Chapter 172 - Divine Punishment!!

Even when under siege, Mu Yang managed to slay one of the beasts using his Ink Qilin’s spiritsource ability to reposition himself. It was such a fascinating move, that many in the arena rose to their feet in astonishment. But little did they know that was just a beginning!

“In my whole life, I was never one to pick a battle with those who meant me no harm. But if people insist on making me suffer, to hurt those that I love and treasure, they will pay the price in blood! My whole life was only made possible thanks to my mentor. He taught me everything that I knew, even passing me the position of the Sanctum Potentate over his own son. Therefore, if the Lightning Manor wishes to eradicate the Wei Clan, then I, Mu Yang, shall kill every last soul in your clan! ”

His voice was hoarse, giving it a demonic quality. His utterances, placed with the Ink Qilin’s spiritsource abilities, made the stadium tremble!

“Die!” His roar seemed to come from the very heavens themselves, sealing the fate of the Lin brothers. In that moment, Mu Yang and his beast were like gods descending into the mortal realm!

Demise of Man, Soul-Extinction! It wasn’t just a sword art, but also had movement arts incorporated into it. All it took was a single step, and Mu Yang was three hundred meters away from his original position!

Lin Tianxuan was still drawing his bow when a black shadow flashed past him. Before he could figure out what had happened, his head fell, leaving a headless body atop the Woodland Thunder Wasp!

“Ehhh…” He watched as he dropped further away from his own torso.

“I... died?” He wanted to tremble, but he had no more body to tremble with. The head toppled down onto the floor, and was crushed into a pulp by the Ink Qilin’s Throbbing Earth!

Lin Tianxuan had fallen, under a move so fast that no one even had the time to react. Mu Yang's Soul-Extinction had reaped a soul in the time needed to blink. It wasn’t a fancy move, but the result had left the stadium boiling.

As for the Lightning Manor, they were flabbergasted. Lin Tianxuan was the first beastmaster to die today. They had always wanted to kill members of the Wei Clan, but they only managed to cripple two so far. But when Mu Yang’s turn came, he decapitated Lin Tianxuan with one swing of the sword. And that wasn’t the end.

Like a comet, Mu Yang shot back towards the ground. It was Demise of Earth, Earth-Quaker! The ground trembled and ripples tore across the concrete arena like it was made of water.

From the undulating arena, the shadow of a sword shot out from the ground. It was the exact same move used to save Wei Tiancang yesterday. And today, the same sword pierced through the Tempest High Wolf’s torso and ripped through its back! The wolf was still chasing the qilin when the sword blasted through its torso, killing it instantly!

As a matter of fact, the Ink Qilin had been blocking most of the attacks for Mu Yang. One reason why he could move around to target the weaker opponents first was because the qilin had been absorbing all the damage for him, even though it was already showered in blood! They had been together for forty years, and they knew their partner's thoughts without the need for communication.

Seeing their own brother dead, both Lin Tianjian and Lin Xiaofeng’s eyes reddened. As the qilin retreated to one side to catch its breath, Mu Yang was faced with Lin Tianjian and Lin Xiaofeng, together with the spiritsource abilities of the two remaining lifebound beasts!

Mu Yang slashed out once more, unleashing Demise of Earth's Hell-Shaker! A vertical arc of sword ki cut across the arena and forced away Lin Tianjian, Lin Xiaofeng and the ape who were still three hundred meters away. Not only did he make the aggressors back off from the qilin to give it some much needed rest, it also bisected the Woodland Thunder Wasp, taking out yet another threat.

“One more down, three more to go!”

The entire stadium was in fervor as the hero from the Wei Clan shook everyone with his performance, save for the grieving Lightning Manor. Lin Zhao, the Lightning Seigneur, was shaking non-stop. His smile was wiped off his face completely, a pale white the moment Lin Tianxuan died. He wanted to shout, to tell his sons to back off, but the voice of the old man was drowned out by the cheers yelled by the sea of viewers in the stadium!

“CONCEDE! JUST CONCEDE!” Tears flowed across the elders face as he finally tasted defeat, but no one could hear him over the noise of the crowd. With Mu Yang’s heroic performance and elegant sword arts, the whole stadium chanted his name in unison, praising his deeds!

All that was left was Lin Xiaofeng, Lin Tianjian and the Vajra Six-Armed Ape. Four corpses were strewn around the stadium, blood splattered all over the place. Lin Xiaofeng’s face was white as a ghost, and his lower half was wet, having realised that they would die here.

“I…” He hurriedly opened his mouth in an attempt to shout at the inspectors. But before the words could emerge from his mouth, he was met with Demise of Heaven's Divine-Fury!

Like a divine punishment, the strike descended from the skies and took Lin Xiaofeng’s head off. It was a sword-art that defied the understanding of virtually everyone present. The Lin brothers had lost their last chance of winning when they failed to corner the Ink Qilin and allowed Mu Yang to kill the wasp. With all these conditions now fulfilled, Mu Yang's victory was already a foregone conclusion.

In fact, it wasn’t an easy fight for Mu Yang, and blood was still surging out of the innumerable wounds he'd sustained. The qilin was in an even worse position, with lightning strikes ripping wounds across its body and the wasp’s needle still draining on its blood. Mu Yang had nearly died too, more than once.

But what of it? With only Lin Tianjian and the Vajra Six-Armed Ape standing in front of him, Mu Yang was calm. Covered in blood, Mu Yang closed his eyes after using Divine-Fury.

“I concede!” The only reason Lin Tianjian was still standing was because he was supporting himself by putting his hand around the ape. No one could possibly understand his fear right now. Even if he tried his best to hide his terror, his pale countenance was worlds apart from the arrogance he had just now.

He had lost — there was no mistake to that. After not fighting Mu Yang for many years,  the gap between them had only widened. It was an undeniable fact, with the price of such knowledge the bodies of his two brothers and the three lifebound beasts.

“No, I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” Lin Tianjian's mind collapsed entirely, and tears began to flow freely. Mercifully, his request was granted with all due haste; Jin Yixuan had immediately opened a hole in the Heavenly Pattern Formation to let Lin Tianjian out.

Back when Wei Qing, Wei Tiancang, Wei Zikun and Wei Tianxiong conceded, it took at least ten seconds before Jin Yixuan opened the formation for them. But an opening had already appeared not far from him, even before he finished his sentence.

Lin Tianjian felt relief as he finally caught a glimmer of hope. He made a mad scramble for the opening, which was only a hundred metres away. “Mu Yang, you shall pay for that! ”

“Who gave you the courage to say that?” Mu Yang replied, shocking everyone with his words.

Surely Mu Yang wouldn’t have the courage to attack Lin Tianjian after the inspectors had already opened a gate to let him out? Even Lin Tianjian himself thought that he was safe.

But the next second, Mu Yang had made a move.

“STOP HIM!” Terrified, Lin Tianjian commanded his beast to block that demon dashing towards him. Just a hundred metres! Under normal circumstances, it should only take him a second, but with his body trembling, his speed was inevitably lowered.

As he approached the exit, he turned around to find a sword piercing through the Vajra Six-Armed Ape’s eye. His last beast was dead, without even being able to make a sound! It was killed with Heavenly-Judgement of the Demise of Heaven, and with that, Lin Tianjian was now a crippled man for the rest of his life.

“Mu Yang, MU YANG, I WILL MAKE YOU REGRET THIS!!” Lin Tianjian roared in agony, as he ran towards the opening where his family was waiting for him. They were there to save him.

“Mu Yang, DON’T!” the Lightning Seigneur suddenly cried.

Just then, Mu Yang stopped on the spot.

“Tianming, watch this,” he said suddenly.

At the same time in the private room, Li Tianming had just finished practicing the sixth stance, Heavenly-Judgement. There was only Apocalyptic-Will left!

Without moving his body, Mu Yang stabbed towards Lin Tianjian’s back. A piercing ring echoed in the stadium as a boundless sword intent gathered on the tip of the sword. The next second, a beam of sword ki shot forward like a piercing ray!

The beam pierced through Lin Tianjian’s chest, travelled across the formation and even punctured the Lightning Seigneur’s spirit source as he waited to save his son!

“A-ah... ” Lin Tianjian froze on the spot as he turned back to look at Mu Yang in disbelief. The bloodsoaked figure silently sheathed his sword.

“Mu...” Lin Tianjian never got to finish his last sentence. The next instance, his body blew up. It wasn’t just any beast ki, but a beast ki infused with the will to crush the world! The move, modelled after an apocalypse, wrought utter destruction to its foes!

Lin Tianjian was dead, and even his corpse was shredded into millions of pieces. As for Lin Zhao, who had appeared at an unlucky timing, he was hit by the remnants of the Apocalyptic-Will, which even destroyed one of his spiritsources. The power had ripped a hole in his abdomen, causing him to collapse to the floor. He was still conscious, but that only furthered his suffering. Not just from his body's pain, but the pain of losing three sons!

The stadium was shrouded in silence as they gaped at the man still standing in the arena. They watched as he kept his sword and tended to the qilin’s wounds.

At the same time, Li Tianming finally struck out his own Apocalyptic-Will. He had finally grasped the root of the move. It was a will, a will to battle till his last breath. With Mu Yang demonstrating it to him personally in that life and death battle, Li Tianming finally made a breakthrough.

Only when he had the will to oppose even the heavens, could he master the Apocalyptic-Will. With this newfound understanding, he finally mastered all of Mu Yang’s three demises.

But of course, none cared about him, as Mu Yang was the only center of attention right now. Him, and the Lightning Seigneur. Lin Zhao’s two other sons had already ran over to help him out.

“Medic, tend to his wounds, hurry!” If they didn't treat his wounds fast enough, death was a certainty! With that gaping hole in his abdomen, six months' bed rest was a given, and then some. More importantly, given his advanced age, a full recovery was near impossible, especially with the loss of a spiritsource.

But in the end, that was karmic retribution. Not only did Lin Tianjian not manage to escape, but because of him, even the Lightning Seigneur was injured now. It was just a remnant of the Apocalyptic-Will, so whose fault was it that Lin Zhao ran into it himself? No one would pity the Lightning Manor, since they were the bullies to begin with. They would only cheer for Mu Yang’s superior techniques and performance.

Without a doubt, there was no one in the Lightning Manor who could stop Mu Yang. And since the Yueling Clan couldn’t send anyone out, today’s point naturally went to Wei Clan.

As such, Mu Yang stepped out of the arena still covered in blood, welcomed by a joyous and grateful Wei Clan.

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