Chapter 146 - Henceforth And Forevermore, I Am The Master Of All Primordial Chaos And Reincarnation!

Only Wei Tianxiong and Wei Zikun were left. However, they didn’t feel very comfortable, and soon, they too left.

“Actually, I told you before that master simply has a sharp tongue. He’s been angry for twenty years, but you don’t know just how much he doted on Jing’er in the past.” Mu Yang shook his head.

Li Tianming didn’t deny it, because he could tell despite that the old man's caustic tongue, he had always been giving Li Tianming chances. The one person that Wei Tiancang truly needed to convince was his elderly self.

“Let’s go!” The two headed to Rainforest Pavilion, while the little chick swooped through the air excitedly.

“Hah! Mom’s gonna be reborn! Meow Meow, big bro’s gonna take you to see our mom!” The little chick whooped.

“Big bro chicken, stop bothering me. I wanna sleep, meow!”

These two comedians could probably earn spirit jades from their everyday interactions.

When they reached Rainforest Pavilion, Li Tianming felt slightly nervous. He still didn’t understand the details of why Wei Jing chose Li Yanfeng years ago. Was it because of love? Or something else? Only she knew.

Li Tianming really couldn't wrap his mind around her choice, since Li Yanfeng didn't really have much going for him. In comparison, Mu Yang and Sage Chen were strong, talented, handsome and elegant. Personality wise, they were also more humorous and daring.

However, those matters of the past weren't important now. What truly mattered was that she could finally be freed from the decades of suffering.

“Mother!” Li Tianming pushed open the door. Inside the courtyard, there was an old lady resting on a rocking chair. She was enjoying the sunlight as the chair rocked back and forth, the picture of absolute relaxation.

“Why are you being so noisy?” Wei Jing removed the fan covering her face and stared at Li Tianming.

The way she woke up seemed rather reminiscent of the black cat...

Speaking of his mum, Li Tianming had originally intended to let Wei Jing continue to name his beasts. However, Jiang Feiling had seized the chance before he could do anything, and named the little cat Meow Meow. 

Was it cute? Yes. But badass? Hell no!

Li Tianming had always fantasized about being badass, but it seemed he lacked the destiny for it. It was his fate to be laughed at in the future, whenever he entered battle with a little yellow chick and a little black cat.

“Guess what good news I brought?” Li Tianming smiled.

“Am I expecting a grandchild soon?” Wei Jing asked excitedly.

‘Nope. He promised to save you. I’m bringing you to Highcloud Chamber now,” Li Tianming said loudly.

Wei Jing’s fan clattered loudly on the floor.

“Why are you crying? Let’s go!” Li Tianming picked her up in a princess carry, before running like the wind towards Highcloud Chamber.

“Put me down! This is embarrassing,” Wei Jing said, in between tears and laughter.

“Why are you grumbling when I’m letting you experience a princess carry?”

They arrived at their destination.

“I’ll help her in. Tianming, go and cultivate. When she comes back out in half a month, she’ll be a beauty again,” Mu Yang said.

Li Tianming handed Wei Jing over to him. He couldn't wait for half a month to pass, and it took everything he had to not dance a jig after handing his mother over.

“I predict that you’ll have another conflict with Lin Xiaoting soon. Seize your time and get stronger.” Mu Yang patted him on the shoulder.


Now that he had settled Mu Qingqing and his mother’s matter, all that was left on his bucket list was Lin Xiaoting. However, he needed to be much stronger to face Lin Xiaoting, who was both the number one genius of the peninsula and possessed the Saintbeast War-Soul. He also needed to ensure that everyone knew the truth of the events three years back, not just a select few.

And that day wasn’t too far off.

“Go.” Wei Jing smiled. On the way there, Li Tianming had already told her what had happened in the Abyssal Trials. She had been exhilarated to know that Li Tianming hadn’t shown Mu Qingqing any mercy. Naturally, Wei Jing bore a grudge against Mu Qingqing after how she injured her son. Even if Li Tianming wanted to show mercy, she wouldn’t agree!

Li Tianming watched as Mu Yang brought Wei Jing in.

His smiled remained as she vanished, but his eyes were now chilly pits. It was a simple act of turning around to leave, but for Li Tianming, this meant that he was returning to the battlefield once more. There, he would torment Lin Xiaoting to death well and good, so that Midas could finally rest in peace.

Since he had returned to Wei Manor, Li Tianming went to Rainforest Pavilion to cultivate. In his possession right now was the three-pronged electrospike, which could be refined by the black cat to raise its bloodline.

The little chick already had seven stars in its eyes, and people publicly thought it was a seven-star beast. However, the black cat only had one star.

“Li Tianming, you liar! You promised to let me sleep for three days and three nights, but you’re here to screw me again! That’s animal cruelty, meow!” The black cat was furious when Li Tianming picked it up and placed it on the stone table.

Li Tianming harrumphed. “Nonsense, you’re male too. You’re not in my strike zone, I won’t screw you.” 

“What, so you would go for it if the cat was female?” the little chick asked, breaking into a snigger a moment later.

Li Tianming opened his mouth, only to shut it when he realised he didn't know what to say.

“A true scoundrel, targeting female cats,” the little chick said, faking a pained look.

“I’m not interested in female cats. Have fun, Li Tianming. Meow.” As for the black cat, it was supremely uninterested.

“Then what are you interested in?” the little chick asked.

“Sleeping, meow.” The black cat yawned a few times. From the looks of it, the little fellow was about to roll over and go back to sleep.

“Sleep sleep sleep. Do you believe I’ll neuter you while you’re asleep?” Li Tianming poked it in the nuts. The next moment, five bloody gashes appeared on Li Tianming’s arm.


The black cat leapt three metres, soaring through the air and landing on the roof beams, shivering as it stared at Li Tianming, who looked at the gashes and made a mental note to never touch that spot again.

“Come down, I was just joking,” Li Tianming said.

“Really, meow?”

“Really, really.”

The black cat made its way back down, but it clamped its tail between its legs, caution written all over its tiny face.

“Let me look at your eyes.” Li Tianming picked up the adorable creature, holding it before him. Its blue eyes were incredibly nice to look at.

A single star existed in each. However, the star began to break down, turning into tens, hundreds and finally thousands of individual stars. It continued to increase, until a sea of stars containing billions of stars appeared to Li Tianming.

It wasn’t a one-star beast or a ten-star beast, but rather, a Primordial Chaos Beast with billions of stars! That was its true identity!

Another scene followed.

Countless streaks of black lightning, each formed from countless stars, danced and formed a sea of lightning.

A massive black beast that looked like a cross between a lion and panther roamed within. Every casual breath would cause millions of stars to wink out of existence. Every time it swallowed, thousands of those star-formed streaks of lightning formed would enter its body. Every roar would make the myriad worlds shake.

This was a fierce beast belonging to the era of genesis, a thunderfiend born of primordial chaos!

The lightning crashed into worlds, destroying it and ending all life on them in an instant.

At this moment, a voice reverberated through the cosmos.

“Evil creature, MY primordial chaos and reincarnation doesn’t need you destroying it!” A massive black arm extended out from the primordial chaos, clamping around the massive beast’s neck.

Li Tianming noticed it! The beautiful hexagonal scales on the arm, all ordered neatly and densely. For a split second, a red eye was revealed on the centre of the palm.

Furthermore, it even seemed to see Li Tianming, causing his body to tremble.

The Primordial Chaos Beast transformed into lightning bolts that escaped the black hand’s grasp, upon which it rushed towards Li Tianming. Everything in its path was annihilated.

“Henceforth and forevermore, I am the master of all primordial chaos and reincarnation!” These words, whose origin was the owner of that hand, rumbled out into the vast expanse, shaking all creation!

In the next moment, Li Tianming felt the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend ram into him.

Li Tianming staggered backwards into a pillar.

“Hey brother, you can’t be that scared of Meow Meow, right?” the little chick mocked mercilessly.

“No, not that. I saw that hand again!” Li Tianming hadn’t recovered from his fright yet.

Upon mention of that hand, every single hair on Meow Meow stood on end.

“This one, that is.” Li Tianming raised his arm.

“Meow!” The black cat gritted its teeth, shuddering.

“Don’t be scared, Meow Meow! He got that one from being alone too long! You’ll get used to it after a bit.” The little chick patted it on the head.

The black cat stared at Li Tianming's left hand. “Big brother chicken, what kind of hand is that?” 

“An avian beast’s claw.”

“Which species?”

“The kind that flies solo.”


“Don’t corrupt the little one. Ying Huo, you’re not a three-year-old kid anymore,” Li Tianming lectured.

“Correct, I’m three months old.”

“Get lost.”

The black cat had already become drowsy again.

“Refine this.” Li Tianming placed the three-pronged electrospike in front of the black cat. Manna was something that could easily excite the little chick upon seeing it.

However, the black cat gave it a look. One sniff later, it turned its nose up and said, “Nope, nap time.”

Li Tianming looked at the little fellow, troubled. It was clear that simply trying to strengthen it was going to be a colossal undertaking, rivalling the difficulty of his revenge on Mu Qingqing.

“Refine it and you’ll get three days of sleep.”

“I don’t believe you. You lied just now, meow.”

“That was a special situation. Surely, you wouldn’t want to not save our mother, right?”

“Alright. Big brother chicken, you’re my witness,” the black cat said naively.

“Yes.” The little chick snickered evilly. Ever since Li TIanming retreated into his two-person world with Jiang Feiling, Ying Huo had been feeling very lonely. Now, his younger brother wanted to sleep? Heh...

“Alright then. With great reluctance, I’ll refine this, meow.” The black cat finally agreed.

Although the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend was very badass, this black cat seemed incompetent. Of course, its waking rage was an exception of exceptions, but...

At any rate, simply wanting to cultivate with it would probably need sleeping time as a trade.

Li Tianming and the little chick exchanged a look, both on the verge of tears. The need for balance between their three powers meant that the black cat was limiting their rate of improvement.

The refinement lasted several hours, and the black cat finally evolved at the end. The end of its tail had split into three sharp ends, making it look like a trident. The trident-like tail stabbed into the table a moment later, causing it to split apart on the spot.

The manna had only helped it unlock some of its bloodline shackles, but it was still very useful. Now, its eyes had seven stars.

“Done… and nap time, meow!” The black cat relaxed, looking exhausted.

However, Li Tianming and the little chick were currently laughing evilly.

It shook at the sight. “What are you planning, meow!” 

“It’s time to cultivate!”

“Wahhhhhhh!” The black cat cried out. If it had known this was going to happen, it would have stayed in the egg...

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