Chapter 229 The Generous Junior Sect Master

Tianming continued reading the introduction.

This object is carved from a spirit ore with violet heavenly patterns by Zhang Fusheng, the most famous sculptor in the continent. Elegant and gorgeous, the violet heavenly stone contains violet heavenly spiritual energy. If the user is attacked, the necklace will automatically form a Violet Heavenly Shield, blocking attacks of fifth-level Heavenly Will and below. The Violet Heavenly Shield can only be used once. After that, it will fall apart. Value: 520 violet heavenly-patterned spirit gems.

Tianming calculated; five hundred and twenty violet heavenly-patterned spirit gems was equivalent to five thousand two hundred indigo heavenly-patterned spirit gems, which was equal to more than fifty thousand blue heavenly-patterned spirit gems!

Right now, Tianming only had a thousand blue heavenly-patterned spirit gems.

"This item is really expensive and can only be used once. Its value lies in its beauty and the workmanship of its creator, Master Zhang Fusheng. Its real utility is less than a tenth of its value,” explained Qingyu.

Resist an attack below fifth-level Heavenly Will?

That was no use as well. Because once its wearer was attacked, the Sky Spirit necklace would be broken and an opponent could attack a second time.

Five hundred and twenty violet heavenly-patterned spirit gems could be used to purchase countless techniques and battle arts, even a heavenly-ranked battle art.

Those who could afford the necklace didn't need its function, and those who needed its function couldn’t afford it. That was to say, the necklace was useless aside from being beautiful.

"Do you like it?" asked Tianming.

"I do, but it’s too expensive," pouted Feiling.

That's right, even in spirit form she could pout. At first glance, she was deeply attracted to the necklace. Then the name “Sky Spirit’s Affection” had her eyes shining with delight, but when she noticed the price, she flinched.

It was exorbitant!

Qingyu was right; a necklace capable of resisting an attack of fifth-level Heavenly Will and below was worth five hundred blue heavenly-patterned spirit gems at most. Since there might be a second attack, this sort of item was generally useless. If you don't kill someone with one attack, just unleash another.

"Qingyu, wait here for me." Tianming suddenly ran out.

Qingyu stood there, staring blankly. What was he planning to do? With unease, she followed Tianming to the Orient Hall and watched as he pulled out the three high-tier profound manna.

"Please tell me how much I can get for these."

"Are you sure you want to sell them?" The staff in the Orient Hall were astonished.

In fact, the manna would be worth more on Spirit Gem Street, but the transaction would take longer.

"Tell me how much I can get for them."

"Since they’re all high-tier profound manna, they have a standard price."

Most of the violet heavenly-patterned spirit gems could only be taken out by Heavenly Will elders. But even they would be hesitant to purchase high-tier profound manna for their juniors.

"Five hundred and thirty violet heavenly-patterned spirit gems."


Qingyu was struck dumb. How dashing! She had never seen someone so determined. Without a doubt, Tianming was planning to purchase the Sky Spirit’s Love for Feiling.

"Big Brother, don't mess around. It's too expensive," urged Feiling.

"I’m not messing around. Since you like it, I’m buying it for you. Ling’er, just let me know if you see something you like. Whatever you want, I’ll give it to you. A real man treats his woman generously,” he smiled.

Tianming could see how much Feiling liked the necklace. The girl had left her hometown, traveled thousands of miles, and risked everything—even her own life. What was a necklace compared to her sacrifice?

Feiling was merely mortal. In case of an accident, at least the Sky Spirit’s Love would buy her some time. Her life meant everything to him. He had once sworn an oath to the Vermillion Bird King, vowing never to put her in harm’s way.

"Ling’er, you’re gorgeous, more beautiful than any girl in the Grand-Orient Sect. The Sky Spirit’s Love has remained unsold for a hundred years. Perhaps it was waiting for you," Tianming chuckled.

"But Big Brother, you should spend the spirit gems on battle arts..."  whispered Feiling.

"Battle arts? Don’t you see, Ling’er? With you here, locating manna won’t pose a challenge. I call this an investment, got it? As long as you’re happy, won’t riches come my way?" Tianming grinned.

Feiling was almost moved to tears, but upon hearing the rest of his words, the urge to tear up had vanished.

"Sure enough! And here I was, wondering at the sudden show of generosity. It turns out you’re harboring other motives!" she fumed.

Was she really upset? Of course not! Her heart was blossoming with joy. Thus, Tianming had ended up exchanging three profound manna for the most useless necklace in the Grand Hall.

"What a generous man the junior sect master is!"

Among the onlookers, those who recognized him burst out with admiration. As for how many of them secretly ridiculed him for his extravagance, that remained unknown. Right now, Tianming was focused purely on the necklace. As soon as he got hold of it, Feiling couldn’t resist exclaiming in delight.

With few spirit gems left, Tianming took a turn about the Grand Hall but found no suitable battle arts. Thus, he hurried down to Spirit Gem Street and spent all his money on wine, filling up his spatial ring. It would be of great use.

"Let’s head back!"

Tianming couldn't wait to see how beautiful Feiling looked when she wore the necklace that seemed to have been made for her.

"In the future, we’ll call it Ling’er’s Love instead!" Tianming declared.

"Mhmm." Unfortunately, Feiling was now in her soul state, so her flushed face, pounding heart, and happiness remained concealed.

Behind the couple, Qingyu stared ahead, wiping sweat from her forehead. Meanwhile, a group of disciples cast their mocking gazes upon Tianming, taking him for a fool.

Looks like this brother of mine will do anything to make her happy. What a romantic man. She smiled helplessly, following his footsteps. In truth, she was just as eager to see how the necklace would look on Feiling.


Fatepath Peak.

That night, Feiling wore a light violet dress as she stood under the moonlight. The joy and bashfulness plastered on her face had Tianming swooning.

How could any girl be so beautiful? Like the daughter of God who had accidentally fallen to earth, she was an ethereal beauty far removed from the mortal world.

"Ling’er, your beauty is out of this world. Even as a girl, I can’t help but wish you were mine," remarked Qingyu.

"Go away, don't butt in on our couple time," said Tianming.

"Alright, Big Brother," Qingyu disappeared in a hurry.

Tianming watched as the Goddess-like Feiling slowly approached him. The necklace was in perfect harmony with her flawless, crystal-clear skin. An uncultured man such as himself failed to find the right words to describe her beauty.

In the moonlight, she twirled before him, her long hair, short dress, and necklace dancing in the air.

"Big Brother, how do I look?"

The playful grin and shallow dimples on her cheeks blended perfectly with the night sky.


"Yes?" she asked uneasily. Was such an expensive necklace unattractive on her?

"I have something to say."

"What is it?"

He stood up, eyes burning brightly.

"In my life, you’re the only one I’ll ever love or marry. If I ever break my promise, I shall be the last of my line and die without descendents."

He didn’t care about the future; what mattered right now was the beauty before his eyes.

Till death do us part!

Feiling’s lips curled in a brilliant smile. Just as she had expected, the necklace looked beautiful on her. Gently tugging Tianming's shirt, she said, "You’re the only man I’ll marry." Determination and resolution shone in her starry eyes.

"And what if you don’t?" Tianming smiled.

"If I break my promise, I’ll turn into a man and be cursed with three thousand beautiful wives and flourishing descendents."

Her time with Tianming had certainly led her astray! 

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