Chapter 365 – Back To Ignispolis

In front of Wei Manor, Wei Jing watched as three battles happened concurrently.

First, it was the inspector Ling Yichen, who sought to take Wei Tiancang, Mu Yang, and herself with him without a single word of explanation. When Mu Yang went up to ask for a reason, he was attacked immediately. That frightened the entire Wei Manor, and Wei Tiancang hurriedly arranged for the children and elderly to evacuate.

Fortunately, a skinny elder they didn’t recognize appeared out of nowhere and stopped Ling Yichen. The two pairs of beastmaster and beast fought, wreaking havoc in front of the Wei Manor.

Despite that, Ling Yichen still had his two vice-inspectors, each of them strong enough to make Vermilion Bird tremble. Similarly, Jin Yixuan and Song Yixue attacked without hesitation. Mu Yang, as the current potentate of Heaven’s Sanctum, had no choice but to accept the battle, though he alone could only stop Jin Yixuan. Still, that was shocking enough for Jin Yixuan.

“How’d you improve this much? You’ve already reached fifth-level Heavenly Will!” Jin Yixuan was previously worried about Mu Yang, not because he was afraid of losing, but because Mu Yang might escape and cause him trouble. But to his surprise, he seemed to be unable to defeat Mu Yang now.

“But so what if you’re on par with me now? You think that old man can stop Song Yixue?” Jin Yixuan laughed. Indeed, Wei Tiancang was being suppressed by Song Yixue, and when Wei Tianxiong joined in to help, Wei Tiancang was wounded after a single strike. As for the rest of the supernal mentors, their strength was nowhere near enough for them to even join the fight.

“Why are the inspectors attacking Wei Manor?! Did they offend the inspectors again?”

“Someone call the Vermilion Bird King immediately!” The situation was critical for Wei Manor, and the only reason Wei Tiancang could still fight was because Song Yixue intended to capture him alive.

“Jing’er, run!” Wei Tiancang roared as he fended off yet another strike. Those who couldn’t fight, like Wei Zikun and Wei Qing, had already retreated to a safer place, but to Wei Tiancang’s annoyance, Wei Jing was refusing to leave.

“I’m not leaving you behind!” Wei Jing’s eyes were red as she stared at Song Yixue. “Shouldn’t the vice-inspector at least give us an explanation for this?”

But Song Yixue didn't care about her at all, and her sword ki even made a shallow wound on Wei Jing’s face.

“Mu Wan, bring Wei Jing with you!” Even though Mu Yang and his Ink Qilin were slowly gaining an advantage, no one was there to stop Song Yixue.

“Understood!” Mu Wan rushed to Wei Jing.

“Don’t touch me,” Wei Jing refused yet again, as she looked toward the elder battling Ling Yichen, “Does Senior know the reason behind this?”

Just as the elder was about to answer, a dragon’s roar echoed. With a smile, he said, “Don’t worry, they’re here to save you.”

But that answer only confused the Wei Clan. Who is he referring to?

Song Yixue was clearly seeking to finish her battle, as Wei Tiancang had been forced to a dead end. The supernal mentors had no choice but to rush in front of Wei Tiancang to buy time.

“I’ll satisfy your death wish!” Song Yixue sneered with disdain as she charged forward with her high-tier eight-star Snow-Eyed Teal Fox.

“Song Yixue, for a nobody in Heaven’s Elysium, aren’t you acting big now!” Just then, a teenager’s voice boomed.

“Tianming!” Wei Jing didn’t need to look to tell that was her son’s voice!

When she looked up to the sky together with everyone else, a dragon burning with an azure flame reached them in no time at all! A white-haired youth leapt off the dragon and crashed onto the ground with a golden black sword in his hand. The force of his landing was so strong it instantly shattered the stone bridge he landed on, which was none other than the stone bridge where he had battled Wei Guohao.

When his eyes locked on to Song Yixue, not just her, but Ling Yichen and Jin Yixuan’s faces instantly turned pale. While they weren’t scared of Li Tianming, Ye Shaoqing was there too. They hadn’t expected them to arrive so soon.

“Run, now!” Ling Yichen screamed as he backed away from Zhao Hang without even caring about his lifebound beast. But he wasn’t fast enough, as an azure beam of sword ki shot out of Ye Shaoqing’s finger and instantly pierced his heart.

“Ahhh!” Ling Yichen’s eyes were still wide as he collapsed to the ground. And that was the end of the Heaven’s Elysium inspector. The Azureflame Dragon then spewed out a stream of azure flame that turned both Ling Yichen and his lifebound beast into ashes.

“No way! Just how strong is he, and why is Tianming with him?” The Wei Clan stared at the scene, dumbfounded.

The arrival of the magnificent dragon had also brought many of the clan members out of their hiding places, including Wei Zikun, Wei Guohao and Wei Lingxuan. They saw not only the dragon and Ye Shaoqing, but also the terrifying Tianming.

“It’s him! He’s back!” Just looking at that figure left their hearts trembling.

“Who?” Wei Qingyi asked, having just arrived.

“Our elder cousin.…” The name that used to be humiliating had now taken on a totally different meaning.

They weren’t the only ones who arrived, as those from Vermilion Bird Palace, Xing Mansion, and Chen Chateau had also arrived just in time to see the death of the inspector.

“What on earth is happening?” the king gasped. The Starry Sages were with him as well, as they spotted Mu Yang battling Jin Yixuan and Tianming chasing after the escaping Song Yixue!

“Am I seeing things?” Sage Chen rubbed his eyes.

Ye Shaoqing no longer made any moves, because he was curious as to just how strong those two fighting were. Was Tianming, the twin beastmaster who had only just reached Heavenly Will and wielded the Grand-Orient Sword, capable of fighting Song Yixue, who was fifth-level Heavenly Will but only had an eight-star lifebound beast? He also wanted to see how strong Mu Yang was.

“This man’s appearance is extraordinary, and he is fated to be an emperor!” Ye Shaoqing jolted when he first saw Mu Yang. While most of the Ignispolis residents were staring at him curiously, he was simultaneously watching both battles, and in fact directed more attention to Mu Yang!

Just then, there was a cheer from the crowd as Tianming forced Song Yixue into a dead end. While his lifebound beasts, the little chick and the black cat, were much smaller than the fox, they were brimming with confidence.

“A fox eh, not bad. Meow Meow, scram! It’s mine.”

“Roger! Then I shall go find my superior mount!” In the blink of an eye, the furry little cat reappeared on Mu Wan’s chest.

“Comfy, meow.” With a soft purr, the black cat fell asleep. The napping spot was just as enjoyable as it remembered. Mu Wan exchanged a glance with Wei Jing, not knowing how to feel about it.

“But Tianming.…” They were shocked that Tianming chose to tackle the vice-inspector by himself. He was just an eighth-level Spiritsource when he’d left, and Song Yixue was worlds apart from that. It had only been half a year, so what was he thinking!

They weren’t the only ones that were confused when Tianming dashed towards Song Yixue.

“You can forget about running away. The only way you can make it out alive is to defeat me and hold me hostage.” Tianming taunted, his idea giving the red-eyed Song Yixue a glimmer of hope.

“Your luck ends here! Elysian Long might not be able to kill you, but I certainly will!” Song Yixue was holding a weapon with three saintly heavenly patterns, the Iceborne Snowblade, as she used her Frost Heavens Sword Art!

If she had used this move half a year ago, no one in Ignispolis would have been able to stop her. But now, things were different as Tianming looked at Wei Tiancang, who was panting at one side, and the wound on Wei Jing’s face.

“Song Yixue, you brought my family so much trouble half a year ago and now you choose to harm them once again! You shall not walk out of here alive!” Tianming hadn’t used the Grand-Orient Sword ever since he had killed Yueling Long. Even though Song Yixue was fifth-level Heavenly Will, she only had eight spiritsources and was no match for Tianming.

A beam of icy sword ki shot toward Tianming as Song Yixue used her first stance, Iceborne Strike. 

Tianming accelerated and dodged, completely accustomed to the weight of the Grand-Orient Sword by now. He then used Demise of Earth, Hell-Shaker, and his sword slashed toward Song Yixue. With his Imperial Will, Tianming was utilizing a true heavenly-ranked technique, not one simplified by Mu Yang! Interestingly enough, Mu Yang was also using the three demises in his battle against Jin Yixuan.

With a sharp clang, Tianming shattered Song Yixue’s Iceborne Snowblade into pieces, its shards piercing into her body. It was no different than glass in front of the Grand-Orient Sword.

“Ahhh!” Song Yixue shrieked, as fear of Tianming arose from the depths of her heart.

“How is this possible!” she screamed as a mixture of blood and tears flowed across her face. I should’ve killed him half a year ago, no matter the cost! Alas, it was too late, as Tianming had already surpassed her.

To her utmost horror, Tianming clearly didn’t intend to keep her alive and used Demise of Heaven, Apocalyptic-Will! Song Yixue could only pick up a random sword and defend with the last stance of her sword art, Ten Miles of Snow. But with her beast ki inferior to Tianming’s, she was no match as Apocalyptic Will ripped her body into millions of pieces.

Song Yixue had died in desperation. Li Tianming would never let anyone who harmed his family live, let alone those who could be a potential threat.

Tianming thrust his sword into the ground, realizing that its size was too inconvenient for him to be able to make a cool pose. But as he and Ying Huo finished off their opponents, they turned to find the familiar faces in the Wei Manor all dead silent.

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