Chapter 271- Fried Locusts

As Huangfu Feifei and Shangguan Jiayi were trying to break past Yuwen Zhenxing, Tianming’s chance arrived. However, the moment he moved, a red-haired youth barred his way. By his side was a massive locust.

The locust was different from the Bloodhell Broodmother Tianming had once fought. The broodmother was just a giant worm, but this locust was covered in armor and had sharp legs and mandibles.

A dense swarm of Sky-Blazing Locusts flew up, congregating above Tianming.

“I heard you ambushed my brother. Let’s see what you’re made of,” Gongsun Chi sneered. He had a violent personality and had slain many people as he followed Yuwen Zhenxing. It was a sharp contrast from the aloof Chen Xiaoji.

“Ambushed?” Tianming was surprised. That fellow really did know how to save face. Hadn’t Chen Xiaoji been the one to attack from the side with his lifebound beast?

Li Tianming exchanged a look with his lifebound beasts. “So this enemy looks like a tough nut to crack. What’s the plan?”

“Are you really asking a chicken how to handle an insect?” Ying Huo sniggered.

“Big Brother Chicken, didn’t you say you hated being treated like a chicken?” Meow Meow asked.

“You nugget, what do you know? Grandpappy here is the chicken when it’s time to eat insects!”

Imperial Flame Locust? Sky-Blazing Locusts?

Ying Huo’s eyes shone. “Meow Meow, let me show you which is faster: its birth rate or my peck rate!”

A flaming chicken soared into the skies. However, the Sky-Blazing Locusts didn’t spare it much attention, as there was too little meat on it. They were used to surrounding other lifebound beasts and stripping them of all flesh!

Ying Huo exhaled a stream of Infernal Blaze, quickly scorching many Sky-Blazing Locusts to death, and the Infernal Armor appeared on Tianming.

“Tianming, my little brother, now that you have my spit, to battle! Meow Meow! Follow your big brother into dinner!” Ying Huo commanded.

Meow Meow had already transformed into a giant lightning beast. It extended its blood-red claws and locked its eyes on the Imperial Flame Locust, which was as large as the transformed Meow Meow.

Black lightning wound around Meow Meow’s body.

Gongsun Chi was rather flashy. His weapon was a giant sickle called the Firefiend Sickle. When he rested it on his shoulder, he really did have the presence of a grim reaper.

By his side, the bloodstained Chen Xiaoji still had a portion of his strength left as he lifted up his star pike. As for his lifebound beast, it was probably in his lifebound space, considering its happiness for the rest of its life.

“I don’t need you. I can handle this myself.” Gongsun Chi’s lips curled.

“Honestly, if it weren’t for Zhenxing’s treasure, I’d be ignoring you for talking to a brother like that,” Chen Xiaoji said.

“Fine, don’t drag me down!” The two immediately charged.

The two battles happened almost simultaneously.

Yuwen Zhenxing was fighting two people by himself, and so was Tianming!

In the sky, the little chick swept through the swarm, its Infernal Armor burning all of the locusts in its path to a crisp. These children were completely incapable of breaking the chick’s armor. It continued releasing gouts of Infernal Blaze and showers of Skyscorch Featherblasts, beginning a massacre.

Clearly, the Imperial Flame Locust wasn’t able to spawn its children faster than the little chick could kill them.

“Mhm, fried locusts really do smell good!”

The Imperial Flame Locust was furious. These were all its children! It stopped spawning, and instead rushed at Ying Huo. However, before it could reach the annoying bird, a black figure pounced onto its body.

The Imperial Flame Locust was immediately engulfed in lightning. Furious, the locust used its sharp legs and forced Meow Meow away. However, Meow Meow still successfully created several blackened holes in its body with multiple Chaos Voltballs.

The two lifebound beasts entered a melee. Surprisingly, the broodmother wasn’t too shabby in a melee, especially with its sharp legs.

However, it wasn’t its forte in the end. It was still lacking, compared to Meow Meow, and it couldn’t stand up to the cat’s claws and fangs, nor its two Saintbeast War-Soul abilities.

The broodmother’s attempts to use its spiritsource abilities, Sky-Blazing Hell and Undying Swarm, were all stopped by Ying Huo. That was because this type of beast’s abilities were related to their brood. However, all of its children had been slaughtered by Ying Huo.

Job done, Ying Huo landed and began pecking at the locusts. “Blergh. Overcooked. Meow Meow! Let it off. I need more locusts for practice!”

The Imperial Flame Locust fell into despair. It couldn’t fight one against two, and it looked at its beastmaster for help. However, its beastmaster was currently—


Gongsun Chi and Chen Xiaoji leapt forward at the same time, and Tianming had no choice but to respond, even though the bell was his goal.

“Insect!” Gongsun Chi used his sickle to attack with a supreme unity-ranked battle art, Soul Cleaver. He aimed directly at Tianming’s head.

Tianming’s sword flicked out, and he had both hands on the hilt. The moment he touched the eye on the sword, Onyx Dragon gave off a roar, as if it were a real dragon. Then, he slashed down as well!

Voidgod Sword Intent, Countercurrent!

While Tianming hadn’t gone all out yet, this attack was still backed by his tens of thousands of practice swings.

The two weapons collided with a clear ring.

Gongsun Chi was sent flying, then tumbled several times on the ground. When his head smashed against the ground, he felt like he could hear his brain shaking.

“Ughh…” Blood flowed from his head. Even more frighteningly, his sickle had almost taken off his head as well when it landed!

Gongsun Chi subconsciously recalled his big words in front of Tianming. Now, he had truly seen which one of them was ordinary, and which one was the genius.

However, just as he was thinking this, the white-haired youth had already arrived in front of him!

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