Chapter 145 - That’s A Cat?

The little chick wasn’t slacking off either.

Although both beasts were fifth level Spiritsource, their beast ki far surpassed their peers of the same level, in both quality and quantity. And that wasn’t even counting their other advantages!

The little chick’s Infernal Blaze followed the Chaotic Voltball, which had already done quite a bit of damage. In response, the peng hurriedly used its spiritsource ability, the Triple Electric Streak. The attack shattered, but the remnants fell onto its body, which began to burn immediately.

“Kneel before grandpappy, you birdbrain!” Bursting with battle intent, the little chick and the black cat fiercely assaulted the peng. In the sky, electricity flashed, each of them followed by at least one feather.

“Vi!” Wei Ziyu was stunned to see his Electrifying Peng dominated so. Hellbreaker Lightningsabre in hand, he charged into the sky.

Barely after he got off the ground, a Blazing Dragon Chainblade flew at him. Wei Ziyu raised his sabre and blocked it, but that slight pause was more than enough for Li Tianming to arrive in front of him.

Three-Spring Heavy Strike!

After being a twin beastmaster, Li Tianming’s Three-Spring Heavy Strike was now imbued with the power of both the infernalsource and the lightningsource. It was only possible because his left hand was sufficiently strong to handle all that power.

The consecutive three punches smashed Wei Ziyu into the ground, creating a small web of cracks where he landed. The fiery power within left his body stinging from the heat, while the electrical power within numbed him.

“Again!” Wei Ziyu leapt to his feet, only for Li Tianming’s chainblade to come swinging at him.

Soulless Seven Howls!

Ghostly wails assailed his senses. By the fifth stance, Wei Ziyu had been disarmed, and by the sixth, he had been bundled up nicely by a chain.

“Fly!” Li Tianming yanked the chain, and Wei Ziyu drew a beautiful parabola as he flew through the air. A painful shock ran through his body as he landed, and his vision spun for a good few seconds, blacking out a moment later.

Wei Ziyu, trounced!

He was ninth level Spiritsource, yet had been completely unable to stand up to Li Tianming’s power as a twin beastmaster. The little chick and black cat had low cultivation, but their infernalsource and lightningsource were more than equal to a standard eighth level spiritsource. Furthermore, their excellent characteristics, combined with the lightning-immune black cat, meant that the outcome of the battle had been decided long ago, much like the Abyssal Trials.

Even without Jiang Feiling, Li Tianming could still defeat a ninth level Spiritsource. Of course, with a six-star lifebound beast, this particular ninth level hadn’t been that strong.

However, it still proved how terrifying a twin beastmaster was.

With Wei Ziyu in a dead faint, the battle was over. 

A black cat fell from the sky, plopping right into Li Tianming’s hand. Its fur hadn't even settled down when the tiny cat rolled over and began to snore loudly, all in one fluid motion.

“Embarrassing, absolutely embarrassing! Scram back inside!” The little chick landed as well, wracked by emotional torment. The black cat was truly a peerless talent unrivalled by all; it could even fall asleep while in free-fall.

Li Tianming quickly kept it back into his lifebound space. When he lifted his head back up, a whole host of shocked gazes met his eyes. Said host didn’t just include Wei Guohao and Wei Lingxuan, but also counted Mu Yang and Wei Tiancang in their ranks.

“A cat? A super cute cat?” Wei Lingxuan bit her lips, her eyes going red. She wanted it so much. It was both cute and could fight! However, she didn’t dare to say anything, and instead chose to vent her feelings by glaring at Li Tianming with naked jealousy. Why did he have to act so badass? Wasn't doing it once enough?

The arena fell silent.

Wei Qing signalled at Wei Ziyu’s father to take his son for treatment. Once they hauled the poor fellow out, only a human, a chick and a cat were left on the arena. 

Wait, that was incorrect. The cat had already gone for its nap.

“When did you become a twin beastmaster?” Even Mu Yang was shocked at this development. He had never felt the power of lightning from Li Tianming before.

“My blood pact allowed me to get two lifebound beasts. However, this cat is too lazy, so I’ve been keeping it as a trump card all this time,” Li Tianming lied, as naturally as he breathed.

“Blood pacts allows you to have two lifebound beasts with different types?!” Wei Tiancang rose to his feet, shocked. The ranks of remarkable figures had never included beastmasters who used blood pacts. For them, breaking through to Spiritsource was already an incredible feat.

With blood pacts having a low probability of success, it was natural that there was no such precedent of twin beastmasters made using blood pacts in Vermilion Bird’s history. However, it was exactly because it was a miracle that Li Tianming didn't have problems lying.

Normal twin beastmasters needed to share their spiritsources with their two beasts, so at the very least, the two beasts needed to be of the same element. That was the only way for spiritsources to work with both beasts. For example, both twin beastmasters of Lightning Manor had one terrestrial beast and one avian beast, but they had the same element.

“Even contracting one beast with a blood pact is difficult. To accomplish two, the difficulty is…”

“It wasn’t that hard. It was rather casually done for me.” Li Tianming smiled.

Everyone who heard his words felt like vomiting on the spot. How could something no one had ever accomplished before be easy?

“It only means there’s something special about him,” Mu Yang stated. He believed Li Tianming. The cat always being a hidden card was the only explanation for it being fifth level Spiritsource as soon as it appeared.

“If you used two wildbeasts, how does fire and lightning coexist in your spiritsource?” Wei Tiancang highlighted the crux of the issue.

“They can coexist, but they can’t be shared. That’s my difference from other twin beastmasters. For others, all three can share their energy. For me, however, my beasts cannot tap on each other's energy; only I can do that,” Li Tianming said. They couldn’t check his dantian anyway, so fibbing randomly was fine. After all, who could fact check history’s first ever ‘blood pact twin beastmaster’?

“A true miracle!” Mu Yang praised. After becoming a twin beastmaster, Li Tianming’s tier of talent was on a whole different playing field. Compared to that, beating Wei Ziyu was nothing.

How far he could go now would definitely make people speculate wildly. Li Tianming’s performance had shown that he had successfully integrated both powers together.

“I didn’t use it in the past because I hadn’t achieved a balance yet. However, after training in the Abyssal Battlefield, I feel there’s no more problem. From now on, I’m a twin beastmaster,” Li Tianming said. The Primordial Chaos Beasts were his greatest secret that not even his mother knew. Even Jiang Feiling had never seen the eight other eggs in his lifebound space!

Wei Tianxiong and Wei Zikun exchanged a look and sighed. They were both helpless and jealous.

“It’ll have been great if this kid had grown up in the Wei Manor.” Wei Tianxiong was completely convinced. His sons just looked too mediocre in comparison. In fact, even he himself looked mediocre in comparison!

Wei Zikun gritted his teeth in displeasure.

“Then again, he wouldn’t have had this chance if he was in Wei Manor,” Wei Tianxiong said.

They had all attributed this to the blood pact. However, no one was going to test this as they wouldn’t kill their own lifebound beast. Hence, Li Tianming’s lie was fated to remain undiscovered.

Lin Xiaoting was a twin beastmaster? Apologies, but Li Tianming was too now. Furthermore, he also had a lightning-type, and one that was even more explosive!

Still, for Li Tianming, Wei Jing was far more important than any paltry considerations of his power.

“Grandfather!” Li Tianming knelt down. This was his mother’s father and his grandfather. Although it was said men had gold beneath their knees and they weren’t to take kneeling lightly, kneeling to a direct blood relation was considered etiquette. After all, helping Wei Jing remove the Lifesbane would be taxing for Wei Tiancang.

“Grandfather, please, save my mother.” Li Tianming lowered his head. 

Every word he spoke was filled with strength. He was vastly different in all aspects from Wei Guohao and the rest who had grown up in Wei Manor’s greenhouse. 

Although Wei Tiancang had always insisted he didn’t have this grandson, Li Tianming himself had never denied this relationship. Enmity within a family was unnatural to begin with. Although misunderstandings had existed at some point in time, they had been resolved one way or the other; these altercations were now matters of the past.

Wei Tiancang should be different from Li Yanfeng.

And as expected, he didn’t outright reject Li Tianming this time. His hands balled into fists, he inhaled deeply and let out a deep breath, everyone staring at him the whole time.

He closed his eyes. “Bring Wei Jing to Highcloud Chamber. I’ll be in seclusion for half a month. All others are not to come in!”

Happiness flooded into every fibre of Li Tianming's body.  For twenty years, Wei Jing had been tormented by the Lifesbane, but now, its end was in sight; a new lease on life awaited her!

He'd finally accomplished it.

“Thank you.” Two simple words, but they contained thousands of things. Li Tianming’s eyes were red as his head rose.

“We’ll go get her.” Mu Yang smiled brightly as he went forward to help Li Tianming up.


“A job well done, young man!” Mu Yang patted him on the shoulder, his eyes red as well.

Wei Tiancang had already returned to Highcloud Chamber.

“Alright, all of you can leave now.” Wei Qing stood up and waved his hand, ending the youngsters’ conversations.

“Welcome home, Tianming.” Wei Qing smiled. His words made it clear he now approved of Li Tianming.

Now, it was time to pick up Wei Jing. Surely, she would be delighted to hear this, no?

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