Chapter 350 - Conspiring Against the Onyx Sect

All throughout history, the weaker side would always try to capture the commander in war. The Onyx Sect had two sect masters, and they had been married for many years. Looking at the Onyx Empress in this state with her face turning pale from the pain, how could the Onyx Emperor not listen to Yuwen Taiji?

Everyone else from the Onyx Sect were also dumbfounded as they looked at Yuwen Taiji. Not even the Onyx Emperor could have imagined that a junior could defeat the Onyx Empress so quickly! As for the Grand-Orient guardians, most of them had seen it happen, since the barrier was transparent to them. No matter what Yuwen Taiji had done in the past, everyone from the Grand-Orient Sect was cheering for him at this moment, calling out his name on the battlefield.

Even Huangfu Fengyun’s eyes were brimming with tears as he muttered, “He didn’t let Jingshu down.… He actually managed to control the Grand-Orient Sword to this extent and defeat the Onyx Empress!”

“Yuwen Taiji!!” Cheers echoed out on the battlefield. The Onyx Legion was still trapped in the white fog, so most of them had no idea what was going on. They had no idea that Yuwen Taiji had reached the highest point of his life in this battle. Yuwen Taiji had never had so many people willingly cheering his name. He had captured the Onyx Empress on his return, grasping the advantage in this war. It was something that Huangfu Fengyun could never have imagined. So you could tell how shocked they were!

“Quick, or she’ll die! Heaven’s Elysium is using you as cannon fodder, so why are you putting your lives on the line? Why don’t you wait until I slaughter the Cloudmist Sword School, then retreat openly?” Yuwen Taiji used the Grand-Orient Sword to lift the Onyx Empress’ chin and continued, “Tell your husband what he should do!”

The Onyx Empress’ face was twisted as she glared at the Onyx Emperor. “Why aren’t you retreating? Do you want me dead?!”

“W-we can’t do that… we’ll break through the barrier soon…” an elder said, his voice becoming weaker and weaker as he spoke. All of them felt terrible; they knew they could soon complete their task in conquering the Abyssal Battlefield and slaughter their way into the Grand-Orient Sect. But all of a sudden, Yuwen Taiji had appeared from nowhere and ruined it all. With the Onyx Empress in his hand, the situation would probably turn in the Grand-Orient Sect’s favor.

“Yuwen Taiji, I never imagined that there was someone like you in the Grand-Orient Sect! I’ve heard that you’re pretty capable, and have ambitions of becoming the sect master. But I never expected you’d be so powerful! I underestimated you today, but so what if you’re powerful? You’re just one man, and it’s inevitable for Heaven’s Elysium to rule the Grand-Orient Realm! Even with the Grand-Orient Sword, there’s nothing you can do to change things by yourself. Just the Onyx Sect and Cloudmist Sword School are three times more powerful than the Grand-Orient Sect!” the Onyx Emperor said in a cold voice.

“Thanks for your concern, but do what you should,” Yuwen Taiji replied faintly. It had already been ten breaths, and he’d already given the Onyx Emperor a chance. Seeing that the Onyx Emperor wanted to delay for time, he moved the sword in his hand.

“Stop! We’ll retreat!” The Onyx Emperor trembled. His face was pale as he stepped into the Grand-Orient Barrier with the elders to summon the legion back.

“Disperse the fog and allow them to leave!” Huangfu Fengyun said to the surrounding saints.

“But what if they continue attacking?”

“They won’t!” 

Things went as Huangfu Fengyun had said. After the fog dissipated, the Onyx Legion reluctantly retreated under the Onyx Emperor’s orders. After all, who would feel good being forced to withdraw just when they were about to crush their enemies? The Onyx Legion was shocked when they looked at the Onyx Empress’ tragic state, and they began inquiring about Yuwen Taiji’s identity.

In the blink of an eye, the Onyx Legion retreated from the battlefield, drenched in blood. There were some lifebound beasts still alive, but their beastmasters had died in the battle and vice-versa. Of the seventy thousand Onyx legionnaires, there were at least two thousand people and three thousand lifebound beasts killed in the battle. As for those who had lost their lifebound beasts, their future was basically equivalent to being crippled. 

The Onyx Sect’s loss was greater than it looked.

After all, the imperial dragon pulse wasn’t just for show. For the Onyx Legion to fight in the Grand-Orient Sect’s territory, they would be bound to have more deaths. When they turned back to look at the battlefield, the ground was covered in blood and littered with corpses.

The Grand-Orient Sect had also suffered casualties, roughly about half of what the Onyx Legion had taken. So in this war, only Heaven’s Elysium could still laugh, as they hadn’t made their move yet. They had so far managed to preserve their strength while having their lackeys fight the war. After this battle, both the Onyx Sect and Grand-Orient Sect had a whole new understanding of Heaven’s Elysium’s ruthlessness and tyranny.

“Yuwen Taiji, why aren’t you releasing her now that we’ve already retreated?!” the Onyx Emperor said in a ferocious voice.

“Are you joking with me?” Yuwen Taiji dragged the Onyx Empress by her hair.

“You’re not going to let her go?!” the Onyx Emperor raged.

“Of course not. But don’t worry about it, as I have no intention of taking her life. I’ll release her after your Onyx Legion retreats from the battlefield,” Yuwen Taiji replied.

Listening to Yuwen Taiji’s words, the Onyx Emperor’s frown grew deeper. He knew that Yuwen Taiji was making full use of his advantage, and he would probably have done the same if he were in Yuwen Taiji’s shoes. Since Yuwen Taiji had captured someone important, there was no way he would release her so easily.

“The Onyx Sect will have to behave. If you guys dare to come close to the Grand-Orient Sect and attack the barrier again, I’ll be sending her head to you immediately. Then again, you can try me if you like,” Yuwen Taiji added. His words immediately sent the Onyx Sect into rage.

“This will be troublesome….” The Onyx Emperor closed his eyes. With the Onyx Empress in Yuwen Taiji’s hands, there was no way they could continue their attack. They wouldn’t suffer any losses if they didn’t continue their attack, but what if Heaven's Elysium issued an order for them to attack after finding out what had happened here? Wouldn’t that be forcing the Onyx Empress to death?

The Onyx Emperor, and everyone else from the Onyx Sect, bled from their hearts when they saw the Onyx Empress captured. Truth be told, they had no grudges with the Grand-Orient Sect, but they were now placed in a difficult position. They now had two choices laid before them: they could either go against Heaven’s Elysium, or continue their attack and ignore the Onyx Empress’ death. This matter involved the entire sect’s life and death, and not even the Onyx Emperor could easily come to a decision.

“Hold it for now!” the Onyx Empress said with tears rolling down her cheeks. They had already retrieved her arms, and there was still a chance for her to reattach them as long as she was still alive. But she knew the function of her arms wouldn’t be the same afterward.

In the end, the Onyx Emperor could only nod his head and sigh. All by himself, Yuwen Taiji had toyed with the Onyx Sect in the palm of his hand. Yuwen Taiji suddenly waved his hand at the Onyx Emperor, signaling for them to talk privately. 

“I know that you guys are afraid of Heaven’s Elysium because of the last war, where your barrier was destroyed and damaged at its core. And without the barrier, you guys can’t defend yourselves against Heaven's Elysium. But then again, Heaven’s Elysium will definitely use you guys as cannon fodder to unify the Grand-Orient Realm. But you should know that they’ll slaughter the entire Onyx Sect once we’re defeated.

“Don’t be in a rush to reject my words. Heaven's Elysium is more ruthless than you think. So don’t be naive and think that they’ll keep you guys around just because you submitted to them. I can say that even the Cloudmist Sword School will die at that time!” Yuwen Taiji revealed the Onyx Emperor’s deepest worries. Without a barrier protecting the Onyx Sect, there was no way they could resist Heaven's Elysium. They were in a terrible position, compared to the Grand-Orient Sect and Southsky Sect.

“Yuwen Taiji, what are you trying to say?” The Onyx Emperor narrowed his eyes into slits.

“You guys will need to be resolute if you want to survive,” Yuwen Taiji replied.

“What do you mean?”

“The courage to let your Onyx Sect come into our barrier,” said Yuwen Taiji.

“Are you sure?” The Onyx Emperor and Onyx Empress had their eyes wide as they looked at Yuwen Taiji.

“You’re not afraid that we’ll immediately betray you upon entering the barrier? If nothing is stopping us in the barrier, it’ll be easy for us to slaughter you,” said the Onyx Emperor. He was deeply shocked by Yuwen Taiji’s suggestion.

“I know. That’s why I said it’ll take courage. Furthermore, I believe that you have a deeper hatred for Heaven's Elysium. You were forced to submit, and if there’s a possibility, you’ll definitely take revenge.” Yuwen Taiji looked at the two with his eyes blazing. He had seen through the Onyx Emperor and Onyx Empress. The Onyx Sect was only in this position because their barrier was destroyed, so how could they not have any hatred? They just didn’t dare show it on their faces, but Heaven's Elysium knew about it as well. So there was no way Heaven's Elysium would let them off after this sect war.

“Don’t bother working for Heaven's Elysium. You’re just daydreaming. Like us, you don’t have any other choice. Why has no one unified the Grand-Orient Realm over the past millennia? That’s because the Grand-Orient, Onyx, and Southsky Sects kept them in check. This current situation is because you dragged us down. But if you’re no longer concerned with your barrier, and join the Grand-Orient Sect to resist Heaven's Elysium, they won’t be able to destroy the Grand-Orient or Southsky Barriers. So we can first plan to get rid of the Cloudmist Sword School. After we’re left with Heaven's Elysium, what can they do to all three of us?” Yuwen Taiji said with fire blazing in his pupils.

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