Chapter 392 - Elysium Mantra, Monarch’s Descent

Li Wudi grabbed Yuan Hun and threw him toward the Southsky Barrier. As the Onyx Emperor fought in the barrier, he suddenly saw a corpse coming in his direction and grabbed it. When he took a clearer look at it, he laughed, “Earthorigin defenders, your vice sect master, Yuan Hun, has already been killed! So surrender immediately!”

The Onyx Emperor’s voice echoed through the barrier. When the defenders, who were running for their lives, heard the voice and saw the corpse, they immediately collapsed.

“We’ve lost!”

“Run! Don’t resist anymore! Resistance will only bring death!”

“Don’t run anymore! Let’s just surrender! The vice sect master is already dead, so they won’t kill nameless people like us!”

“That’s right! We didn’t have a choice!”

With that, the Southsky sentinels could focus on dealing with the purifiers. The only reason the purifiers hadn’t surrendered was because Jun Shengxiao was still alive.

“Yuan Hun!” Jun Shengxiao’s heart was surging as he saw Li Wudi throwing Yuan Hun’s corpse to the Onyx Emperor. “Li Wudi, you’re dead! The old geezer from the Earthorigin Sect pays great attention to this son of his, and he’ll definitely kill you for killing his son!”

Honestly speaking, everything had happened too fast, and Yuan Hun had been killed in less than ten breaths. Moreover, Jun Shengxiao was being toyed with by the Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng, which obstructed him from catching up to Li Wudi and Yuan Hun.

“What are you thinking? Do you really think I’ll be afraid of the Earthorigin Sect’s sect master? Wake up from your delusion. Do you believe that not long in the future, I’ll be able to kill him?” Li Wudi laughed.

“You!” Jun Shengxiao was stunned speechless.

“As for you, you won’t be able to run today!” Li Wudi grinned. When he smiled, the Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng came out from the ocean and joined him.

“You managed to change your life, but you’re still ignorant and impudent! Do you think that I’ll be defeated by you, when I’ve cultivated for a hundred years?!” the Elysian Emperor said with a sinister look on his face as his eyes glowed with white radiance.

“You’re not running? Well, I have to admire your courage.” Li Wudi laughed and spat on his hand. Grabbing the Crimsonblood Saber, his crimson hair fluttered in the wind as he charged over with the Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng. This was a destined battle between the two strongest beings in the Grand-Orient Realm. This battle also involved the survival of the Grand-Orient Sect for the next millennium. Today, the declining Li Saint Clan finally had an opportunity to challenge Heaven’s Elysium once more.

“Jun Shengxiao, you might have a screw loose in your head, but you’re worthy of being the Elysian Emperor with your strength.” Li Wudi could feel his blood boiling from meeting an equal opponent. He was so excited that he even laughed out.

“Ignorant brat, it’s too early for you to laugh!” Jun Shengxiao roared. The two dragons unleashed their abilities at the same time, and when added to the sky saint battle art, the Elysium Mantra, it even posed a threat to Li Wudi.

The eyes of the two dragons radiated blinding brilliance that spread out thousands of meters in every direction. It was their spiritsource ability, Radiant World. The blinding radiance was like a sharp blade, shining so brightly that it made it hard to open one’s eyes. Even the surrounding water was being evaporated by the brilliance.

“I have a spiritsource ability, too!” Without needing Li Wudi to give his order, the kun spat out an enormous crimson globe that started spreading out and formed a blood-red domain. The crimson fog and white radiance collided with each other. The white radiance was sharp enough to stab into flesh, while the fog was burrowing into the two dragons like poison. It was even stronger than Meow Meow’s bloodfiend venom.

No one could tell what was going on. They could only see the Infernalblood Prison and Radiant World, and hear an earth-shattering commotion coming from within. They could hear roars and trembles, along with the ocean raging. The battle was still in suspense, and it was clearly not a one-sided fight, but a battle between equals.

Only saints could see the Elysian Emperor executing the Elysium Mantra, unleashing a core move that created afterimages of spears that were directed at the Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng. The beast ki even pierced through the ocean, and if Li Wudi hadn’t blocked it, there was a possibility that it could even pierce the seabed. On the other hand, Li Wudi was also unleashing his moves, and in addition to the Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng fighting the two dragons in the ocean, the sides were actually on par.

Their battle had created havoc in the ocean outside the Southsky Barrier, almost like a great storm and tornado had clashed and torn the ocean apart. The eyes of Li Wudi and Jun Shengxiao were both bloodshot from their fight.

“Li Wudi, the Li Saint Clan has long been destroyed, and that’s the will of heaven! Your appearance is nothing but a dying flash, and there’s nothing you can do to me!” Jun Shengxiao laughed, as he seemed to have the upper hand in their battle.

“Are you done? If you’re done, then you should bid your farewells to the world. You have ten breaths left in you,” Li Wudi’s cold voice sounded out.

“Such impudence! You shouldn’t have come! Isn’t it good enjoying your victory in the Bloodbane Barrier? Your foolishness will result in your death today! Let me tell you something—the older you get, the wiser you are!” Jun Shengxiao charged over with his two dragons opening a path for him.

“Monarch’s Descent!” 

That was the strongest move in the Elysium Mantra, and it naturally meant that all lives would tremble beneath it.

“Jun Shengxiao, you have no path in your heart, and your will isn’t stable. You want to be a sage, and even cultivated Sage Will, but you’re walking the path of bloodshed. That itself is a conflict, and it’s the reason you’re doomed to die today!”

Li Wudi’s words echoed in Jun Shengxiao’s ears. The words weren’t loud, but the content had shattered Jun Shengxiao’s will, dealing it a fatal blow. Because as someone who cultivated the Sage Will continued walking on this self-contradictory path, it was equivalent to destroying his own will. So how could his Sage Will provide him strength? If his thoughts weren’t straight, and even contradicted themselves, one mistake would result in countless errors.

If he had done something that even the Sage Will was ashamed of, how could he exhibit his full strength? So, right from the start, Jun Shengxiao had been destroying himself, and even destroying his own will. He had destroyed himself twenty years ago, letting down the name he had given to his son, Jun Niancang, which meant the gentleman that cares for all life. If he didn’t have a path, then what was he fighting for?

On the contrary, Li Wudi’s path was massacre. Using the Massacre Will, he had formed a righteous path for himself. When two people were equal, it would be up to their heavenly will to mark a difference between their strength.

Jun Shengxiao shuddered. It wasn’t because of fear, but because he was struggling within his heart, contradicting and tormenting himself. A white-clad, white-haired youth suddenly appeared in his mind with a pained expression as he cried, “Jun Shengxiao, I’m ashamed to be your son!”

That was the fatal blow, not to mention that he was executing the Monarch’s Descent. How can I be a monarch if I’m ashamed of myself? he thought

Bloody tears rolled down Jun Shengxiao’s cheeks as his heart twisted. In his condition, how could he fully execute his strongest move? He couldn’t even bring out a third of its power. The words of Li Wudi had stabbed a sword into his chest.

“My son….” Jun Shengxiao felt terrible when he thought of Jun Niancang. Right at that moment, Li Wudi grabbed the opportunity and used his strongest attack, Death Slasher. His Crimsonblood Saber exploded with a crimson radiance as it gathered countless strands of bloody saber ki. This was the strongest attack of the Infernalblood Strike, and it completely suppressed Jun Shengxiao’s Monarch’s Descent.

Death Slasher had a total of three slashes. The first tore apart Jun Shengxiao’s ki, the second landed on the Saint Dragon Spear and blew it away from him, and the third amputated Jun Shengxiao’s arm, then continued on to his neck. After the Crimsonblood Saber swept past, Li Wudi was holding onto Jun Shengxiao’s severed head.

Even at his last breath, Jun Shengxiao still had bloody tears rolling down his cheeks as he looked in the direction of Aquamarine. He had made a grave mistake this time, but there was no chance for him to regret it.

“If there’s an afterlife, your father will definitely listen to you!” The head cried out, then his voice gradually disappeared. Behind Li Wudi, the two Firmament Saint Dragons exchanged a glance as tears began streaming from their eyes. They immediately turned and ran, not in the direction of the Grand-Orient Realm, but south.

After their beastmasters die, lifebound beasts wouldn’t be able to cultivate anymore. At the same time, they would gradually lose their strength, then finally die. Although there was a small possibility that they might undergo a transformation and turn into wildbeasts, thus keeping a portion of their strength, there was no way they could make any more progress in their cultivation.

Li Wudi didn’t kill them, because the two dragons didn’t completely acknowledge Jun Shengxiao. Otherwise, they should be stronger than what they had shown in the battle. There was even an instant where Li Wudi felt that the two dragons had given up on their beastmaster. After all, there were examples of beastmasters and their lifebound beasts sharing different ideals, hating, and even killing each other.

After the two dragons left, silence descended on the battlefield. Everyone was looking at Li Wudi, who smiled as he held Jun Shengxiao’s head in his hand. “Everyone please take note here! It seems that Heaven’s Elysium, which had a heritage of nearly ten thousand years, is no more.…”

Li Wudi had spoken simple words, but it sent great shock through the Grand-Orient Realm. The Southsky Barrier was enveloped in silence as the purifiers, defenders, and sentinels all looked at Li Wudi holding the Elysian Emperor’s severed head. The silence lasted a brief moment, then cheers exploded from the barrier, causing the entire area to tremble.

When everyone on Southsky Island heard that Jun Shengxiao had been killed by Li Wudi, they released a thunderous cheer.

“The tyrant is dead!!”


Everyone in the sect started tearing up. It was a tough battle, but they had finally pulled hope from the jaws of despair. So how could they not rejoice?

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