Chapter 331 - Tragic Elysian Child

He was Elysian Yi, Jun Tianyi, the Elysian Emperor’s eldest grandson. Half a year ago, he was still the strongest among his generation in the Grand-Orient Realm, only to be replaced by Elysian Long. Even though he was only slightly weaker than Yueling Long, he was still stronger than the other elysian children and four sect’s disciples by far.

Although everyone had looked down on him for allowing Tianming to escape previously, they all felt that he was already pretty good. At least, that was before Jun Tianyi had suffered a crushing defeat, and even went as far as prostrating himself before Tianming. As for Tianming, he couldn’t be bothered with Jun Tianyi at this moment, and went to help his lifebound beasts instead.

Under their combined siege, the two Golden Helldragons were riddled with wounds in less than thirty breaths. They were bleeding so much that their blood could converge into a river as they laid beside Jun Tianyi, looking like three tragic brothers. Tianming also came over and lifted Jun Tianyi from the ocean.

“MMMHHM! MMMHMHMM!” Jun Tianyi glared at Tianming viciously with bloodshot eyes.

“Excuse me?” Tianming laughed.


Tianming slapped him, causing Jun Tianyi’s world to start spinning, then took the two gold balls from Jun Tianyi. He now had a total of six gold balls from the elysian children. “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re saying. So just kiss the waves!”

He hung Jun Tianyi, who was throwing up blood, on Archfiend and retied it on the Stillocean Godwhale’s tail. Someone like him wanted to violate Weisheng Ruosu? Tianming shrugged. It’s probably something he was instructed by the East Cardinal King to do. I wonder what the East Cardinal King’s face looks like right now.

Although he couldn’t see Jun Tianyi’s face, he could see the pale faces of the Weisheng siblings. They were dumbfounded as they looked at him.

“What are you so afraid of? I won’t beat you guys up, so don’t worry.” Tianming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I’m not afraid. I-I-It’s just—” Weisheng Qingluan was stuttering as he spoke.

“Just what?”

“I don’t know how to explain it. I can only simplify it in one wordextremely horrifying!” said Weisheng Qingluan.

“Are you stupid? That’s two words.”


Watching them laugh, Weisheng Ruosu could only gasp in admiration and rub her forehead. She felt as if she was still dreaming. The three of them then returned inside the Stillocean Godwhale and sank back into the ocean, continuing their wandering life in the sea.

“Now, there’s only Yueling Long left in the Realm Barrier. Do you want to summon the Grand-Orient Sword now and try protecting it for ten days?” asked Weisheng Ruosu. Tianming now had six gold balls, while she had the fifth black ball he needed with her.

“Not right now,” smiled Tianming.

“Not right now?”

“Yeah. I’m just one step away from another breakthrough.” This was the real reason why Tianming had returned to the bottom of the ocean. Yueling Long was in the second level of Heavenly Will when she registered, but Tianming could sense that she was stronger than Jun Tianyi, so he had to make a breakthrough.

“You’re planning on reaching Heavenly Will here?” This ridiculous thought left Weisheng Ruosu dumbfounded.

“What are you saying? Do you think reaching Heavenly Will is easy?” Tianming replied. At the very least, he still hadn’t had the slightest clue about it right now. His smooth journey through Unity would make it difficult for him to reach Heavenly Will.

“Then why do you still want to stay around here?”

“Because I’m only in the eighth level of Unity?” Tianming smiled.

The Weisheng siblings exchanged glances as their worlds toppled. So Tianming was only in the eighth level of Unity.… They still weren’t too shocked, since they had witnessed how Tianming had grown stronger over the past ten days. But for the audience outside, their scalps were going numb and their faces stiffened. Just a moment ago, they were still making fun of Tianming. But then, in the blink of an eye, Tianming had crushed Jun Tianyi. All of them turned to look at the East Cardinal King, Jun Tianyi’s father.

Jun Dongyao was on his feet. His mood had only gotten much better over the past few days. He was chatting with the elysian elders when it all happened. As he watched everything unfold before his eyes, his throat gargled and he nearly vomited blood. Tianming’s Myriad’s Only had stabbed deep into his heart. 

“Tianyi!!” Jun Dongyao yelled with a hoarse, despairing voice. Shortly after, his emotions turned into boundless rage as he charged toward the Realm Barrier, but that was somewhere that not even the Elysian Emperor could intrude upon. In the end, he could only stand outside the Realm Barrier with his hands balled into fists and gushing rage in his eyes. His body was radiating like a golden sun and his face was distorted as he stood there, gasping heavily like a wild beast. Who would have linked him to that arrogant person back in the Heaven Inn? Jun Tianyi’s tragic state was a resounding slap to his face. Not only him, but at least half of the elysian elders were standing on their feet with pale faces.

“Heaven’s Elysium has never suffered such crushing defeat over the last few hundred years of Realm Wars!”

“This is too embarrassing!”

“No one had suffered such crushing defeat in the past. We’re all ashamed to meet the ancestors!”

Many people sighed. Looking around at the audience, the faces of all three hundred thousand disciples were pale. What they felt was no longer embarrassment, but despair. This wasn’t the monkey show that they had expected. The monkeys here were elysian children and onyx disciples, not Tianming! Worst of all, they were still counting on Jun Tianyi just a moment again to violate Weisheng Ruosu!

“Jun Tianyi seems to be crippled.…”

“Not his cultivation, but.…”

“How’s he going to embarrass Weisheng Ruosu in this state? This is simply too humiliating!”

The elysian disciples were ruthless. When they needed a channel to vent their emotions, they would even go as far as cursing someone from their own side. Many of the audience could no longer keep watching and started leaving.

“There’s never been such an unbearable Realm War in the past!”

“Is Tianming from the Grand-Orient Sect a monster? And here I thought he was afraid of Elysian Yi when he ran! But in the end, he defeated Elysian Yi in crushing fashion!”

“So he must’ve been fooling with us when he ran! Was he trying to make us feel happy before slapping our faces?”

“Was he that bored to go so far?”

“Wait, what’s his cultivation right now? I had no idea that you could be so powerful at ninth-level Unity!”

Tianming had successfully won over many elysian disciples, but it wouldn’t be easy for him to win over the elysian elders.

“No, wait! He’s clearly much stronger now! That means that he was previously hiding his strength!” The South Cardinal King frowned.

“Why? It makes no sense for him to hide his strength at all. He could’ve gotten six gold balls much earlier!” the Onyx Emperor said, doubt evident in his voice.

“That’s right. The Grand-Orient Sword is just within his reach, so there was no need for him to play around with Jun Tianyi,” said the Onyx Empress.

“Then do you guys think he made a breakthrough to Heavenly Will inside the Stillocean Godwhale over the past ten days?”

“That’s impossible. It’s clear that he hasn’t reached Heavenly Will.”

“Maybe he used treasures? Like a heavenly pattern tome?”

“That’s a possibility, but shouldn’t he be looking for Yueling Long if that was the case? After all, there’s a time limit to every heavenly pattern tome. If he waits too long, the effects will dissipate.”

They had clearly seen Tianming entering the Stillocean Godwhale, then dive deep into the ocean again. When they saw that, all of them were disappointed and puzzled.

“Sikong Jiansheng, what’s wrong with you?” The Onyx Emperor saw that Sikong Jiansheng’s face was as ugly as Jun Dongyao.

“He’s dead meat!” Sikong Jiansheng declared with a murderous aura boiling around him. He had seen how Tianming had turned the six elysian children and two onyx disciples into mutes, which was a direct response to him. Even Jun Tianyi had been caught in the crossfire, so how was Sikong Jiansheng to face Jun Dongyao? When he saw Jun Dongyao boiling in rage, his mood became even worse. His sword ki was all pent up in his stomach, nearly blowing him apart. The entire Elysium Battlefield was enveloped in a gloomy atmosphere, with the surrounding elysian disciples feeling their faces burning hot.

Under this atmosphere, Jun Niancang suddenly came forth and consoled Jun Dongyao. “Don’t worry about it, big brother. Long’er will deal with this and take revenge for Tianyi.”

“Does she even dare kill Tianming?” Jun Dongyao gnashed his teeth.

“Although rules left behind by the ancestors say that it’s best not to kill in the Realm War, Long’er won’t allow someone with the ability to compete with her to live. It’s always been her style to eliminate every possible threat,” said Jun Niancang.

“Very well. The ancestors are concerned that people won’t dare participate in the Realm War in the future, if killing is allowed. That’s the reason they got the Theocracy of the Ancients to change the rules. But killing one or two won’t affect the overall situation, not to mention that this might be the last Realm War,” said Jun Dongyao with a sinister glow in his eyes.

“Long’er knows.”

“Very well. Not only did she make a breakthrough, but all three of her lifebound beasts have undergone evolution as well. Tianming won’t know how strong she’s become!” Jun Dongyao replied.

“Long’er rose from the bottom of the food chain and changed her destiny. She’s undergone countless trials to be standing here today, and no one will be able to obstruct her path. Not even a pentabane will be able to save the Li Saint Clan. A genius like her should step on the path to the heavens!”

Jun Niancang’s words made Jun Dongyao nod his head and praise, “It’s good that you changed during your trip to the Theocracy of the Ancients.”

“Thank you for your praise, big brother.” Jun Niancang nodded and returned to his seat.

“Tianyi must hold on. When he’s back, I’ll see if he can still be treated. Otherwise, he won’t be able to reproduce!” Despite the comforting from Jun Niancang, Jun Dongyao’s eyes were still red. Just thinking about it made his heart twitch.

The Elysium Battlefield calmed down after a brief uproar. Because as long as Tianming kept himself hidden, it wouldn’t be easy for Elysian Long to find him. Honestly speaking, no one had any idea why Tianming still didn’t want to summon the Grand-Orient Sword. He had even gone so far as going back on the land and bringing Shangguan Yunfeng and Zhao Lingzhou to the sea.

Yueling Long must be feeling baffled right now because she hadn’t met a single person for the past half month. She was even on the verge of going insane until she finally found a person—the heavily injured Elysian Yao.

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