Chapter 383 - Well Done!

Yuan Zhen abruptly turned around. Between the sparks of lightning and flames, Ying Huo’s Pyros Imperius pierced an indescribable place.

"Ahh!!” Yuan Zhen turned red, his body convulsing as he let out a tragic cry. In a rage, he lost his mind and wanted to kill Tianming, only to find that the little chick had snuck an attack from behind. The lethality of Pyros Imperius left a bloody hole in his bottom. 

At the same time, Chaos Disaster rained down on Yuan Zhen’s head once more, dealing severe damage. However, Yuan Zhen remained standing and swinging his battleaxe at Tianming, a clear sign of his tenacity. 

"Farewell!" Wrapped in black thunder, a fiend-like Tianming swept past, dragging the Grand-Orient Sword across the ground. A charred ravine was left in the ground.

In the instant Ying Huo pierced Yuan Zhen’s bottom and Meow Meow’s Chaos Disaster struck, the Grand-Orient Sword flashed, unleashing Fulguros Imperius. With a thud, the Phantom Battleaxe flew out. Eyes wide, Yuan Zhen was decapitated and his body collapsed to the ground.

Archfiend in his left hand, Tianming hooked Yuan Zhen's head and swung it back. Turning around, Tianming held out the youth’s head toward the hordes of Heaven’s Elysium and the Earthorigin Sect and roared, "Yuan Zhen is dead! Earthorigin Sect, you shrinking little tortoises, come on then, kill me!”

His words were spoken boldy and fervently, and the silent battlefield detonated with monstrous rage.

In fact, when the Hellshaker Black Tortoise was slaughtered, the Earthorigin Sect had several powerhouses coming to rescue Yuan Zhen. However, Li Wudi was no weakling. His Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng spewed out a bloody torrent that converged into an ocean, forcing Yuan Hun and the others back at once. In that instant, Tianming slew Yuan Zhen and used his head as a provocation. Yuan Zhen's tragic death had the Earthorigin Sect seeing red. 

"He killed Yuan Zhen!”

"God, Yuan Zhen is the Earthorigin Sect’s junior sect master. They’re clearly taking advantage!"

"I seem to recall that he was on par with Yueling Long three months ago. At seventh level Heavenly Will, Yuan Zhen was the most talented Earthorigin Sect genius!”

"What kind of cultivation speed is this?!"

They couldn’t hide the shock, incomprehension, stupefaction, hatred, humiliation, impatience, disbelief, and other emotions. Clearly, Tianming possessed courage and strength, as well as incredible resources. Logically speaking, the Grand-Orient Sect should aim at Heaven’s Elysium and steer clear of provoking the Earthorigin Sect.

"He killed the Earthorgin Sect’s junior sect master. They were originally here to take advantage of our misfortune and might not have given their best. But now they’ve gone mad!"

The furious Earthorigin troops joined the outraged Heaven’s Elysium. Holding up Yuan Zhen’s head, Tianming looked out at the enemy’s troops with fiery eyes. "I’ll hang Yuan Zhen’s head on our Sacred Mountain for every disciple to spit on. What can you tortoise bastards do?"

With that, he turned to Li Wudi, who flashed a bright smile, grabbed Tianming's shoulder, and gave him a thumbs-up. Then, the two returned to the barrier with the others. 

"Kill him!!”

This was the most hatred Tianming had ever provoked, and it was at Li Wudi’s encouragement. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare offend the Earthorigin Sect.

"Well done," praised Li Wudi.

"I'm done. It's your turn next, you old drunkard. Don't drop the ball," said Tianming.

"Don't worry. How many we can kill today depends on how much hatred you’ve managed to provoke," laughed Li Wudi.

By this point, Li Wudi and the Grand-Orient and Onyx Sects’ powerhouses had passed through the barrier. As they walked, they saw countless Grand-Orient guardians and Onyx legionnaires staring passionately at Tianming.

"You have our admiration, Junior Sect Master!”

Before the battle had even begun, the Earthorigin Sect’s junior sect master was slaughtered. Yuan Zhen’s fear-filled gaze was still vivid in their minds. Such an exciting scene boosted the Grand-Orient Sect and Onyx Sect’s morale, and the flames of war had their blood boiling as they cheered for Tianming. Time makes the hero, and today, that man was Tianming.

The courageous battle had enhanced the two sects’ combat effectiveness. On the other hand, the Earthorigin Sect had been disgraced.

Headed by Li Wudi, the powerhouses gathered on the Sacred Mountain. They watched Heaven’s Elysium and the Earthorigin Sect’s armies roar as they surged forth. The densely-packed lifebound beasts and their beastmasters rushed into the Grand-Orient Barrier.

The earth quaked and the mountains shook as impassioned cries rocked the sky. This was the most dangerous moment in the history of the Grand-Orient Sect. There was a huge disparity in strength between both sides, so the results of this life and death battle would be revealed in a quarter-hour. Although they couldn't personally witness it, they knew that Jun Shengxiao and Yuan Hun would be at the forefront of the battlefield, especially since the latter was thunderstruck before the battle. 

"If I don’t destroy the Grand-Orient Sect to avenge Yuan Zhen, how will I answer to my father and eldest brother!" Although he was surrounded by black robes, his heart trembled violently as the green glint in his eyes flashed.

"Li Wudi is too bold. He dared kill your junior sect master! He thinks his talent is so great that he can walk around with his nose in the air. Brother Yuan Hun, you can’t let him go!" The light in Jun Shengxiao’s eyes were icy. In truth, he was happy to see this happen, having previously been worried the Earthorigin Sect wouldn’t give their all. Now, everything was going as he desired.

"What other means does Li Wudi have that makes him so bold?" Yuan Hun led his army into the barrier, which lacked imperial dragon pulses. 

"It may be a bluff," replied Jun Shengxiao.

No matter the reason, it was too late for caution, since the Earthorigin Sect’s army had already charged forward with him, together with Heaven’s Elysium’s army. With such rage, he couldn't call them back.

"This Grand-Orient Barrier is useless! Where are the imperial dragon pulses? If they don't come out, we’ll be able to destroy the Grand-Orient Sect in less than ten breaths!" Yuan Hun wrinkled his brows. The weaker the sect appeared, the more suspicious it seemed to him.

According to various indications, everything Tianming had done was to deliberately arouse their anger.

At the moment, Yuan Hun and Jun Shengxiao had almost made it out of the barrier. They were facing thirty-three sacred peaks. The three hundred and thirty thousand-strong army had all entered the barrier, filling it completely. Amazingly, there was not one Grand-Orient guardian in the barrier, and the spirit hazards posed no hindrance. When Jun Shengxiao and Yuan Hun looked up, they saw a bloody-haired man sitting on top of the Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng, a strange smile rising to his lips. 

"Jun Shengxiao, let me warmly remind you, don't underestimate the Li Saint Clan. Upstarts like Heaven’s Elysium can’t comprehend our foundations. But you can choose to tremble on your knees."

What did he mean? At that moment, all of the multicolored barrier spirit threads turned red at the same time, resembling blood vessels. Their numbers increased by more than ten times, covering the entire area of the thirty-three sacred peaks. It seemed as if the land beneath the Grand-Orient Sect was covered with a bloody net. 

The most dazzling change came from the Sacred Mountain. In the Grand-Orient Sacred Hall, the powerhouses of the Grand-Orient and Onyx Sect were gathered. Li Wudi had instructed them to wait there for orders. The present situation made Huangfu Fengyun and the others nervous; upon hearing the deafening roars, the elders seemed despondent.

Just then, the ninety-nine barrier nuclei before them were suddenly stained with blood. Like red dye thrown into clear lake water, the color instantly spread. Then, the barrier nuclei began dividing, splitting into two and then four. In the end, each barrier nucleus divided into sixteen. Thus, the number of barrier nuclei had increased by sixteen times. Every powerhouse at the Saint stage could set foot on a crimson barrier nucleus.

"What is this change?"

At first, they were shocked, but they were experienced folk. After hesitating for a moment, infinite power seemed to explode in each of their eyes. Obviously, this was Li Wudi’s trump card. Although no one knew what would happen next, they immediately stepped up to the nearest barrier nucleus and contributed their strength to operate the new barrier.

At the same time, the barrier spirit threads began absorbing beast ki from all the Grand-Orient Sect and Onyx Sect disciples. Spirit threads were wrapped around every disciple, including more than forty thousand Grand-Orient guardians and nearly seventy thousand Onyx legionnaires. Not one of them had entered the battlefield, but they served to power the bloody barrier, so a formidable force was born.

In almost an instant, that force exploded within the range of the Grand-Orient Barrier. When the enemy’s troops charged forward to kill, blood ki suddenly appeared from the land under their feet and a thick, bloody fog enveloped the entire battlefield. The new barrier had replaced the old Grand-Orient Barrier. This was one that Tianming was very familiar with. He had practiced within this barrier every day, but this time, its scope had expanded dozens of times, engulfing the thirty-three peaks.

"The Bloodbane Barrier!”

When the answer was finally revealed, Tianming was dumbfounded. He recalled that Li Wudi had tasked him with comprehending the Bloodbane Barrier; however, he’d never imagined that the Bloodbane Barrier guarding the Li Mausoleum would replace the Grand-Orient Barrier.

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