Chapter 170 - Chen The Lion, An Honorable and Righteous Friend!

Sage Chen’s actions were shocking, to say the least. Even the Vermilion Bird King didn’t dare to help the Wei Manor in such a flagrant manner. However, Sage Chen had simply stepped forward and proposed to Wei Jing!

Even the Lightning Manor and Yueling Clan, who had the inspectors' blessing, had held a huge marriage beforehand.

This boldness was something supremely honorable and righteous!

Even Li Yanfeng’s words were less shocking in comparison.

Naturally, the one most shocked was Xue Lan. Her mouth flapped open, her bloodshot eyes wobbling with her body as she watched her man heroically stand besides the Wei Jing that she was most jealous of. She had been busy feeling gleeful, when poof, her man disappeared as soon as her grip loosened. She hadn’t even caught the latter parts of what he said, such was her stupefaction.

Why did Wei Jing have to become twenty again? Now, she didn’t have the courage to stand next to her anymore.

Most importantly, those around her were giving her strange looks. If they married, then what would happen to her?

“AH!” Xue Lan miserably cried out, before the increased blood pressure from the anxiousness and fury made her faint on the spot.

Honestly, Sage Chen’s action was a bald-faced provocation towards the two inspectors. However, if the Yueling Clan could send out their in-laws, there was no reason the Wei Clan couldn’t. That was why people thought of the action as gutsy and nothing else.  

Wei Jing stared mutely at him. Twenty years ago, he was just as hot-blooded.

“It’s fine. I don’t want to drag you in. You have a wife and family.” Wei Jing shook her head.

“Your family have been great benefactors to me. I can’t just watch on as they bully you. I also used to be a part of Heaven’s Sanctum, so let me fight! Wei Jing, do you want to see Mu Yang exhausted to death by the six of them? Let’s do this!” Sage Chen’s eyes were shining brightly.

Wei Jing looked at Mu Yang and nodded her head in the end. The Wei Clan truly did need help. Now was the critical juncture for the Wei Clan, so she had no choice but to wrong Xue Lan for now. In the end, getting married for not even an hour was no big deal.

And hence, the two had an incomparably simple marriage. There was no master of ceremony, so Sage Chen simply shouted all the lines himself.

When it was finished, Sage Chen shot Mu Yang a look. “So, do I have more balls than you or what?”

Mu Yang shook his head helplessly. “Why needlessly involve yourself?”

“I just can’t stand bullies like this! No need to thank me.” With those words, he turned around and rushed into the formation, before standing right in front of Li Yanfeng. His swift and decisive manner really was worth admiring.

While his actions seemed amusing, they actually carried great risk. At a time when all the powerful clans chose to hide, he was the only who stepped out, all for the sake of friendship and justice.

“I never expected the great Sage Chen to be so foolhardy.” Li Yanfeng’s eyes narrowed. With Sage Chen’s entry, it could definitely reduce quite a bit of Lightning Manor’s advantage.

“Cut the drivel. I despise people like you. Li Yanfeng, you may think you put on an impressive display today, but it just served to make me throw up in my mouth. You don’t qualify to stand here. Bullying women and children with words?” Sage Chen snorted.

“Is that so? Then how about a deathmatch? No surrendering.” Li Yanfeng’s expression had turned gloomy. Defeating and killing Sage Chen was an achievement far better than beating Wei Tianxiong, because Sage Chen was someone who had built everything from scratch!

“Sure.” Sage Chen smiled. Proposing a death match? Li Yanfeng, your earlier successes have made you arrogant.

Starlight began to shine from Sage Chen’s eyes.

“Some people, right before their deaths, were as arrogant as the you now,” Sage Chen said.

Li Yanfeng snorted, but he still retracted his cold smile.

The next moment, he raised his sword, ready to kill.

Eye-piercing starlight burst forth from Sage Chen, immediately lightning up the formation. A glittering lion appeared in the midst of the starlight, eight stars flickering within its eyes. It was the first eight-star beast of the day, an Octo-Starred Imperial Lion!

Sage Chen stood there sturdily, confident and handsome. With the starlight as a backdrop, he left many women swooning.

He mounted the lion, a purple spear in his hand, looking like a god incarnate.

“Defeating Wei Tianxiong made you think that you're matchless in Vermilion Bird. With that Hellish Downfall Sword Art, you intend to challenge Mu Yang? Watch closely, Li Yanfeng, and witness what a real heavenly-ranked battle art is! You think you’re the only person in the world who worked hard for five years?”

The lion gave a mighty roar, and the formation shuddered. Then, it spread its wings and launched itself towards Li Yanfeng and his White-Flame Four-Eyed Bird!

Crashing Starriver Spear Art!

Those under Heavenly Will couldn’t see the intricacies behind this attack, and only saw Li Yanfeng and his bird swallowed up by the countless falling stars.

Spiritsource ability: Starriver Annihilation!

The lion spat out innumerable stars, causing starlight to press down on the surroundings.

“So strong!” Many Lightning Manor members’ expression changed.

Starlight filled people’s vision, blotting out the figures of the two combatants and their lifebound beasts.

Hours seemed to pass, but the brilliant radiance was actually a short-lived one, dying out a few moments later. The lion gave one last roar and left the battlefield, leaving Sage Chen behind, who was holding on to his spear and cutting a heroic figure.

His opponent, however, was kneeling down and coughing out blood. Blood was dripping from a total of four holes, each a spiritsource! Li Yanfeng had seven spiritsources, and Sage Chen had directly crippled him by half, granting him Wei Zikun’s fate.

From now on, even maintaining prowess at Spiritsource would be a miracle for Li Yanfeng, let alone Heavenly Will. In one fell swoop, Li Yanfeng had fallen from his highest, his proudest achievement now out of his grasp forever.

Behind him, his White-Flame Four-Pupilled Bird had already breathed its last, its blood pouring out in a river.

This battle had been fast and furious, bringing massive changes once more. Henceforth, Li Yanfeng would be struck off from the list of powerhouses in Ignispolis.

“Sage Chen is so strong!” The experts of Ignispolis were all shocked once again. Li Yanfeng had defeated Wei Tianxiong and Wei Zikun, but everyone had assumed Sage Chen was at Wei Tianxiong’s level. However, now Sage Chen had defeated Li Yanfeng!

Li Yanfeng spat out another mouthful of blood.

“Li Yanfeng, I know you want to kill me and use me as a springboard to success. However, I’m different from you. Normally, I would have killed you, since this is a deathmatch. However, on account of you giving Jing’er a home all these years, I’ll leave you your life. I admit you were strong. However, don’t think that you were so strong as to be invincible in Ignispolis!”

“Li Yanfeng, get lost from Ignispolis. It’s time to stop dreaming about getting to the peak of life. You don’t have the heart of an expert. You only have hatred. You’re a petty, despicable man that only knows how to abet evil!” Sage Chen finished. Every word of his stabbed at Li Yanfeng like another blade.

Sage Chen had briefly considered killing Li Yanfeng. After all, the two brothers had only survived thanks to a timely surrender. However, Sage Chen had shown mercy in the end; after all, Li Yanfeng had given Wei Jing and Li Tianming an identity for twenty years, hence preventing Li Tianming from being called a bastard child.

Today, the true villains were Lightning Manor. Although Li Yanfeng had been instrumental in their schemes, his role was, in the end, a mere instrument.

“Impressive.” Li Yanfeng struggled to his feet, staring at Sage Chen. It had been true. He had thought he could dominate Ignispolis, but who would have known that there were so many powerhouses to be hiding themselves away here?

“Get lost,” Sage Chen said.

Li Yanfeng walked back to Lightning Manor. Over there, everyone was ashen. Halfway through their spectacular play, a Sage Chen had suddenly popped up, ruining the great scenario Li Yanfeng had set up.

“Big brother Feng!” Liu Qing was pale as she stepped forward to support him.

“Liu Qing, stop.” Suddenly, the Lightning Seigneur snorted coldly, leaving her stunned.

Li Yanfeng was stunned too, and looked towards the people of Lightning Manor, only to be greeted with cold looks in return.

“Lightning Seigneur?”

“You’re useless now. Scram. Henceforth, stay away from Liu Qing,” said the Lightning Seigneur.

Li Yanfeng burst out laughing. It was the sort of laughter filled with helplessness and misery, which died away with the sound of teeth grinding on teeth. “You hyenas are all more vicious than the other!”

“One more word, and you won’t be seeing the sun tomorrow,” Lin Tianjian, the Lightning Marshall, said coolly. What use was there keeping a useless dog?

“Taking me as a crazy dog? Lin Tao, don’t give me the chance to catch you, else… Haha…” Li Yanfeng gave the Lightning Manor a cold look. He had the premonition things weren’t over yet between him and Lightning Manor.

However, who would care what Li Yanfeng thought?

The stadium was silent as everyone watched Li Yanfeng leave with such an ending.

Liu Qing was still sitting there, frightened.

“Sis, that hunting dog is finished! However, he brought a lot of benefits to our Lightning Manor. The Lightning Seigneur and Lightning Marshall will definitely reward us greatly!” Liu Qianyang said excitedly.

“Oh…” Liu Qing closed her eyes.


“Continue!” Once Jin Yixuan was finished watching the show, he made the announcement.

Sage Chen was still in the formation. “Those from the Lightning Manor, don’t come down! Let’s leave you three for Mu Yang. The two of you from the Yueling Clan, you can come down together,” Sage Chen said. Yueling Xiao and Yueling Feng were the pillars of their clan’s current generation.

“Since he thinks like that, satisfy them.” Jin Yixuan narrowed his eyes. Mu Yang and Sage Chen were making him feel Ignispolis had a lot of experts within. However, this battle with all its twists and turns was very entertaining!

Yueling Xiao and Yueling Feng felt vaguely humiliated. However, if the other side was this foolish, what did they have to fear?

The two stepped in and without another word, attacked Sage Chen. However, the Yueling Clan was too ordinary.

It took longer than it did with Li Yanfeng, and Sage Chen had to give it his all. However, he defeated them, forcing them to throw in the towel.

Yueling Xiao and Yueling Feng were forced to leave with their heads lowered. Even Yueling Ji had a choice word for them.  “Embarrassing.”

“Is that how you speak to your father?” Yueling Xiao said awkwardly.

Yueling Ji was filled with contempt. It seemed only the younger generation could help keep the Yueling Clan’s reputation.

Now, it was left to Lightning Manor to help them fight. Fortunately, Sage Chen stopped after defeating both of them. If he continued, even the inspectors would get furious.

Sage Chen leapt up the wall, coming to the Wei Manor’s side.

“Wei Jing. I’m sick and tired of your face. I’m getting a divorce! Goodbye!”

Then, Sage Chen up and vanished. Everyone saw how the chivalrous figure picked up his unconscious wife and ran far away.

Now, Wei Zikun and Li Yanfeng were crippled. From now, the battles would only get more vicious. Apart from the frightened ones, the rest of the Wei Clan were filled with the desire to kill.

It was a given that the Wei Clan and Lightning Manor would not stop until one party was annihilated. 

“Mu Yang.” Wei Tiancang gritted his teeth. His eyes were red, but his face lacked any dampness whatsoever. 


“Do you know what you have to do?”

“Yes. I will send all three brothers to the afterlife.”

“Excellent.” Wei Tiancang nodded heavily. It was only due to good luck that Wei Zikun and Wei Tianxiong were still alive. After this, only one clan could survive. If they didn’t go for the kill now, their mercy would turn around to bite them.

Wei Qing and Wei Zikun were crippled now. How could they fend off Lightning Manor after this?

Hence, a deathmatch now was the only option!

Mu Yang landed inside the formation. He lifted his head and looked at Lightning Manor. Of the Lin Clan’s five sons, Lin Tianxuan, Lin Xiaofeng and Lin Tianjian, Vermilion Bird’s chief marshall, hadn’t fought yet.

“I don’t want to fight too long. Lin Tianxuan, Lin Xiaofeng and Lin Tianjian, all of you come down together!” Mu Yang said casually.

All of the Lin Clan’s five sons exchanged glances.

“Are you serious?” Lin Tianjian’s eyes lit up. After seeing Mu Yang attack yesterday, Lin Tianjian had already started to regret his suggestion of letting him take part. However, now that Mu Yang had become arrogant, a chance had appeared.

All three brothers narrowed their eyes in concert.

“Come.” Mu Yang unsheathed a sword. The sword was simple yet elegant in design, clearly a wooden sword. However, it was obviously a divine weapon.

“KILL HIM!” the Lightning Seigneur snarled. Sage Chen was an outsider, and he could only run interference at most. From the very start, Mu Yang was Lightning Manor’s true greatest enemy.

And this opportunity, born from that man's overwhelming hubris, was the very best chance to kill Mu Yang!

“Yes!” All three brothers were present now!

Sage Chen looked on from afar. He knew why Mu Yang had chosen to fight three at one go. It wasn’t from some inflated ego, nor was it because the three brothers were weak.

The reason was that Mu Yang wanted to kill those three. If he killed them one by one, the remaining two would be apprehensive, fearful. In such a scenario, they were likely to concede, as the Lightning Manor and Yueling Clan had two Heaven’s Elysium disciples that could clinch a win tomorrow.

However, if all three came down, it would give Mu Yang a chance to kill them in one fell swoop.

Sage Chen watched on, curious. How strong was the undefeated Mu Yang now?

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