Chapter 280 - Pointing The Sword At Su Wuyou

Emerging from the top of the Prime Tower could only mean one thing: Tianming had passed the test of the third floor! If the positions for prime disciples weren’t fully occupied, he would be a prime disciple at this very moment.

How was this progress achievable by a young man who had spent less than three months in the Grand-Orient Sect? Among the hundred thousand spectators present, the more familiar they were with Tianming, the more shocked they were. In truth, all they had expected was for Tianming to live through the tower.

Yet only two hours had passed, and he’d actually cleared the third floor.

Countless looks of astonishment were riveted on him.

Nobody in the audience had ever regarded Tianming as a wastrel, and all were well aware of his heaven-defying talent. But out of convention, they had never imagined he would perform so unbelievably.

The cheers from the audience swept across like a violent storm.

"Junior sect master!"

"Li Tianming!”

"This is how a junior sect master should be! Talented enough to become a prime disciple!"

Tianming's popularity in the Grand-Orient Sect reached a peak at this moment. Their enthusiasm for him was almost comparable to that of Yuwen Shendu and the other three prime disciples.

Additionally, they knew very well that even Yuwen Shendu had failed to show such progress. He’d surpassed his peers, but had never exceeded their imagination. However, Tianming's growth had repeatedly toppled their beliefs.

A lion defeating an elephant would cause little amazement, but an ant lifting one would be truly shocking. However, Tianming had more important matters to handle.

Ye Shaoqing, on the other hand, failed to remain calm. He stood by the window, dumbfounded. Next to him stood Ye Yuxi, who had the same look upon her face.

"Did he cheat? Did the Li Saint Clan’s ancestors open the back door for him?" Ye Shaoqing stared blankly.

"How can you question your own disciple?" Ye Yuxi chided.

Ye Shaoqing fiddled with his fan, trying to regain his composure. When he turned around, he noticed a teary-eyed Ye Qing.

"Old man, are you crying? Are you moved?" asked Ye Shaoqing.

"Oh, stop fanning. You’ve blown the wind into my eyes!" Ye Qing said, then turned his gaze back to the young man on top of the tower.

"He gives me the same impression as the first ancestor," remarked Ye Qing.

"He does resemble the portrait," said Ye Yuxi.

"So?" asked Ye Shaoqing.

"Protect him with your life. Don't worry about the Ye clan. We will fight them to the death!" Ye Qing gritted his teeth.

"Old man, you have courage," said Ye Shaoqing.

"Li Wudi, the shock caused by your son far surpasses yours. It seems you can take that last step with peace of mind." Ye Shaoqing knew better than anyone else what responsibility the sect master had to shoulder.

Thus, he left the hall of Azure Immortal Mountain and walked up to Tianming.

"What are you doing here?" Tianming asked.

"You’re precious now, so of course I’m here to protect you from being slaughtered," said Ye Shaoqing.

"Isn’t this rather excessive?" 

"You haven’t seen the expressions on the Yuwen clan’s faces," said Ye Shaoqing.

With Tianming in tow, he returned to the First Grand-Orient Battlefield. At this exact moment, Tianming could feel fiery gazes upon himself, probably from the Yuwen clan.

However, the looks of admiration and fanaticism far outweighed the menacing looks shooting from the Yuwen clan. The words ‘junior sect master’ echoed through the First Grand-Orient Battlefield, giving him the chills.

Tianming wasn’t aware what kind of discussion was under way at the hall of Fengtian Mountain, much less how many were determined to kill him.

Upon realizing Tianming’s popularity, Yuwen Kaitai said, "Did we underestimate the influence of this annoying fly? I think we need to kill him as soon as possible, regardless of how Ye Shaoqing resists.”

“The speed of his progress is truly miraculous. I think Kaitai makes sense," Chen Nantian frowned.

"Leaving the third floor of the Prime Tower proves he’s not simple. He already has the qualification to challenge a prime disciple. Throughout the next month, he can still make progress. If he does defeat a prime disciple, I’m afraid Huangfu Fengyun and Ye Shaoqing will join forces.”

Second elder Su Yun turned to look at Su Wuyou, acknowledging she was the weakest prime disciple. A month from now, Tianming was bound to challenge her. Although Tianming was currently no match for her, who knew how far he would grow in a month!

"We have to make our move. I’ve underestimated him, never expecting a pentabane to show this much talent,” admitted Yuwen Fengtian.

The others glanced at Yuwen Taiji, who was considered the most authoritative among them. Even his father, Yuwen Fengtian, listened to him.

Eyes narrowed, he declared, "I'll do it. I'll kill him before he becomes a prime disciple." The insignificant fly he once cared nothing for had originally been chosen as a training opponent for Yuwen Shengcheng. Afterward, he was designated for Yuwen Zhenxing, instead. With Tianming’s current achievements, he could only be suppressed by Yuwen Shendu. Yuwen Taiji didn't want to rock the boat, let alone allow Tianming to continue growing; his talent was gradually breaking the delicate balance between the elders.

This was definitely not a good sign.

A genius at Unity wasn’t much use; however, he would pose a threat if he managed to sway the neutral members on the council of elders. Thus, Yuwen Taiji made a decision.

"When Zhenxing leaves the tower and the Prime Struggle comes to an end, I’ll head to Azure Dragon Sword Mountain and personally swat this fly. Leave Ye Shaoqing and the others be. The day we seize the Grand-Orient Sword and return to the sect is the day we annihilate the Ye clan,” Yuwen Taiji’s voice resounded in the empty hall.

At this point, his impatience was obvious.

"Big Brother, Ye Tianlong has taken refuge in our clan," prompted Yuwen Kaitai.

"Kill him."


Yuwen Kaitai lowered his head, well aware that his eldest brother despised people like Ye Tianlong. Right now, they were waiting for Yuwen Zhenxing to leave the tower, so the Prime Struggle could draw to a close.

However, contrary to their expectations, Tianming didn’t return to Azure Dragon Sword Hall. Instead, he consulted Elder Su Zhen, "Excuse me, elder. Does passing the Prime Tower give me the qualification to challenge a prime disciple and replace them?”

Su Zhen turned pale. "Yes, you have a month to prepare."

The eyes of the audience shone with excitement and eagerness for the show ahead. All they had to do was wait another month.

Unexpectedly, Tianming drew the Onyx Dragon and descended onto the First Grand-Orient Battlefield, pointing his sword at Fengtian Mountain as his voice boomed with majesty, "I don't need a month, I’ll challenge a prime disciple right now!

"Su Wuyou, I'll give you ten breaths to show yourself!"

Silence reigned as the audience stared blankly at Tianming. 

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