Chapter 405 - Cloudburst Ink

The weeds had been removed from the courtyard. Although the house was dilapidated, at least it was clean. Under the moonlight were two uninvited guests, a young man and woman who could be described as the perfect couple.

The young man was tall and burly, with a straight nose and features as resolute as a sword. He wore blue brocade robes. Even among the Ancient Qilin clan, it was obvious he was one of the noble children. The young woman snuggled close to him. She wore a tight green dress that fully displayed her graceful figure. Tall and slender, her every curve was moving. She was beautiful and born with charm in her bones, though enveloped with a chill. In short, she was an icy beauty on the outside, but flirtatious and frivolous on the inside. Her amorous gaze confirmed Tianming’s conjecture.

"Big Brother Qin Feng, there’s no mistake. I heard the sinner’s son is in this dilapidated place," said the girl. 

"Why is there no one?" asked Qin Feng.

"Check the rooms."

The woman's name was Li Mulin, and she was rather famous in the Ink Qilin clan. Her name spread far and wide. They kicked open the door and found an old man sleeping in the back room. Qin Feng grabbed the old man by his shirt and lifted him up. “Where’s the sinner’s son, you old geezer?"

"Bah!" Having been woken, the old man was still groggy. "You bastard, you’re stealing eggs again!" he spat.

Qin Feng darted aside, almost doused with the old man’s saliva. He raised his fist in anger.

"Big Brother Feng, don't kill him, or you’ll be punished. The old man made many contributions to the Mo clan!" said Li Mulin.

"Contributions? Was raising that beast Li Muyang part of his contributions?" scoffed Qin Feng. He threw the old man to the ground. If it weren’t for the fear of the old man dying, he would have let his foot do the talking.

"Big Brother Feng, this old man will be dead soon. By that time, no one will care even if his body starts to stink. Finding the sinner’s son is more important right now," urged Li Mulin.

"The Exalted One said that they’d deal with the sinner’s son during tomorrow's clan assembly, but he didn't say we can't deal with him today! The sinner has harmed us so. Since we were young, we’ve been suppressed by the lifetime curse. I must kill him to vent my anger!" roared Qin Feng.

"Big Brother Feng, calm down. There’s plenty of people who want to kill him. But there’s only one man. If we didn't come today, we might not even get the chance to give him the beating he deserves."

"Find him. Even if he hides at the ends of the earth, we must find him!" sneered Qin Feng.

"Bloody thief, let go of my eggs!" After exiting the room, the old man was still shouting at them.

As soon as they walked out, Qin Feng and Li Mulin saw a man and woman standing at the door under the moonlight. The man's long white hair was extremely conspicuous, his eyes were ferocious, like an ancient, fierce beast, and his left arm was completely dark and scaly, which was extremely rare. His identity was obvious.

However, what surprised Qin Feng was the girl dressed in blue beside him. With black hair and dark eyes, her skin shone under the moonlight. Her facial features were perfect, and her temperament was as pure as snow. It almost seemed like she wasn’t a mortal, but an otherworldly goddess who had descended to earth.

Even Li Mulin, who was famous for her stunning appearance suddenly, seemed dim in comparison. This wasn’t a difference in mere facial features and figure, but a natural hierarchy. 

As both couples confronted each other, temperatures ran high.

"You’re the sinner’s son!” Qin Feng grit his teeth in rage.

Tianming turned to glance at the room. The old man sat on the ground, yelling at Qin Feng.

"Come out, you two." Voice as cold as frost, Tianming hooked his finger and turned away.

"Thinking of running?" Qin Feng and Li Mulin quickly chased after him.

Immediately out the door, they witnessed an incredible scene—the gorgeous young woman suddenly transformed into a glittering ray of light and merged with Tianming.

Quickening his pace, Tianming finally reached the edge of the lake. A huge Primordial Terraqua Dragon climbed up from the bottom of the lake, with a chicken and a cat lying on its two heads.

"What a huge lifebound beast, and a dragon at that! In other words, he didn’t inherit the qilin of the Ancient Qilin Clan." Li Mulin frowned.

Ying Huo and Meow Meow were automatically ignored. In her opinion, they were the Primordial Terraqua Dragon’s two small pets.

"How can someone who grew up in the Grand-Orient Realm compare to the Theocracy? His mother must be some village woman. Why else didn’t he inherit the qilin?”

Qin Feng smiled coldly. In the Ancient Qilin Clan, anyone without a qilin as a lifebound beast would be laughed at for a lifetime. As he spoke, Qin Feng approached Tianming. At the same time, an Ink Qilin with huge wings appeared beside him. The qilin saint beast was larger than a Hellshaker Black Tortoise. And from its aura, it was far superior to Mu Yang’s lifebound beast. The great power of this Celestial Winged Ink Qilin was brilliantly displayed in its physique; it was a fifth-order saint beast.

This young man was less than twenty years old, and probably at eighth level Heavenly Will—which was stronger than Yuan Zhen. Tianming was curious how strong such a young man would be considered in the Ancient Qilin Clan. 

"Sinner’s son! Now that you’ve returned, you shall suffer. Today is just the beginning. You’ll slowly enjoy a life of humiliation, suffering, and sorrow! There’s hundreds of thousands of people in the Ancient Qilin Clan, and every one of them wants to kill you! But you’re very lucky, because you won’t die. None of us are willing to kill you. But in the days to come, you’ll shed tears every day," laughed Qin Feng.

Tianming responded with the Grand-Orient Sword. As soon as his weapon was drawn, Qin Feng and Li Mulin’s hearts skipped a beat. The elders had warned them against touching the sword, or there would be trouble. This was an important matter.

Tianming had merely previously made a conjecture. From the look in their eyes now, he was certain the Grand-Orient Sword seemed to hold a different meaning in the Theocracy.

"Who was that woman?" demanded Qin Feng.

His question undoubtedly upset Li Mulin. "Who knows if she’s a person or a ghost. Big Brother Feng, hurry up. I can’t wait to vent some of my anger on him!"

"I know." With that, Qin Feng pulled out a dark green divine sword from his spatial ring. There were more than twenty saintly heavenly patterns on the sword, which was of extraordinary quality. Even though Ye Shaoqing was a ninth-level Earth Saint, even he could only use a beastial weapon equal to this. This sword was called the Inkfeather Godsword.

"It’s better if you both come at the same time!" Tianming moved in the wind.

"Hehe!” Qin Feng chuckled coldly. How could they gang up on Tianming? Wouldn’t that be an insult to them? After all, among the youth of the Mo clan, he was considered a top genius.

The Celestial Winged Ink Qilin accelerated and its beastmaster unleashed an attack. 

Cloudburst Ink Sword Art! 

With the humble beast ki, the Mountainstream Will of an eighth-level Heavenly Will beastmaster fully demonstrated the majesty of this sword art.

The move was firm, but as gentle as a pear blossom, floating all over the sky and forming a canopy that covered the moon. This heavenly battle art was superior to Yuan Zhen’s. The Ink Qilin flew up and stirred the dark clouds, causing a rainstorm to descend.

"So hundreds of thousands of people want to take it out on me? I didn't expect that I’d draw so much hate. However, not just anyone can strut around in front of me. At least, not you!" Tianming's voice possessed a ghostly magnetism. He remained motionless, and his three lifebound beasts sprang into action.

As soon Lan Huang took the field, the land turned into a swamp, including the ground beneath Li Mulin’s feet.

"Eat my sword, beautiful. Would you like to feel your chrysanthemum bloom?" [1] With a sneer, Ying Huo chose his opponent. The words had just fallen from its beak when Chaos Disaster rained from the sky. Meow Meow had transformed into its Regal Chaosfiend form and was ready to attack with Ying Huo.

"A triple beastmaster!" Li Mulin looked astonished. However, she wasn’t given time to react, as she was soon surrounded by Ying Huo’s Infernal Haze.

"You’re a bold one!" She pulled out her Indigo Ink Godsword, which was a match for the Inkfeather Godsword. In that instant, her lifebound beast, an Indigo-Eyed Ink Qilin appeared as well. However, it was immediately thrown to the ground by Meow Meow. Its Venomfiend Bloodclaws sank into the Ink Qilin’s mouth, drawing a miserable cry from the beast. Li Mulin was about to help her lifebound beast when she felt an attack from behind that made a chill crawl up her spine. Face ashen, she flew into a rage.


Cursing was of no use. Ying Huo’s Pyros Imperius was ruthless, regardless of its target’s gender. Li Mulin was being chased by countless Infernal Hazes, screaming from time to time.

Qin Feng was enraged. However, he was also sullen in the face of the charging beast. Although he tried slashing Pear Blossom down on Lan Huang’s back, his sword failed to pierce its flesh.

When Lan Huang roared, the sound waves condensed into an attack that caused Qin Feng to bleed from his seven orifices. At that moment, the Celestial Winged Ink Qiling came crashing down from the sky. The white-haired man with Celestial Wings on his back punched three times in a row, hitting the Ink Qilin’s forehead.

Trivita Fiendfist!

 After three consecutive punches, the Ink Qilin’s cries came to an abrupt end. Its head was cracked open and its body was convulsing.

Tianming then pierced its tongue with the Grand-Orient Sword. Blood instantly flowed. At that point, he turned and smiled triumphantly at Qin Feng, resembling a white-haired devil.

"Die!!!” Qin Feng raged.

However, he soon received a slap to the head from Lan Huang and his body thumped to the ground. However, Qin Feng was one tough cookie! Breaking away from Lan Huang’s claws, he swooped in for the kill. 

Cloudburst Ink Sword–Rainfall! 

The sword art sounded fancy, but unfortunately, it couldn't stop Tianming. Shenxiao Sword Art, the second strike! This was a forceful strike, capable of suppressing his opponent. The combined power of Pyros and Fulguros Imperius exploded, flame and lightning sword ki surging forth. Amidst the monstrous sword aura, Tianming flashed forward.

The impact had Qin Feng screaming as he flew out. Tianming's sword pierced his thigh, ripping a bloody hole. However, it seemed that Qin Feng was still in the mood to talk. With his dark arm, Tianming punched Qin Feng in the mouth, breaking his teeth and causing him to immediately swallow them down.

"Ahh!” Pale as a sheet, Qin Feng fell to his knees, retching. His mouth had sunk into his face, hideously marring his features. He looked up, only to meet Tianming’s cold gaze. 

"Mmmph!" The vulgarities at the tip of his tongue remained unspoken, since his tongue had been pierced by his teeth. Tianming slapped him to the ground and his head landed on a rock. With a thud, Qin Feng’s world started spinning.

"Remember: you can take it out on me, but you must be strong enough." With that, Tianming disappeared from his sight.

Qin Feng groaned in pain. When he looked up, he witnessed Tianming’s ruthless grasp on Li Mulin’s neck as he unloaded several consecutive slaps, turning the beauty into a swollen pig. Then, he tossed the young woman at Qin Feng.

1. In Chinese, “chrysanthemum” is slang for “anus”.

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