipated and he put a smile on his face.

“I don’t look like it? Didn’t you see my hair?” Tianming asked. His white hair did share a resemblance to Li Qingyu’s.

“This is a misunderstanding. I thought you wanted to harass Qingyu. What’s your name?”

“Li Tianming.”

“Tian...ming?” Dongyang Yu frowned his brows. This was a bold and unfriendly name. However, Wei Wushang didn’t seem to realize it and smiled. “So it’s Brother Tianming. May I know which hall you belong to?”

“The Future Hall.”

“Alright, I’ll come and find you in the future with Brother Yangyu when we’re free. Judging from your tone, you just arrived in the Divine Capital?” Wei Wushang asked.

“That’s right,” Tianming replied. He wanted to see what Wei Wushang would do.

“So it’s Brother Tianming’s first time here. Since you know nothing about the Divine Capital, we’ll come and visit you in a few days and bring you around the city,” said Wei Wushang.

“I might not be free.”

“Oh, haha.…”

“Let’s go,” said Dongyang Yu.

“Goodbye,” Tianming replied.

Right at that moment, the people in the courtyard seemed to have heard the commotion outside. The gates of the courtyard opened with a creak and two girls ran out. “Big Brother!” Hugging one in each of his arms, Tianming was on cloud nine right now. On the other hand, Dongyang Yu’s eyes had turned red from watching them.

“Damn it! Damn it!” he muttered and turned around with his face distorted. Veins crawled up on his face like poisonous worms. Hearing the chuckles coming from behind, he didn’t need to look to know that Tianming had entered the courtyard while hugging them.

“Look into him!” Dongyang Yu said.


Entering the courtyard, Li Qingyu asked, “Big brother, can’t you be more reserved with everyone watching?”

“What?” Tianming let go of Feiling, who had a bright red blush on her face.

“What are you guys looking at?” Tianming condemned righteously. Wasn’t it just a reunion? Was there a need for everyone to stare at him?

“You were immoral.…” Feiling smiled wryly. Honestly speaking, it had only been two months since she had seen him last. But when she saw Tianming, she was so happy that tears rolled down her cheeks. But fortunately, Tianming had plenty of ways to make her laugh again, such as tickling her.

“Ahem, come. Let me introduce you guys to two new friends,” said Tianming.

Zhou Yuanyuan immediately took a step forward and tidied his clothes to present himself in the best light possible. But suddenly, Tianming said, “This is just a passerby. Next!”

“Brother Tianming, what the hell…?” Zhou Yuanyuan was frozen right on the spot. Both Feiling and Li Qingyu had also ignored Zhou Yuanyuan and focused on Ye Lingfeng. They could feel that there was something different about the young man. Not only his temperament, but he also radiated an oppression they felt deep in their souls. At the same time, his actions were weird. For example, he was lying on the edge of the pond staring at the goldfish swimming with his eyes wide open.

“His name is Ye Lingfeng. You guys can just call him Feng. Slowly get acquainted among yourselves and treat him as my younger brother,” said Tianming.

“Okay.” The two ladies nodded.

“Feng, come here and greet your big sister and sister-in-law,” Tianming said.

“Hello, big sister, sister-in-law,” Ye Lingfeng greeted seriously.

“Nice to meet you, Feng.”

“Big Brother Tianming, can I move now?” Ye Lingfeng said while standing straight.


The moment he received Tianming’s reply, he immediately disappeared. He had no concept for beauties. Instead, he climbed up the tree and looked at the leaves.


As Zhou Yuanyuan was also a friend, Tianming ultimately introduced him as well. Now that Zhou Yuanyuan had brought Tianming over, he was tactful and left, not wanting to disturb Tianming’s reunion with the two ladies.

“Brother Tianming, come and look for me when you have time. I’ll show you the best way to lose weight in the Divine Capital.”

“Get lost,” Tianming said with a headache, and Zhou Yuanyuan immediately ran off.

“What does he mean?” Feiling asked with her brows raised.

“Nothing, it’s just a misunderstanding.”

“So, did you get along well with Big Sister Bai over the past two months?” Feiling asked again.

“We’re still okay.…”



“Ling’er, don’t be jealous. Big brother loves you the most. When he was staring at you, you could see that he’s been behaving for the past two months,” Li Qingyu was sensible as she spoke up for Tianming.

“I’m just messing around with him. After all, he likes teasing others all day long!” Feiling laughed.

Now that his days had calmed down, Tianming felt more relaxed. He didn’t tell Feiling what had happened in the Infernal Soul Purgatory, but only said that he had beaten up the younger generation of the Ancient Qilin Clan.

“Qingyu, well done,” said Tianming.

“What do you mean?” Li Qingyu was baffled.

“In making Ling’er gain some weight. I just tested, and the touch feels better.”


Half a day of catching up later, Li Qingyu asked, “Big brother, the Future Hall isn’t far away. Is your residence big? I want to live with you. I won’t have any friends if you take Ling’er away.”

“Sure. My place is big, and there’s no issue even if we have a dozen people living there,” said Tianming.

Upon receiving Tianming’s approval, Li Qingyu immediately started packing up. She was the disciple of the Sky Hall King, and she had to report to the Sky Hall every few days. Very quickly, they arrived at the Future Hall’s First Pavilion.

“Has Feng always been like this?” Li Qingyu asked when she saw Ye Lingfeng digging for earthworms on the ground. Most importantly, he was seriously doing research, looking at it for a long time before he tossed the earthworm into his mouth.

“Holy shit!” Everyone immediately closed their eyes. Tianming felt a headache as he said, “Qingyu, teach him some common sense when you have the time.”


The next moment, Ye Lingfeng spat out the earthworm and muttered to himself, “It’s inedible! Who told me that it’s delicious earlier? Come out and taste it yourself!”

Tianming knew he was conversing with the souls within him.


In the evening, Tianming decided to stroll around and take a look at the Decimo Dao Palace.

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