Barbarian Quest

Barbarian Quest

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baeksu noble
In the Stone Axe Tribe, a band of young warriors, led by the spirited Urich, embarks on a hunt in the forbidden Sky Mountains. Unknowingly, they cross into an unseen civilization, revealing two distinct worlds divided by the mountains. Urich, a curious and charismatic barbarian, is enthralled by this new world of endless wonders. Join Urich as he explores unfamiliar lands and make thrilling discoveries, and unexpected alliances.
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Launch date: 11 December 2023

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17 Reviews
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4 months ago
So I am three chapters in and so far I really like the premise of a meat head barbarian going off and exploring a new world/ medieval world(I assume) because while yes I love the magic systems and elements of other novels I do enjoy seeing just pure muscular force and skill taking down these "refined" knights its a breath of fresh air.

So I hope the story turns out to be great and gives me some motivation in the gym.

Need to fill out the word limit, so I want to ask does anyone else work out and if so are you going for strength or anesthetics? It's hard to start but when I started I could barely do 2 push ups now I do a minimum 100 per day and my bench pr is 250 lbs 3 reps.

4 months ago
I’ve been reading the comic version of this for a while and it’s very good and very funny, but also has moments of extreme seriousness. I personally really like it, though I did stop reading as I wanted to wait for more chapters to accumulate. I’m sure everyone knows that it’s really annoying when you’re reading something great and you catch up and have to wait an uncertain amount of time for new chapters to be released. Being able to re-experience Barbarian Quest in its novel form is something I’m greatly looking forward to. Particularly because it’s so good and might help clear up some questions I have. It’s very different from a lot of the other novels on Wuxiaworld in terms of the world and characters. New readers are in for a treat!!!

4 months ago
29 Chapters In:

Having just finished up one of my novels, I was on the lookout for another and low and behold.

Different feel to this one than a lot of others, with the main character having the ruthless efficiency of a Xu Qing (Beyond the Timescape) or Richard (City of Sin) but less guarded and more jovial. The start of the novel gives you enough world building to get interested, then does a steady job of building and adding elements as the main character goes about his journey. The pacing is fairly quick and action-packed as well, so it makes it easy to blow through chapters.

It's a bit early to comment on this one's staying power, but if you're looking for a new novel with some promise, this one is for you.

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Welcome to Urich's Adventures!

4 months ago

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