Chapter 218 The Real Face Of The Masses

Yuwen Shengcheng certainly wouldn't speak these words. After all, the girls next to him were descendents of sect elders, and dreamed of marrying him. Those kinds of girls were the most troublesome; nice to look at, but forbidden to touch. Succumbing to temptation would be akin to a lifelong disaster.

In comparison, Qingyu seemed more attractive. What he liked were those cold, indifferent eyes.

"Junior sect master?" Su Li stared blankly for a moment.

"What? I didn’t know there was such a position within the sect!” Gongsun Yu voiced her incredulity.

“Li Wudi’s bastard? I heard the bloodline of the Apex Branch has long been broken. Could he be an imposter?" Su Li laughed.

"I don’t think he’s even reached Unity. I’m certain he’s here to fool around, even dyeing his hair white. How shameless!" snapped Feng Chiyu.

"You’re wrong. The junior sect master is an exceptional genius with the pentabane physique of the Li Saint Clan’s founder. He claims to have reached the peak of spiritsource after half a year’s cultivation and defeated an opponent of Unity stage four.” Yuwen Shengcheng cracked a smile.

"Hmph, was his opponent an old man? From what I heard, the pentabane body is the most heaven-defying physique throughout the entire history of Grand-Orient Realm. Who would believe his nonsense! With such a physique, he could be a prime disciple," added Gongsun Yu.

"You don't really believe him, do you? He’s obviously a fool with one foot in the grave. In less than three years, the rest of the Li Saint Clan will be annihilated," sneered Feng Chiyu.

Right then, Su Li's younger sister, Su Tao, broke through to Unity stage one. The little girl jumped up with excitement and rushed into her sister's arms, shouting with glee. Delighted, Su Li turned to her friends, "Is the junior sect master trying to break through to Unity here? Even our Xiao Tao broke through at the fourth gate, yet the pentabane junior sect master is attempting the first gate? Shengcheng, are you sure he’s a pentabane?"

Despite her young age, Su Li’s gorgeous smile and seductive figure radiated a captivating air. Yuwen Shengcheng’s gaze was riveted on the young woman, his throat swallowing dryly. 

In fact, the grandchildren of the sect elders had superior appearances, temperaments and talent—they were the creme de la creme of the Grand-Orient sect, not to mention direct disciples.

Third Uncle said to keep my options open, so I must resist. Yuwen Shengcheng reminded himself to endure the temptation of these alluring young women. 

Yuwen Kaitai was his third uncle.

"Whether or not he’s really a pentabane will be revealed. All we have to do is watch. The first gate? That’s where the bottom disciples of the sect cultivate," remarked Yuwen Shengcheng.

"Shengcheng, which gate did you use to break through to Unity?"

"The fifth gate. I was ten years old," Yuwen Shengcheng proudly declared.

The entire Grand-Orient Sect had taken for granted his appointment as the next prime disciple. From then on, he could catch up with his brother's achievements. Three years from now the selection of the prime disciple would be held. With two elders in the top ten and two prime disciples from the same clan, the Grand-Orient Sect would be at their beck and call.

A pentabane? So what, he doesn’t look like much. Only the Yuwen family can be considered real geniuses! Father says that Heaven’s Elysium’s glorious days will soon come to an end. The future of the Grand-Orient Realm belongs to the Yuwen family! Grandfather will create the foundations while father and my uncles will develop new territories and take charge of Grand-Orient. Big Brother and I will shock the heavens with our might! Yuwen Shengcheng fantasized about the future.

While Yuwen Shengcheng had his head in the clouds, news of Li Tianming's identity as junior sect master was spreading within the sect. In the blink of an eye, every Grand-Orient Sect disciple knew his identity. Since the junior sect master had remained out of the public’s eye for quite some time, the disciples stared at him like he was some sort of rare beast as they engaged in idle gossip.

"The junior sect master won’t be alive much longer. He’s not even at Unity!"

"Shall we bet if he’ll last for even a month without dying from embarrassment?"

"Not any Tom, Dick, or Harry can take the position of junior sect master. Hahaha...."

Tianming’s response to those vitriolic words was to laugh it off. However, Feiling and Qingyu were gnashing their teeth in anger.

"All beings are the same, influenced by their emotions and worldly desires. In this secular world of mortals, who can escape? Mocking me makes them feel superior and good about themselves. But since they have this sense of superiority, they must prepare to taste defeat.” Tianming turned to the girls.

"Tianming, stop blowing your own horn! Hurry up, or Meow Meow will fall asleep again.” In his lifebound space, Ying Huo was carrying the sleepy black cat on his shoulder.

"Yes, boss!"


Feiling returned to Tianming’s body. While the outside world remained chaotic, Tianming returned to cultivating in absolute tranquility. The sarcastic, mocking gazes and haughty laughter gradually faded away. At present, there was only heaven and earth, his lifebound beasts, the Imperial Ninefold Gates, himself—

And an angry Feiling.

The little chick and black cat had both cultivation techniques prepared, the Aeternal Infernal Codex and the Genesis Chaos Codex. Reaching Unity and possessing a Unity field meant there would be a better connection between the beastmaster and lifebound beasts in battle.

With a Unity field, Tianming could gather the spiritual energy of heaven and earth during battle, enhancing the force of his attacks and prolonging his endurance. Advancing from Spiritsource to Unity was a great leap!

"Ling’er, calm down," urged Tianming. Her anger was affecting his mood.

"I'm furious! Those people don’t even know you. Why must they say so many unpleasant things?" argued Feiling.

She couldn’t comprehend their hearts. This was a world filled with people desperately seeking superiority where he was a nobody, vulnerable to the public’s disdain.

"Think of it this way; the junior sect master possesses the ancestors’ protection and the immense fortunes of the Li Mausoleum. To enjoy those benefits, I must shoulder the responsibility and mission that comes with my identity. If you want to get here, you must respect the historical mission and historical responsibility that this identity needs to carry. Although they don't know me, I deserve everything. As long as I cultivate in the Grand-Orient Sect in this capacity, insults and frustrations are just burdens I have to bear. It’s only fair and to be expected. But not to worry, I’m fearless,” Tianming righteously professed. 

"Big Brother, you’re amazing and so insightful. I feel as if my frustrations are all gone,” replied Feiling. 

"Tianming, are you done flirting? Meow Meow is starting to doze off!” barked the little chick.

"Right away!"

With that, their beast veins were connected. The Aeternal Infernal Phoenix beast ki from the Infernalsource and the Genesis Chaos Thunderfield beast ki from the Thundersource began to converge and circulate. Tianming was well-acquainted with the Unity portion of these two techniques; in fact, he had made thorough preparations for his breakthrough. Everything was in place but the east wind.

And the east wind he was waiting for was the pressure of the Imperial Ninefold Gates! 

During Qingyu’s cultivation, Tianming had observed that the oppression from the Imperial Ninefold Gates acted on the lifebound space, crushing, grinding, and stirring like a millstone till it culminated in perfect fusion. Reaching Unity required harmony and integration; the stronger the oppression, the stronger the coalescion between their spirits. 

When the two were united in spirit, beastmasters and lifebound beasts shared every experience. This was the essence of Unity.

"Let’s begin!"

As long as he cultivated, the pressure would descend upon him! 

The three beast kis were activated as Tianming endeavored to create a Unity field with the integration of the three energies.

"Where’s the pressure?"

A while later, their faces were frozen in a look of confusion. What about the pressure from the Imperial Ninefold Gates? Was there nothing at all? There wasn’t even the slightest vibration in his lifebound space.

"What's going on? Didn’t they say seven-star lifebound beasts can only cultivate at the first gate? Why isn’t there any pressure?" wondered the little chick.

"I can't, bro. There’s no oppression at all. If we continue like this, I’ll fall asleep!" The black cat started yawning.

Tianming was just as baffled.

"I don’t feel any pressure either. Could the gates be broken?" added Feiling.

If they continued in this manner, Meow Meow was going to fall asleep. Tianming decisively stood up.

Noticing the motionless Tianming, Qingyu asked in confusion, "Big Brother, what's the matter?"

After all, there were countless eyes on him, waiting to witness the power of a pentabane. 

"I don’t feel anything," admitted Tianming.

"Why don’t you try the second gate?” suggested Qingyu.

Thus, Tianming moved onto the second gate under the curious gaze of the other disciples. As soon as he arrived at his destination, the eyes on him turned cold. Perhaps they thought he was showing off. 

"Don’t they have anything better to do?"

Tianming’s heart was a tranquil lake, focused on breaking through to Unity. He was uninterested in meaningless scorn and sarcasm.

Very quickly, he discovered the same situation as the first gate.

The second gate? No pressure.

The third? Still no pressure.

When Tianming arrived at the fourth gate, Yuwen Shengcheng and the girls were still present. Apathetic gazes swept across Tianming’s form.

"Junior sect master, are you here to perform monkey tricks?" asked Yuwen Shengcheng.

"Yes, and the monkey I’m trying to fool is you," Tianming exclaimed.

Yuwen Shengcheng’s eyes narrowed dangerously. For thirteen years, no one had ever dared speak to him like this.

"How dare you! Don't you know what Shengcheng’s position in the sect is?" shouted Su Li.

"And what position is that? Is he superior to the junior sect master?" Tianming retorted.

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