Chapter 421 - One Man Against A Thousand

Secluding himself in the black formation didn’t mean that Tianming wasn’t furious when he was inside, he was just bearing it internally. It didn’t matter what insults they used to provoke him; he knew that they were trying to force him to start a fight. However, they were going too far by insulting his mother, which Bai Zijin knew that Tianming had never forgotten about it, even though he was in her heavenly pattern formation.

In the end, Bai Zijin could only allow Tianming to do what he wanted. It wouldn’t be easy for Tianming to beat a few hundred, but she was confident that she could protect Tianming from death. Among the younger generation of the Ancient Qilin Clan, there were also tough nuts to crack.

“Why are you guys afraid? This sinner is riding on our heads, and you guys are intimidated by him? If you guys won’t go up, then I will!”

“We have a few hundred right now, and there’ll be thousands in a while. So why are you guys afraid of him? Aren’t you ashamed?”

“Aren’t you ashamed to be part of the Ancient Qilin Clan?!”

“Go up and screw him up! Since he said he wouldn’t hold it back anymore, force him to suck it up!”

“His father is the source of our calamity, and this bastard isn’t feeling bad about it. His dignity? Just crush his pitiful dignity and strike fear in him!”

“Let’s go together and beat him up!” With someone taking the lead, everyone immediately felt encouraged.

“Kill him!”

Tianming was facing a hundred people on the Infernal Soul Formation. Although all of them were only in the Heavenly Will stage, it was still a formidable force to behold. Just hundreds of Qilins alone had caused a huge commotion.

“Are you guys afraid?” Tianming turned to Ying Huo and Meow Meow. It was exciting for them. This was the first time that they would be facing hundreds.

“Why would I be afraid? Today, I’ll tear their mouths apart!” Ying Huo said with flames gushing out from its eyes. It had also had enough. The reason it had been cultivating so desperately for the past two months was to beat the people up.

“Don’t go too far away from me.”

“Okay, meow!”

“Fight around Lan Huang and use your abilities well!” Tianming wasn’t irrational. He knew well if they could fight, and how they should fight. He had to get everyone to shut their mouths after this fight today. Otherwise, who could tolerate it if they had to be insulted every time they come out?

Lan Huang was the first to throw out an ability—Primordial Soundwave. It was even larger than the largest lifebound beast on the other side; it was a giant. The roar from Lan Huang dashed forth like a beam, supported by its cultivation of eighth-level Heavenly Will, which greatly enhanced the ability’s lethality. The spiritsource ability had created an empty path, dividing the hundreds of people into two smaller groups before they even got close.

Then it executed the Mountainsea World, using the Kui mountains as the foundation and the Kui seas as an outer layer to form a shield that seemed to have isolated Tianming, Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang in another world. As a result, most of the attacks directed at them were kept out of the isolated world. On the other hand, Tianming and his lifebound beasts could freely enter and exit as they pleased. To them, Lan Huang was like a mobile fortress. With the Mountainsea World, Tianming and his lifebound beasts had the confidence to fight against hundreds. In the next moment, countless abilities and battle arts were thrown around.


The battlefield was chaotic, so there was no need for Tianming to be polite. Wielding the Grand-Orient Sword with his right hand and the Thunderfiend Chain in his left, he left screams and shrieks in his path. The moment he couldn’t hold on anymore, he would retreat into the Mountainsea World, entering Lan Huang’s protection.

“Arggggh!!” Yells and cries could be heard everywhere. At the very least, Tianming and his lifebound beasts were unharmed, while many disciples of the Ancient Qilin Clan were injured. Some of them were even hit by their own allies’ attacks. Wherever the Thunderfiend Chains went, it would leave behind a wave of lightning. There were several people who had been grabbed by the whip, leaving lightning running all over their bodies.

One by one, the Ancient Qilin Clan disciples had foam coming from their mouths from being electrocuted. The Primordial Terraqua Dragon slammed down with its body, and at least a tenth of the people fell onto the ground, crying out in pain. Tianming had held back; he didn’t kill or cripple anyone. He would only make them scream out in pain. Honestly speaking, just this scene alone was terrifying. During the fight, some joined in, and some ran away.

“Again!” Another human wave rushed over at Tianming and his lifebound beasts. Most of them were only in the fifth or sixth level of Heavenly Will, so how could they withstand Tianming’s attacks? Most of the saints were in the middle layer, and there were only a few like Baili Zhuxing that stayed in this layer.

The impact of their rush nearly shattered the Mountainsea World, but Lan Huang ultimately held on. It let out a roar of anger, sweeping its tails over like meteors and sending many Qilins flying out. Meanwhile, Ying Huo and Meow Meow would launch sneak attacks while Lan Huang served as the tank. Both of them had fallen in love with assassinations, especially Ying Huo, who dashed around with the Infernal Haze, creating chaos in its path.

“We can’t beat him! Run!”

“Don’t run! Hold your ground!”

“His lifebound beasts are too powerful! How is he not in the Saint stage yet? He’s at least in the second-level of Saint stage!”

“Wait, he’s still using beast ki!”

Screams and all sorts of voices echoed out. Some were screaming in pain, and some were still attacking. But none of them dared come close to Tianming. They had to admit that Tianming’s fighting spirit, courage, and strength had left their hearts trembling. Many of them had pale faces and looked a little terrified. Unless they had thousands of people here, it would be difficult for them to muster their courage anymore. At the same time, many of them felt that Tianming was a monster.

“Where are our saints?”

“I saw Ning Wushuang around two days ago. Why isn’t she coming up to help? Why are we the ones here instead?”

“Ning Wushuang, where are you! Come beat him up! Only you can defeat him! Stop hiding!”

“Our Ancient Qilin Clan is being bullied, so why aren’t you helping?!”

Many people were looking for her, and even Tianming had heard of it. That meant that Ning Wushuang was probably powerful, and was probably the leader among the younger generation of the Ancient Qilin Clan, right?

“He’s still using beast ki! He’s only relying on his powerful lifebound beasts. He’ll surely die if Ning Wushang faces him!” As that name was mentioned, many people started withdrawing from the battlefield; they no longer wanted to fight.

“Ning Wushuang is here!” someone suddenly yelled, attracting everyone’s attention. All of them were looking at a young lady dressed in white, who was indifferently watching the battle. Even Tianming had directed his attention over, allowing their gazes to collide.

“Ning Wushuang, make your move! This bastard hid his strength and pretended to be weak!”

“If you don’t help out, the Ancient Qilin Clan will be thoroughly humiliated!”

“Right now, in the upper layer, only you are capable of defeating him!”

Tianming started to feel curious, since so many people were confident that she could defeat him. He had almost won the fight, as half of the crowd had run away. Then, this Ning Wushuang appeared out of nowhere. The young lady looked cold, as if none of this bothered her.

“Ning Wushuang, defeat him!” many people started to yell.

Ning Wushuang was a woman, so she didn’t insult his mother. But if she didn’t make a move first, Tianming wouldn’t start the fight on his own.

“It’s a pity for Ning Wushuang. If it wasn’t for the lifetime curse, she’d definitely be ranked among the top ten in the Divine Capital.”

“That’s right. She’s only seventeen!”

“In terms of talent, she’s the strongest in the Moon Qilin Branch.”

Judging from what everyone was saying, Ning Wushuang seemed to be one of the strongest geniuses in the Ancient Qilin Clan. She was definitely more talented than Baili Zhuixing, reaching the Saint stage at the age of seventeen. Tianming might have been fearful of her two months ago, but right now, he had already caught up to them.

Looking at Ning Wushuang, Tianming asked, “They’re all bragging about you. So? Are you coming at me?”

Ning Wushuang’s eyes surged violently. Honestly speaking, she had nearly made her move when Baili Zhuixing was being beaten up. It was just that Tianming had taken a step to face the crowd, instead. Now, everyone came over, and all of them were looking at her. If she did nothing, the entire Ancient Qilin Clan would be humiliated.

Tianming, I already prepared the main dish for you. But since you want some appetizers, I’ll satisfy your wish! Ning Wushuang thought to herself. She stepped forth with her clothes fluttering in the wind. She had a domineering personality; if she grew up a little more, she would definitely become someone formidable. At the very least, her gaze, temperament, and courage were stronger than others.

Although she didn’t speak, her actions had already spoken for her. Others might think it was too fast for Tianming to challenge one of the strongest geniuses in the Ancient Qilin Clan, but he well knew that he had spent nearly two years in cultivation, recently. 

Just like that, the two of them faced each other while everyone else from the Ancient Qilin Clan cheered for Ning Wushuang. It seemed that this young lady must’ve done something amazing, for everyone to have so much confidence in her.

“Did you do something amazing in the past?” Tianming asked curiously.

But what replied to him was the cold and bloodlust-filled gaze from the young lady.

“Wushuang has been hunting wildbeasts in the Abyssal Battlefield since the age of three, and she’s experienced countless trials of life and death! She even defeated an elder in the third level of the Earth Saint stage!” someone yelled out.

“What a ruthless person.” Tianming naturally saw her ruthlessness. But she defeated an elder in the third-level Earth Saint stage? If the lifebound beast of her opponent was relatively weak, then it shouldn’t be tough. Then again, it still wasn’t easy for her to accomplish what she did.

“Ning Wushuang is also a triple beastmaster, just like you!” another person yelled out proudly. He was trying to say that Tianming no longer had his advantage as a triple beastmaster. “Moreover, her lifebound beasts are on a whole other level than your silly chick, cat, and tortoise!”

Ying Huo immediately became furious upon hearing that. Even Meow Meow was unhappy, and said, “How can you call me silly when I’m so smart!”

“Maybe Brother Tortoise lowered the average of our intelligence?” asked Ying Huo.

Patting its head, Tianming said, “Don’t demoralize yourselves. Lan Huang is very smart.”

“Boss is right!” Lan Huang roared as it looked at Tianming, feeling as though it had met a friend. Due to the fact that it was too excited, it nearly sent Tianming flying out.

Everyone was speechless as they saw that. Were Tianming and his beasts trying to become comedians? But no one laughed, because Ning Wushuang had summoned her three lifebound beasts, drawing everyone’s attention. Her lifebound beasts were simply too gorgeous. They were three white Qilins, all shrouded in moonlight with their eyes shining. But all three were different from each other. The first one had faint green on its body, and was clearly a wind-type. The second one had many crimson flowery patterns on its scales that looked illusory. And the third one was faintly blue, and had frost gathering around it.

All three of them were sixth-order saint beasts, and it was a formation more luxurious than Jun Shengxiao. The first one was a Hurricanemoon Sacred Qilin, possessing the wind and moon attributes. The second was a Flowerymoon Sacred Qilin, having the illusion and moon attributes. Lastly, the third was a Snowmoon Sacred Qilin, with the snow and moon attributes. All three of them were female, and looked absolutely gorgeous.

“Wow!” Ying Huo’s eyes glowed upon seeing the three Qilins.

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