Chapter 398 - Three Lifebound Beasts and a Spiritburn Tome

“Big brother, do you have any way out of this mess? Otherwise, I’ll be using Soulburn,” Jiang Feiling said in a concerned tone when Tianming crawled out from the Vermillion Bird Palace. She was initially on the Azureflame Dragon, wanting to give Jiang Qingluan a surprise. But instead of surprising Qingluan, she got a shock instead. Right now, the two most important people of her life were under Yuan Zhenzhen’s control.

“Don’t! I have an idea!” Tianming took a deep breath and immediately stopped her from using Soulburn.

“What is it?” Jiang Feiling was furious at this moment. Whenever she was mad, the level of Spiritual Attachment would increase. But that alone wouldn’t be enough to deal with Jun Niancang, who was a Saint. The Saint stage was an ascension in the body and beast ki, which meant Jun Niancang could be considered a lifeform on an entirely different level. What happened earlier had proven the gap between him and Tianming, and Tianming had instantly made his choice. The gap between them was something that neither the Grand-Orient Sword nor Jiang Feiling could make up for!

Using the Celestial Wings, Tianming flew into the sky to avoid Jun Niancang’s attack. However, the Firmament Saint Dragon was waiting in the sky for him. Tianming immediately took out the Spiritburn Tome that had belonged to Yuwen Taiji, who’d prepared it for his son to use in the fight for the Grand-Orient Sword.

“How do I use the Spiritburn Tome?”

“Drip the blood of a beastmaster and their lifebound beasts on it,” said Jiang Feiling.

“Alright!” It was great that Tianming had brought an encyclopedia with him, saving him the trouble to search for information. But he had no idea how powerful the Spiritburn Tome, which Yuwen Taiji had had great confidence in, was. But now, it was time for Tianming to try it out.

“Come out!” Under Tianming’s cry, his three lifebound beasts appeared. Ying Huo was shrouded in fire, taking on the role of a ruthless assassin and the king of sneak attacks. Then came Meow Meow, who had used its Regal Chaosfiend transformation, shrouded in demonic aura and lightning with crimson eyes, teeth, and claws. The last one was their new companion, the Primordial Terraqua Dragon Lan Huang!

The ground shook when the Primordial Terraqua Dragon landed, causing the ground to cave in under its immense weight. With a roar, the buildings around the Vermillion Bird Palace collapsed. Fortunately, everyone had already been evacuated from the palace. Lan Huang was the biggest lifebound beast around when it made its appearance, even larger than the Firmament Saint Dragon.

Most of all, its ancient dragon aura made the Firmament Saint Dragon cry out in discomfort, feeling a fear of Lan Huang that came from its bloodline. Although the Firmament Saint Dragon was a sixth-order saint beast, it was nothing compared to Lan Huang.

“What is that?!” Jun Niancang was shocked. His attention had been completely captivated by the Primordial Terraqua Dragon.

“He’s a triple beastmaster!” Jun Yifeng’s cry sounded from afar. He was facing Ye Yuxi, and the commotion created by their fight had also caused great damage to Ignispolis.

Right at that moment, Tianming, as the beastmaster, flipped open the Spiritburn Tome and dripped his blood on its pages. Next, Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang did the same as well.

“I can’t damage my scale…” Lan Huang said in an awkward tone.

“I’ll do it for you!” Tianming pricked Lan Huang with the Grand-Orient Sword, then dripped its blood on the Spiritburn Tome. In an instant, the Spiritburn Tome shone with dazzling radiance and manifested tens of thousands of heavenly patterns, which gathered around Tianming and his three lifebound beasts.

“What power!” Tianming could instantly sense the power coming from the Spiritburn Tome, and he suddenly knew why it was so precious. The heavenly patterns were intricate, and god knows how much spiritual energy it contained. The beast ki in Tianming’s body instantly surged, enhancing his power to an unprecedented level. It was also the same for Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang. Under Jiang Feiling’s Spiritual Attachment, only Tianming was empowered. But with the Spiritburn Tome, even his lifebound beasts were made stronger.

“How does it feel?”

“Great! I feel that the gap between me and the sixth order has gotten smaller!” Ying Huo’s eyes blazed.

“That’s right!” Lan Huang said in an irritated voice. Its voice simultaneously boomed from both of its mouths, which made Tianming feel dizzy from just that one word. He was speechless in front of Lan Huang’s loud voice. This was also Lan Huang’s first battle, and it was already facing an opponent of a higher order. But then again, it was fortunate that they had the Spiritburn Tome.

“The three of you deal with that sixth-order saint beast. I’ll be waiting for your support after you guys are done!” Tianming instantly arranged via telepathy.

“Boss, can you deal with a saint by yourself?” Ying Huo sounded his doubts.

“I’ll do my best. Furthermore, I have Ling’er with me. We’re fighting five against two, so believe in ourselves. Believe in us, brothers!” Tianming said with a blazing gaze.

“You must hold on, since you want to show off! Otherwise, I won’t forgive you!” said Ying Huo.

“Cut the crap, that dragon is coming!” 

The Firmament Saint Dragon might not be comparable to Lan Huang in terms of size, but it was a lifebound beast of a higher order than the newborn Primordial Terraqua Dragon. Even with the Spiritburn Tome’s empowerment, it wasn’t certain that they could win the fight.

I only started cultivating again a bit over a year ago, while Jun Niancang has cultivated for over two decades! So it’s normal for there to be a gap between us. But I’ll definitely make it out alive today! Tianming believed in himself because he had his three brothers and lover with him. Furthermore, Lan Huang had just hatched, so how could Tianming allow it to die so soon after it was born? As the big brother of his little family, Tianming naturally took on the strongest opponent, Jun Niancang, thus giving his three brothers an opportunity. This was his responsibility!

Lan Huang roared and charged toward the Firmament Saint Dragon with its colossal body. In the past, Meow Meow had always been the one fighting at the front. But now, Lan Huang had taken the role of a tank. As the saying goes, newborn calves weren’t afraid of tigers. So Lan Huang felt that there was nothing it couldn’t do.

Even though its body was colossal, it was extremely agile. Despite the shell on Lan Huang’s back that made it look like a turtle, it wasn’t entirely round; it was more of an oval. After all, it had nine mountains lined up one following the other like the teeth of a saw. Relying on pure power, it clashed with the Firmament Saint Dragon with its claws and heads.

The Firmament Saint Dragon was surprised and crashed to the ground, creating a deafening boom. At the same time, Ying Huo had transformed into afterimages that filled the sky as it sought an opportunity to attack. As for Meow Meow, it had gone around the Firmament Saint Dragon, grabbing a hold of its tail and sending lightning raining down.

The three of them were all Primordial Chaos Beasts. So despite the differences in their size and cultivation, the power contained in their bloodlines was undeniable. It was especially so, as they had been further empowered by the Spiritburn Tome, which nearly doubled their beast ki. Although the empowerment wouldn’t last long, it might be sufficient for them to take down the Firmament Saint Dragon.

The Primordial Terraqua Dragon was naturally strong, and had a defense that not even the Firmament Saint Dragon could break through anytime soon. Moreover, the Firmament Saint Dragon’s saint ki was nowhere comparable to the beast ki of the three Primordial Chaos Beasts!

Meow Meow’s strength was the most balanced; it could both deal, and take, a beating. Lightning rained down from the sky and scraped a layer of skin off the Firmament Saint Dragon, despite the dragon’s higher cultivation. As for Ying Huo, there was no need for more words. It was like a shadow that couldn’t be tracked. At the same time, it was also the most dangerous of the three; its assassination talent was simply a nightmare for its enemies. With Lan Huang around, Ying Huo had more room to display its ability.

Lan Huang caused the biggest commotion when the four lifebound beasts fought, causing an earthquake in Ignispolis whenever it moved. So what if the Firmament Saint Dragon had a higher cultivation? The Primordial Terraqua Dragon’s talent lay in its defensive ability, not to mention that it could withdraw its heads and limbs like a tortoise.

“Your lifebound beasts aren’t bad, not to mention that you’re also a triple beastmaster. But what a pity.…” Jun Niancang was shocked by the battle between the lifebound beasts. With the Spiritburn Tome, the beast ki of the three lifebound beasts was equivalent to the ninth-level of Heavenly Will! Furthermore, the three of them were working together in sync, which made the Firmament Saint Dragon helpless. But Jun Niancang knew that Tianming was the key to this battle. 

Tianming was holding onto the Grand-Orient Sword with both hands, and using the Celestial Wings, which gave him the ability to fly. The Temporal Field had enveloped the entire Vermillion Bird Palace and was suppressing the Jun brothers’ speed. This time, Tianming’s power had undergone a drastic transformation with the addition of his primordialsource. As a triple beastmaster, his strength had been brought to an unprecedented height, far exceeding those in the same stage as him.

“A dead genius is a genius no more.” Jun Niancang charged forth, traveling swiftly even under the Temporal Field’s suppression, which just showed how powerful he was. He executed his earth saint battle art, the Profound Radiant Spear Art. His spear divided into nine dazzling lights, with sharp ki shrouding each tip.

“Jun Niancang!” Tianming stood unmoving and retaliated with a sky saint battle art, the strongest sword technique in the Li Saint Clan’s history, the Shenxiao Sword ArtFulguros Imperius. When he swung his sword, it was accompanied by rumbling thunder as it formed a storm of sword ki.

The spear and sword clashed like bolts of lightning. Jun Niancang was extremely proficient in the art of the spear, and had pierced through the lightning sword ki, producing a crisp sound when it glanced off Tianming’s black arm, creating sparks.

“You’re not dead even with that?!” Jun Niancang was greatly shocked. A saint beastial weapon with over twenty saintly patterns couldn’t pierce through his arm? Was Tianming’s arm even tougher than the Grand-Orient Sword?!

“What power!” Tianming could instantly tell that he wasn’t Jun Niancang’s opponent from their previous exchange, and he knew it wouldn’t be easy for him to hold on. Jun Niancang’s talent was terrifying, even in the entire history of Heaven’s Elysium. It had proven that he had a stronger potential than his father, Jun Shengxiao, even if he didn’t have as many lifebound beasts.

“It’s okay. It’s enough for me to kill you.” Jun Niancang turned around and stabbed with his spear. A dazzling brilliance erupted from his spear, and its trajectory was constantly changing, making it hard to track. This technique was called the Radiating Luster. 

But it was a pity that Tianming had the Insightful Eye, which perfectly caught Jun Niancang’s spear trajectory. This move was strong, but it just so happened to be countered by Tianming’s mysterious eye technique, allowing him to dodge the attack unharmed. 

The Vermillion Bird Palace was enveloped by a brilliant white light; the Firmament Saint Dragon was using its ability, Radiant World. It had the same ability as Jun Shengxiao’s lifebound beasts. When Tianming turned his gaze over, his Insightful Eye allowed him to see what was going on. Under the siege of his three lifebound beasts, the Firmament Saint Dragon was in a disadvantageous position!

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