Chapter 230 - Young Man, What’s Your Weapon Of Choice?

The Li Mausoleum.

The blood mist surged amidst the desolate grounds.

After returning from Abyssal Battlefield, Feiling and Qingyu were taking a breather on Fatepath Peak. Tianming visited the mausoleum with his lifebound beasts once more. 

With the Kunpeng Sacred Seal, the Bloodbane Formation had allowed him entrance into the mountain. Tianming was about to greet the Void Kunpeng, but upon realizing it was sleeping soundly on the mountainside, he quietly walked away.

At the top of the mountain, a sloppy Li Wudi slept before the tomb, his plump belly exposed for all to see and saliva dribbling down his chin.

"Who says he’s tortured by the Venomdrake Spike?" Clearly, the man was living a life of leisure. 

"Hey, your daughter is about to marry a pig, yet here you are feasting and drinking to your heart’s content!" Tianming shouted.

"What? There’s a feast?" Li Wudi rolled up into a seating position, his round eyes staring intently at his adopted son.

"Tianming, my son, how filial you are! I’ve been starving for a few days. Come, roast me a suckling pig."

What could be said about the man? At least he was optimistic?

Tianming pursed his lips. A few days from now, when the metal bloodline’s Li Xuanyi came knocking on the door, the sect master, Li Wudi, would be of no help whatsoever.

It seemed the only dependable ones were Li Jingyu and himself. Even Elder Ye Qing wouldn’t provide any assistance.

"I brought wine." Tianming’s words piqued Li Wudi’s interest.

After purchasing the Ling’er’s Love, Tianming made a turn around the Grand Hall, but found no suitable battle arts. Thus, he had spent the remaining spirit gems on pure spiritual wine, filling up his spatial ring. 

At the sight of the wine, Li Wudi’s eyes shone with eagerness.

"Wonderful! Having a son is great! My son, if there’s anything you want, anything, just tell me. I’ll even pick the sun from the sky for you.” Li Wudi bounced excitedly, opening each pot of wine and taking a sniff.

"Forget about it. This wine is meant to honor my ancestors. If you’re lucky, I might leave you a tenth of it," said Tianming.

"Ancestors? It doesn't matter. As your father, I'm also considered an ancestor. I’ll share the wine with them."

Oh well, if it makes him happy. Tianming didn’t know what to do with such a shameless man! 

He was here to cultivate. Like Li Wudi before, he illuminated Li Shenxiao’s tomb. Eighty-one saintly heavenly patterns gathered once more.

"You reached Unity? Not bad to have achieved that in a few days," came Li Wudi’s drunken remarks.


"You’re my son indeed. Looks like my guidance helped. I certainly make a good sect master." 

There he went again, blowing his own trumpet.

Li Tianming devoted himself to expanding his spiritsource and unity field. Gathering the spiritual energy of heaven and earth on Li Shenxiao’s tomb was very effective. The eighty-one saintly heavenly patterns spread all over his body, producing radical advancement every second.

Tianming believed that no one in the entire Grand-Orient Sect had ten bane-rings, along with access to the eighty-one saintly heavenly patterns on Li Shenxiao’s tomb. 

His unity field grew rapidly. To live a little longer so he could sleep a little more, Meow Meow was giving it his all, too.

Li Shenxiao’s tomb was miraculous, producing an effect that far surpassed the Imperial Ninefold Gates. All that it lacked was the oppressive force of the gates.

"With the help of the first ancestor, I’ll overcome this tribulation! The day I do, the world will witness my ten bane-rings—a destiny that goes against the heavens!" Narrowing his eyes, he felt the surging power of heaven and earth.

"Senior Li."

"You don’t have to be so polite. Just call me Father," replied Li Wudi.

"I think I’ll go with Godfather….” Tianming felt a headache coming on.

In truth, he respected Li Wudi. Because of fate, Li Wudi had handed over the entire Li ancestors’ fortune to him.

"Fine," Li Wudi smiled.

"Qingyu awakened five Pentamoon Skybanes in the Imperial Ninefold Gates!"

Since Li Wudi rarely left the mausoleum, he wasn’t aware of the matter. As soon as the words left Tianming’s lips, silence filled the grounds so thickly that one would hear a pin dropping to the ground.

Tianming was currently facing Li Shenxiao’s tomb, deep in cultivation, so turning around was inconvenient.


For a long time, he received no reply. Could Li Wudi have fainted from excitement? After all, for a man poisoned by Yuwen Taiji, Qingyu’s transformation should leave him ecstatic.

Tianming suspended his cultivation and turned around. There was Li Wudi, one hand around his hip flask, the other wrapped around his belly as he slept soundly.

He was just talking! How did he fall asleep so quickly? Did he hear what he said about Qingyu’s transformation? 

Tianming shook his head, too lazy to deal with him. Returning to his cultivation, he put his heart and soul into his struggle against death!

Three years to reach the Saint stage. If he failed, the only thing awaiting him was death. There was no retreat! Right now, he had just taken the first step; that is, reaching Unity.

Li Jingyu had passed him Unity cultivation techniques, which Tianming accepted, but didn’t practice. However, her sincerity would be remembered.

"Li Xuanyi, Li Yuchen, Li Jincan!"

Tianming was waiting for the day they came knocking!

There was no need to consider his surroundings when cultivating in the Li Mausoleum. Thus, Tianming unleashed his full power. With Li Shenxiao's tomb as the center, the Infernal Field and Chaos Field grew bigger and bigger.

Dust swept up from the ground and the trees shook. Meanwhile, the drunken Li Wudi dreamed before the tomb. Waking up from slumber, he asked, "Young man, what is your weapon of choice?"

"The sword!"

"That’s fine, what else?"


"Do you whip it around?"

"You can say that," Tianming replied.

"Our eighteenth generation ancestor, Li Wushen was a master of the whip. Shall I introduce you to him?" 

"What do you mean?" Tianming paused.

Prior to this, Li Wudi used the words 'this bunch of drunks,' but not this ancestor. Obviously, Li Shenxiao wasn’t the only ancestor who was fond of the bottle. What could there be on the other tombstones?

"Tianming, my son, come with me. I’ll take you to worship those old fossils, I mean, ancestors!"

To the other peaks?

Tianming looked forward to visiting the giant peaks behind him. With Li Wudi leading the way, they proceeded to the other tombs. 

Although Li Wudi had been crippled for more than ten years, and looked as if he was unstable, the man actually managed to trek through several mountains.

"Second ancestor Li Xinghe, this is Tianming my son. First, kowtow to the heavens and earth, then to your parents. Next, the couple may bow to each other. Here is Li Shendao, the third ancestor, consisting of stir-fried potato, eggplant and green pepper. Oh, my mistake, this is your third ancestor, not a dish! Apologies, I must be hungry.” [1]

Tianming laughed at the ridiculous man. Li Wudi was fortunate to be so unrestrained. 

Finally, they arrived at the eighteenth ancestor’s tomb–Li Wushen.

1. The third ancestor (第三先) and 地三鲜, a dish consisting of stir-fried potato, eggplant and green pepper are homonyms.

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