Chapter 395 - Skewers?

The word Primordial referred to the origin of the universe, back before it had separated into heaven and earth. And Terraqua referred to the combination of earth and water.

Tianming asked the most pressing question, “Are you a dragon, or a tortoise?”

“A dragon, of course!” the voice responded emotionally.

“That’s good. Your voice is too loud. My head is ringing. From now on, speak less.”


The Primordial Terraqua Dragon began devouring the dragon pulses, as well as the spiritual energy the Prime Tower was emitting. Tianming and the dragon’s two primordialsources began swelling as they cultivated the Primordial Terraqua Codex. Then, the primordialsources began generating Primordial Terraqua Beast Ki. This beast ki had the power of both mountains and seas, which could also be called the power of the world.

Tianming could clearly feel that, unlike the scorching Aeternal Infernal Beast Ki or the thunderous Genesis Chaos Beast Ki, this new beast ki was dense and enduring. The three beast kis all had their differences. None were superior to the others, but they would each have their own uses.

Just because the Primordial Terraqua Dragon was a dual-type beast, it didn’t mean it was stronger than Ying Huo or Meow Meow.

When the dragon reached the ninth level of Spiritsource, its unity field sprang up. The new Primordial Field was like a miniature world. Following that, it rose to the ninth level of Unity, then broke through to Heavenly Will. To do so, the dragon had to comprehend Terraqua Will, while Tianming just needed to continue strengthening his primordialsource.

Back when Tianming had broken through himself, the dragon had observed and participated as well. It was all in preparation for this day.

Tianming had expected it would need some time to master its new will. However, it ended up taking just over an hour. It had also inherited Tianming’s Aeonic Grandbane, as well as the disaster and talent that came with it.

Tianming thought of the battle he had experienced today. He also remembered how he had done all he could to save people, the changes to the Grand-Orient Sword and the Prime Tower, and those two giants.

His mentality had changed a lot.

Just as the phenomenon of emergence was pushing the dragon’s comprehension of heavenly will ever higher, so it was for him, as well.

“Ying Huo and Meow Meow, come over.”

“What?” Ying Huo asked.

“How about we try using the momentum from the phenomenon of emergence to try and push the four of us to the fourth level?” The phenomenon of emergence was a precious opportunity that could only come by luck. Furthermore, Tianming had many insights regarding his Imperial Will right now.

He gazed at the heavenly patterns on the golden door, and could feel his Imperial Will growing stronger and stronger. It was the first time that Tianming cultivated together with three lifebound beasts, officially becoming a triple beastmaster!

In the future, he would usually have at least one more beast than the opponent. Ganging up on people would be common.

The dragon quickly reached Heavenly Will. It hurriedly caught up to its brothers, reaching the third level, then began comprehending heavenly will with them!

All four kinds of heavenly will progressed together, and their cultivation path became clearer.

“Fourth level of Heavenly Will, success!”

Now, with the Grand-Orient Sword, the Grand-Orient Vortex, and the high quality of his beast ki, he could compare with Yuan Chen’s heavenly will just using his Imperial Will’s suppressive power. And finally, with Feiling in the mix, he probably didn’t have many opponents left in the Heavenly Will stage.

Maybe if they were a monstrous genius, someone at ninth-level Heavenly Will might have an advantage over him.

However, for those like Song Yixue and Ling Yichen, they probably wouldn’t be his opponent even if they were in the ninth level.

Now, the only issue was that the primordialsource was too small as the dragon was still a one-star beast, unlike Ying Huo, who had forty-nine, and Meow Meow, who had forty-seven. Still, there was no way the prince of the Grand-Orient Realm would be lacking for manna.

Now, what he was most excited for was to see how the dragon looked!


Finally, peace returned to the lifebound space as the disturbance ended. When the massive creature appeared in front of them, the trio was stunned.

First, the dragon’s figure was even more massive than Meow Meow’s Regal Chaosfiend state. It had tough scales, and nine mountains were lined up on its back, with the centermost as the tallest peak. The other mountains got progressively shorter in both directions.

The mountains looked like nine thick spikes, or the teeth of a saw when taken altogether.

On the dragon’s abdomen were nine azure seas, all rotating like whirlpools. While they were more like small ponds now, they were already big enough for Ying Huo and Meow Meow to play in.

Furthermore, although the water was on its abdomen, it didn’t drip down at all, ignoring gravity.

Apart from its body, it had claws, tails, and scales. As of now, those weren’t much different from a normal dragon’s. At most, the claws and tails could be described as thicker, and obviously contained astonishing power.

Finally, Tianming looked at its head! He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw it didn’t have tortoise heads.

Both heads were like those that were described in myths. The brown dragon head’s scales looked rough, like they would scratch whoever touched them. As for the blue dragon head, the scales looked like beautiful jewels from the sea.

This was definitely a dragon through and through.

For a time, the three stared speechlessly at the dragon.

“Brother Chicken, Brother Meow, hello there!” the dragon suddenly said.

Ying Huo and Meow Meow hurriedly covered their ears; its voice was loud. Just that greeting left them shaking, and their fur and feathers disheveled.

The two dragon heads spoke simultaneously, with the blue head’s voice as deep as the ocean, while the brown head’s voice was as thick as the earth. It was proof that although it had two brains, it had one will, and not two souls.

“Hey, Third Bro, would you mind softening it down?” Ying Huo smiled.

“Brother Chicken, this is the softest I can speak already,” the dragon said awkwardly. However, that awkward tone still sounded like it was coming from a gruff man.

“My god.…” The wind from the dragon’s speech continued ruffling Ying Huo and Meow Meow.

“Let’s play! Brother Chicken and Brother Meow Meow, the thing I was looking forward to the most while I was inside the egg was playing with you two!”

Then, its hulking figure charged toward the two, shaking the entire lifebound space.

Ying Huo was nearly scared shitless when it saw the massive beast coming over to hug it.

“Eh? Brother Chicken, where’d you go?”

“Ahh!! Between your claws, between your claws! Softer, softer!” Ying Huo wailed.

“Ah!?” The dragon hurriedly lifted up all four of its legs, causing its body to crash down.

“Wahhh, Brother Chicken save me! I’m being crushed, I’m being crushed! Tianming, I want a refund! Stuff it back into the egg!”

“Quiet!” Tianming laughed.

He didn’t care whether people thought it was a tortoise or a dragon. What mattered was it looked overbearing and large, and was capable of shaking the earth as it walked. This was the beast he had been hoping for this whole time!

“The heavens have answered my prayers! I no longer need to be mocked!” Tianming roared with laughter, startling the nearby citizens from Aquamarine.

“Big brother, what did you name Lil’ Tortoise?” Jiang Feiling asked curiously.

“It needs to be suitably badass, let me think… wait, what did you call it?”

“Lil’ Tortoise.”

“...It’s a dragon!”

Of those by Tianming’s side, only Feiling knew about the Primordial Chaos Beasts. Tianming had told her after the time she had used Soulburn.

He couldn't wait to show off his new toy. “Now that I have a mount, I no longer have to walk or run!”

However, he suddenly thought of the spikes on the dragon’s back. “If we sit on those, we wouldn’t become human and chicken skewers, would we…?”

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